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Best Palm Nailer Reviews 2019: Updated Top 5 Palm Hammers

Best Palm Nailer Reviews 2019: Top 5 Palm Hammers

In this Best Palm Nailer Reviews 2019, we added the latest five high-quality products that will offer superior serviceability to meet all your requirements.

With the propagating technology, nailing had become a comfortable and convenient replacement of the old hammering system. There are nailer guns to allow you the proper and accurate placement of nails.

But in confined areas, using guns introduces more difficulty and security threats than a larger space. And to eliminate this problem, and to get nailing done with comfort, you will find nothing better than a palm nailer/palm hammer.

Palm nailers gained popularity through its compact, lightweight, and safe design. But as they are smaller in comparison to their counterpart, you need to make sure that you get the same performance of a traditional nailer, right?

Best Palm Nailer Reviews 2019 

#1. BOSTITCH Palm Nailer PN100K Impact Nailer Kit

From constructing decks to putting metal connections, this kit from our best palm nailer reviews gives you an entire package to perform numerous nailing jobs. Providing three different noses with additional tools, you will surely have the facility of an all-purpose nailer.

BOSTITCH Palm Nailer PN100K Impact Nailer KitBOSTITCH Palm Nailer PN100K Impact Nailer Kit
Width: 3.5 inches
Length: 4.13 inches
Height: 5.25 inches
Product Weight: 2.9 pounds
Housing Material: Aluminum
Shank Diameter: 0.160″
Fastener Gauge: 5D up to 7D
CFM per Shot: 2-4
Maximum Pressure: 100 psi
Required Pressure: 70-100 psi
Exhaust Type: Front
Air Inlet Type: ¼” Male
Tip Style: No-Mar

What We Liked
  • Hardened steel construction for the noses.
  • Greater nail positioning through the magnetic lockout.
  • Lighter weight delivers better operational control.
  • Sturdy metal connection with joist hangings.
  • Professional safety along with leathered gloves.

What We Didn't Like
  • Head changing process may seem to be difficult.
  • The oval-shaped adapter may not fit specific nails.

Features & Benefits

Strong Nailing with Steel Nose
The nose is made of high-quality steel which is strong enough to make the driving more smoothly. The sturdy steel is capable of resisting a sufficient amount of sudden shocks which induces a somewhat durable kit to use.

Magnetic Design for Precise Operation
Though noses are to be magnetic, this is quite special with a powerful magnet. The magnet at the nose holds the nail in a consistent position all the time. Thus you can attain better accuracy in the nailing work.

Recessed Slot for Proper Nailing
Apart from the magnet, the built-in recessed slot contributes to the accurate placement. The recessed slot deters any direct contact with your hand enhancing safety along with precise fastener driving.

Ideal Applications for Common Bulky Nails
The nose and slot can hold well the common bulk nails due to their shape and construction. Therefore, if you want to do nailing in confined or narrow spaces with bulk nails, you can get this to make the task easier.

Additional Accessories Induces Better Performance
There come leather gloves with nose and hex wrench to ensure an easy assembly and better driving operation. Also, the included plastic box offers suitable and secure storage for the accessories when not-in-use.

The powerful driving will help you to attain a reasonable depth of 5 inches within no time. Although the instruction is quite challenging to follow at first, you will eventually discover a great kit at an affordable price.

#2. BOSTITCH PN50 Mini Impact Nailer

Having a rubberized exterior with some user-friendly features, this one comes with sufficient safety and comfort. Greater access and lightweight construction will help you to work in tight and confined spaces with ease.

BOSTITCH PN50 Mini Impact NailerBOSTITCH PN50 Mini Impact Nailer
Width: 3.5 inches
Product Weight: 1.4 pounds
Housing Material: Steel
Fastener Capacity: 1
Type of Fastener: Standard
Fastener Collation: Single
Firing Mode: Contact Actuation
Operating Pressure: 70-120 psi
Fitting Type: NPT
Air Inlet: ¼” Male
Driving Depth: Fixed
Magazine Angle: Straight
Tip Style: Workpiece Contact
Dry Firing Lockout: No

What We Liked
  • Swiveling air fitting offers greater accessibility.
  • Durable metal construction induces sturdiness.
  • Direct removal of nailer air using front exhaust.
  • Rubberized gripping enhances safety & comfort.
  • Contact actuation along with workpiece tip style.

What We Didn't Like
  • The head may give trouble while fitting with collar.
  • Not a reliable option to make joist hangings.

Features & Benefits

Better Accessibility through Swiveling Fit
The unique feature of this palm nailer is its air fitting. The complete 360° swivel fitting induces better reaching for the nose and the slot. Thus, you will enjoy further accessibility using this kit for sure.

Quick Air Removal with Front Exhaust
While driving, the warm air close to the driving nail may cause difficulty for the user. Though it is not a big issue, it has a considerable effect which encourages your ease and comfort alongside workplace safety, especially in confined areas.

Insulated Construction without Vibration
There comes rubberized grip on the handle which induces further stability and safety. It makes the exterior insulated and helps to reduce the driving vibration. With that, you can have a better gripping for sure.

Highly suitable for Finishes, Frame & Timber
With a perfect placement and holding slot for the built-in nose, you can make sufficient nailing for various tasks. Most importantly, you can use this for finishing, framework and also, timber nailing with ease.

Lightweight Nailer Increases Portability
Having metallic construction, the tool comes with sufficient sturdiness to sustain the high operating pressure. But it also provides a lightweight frame to carry and hold which will provide better portability and safety in tight spaces.

Being suitable for common bulk nails, this one has the perfect design to offer greater driving performance each time. You can rely on this versatile nailer against its reasonable price.

#3. PORTER-CABLE Palm Nailer: PN650 Palm Nailer Kit

This all-purpose product from the United States gets you everything to make nailing in confined areas with optimum ease. Along with four different nailing tips, you can plenty of placement and removal without the slightest trouble.

PORTER-CABLE Palm Nailer: PN650 Palm Nailer KitPORTER-CABLE Palm Nailer: PN650 Palm Nailer Kit
Height: 4.5 inches
Length: 5 inches
Product Weight: 2.5 pounds
Fastener Capacity: 1
Fastener Gauge: 6D up to 16D
Type of Fastener: Standard
Fastener Collation: Single
Firing Mode: Contact Actuation
Operating Pressure: 50-120 psi
Fitting Type: NPT
Air Inlet: ¼” Male
Driving Depth: Fixed
Magazine Angle: Straight
Tip Style: Workpiece Contact
Dry Firing Lockout: No

What We Liked
  • Four different nose tips allow better applications.
  • Magnetic tip with standard shape suits typical nails.
  • Up to 6.5″ of nailing depth through proper control.
  • Steel hammer can handle several automotive works.
  • Larger nailing capacity ranges from 3D up to 70D.

What We Didn't Like
  • Turning the thrust sleeve with a wrench is difficult.
  • Produces loud noise when pressed to drive.

Features & Benefits

Steel Noses Offer Stronger Nailing
Being made of high-quality steel, all the noses are strong enough to induce a rather smooth driving. Resisting sudden shocks, you will get a sturdy as well as a durable tool to use for your nailing task.

4 Different Tips Induces Versatile Applications
There come four different tips that allow you to hold several types of bulk nails with ease. Not to mention, each tip is designed to deliver perfect driving operation to meet the required nailing depth.

Precise Driving through Magnetized Tip
All the tips have magnetized attachments to hold the nail in position. The magnet helps the nail to remain in its provided position without the slightest movement. Therefore, you will get more precise nailing each time.

Greater Nailing Capacity with the Noses
The best part is you can make a sufficient amount of nailing with its superb capacity. It comes with 1.25 inches up to 6.5 inches of capacity. Thus, you will get an incredibly higher capacity of 3D to 70D with this toolkit.

Better Control over the Driving Depth
Apart from the magnetized tips, depth-of-drive control is also necessary regarding the correct placement. The multi-blow firing mode with the controlling feature will contribute to enhancing a quicker driving.

Despite having some minor drawbacks, you will get yourself a perfect tool that can meet your professional demands. Being available at a suitable price, you can certainly choose this one for confined and tight nailing.

#4. Grip-Rite Roofing Mini Palm Air Nailer

This innovative nailer will surely redefine your expectations from typical palm nailers. It stands up to professional standards to deliver sufficient nailing which allows you to handle numerous applications without any added bulk.

Grip-Rite Roofing Mini Palm Air NailerGrip-Rite Roofing Mini Palm Air Nailer
Width: 2.2 inches
Length: 2.9 inches
Height: 4 inches
Product Weight: 1.10 pounds
Fastener Type: Loose Nails
Operating Pressure: 60 – 110 psi
Maximum Fastener Length: 3.5 inches
Minimum Fastener Length: 1.5 inches
Fitting Type: NPT
Firing Mode: Push (Multi-Blow)
Dry Firing Lockout: No

What We Liked
  • Quality metal construction offers smooth driving.
  • More comfortable actuation along with multi-blow firing mode.
  • Convenient & quick fitting for the nail pouches.
  • Compact and lightweight design suits confined areas.
  • The accurate holding of the fastener through the magnetic nose.

What We Didn't Like
  • No adjustment facility for the driving depth is present.
  • There is no magazine to load multiple nails at a time.

Features & Benefits

Compact Design with Lightweight Construction
Along with this creation, you will enjoy a rather compact design alongside its lightweight construction. This one comes with one-third of the size and also, the weight than standard palm nailers.

Magnetic Nose Delivers Better Accuracy
Similar to the other nailers on the list, there come magnetized tips for the nose to hold the nail. The suitable attachment will induce proper holding position for the nail which will eventually lead to accurate nailing.

Easily Fitting Pouch with Actuation for Driving
The assembled frame easily fits into the included nail pouch which encourages the smooth driving. Also, the actuation is rather easy thanks to its hand drove roofing nails to make the placement.

Suitable Shape to Reduce Possible Damage
The interior parts induce a proper shape to resist the moderate amount of impact. Moreover, the exterior comes with a convenient shape as well to minimize the missed hammer blows which may cause severe damage to the nailer.

Moderate Nailing Capacity for Bulk Nails
The design introduces a mini palm nailer that comes with modest capacity. Of course, it provides proper nailing for common bulk type nails. It is compatible with 1.5″ up to 3.5″ nails.

Regarding the other ones, this one from our best palm nailer reviews is small yet powerful driving to reach greater depth with ease. Suitable operating pressure offers flawless functioning which you get a good product for the price.

#5. Freeman PMPN Mini-Palm Nailer

Being small but powerful enough, you can use this to attain professional quality nailing performance at once. Not to mention, the nailer has everything to deliver perfect nailing operation every time you use it.

Freeman PMPN Mini-Palm NailerFreeman PMPN Mini-Palm Nailer
Length: 2.75 inches
Width: 5 inches
Height: 4.375 inches
Product Weight: 2 pounds
Fastener Capacity: 1
Air Inlet Size: ¼” Male
Fastener Type: Individual Nails
Fastener Diameter: 6D – 20D
Maximum Fastener Length: 4 inches
Minimum Fastener Length: 2 inches
Operating Pressure: 80 – 100 psi
Fitting Type: NPT

What We Liked
  • Ergonomic design to handle tough nailing tasks.
  • Metallic internal parts impart superior strength.
  • Lightweight construction enhances portability.
  • Included wrenches allow easy and quick assembly.
  • Better control over the driving depth with noses.

What We Didn't Like
  • The magnet is of poor quality to handle heavy nailing.
  • The hammer positioning may seem a bit difficult.

Features & Benefits

High-quality Metallic Construction
Through metal construction for the internal and external parts, it comes with reliable durability as well as strength. Although this one is a mini palm nailer to work with, you will experience a better nailing performance for sure.

Greater Portability with Compact Design
The steel construction introduces a rather compact and lightweight frame to use in the workplace. The design allows you to reach the confined place easily which make it more efficient to use for various sensitive nailing jobs.

Magnet Attachment for Precise Nailing
Though this is a common feature of the palm nailers, the magnet power is different for the tools. And with this one, the magnet for the tips will get you a powerful attraction for the nails which ultimately results in a precise nailing operation.

Suitable Appliances for Typical Bulk Nails
The nose along with the slot can hold good the typical bulk nails due to their suitable shape. Again, if you want to do nailing in narrow or confined areas with bulk nails, you can get this to make the task more comfortable.

Sufficient Capacity to Drive Bulk Nails
Having this one, you will get a mini palm nailer that offers moderate but the adequate nailing capacity for the common bulk type nails. This tool is perfectly compatible with 1.5″ up to 3.5″ nails.

It contains everything you need to enjoy quick as well as consistent driving for the bulk nails. Regarding its price, you will undoubtedly get perfection along with safety and comfort all the time.

What to Look for When Buying a Palm Nailer?

Palm Nailer Buying Guide

As an alternative to conventional nailer guns, you need to purchase a perfect palm nailer to experience your desired comfort and ease. There are now plenty of quality palm nailers available in the market among which you have to make your choice.

Currently, some specific factors control the quality of a palm nailer. This is why knowing these factors will help you to get the top palm nailer with less effort.

Nailer Configuration
Strictly speaking, there are two configurations available for nailers – one is coil style whereas the other is strip style. The coiled one has long, flexible strings with wire joint. It can hold more nails than most strips styled nailers.

Meanwhile, the strip designed one has long and slender strings. Wire, plastic and even paper can hold the strings, providing a higher balance than coiled ones.

Power Source
Most of the palm nailers are either electrically powered or driven by air. The latter is also known as pneumatic nailer in the market. Whether you want to have an electric or pneumatic one, is entirely a personal choice.

But the pneumatic one comes with low convenience, portability along with high maintenance, cost. On the other hand, electrical ones offer better comfort, portability with reduced support and cost.

Nailer Firing Mode
Firing mode is quite important regarding safe and fast driving. There are several firing modes available with the common nailers. The contact mode allows you to make rapid driving with succession. The single sequential one resists possible bump firing.

Single-actuation mode triggers the same operation as the sequential one but offers greater safety and operational order. With subsequent full firing, you will experience a more comfortable and safer sequential activation for the tip and also, the driving.

Weight & Design
Palm nailers are mainly single load tools that need continuous nail loading. Therefore, it is necessary for the nailers to be light enough to move without any difficulty.

Most of the top quality palm nailers offer lightweight construction along with compact design. You should pick something convenient if you are about to apply the nailer in a confined or narrow space.

Driving Capacity
Palm nailers are highly useful equipment to drive nails at different lengths. Though the depth is limited and there is no adjustment facility, the driving holds good enough to work in tight places. Not to mention, the power tools are designed to drive the common bulk nails between 1.25 inches and 6.5 inches.

Many come with less capacity than 6.5 inches. While making the purchase, you should determine your required depth and then choose something that suits your necessity.

Safety Measurements
Each tool you use can provide injury if not properly handled and palm nailer has no difference. While buying one new palm nailer, you have to check out the features that will contribute to its safety.

Whether the grip is insulated or comfortable enough to hold for long working sessions, you must look into the grip features to ensure maximum safety.

Types of Palm Nailer

Cordless Palm Nailers

cordless palm nailers

Milwaukee Cordless Palm Nailer

Cordless palm nailers are some toolkits that you don’t use every day, yet it can be of great use upon necessity. The cordless ones have a battery inside which requires charges to operate. Through the included charging wire, you will easily obtain sufficient charge to make the driving.

The size is a bit larger than common palm nailers but still fits your palm. With the automated nailing, it requires much less time than others. The best option is you can use this versatile tool for nailing in confined and large spaces with ease.

Electric Palm Nailers

Electric Palm Nailers

It is indeed the most common types of palm nailers that suits the necessity of the nailing in confined areas. It comes with an electrical cord to consume power and to start functioning. It is quite suitable for confined spaces as the cord is rather small and the power supply needs to be close.

Although it is less convenient and skillful like the cordless one, yet it provides excellent performance in moderately sturdy nailing for joist hanging or metal connections. Along with sufficient nailing power, it gives more or less the same result as the cordless one.

Pneumatic Palm Nailers/Battery Powered Palm Nailers

Pneumatic Palm Nailers/Battery Powered Palm Nailers

Pneumatic nailers are the oldest version of the automated tool for nailing. In this case, palm nailers use air instead of power to operate. It is less convenient than the previous two. It delivers a sufficient amount of nailing capacity to meet your demands.

Regarding the pneumatic ones, there comes air fitting and front exhaust to sue the airflow. It is still in use thanks to its simple and convenient design that allows the user to nail with optimum comfort and ease. But you may not get faster nailing like the electrical ones.

What is a Palm Nailer?

A palm nailer is a nailing tool that fits perfectly right in the palm. Unlike the nailing guns, it is not meant for heavy speed to place or remove nails from surfaces. Instead, it provides accuracy along with better control over the driving depth without any adjustment. Its unique design allows you to perform nailing in confined areas.

Using a palm nailer, you can drive regular and individual carpenter nails, one by one. Palm nailing is more like the old hammer and nail system, just in a convenient, safe and fast way.

How to Use a Palm Nailer (Step by Step Guide)

Here is a simple step-by-step guide to start operating your palm nailer.

Step 1: Oiling the Tool after Attachment 
Attach the included air hose to the assembled tool. Use a few pneumatic oil drops instead of automatic oiler if it is not used. Also, add some more drops in case of continuous application.

Step 2: Turning Sleeve for Adjusting Depth 
If available adjust the driving depth by turning the built-in depth sleeve. Don’t lose the sleeve too much.

Step 3: Gripping the Base 
Grip the nailer base properly in one hand. There is hand straps and also, additional thumb straps to allow you a comfortable and secure gripping.

Step 4: Holding Nail in Position 
Hold a nail using the shaft to place the flathead inside the nail guide. The magnet will hold the nail in position. Place the pointed nail end to workpiece avoiding hand contact with tool or nail.

Step 5: Pressing Downward to Drive the Nail 
Starr is pressing the nail in a straight down position to trigger the nailing which will hammer the placed nail. Continue pushing downward the tool to attain a required depth of driving.

Step 6: Shutting Off the Tool 
After hammering all the way, the tool will automatically stop. Release the downward pressure to confirm the shut-off.

Palm Nailer Uses

Each tool has its applications and suitability, and palm nailer is no different. Having palm nailer at hand will be beneficial to complete your projects with ease. Some applications of the palm nailers are mentioned below.

You can use palm nailer as an alternative to the nail gun to make nailing over the surfaces.

Palm nailers provide a more acceptable nailing performance for framing projects than its counterparts in a practical way.

Its lightweight but sturdy construction offers superior portability and moderate strength. Though palm nailer is less potent than a nail gun, yet it is capable of delivering sufficient removal and placement for light nailing projects.

Being compact, they require much less space than nail guns. Therefore, convenient size makes them ideal for hard-to-reach places. You can rely on a perfect nailing operation in tight areas like ceilings, corners, and edges.

Pneumatic nailers or nail guns may give you trouble with joist hangings. But with palm nailers, you can quickly put the nailers at joist hangings.

The air inlet with standard fitting type induces a correct placement of the nailers. Thus, you can choose palm nailers instead of nailer guns to attain better accuracy for projects that require precise positioning.

Palm Nailer Safety Tips

The occurrence of injury is more common in nailing work than you think. Although using palm nailer is a safer option than using a power nail gun, you have to remain careful while nailing. There are a few safety precautions you need to follow to enjoy a secure nailing session.

The very first thing you need to understand its proper applications. There are specific uses for palm nailers, and you need to avoid other applications especially for heavy and intense nailing projects.

Again, each tool safety heavily depends on proper usage. This is why you have to receive appropriate training to ensure its right positioning and placement. You have to go through the manual to get the instructions, how to load and fire the nails.

Using sequential mode (if possible) is another excellent option to avoid nailing injury with nailing tools. Though many palm nailers are not suitable for sequential applications, the available ones would be great to use regarding safety.

Awkward user position is also one of the main reasons to cause accidents and injury. You have to detect a suitable and also, comfortable position to make placement or removal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question #1: Is palm nailer suitable for toenailing?
Answer: Yes, it holds good for bulk toenails.

Question #2: How can I change the nailer’s head?
Answer: It is better to go through the instruction. If it is not clear you can watch YouTube manuals or call the service.

Question #3: What type of air compressor is required to assemble the pneumatic nailers?
Answer: You should pick a top-quality air compressor that can deliver the maximum operating pressure at once.

Question #4: Can the nailer be driven antique nails in pine floors?
Answer: The answer is complicated as it depends on the size and strength of the nails. But it works, it will work fine on pine floors.

Question #5: Is palm nailers suitable for stainless siding nails?
Answer: There are few models from Bostitch and others that are quite good with the stainless siding nails. But most of them don’t work well.

Question #6: Does palm nailer shoots with single pop or with constant hammering?
Answer: All palm nailers are designed to shoot the nail through consistent hammering action.

Question #7: Which parts are magnetized?
Answer: Al the tips generally contain powerful magnetized attachments; the massive bore guide with the hammering head has no magnetic action.

Question #8: Do the palm nailers come with a magazine?
Answer: No. they don’t come with nail containing magazine.

Question #9: Is it possible to drive plastic capped nails with palm nailers?
Answer: It depends on the strength of the cap. For the sufficiently sturdy cap, you may able to make the nailing through using for plastic is not recommended.

Final Verdict

Palm nailers/hammers are great tools to save time, money with increased safety when it’s about nailing in confined spaces. This is obvious that nailing with a palm nailer is more comfortable than the other types of the nailer and this is only possible when you have the best one in your hand.

Apart from the best palm nailer reviews, we provide the essential details about these nailers, its type along with a buying guideline which will undoubtedly help you to understand the palm nailer requirements.

We can assure you that going through this article will get you the most suitable one to have perfect nailing experience in confined spaces.