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Brad Nailer vs Finish Nailer: What’s the Best?

Difference between brad nailer and finish nailer

When it comes to deciding what’s better in the brad nailer vs finish nailer difference, figuring out which one actually wins won’t be a simple task. Every buyer will have his winning features and tool types. While it is quite easy to understand which tool does what, you may struggle a bit if you do not know what you need.

Brad nailers and finish nailers are very different yet somewhat similar. For some people, the differences will be critical. We talk about operators who know exactly what they want from their tools. They have wrapped their heads around the subject and now know which one would suit them best.

But if you won’t be doing some particular jobs and just want to get a tool for whatever reason, you might find the brad nailer vs finish nailer comparison quite confusing. Not in the matter of “so what’s the difference” but in the matter of “which one should I pick”?

We have prepared a little matching of brad and finish nailers. Hopefully, it will be able to make it clear which tool type you should go for. We will focus on both what’s different and what’s not so crucial, so you fully understand the difference between nail guns.

Best Brad Nailer Comparison Chart

PhotoModelPower sourceMagazine CapacityGaugeBuy Now
Dewalt DC608K 18 Volt 18-Gauge 2-Inch Brad Nailer Kit DEWALT DC608KElectric Cordless11018Check Price
Editor's choice
BOSTITCH BTFP12233BOSTITCH BTFP12233Pneumatic10018Check Price
PORTER-CABLE PCC790LA 20V MAX Lithium 18GA Cordless Brad Nailer KitPORTER-CABLE PCC790LABattery10018Check Price
DEWALT Bare-Tool DC608B 18-Volt Cordless 2-Inch 18 Gauge Brad NailerDEWALT Bare-Tool DC608BElectric Cordless11018Check Price
SENCO FinishPro® 18MG, 2-1/8SENCO FinishPro® 18MGPneumatic11018Check Price

Compare Finish Nailer vs Brad Nailer: Nail size

Nail size is the main thing differentiating brad nailers and finish nailers. Brad nailers take 18-gauge nails (also called brads, hence the name of the tool) while finish nailers mostly work with 16-gauge nails. Some finish nailers drive 15-gauge nails. The logic behind all those gauge numbers is that the higher the number, the thinner the nail is, so 15-gauge nails are thicker than 16-gauge, and 16-gauge nails are thicker than 18-gauge brads.

Nail thickness directly affects the range of applications the tool could be used efficiently in. The thickest nails can do something that thin nails cannot, and vice versa. Generally, the thicker the nail, the stronger and denser materials it can go through without bending. Additionally, thicker nails obviously have bigger nail heads, which means that they would leave bigger holes in the material. And the bigger the holes, the more noticeable they become, so you would need to putty them if you want to make the workpiece look tidier.

So what does this all mean regarding finish nailers and brad nailers? The thing is that 16- or 15-gauge finish nailer work better with heavier materials while 18 gauge brad nailers would be much more suitable for more delicate materials, which would be damaged by thicker nails. So it turns out that brad nailers are best for weaker elements, and finish nailers can go through much harder pieces. Besides, the stronger finish nails can hold in place heavier workpieces, unlike brads.

Another feature of nails is their length, but it will be the same with either finish and brad nailers. While length is essential, it is not the factor making the tools different. Length determines how deep the nail can go while width shows how heavy materials the nail can pierce and hold in place.

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Brad Nails vs Finish Nails: Functions

From the standpoint of functions, brad and finish nailers do not have some specific features distinguishing one from the other. You can’t just look at a tool and say, “It has X feature, it surely is a brad nailer!” The features would vary between different types of nail guns but not types of tools. Although it is more likely that you see a certain feature in one or the other type.

For example, because brad nailers are much more precise and are praised for their overall better accuracy, you could find many more brad nailers with only sequential mode than finish nailers. The sequential mode allows for more precision by driving one brad at a time. This would make more sense with brad nailers, although we cannot say that finish nailers do not need accuracy.

Some of the features are more related to the power source of the tool than the thickness of the nails. Pneumatic tools typically have rear exhaust to drive away oil while electric nailers don’t have it because it is just not necessary. Another such feature is swiveling hose attachment.

As for other functions, there is nothing that could surely indicate the type of the tool. Even the magazine capacity is the same, which makes not so much sense because you could fit more thin brads than finish nails in the same magazine, right? Strangely, that’s not the case. You will typically see tools with around 100 nail capacity regardless of the type. Some tools can accept more while others take less.

So all in all, when people choose between brad and finish nailers, they do not do so because of some exclusive features. People just know what each of the tools is capable of and pick what is required the most. We advise you not to focus on the features and instead look into your needs when comparing a brad nailer vs finish nailer.

Best Finish Nailer Comparison Chart

PhotoModelPower sourceMagazine CapacityGaugeBuy now
Hitachi NT50AE2 Hitachi NT50AE2Air Powered10018Check Price
#Editor's Choce  
DEWALT DC618K XRPDEWALT DC618K XRPCordless11016Check Price
Hitachi NT65MA4 Hitachi NT65MA4Air Pneumatic10015Check Price
BOSTITCH N62FNK-2BOSTITCH N62FNK-2Air Powered13015Check Price
Paslode 902400Paslode 902400Cordless10016Check Price

Brad Nailer vs Finish Nailer: Pricing

The price of brad and finish nailers differs slightly, but the variations will not be substantial. An over $200 brad nailer has the same functions as a finish nailer for the same price. Things somewhat making the cost of the tools different is their power, reliability, materials, and functionality.

What matters much more with the price is whether the tool is pneumatic or electric. Usually, electric tools cost much more than pneumatic. This applies to both brad and finish nailers. But there is something more specific regarding power sources.

While electric brad and finish nailer will cost you much more initially, they are much more cost-efficient in the long run because they require far less maintenance. You won’t need to think about oil check-ups and other procedures with them. On the other hand, pneumatic tools cost much less themselves, but expenses on their maintenance add up and may become even more than with electric tools.

Overall, it is quite evident that comparing the prices of these tools is not the wisest thing to do. Because they offer different features, there is no point in going for the cheaper tool. Each of them will have its place in your instrument arsenal. We think that going for one or the other for the price is not the best choice if you have concrete needs.

When to use Brad Nailer vs Finish Nailer: Usage

Because the 16- and 15-gauge nails of finish nailers are significant, there are much more suitable for working on thicker and more substantial materials. The strong and bulky nails driven by your finish nailer will deal with the task of keeping a massive piece of wood in place correctly. Additionally, the tougher nails are less likely to bend when you try to drive them into thicker woods, baseboards, home improvement as well as other strong materials.

The price for such power and durability is less precision and overall roughness of the tool. You won’t be able to work with more thin and delicate materials with any finish nailer. If you try to drive the big 16-gauge nails into a wooden trim, you will probably just shatter it and render it useless. Not to mention the lower accuracy of finish nailers. Additionally, the big heads of finish nails will require you to putty the nail holes.

As for brad nailers, their advantages & disadvantages, as well as applications, mirror the ones of finish nailers. Brad nailers work with much thinner 18-gauge brads, which inevitably won’t damage less durable materials. Apart from that, handling a brad nailer is much more comfortable, which results in a much higher precision level. That’s part of the reason why brad nailers are better for delicate materials.

Overall, brad nailers are much more precision-driven, although the majority of models come with quick bump operation mode. Brad nailers can work both quickly and accurately, although you will surely feel the lower precision with the fast bump contact mode.

The main downside of brad nailers is that you cannot expect the thin and light brads to hold heavier materials. They are just not strong enough! Besides, 18-gauge brads probably won’t even go through thicker materials.

Brad Nail vs Finish Nail: Pros and cons

We do not consider the price difference either an advantage or a disadvantage because as we already said, price depends on the features of the model much more than on its type. After all, they are capable of managing different tasks and cannot substitute each other.

Finish nailers

What we liked:

  • The much bigger nails allow finish nailers to work with more substantial and thicker materials.
  • Great for stricter nail driving projects.

What we didn’t like:

  • Lower accuracy.
  • Are typically bulkier.
  • More difficult to handle.
  • The bigger nails will just destroy delicate materials.
  • The big nail heads will require you to cover the holes with putty.


Brad nailers

What we liked:

  • Are more compact.
  • Thinner nails work much better with lighter and more delicate materials like wood trim.
  • Are much more precise thanks to the overall easiness of handling.
  • No need to put cover putties as the small heads of the brads do not leave visible holes.

What we didn’t like:

  • Won’t be capable of driving through thicker and stronger materials.
  • The nails will not securely hold heavier workpieces in place.


These pros and cons do not take into account the power source of the tools. Regardless of whether the tool is pneumatic or electric, the features mentioned above will apply to the corresponding type. As for being either air- or battery-operated, both brad and finish nailers have the same upsides and downsides.

What we liked:


  • A good choice if you have an air compressor.
  • Less expensive.

Cordless electric

  • Mobile.
  • Much more powerful.
  • Requires less maintenance.

What we didn’t like:

Cordless electric

  • Are more expensive.
  • If the battery is NiCad, it will require additional maintenance because of the so-called memory effect reducing the held charge.


  • Less powerful.
  • Less mobile. If your air compressor is electric, you won’t be able to use an air tool without a power source.
  • Cost quite a bit more in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Should I have both a brad nailer and a finish nailer?

If you are working with both heavy and delicate materials, you definitely should have both tools if you want to get good results. While buying two tools instead of one will obviously cost more, replacing damaged materials if you use improper tools could turn out much more expensive in the long run. If you want to avoid ruining your workpieces, consider buying both.

Is there a point in buying an air tool and an air compressor?

Not if you will be buying an air compressor for that air tool only. Why buy two devices if you could purchase just one? On the other hand, if you are planning to get more air tools in the future, getting an air tool and an air compressor would make sense.

I need both tools, but I can only afford one. Which one should I choose?

Buy the tool you need the most at the moment. For example, if installing wooden trim is your most urgent task, you should go for a brad nailer.

You could also consider buying two cheap tools instead of one expensive just for the time being.

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In Conclusion

Now, you should see what we meant by “different yet similar.” There are things by which it is just impossible to instantly tell whether a tool is a brad or finish nailer. And those features are not the factors you should consider when choosing between the two tools.

What’s much more important is the kind of jobs you will be doing. Because brad nailers drive thinner 18-gauge brads, they would be better for more delicate materials. On the other hand, finish nailers’ stronger 16- or 15-gauge nails are much more capable of penetrating harder materials. If you know what tasks you will be performing precisely, picking one or the other won’t be difficult.

But what could you do if you don’t have specific tasks? Well, the first thing to do is look into the jobs you will be doing. What do you need, precision and delicacy or penetration and more power? The right answer would put the things in their places. What if you still do not know the answer? In this case, think about it, maybe you don’t need a tool?

We recommend you to think thoroughly and research the topic of brad nailer vs finish nailer as much as possible. Only this way you will be able to buy what you need.

Cordless vs Pneumatic Nail gun: What’s The Best Choice?

The power gears are my beloved. Hand me a power apparatus over a diamond someday! I’ll shot a trip to Lowe’s above a trip to Tiffany’s! In my previous place, I did my 1st board and batten space with a mallet and spikes. Now that we have actual tackles, I did the similar board and batten at a far more extensive pace. What needed me days to do for a small powder room, I completed in hours for a considerably larger room. One of my desired gears is my spike gun. They are casual and so quick. Also, you sense like a badass when you handle one! Let’s have a look at Cordless vs Pneumatic Nail gun, what’s the best for your work?

Cordless vs Pneumatic Nail gun What’s The Best Choice

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Cordless Nail Gun

A cordless nail gun is very convenient. But it’s a sturdy piece of tackle car everywhere. And its extent could make it difficult to practice in tight circumstances. An electric cordless framing nailer is exceptionally suitable for most sorts of structure works. Even substantial framing labor. Be conscious, though, that if you apply a cordless electric nail gun, it won’t be as commanding as a corded one. You have to attire the right security apparatus, no matter if you’re trying a cordless one or a pneumatic nail gun.

You must at all times wear security glasses and heavyweight ornaments when using this apparatus. One of the difficulties with a corded electric framing nailer is the circumstance that it wants an addition cord. Even then, heavy use can lead to the breaker being tripped. The weight of the nail gun means that you sometimes have to use both arms to power it while you’re functioning. You’ll discover that you can’t labor as rapidly with a cordless framing nailer. You’ll also notice that the cordless models are also a bit costly.

Best Cordless Framing Nailer Comparison Chart

PhotoModelItem weightBatteries Required?Batteries Included?Reviews
PowRyte Elite 28-DegreePowRyte Elite 28-Degree9.28 poundsNONOLatest Review
DEWALT DCN692B DEWALT DCN692B7.8 poundsYESNOLatest Review
Freeman PFR2190Freeman PFR21908.5 poundsNONOLatest Review
Hitachi NR90GR2Hitachi NR90GR216.25 poundsYESYESLatest Review
Paslode 905600Paslode 9056007.2 poundsYESYESLatest Review

Air-filled or Pneumatic Nail Gun

Pneumatic nail guns are more current than the electronic ones, and in portion, this is for the reason that they’re low-priced, but also since they have a habit of being lighter and you could work quicker with them. They’re the pick for specialists, but they’ve also been achieving ground with landowners, also. They’re mainly useful for weighty bordering jobs, and could take spikes up to three and a half inches in span or even more.

The nail gun could be set for separate nails or what’s recognized as bump fire manner, which lets for much quicker fore of spikes and you could even purchase pneumatic nail guns that cover a blower to clean sawdust from the timber as you continue. Though, for all these useful facts, there are added things to deliberate on. The mass of the compressor disproves the lighter heaviness of the spike gun. The hose requires being frequently reviewed. Specifically when the nail gun is a theme to harsh use. If it’s fractured or damaged you’ll need to swap the hose; in no way try to mend it.

Best Pneumatic Framing Nailer Comparison Chart 

PhotoModelItem weightBatteries Required?Batteries Included?Reviews
Paslode F350-21Paslode F350-218 poundsNONOLatest Review
Paslode 513000Paslode 5130008.2 poundsNONOLatest Review
WEN 61798WEN 6179818.1 poundsNON/ALatest Review
Hitachi NV90AGHitachi NV90AG7.9 poundsNONOLatest Review
Paslode S200-S16 Paslode S200-S166 poundsNONOLatest Review

Battery or Neumatic Nail Gun: Pros and Cons cordless-1

Air tools are the older school technique of doing tasks. They typically offer added power and additional swiftness than a cordless device. The air-powered implement is knowingly quicker. It also has extra hits per uprising than the electronic one does. The rpm alteration is noticeably clearer on-air notches as well. Air tools are mostly re-constructible. You could get numerous parts for them, and they are also conspicuously lighter. There’s a whole heap to love regarding the air-powered tools. But there are a few rebuffs also.

The major one being that you’re hitched and if you need to try the pneumatic pull, you will have to have a shop air attached up to it the whole time. If you’re functioning at a store with a big compressor chamber with two substantial compressor motors, it’s not that large of a deal. You have a dependable source of air. There’s also other conservation. Currently, that can be a decent thing or a wrong entity. Usually, air gears must be lubricated on a daily basis or each additional day.

There’s a slight port in maximum effect guns for you to lubricant the mallet as well. It’s considered as a good thing for the reason that it needs you to take improved care of your gears. But then again, some people may think it’s just an added looking after step you don’t have to fear about with battery- driven apparatuses. I can understand that there are a lot of plug-in apparatuses that have the similar limitations as air-powered tackles. On the contrary, I’m concentrating on the battery-operated diversity.

They are very transportable. You could toss them in your carriage, carry it with you when you go to the landfill … The go- wherever decision of these is genuinely one of the principal features of having battery-powered kits. What’s more, there are opportunities, like lighting and stable dimensions. I use the minor forms for interior effort for the reason that I can reduce the torque and use it for small dash bolts, which is a bit I honestly cannot do with the superior versions or anything air-motorized.

Certain air-mechanical gears do have an adjusting where you could turn them down. But then again it also lessens the speediness of the turning of the head. While the cordless ones usually don’t do that. Battery life is becoming significantly better than it was ten years ago. You used to have to charge that cordless each day or 2. Now I could go a week to a week and a half earlier having to boost the battery in my effect tug. What’s sophisticated too, is that numerous of them have pointers to let you know how much charge the batteries still have.

The disadvantage to these truly pleasant battery-powered gears is they usually are affluent. You also want a room to recharge the battery given the fact that we’re not entirely at a point in the future where we have indefinite power bases. The excellent update is, most of the gears arrive with both a battery and a charger. Battery-powered gears also incline to weigh further. Using all through the day in the workshop, they can get hefty.

Electric vs Pneumatic Nail Gun: Cost


Cordless nailers arrive with a little of a label shock. Certainly if contrasted to their pneumatic friends. A cordless framing nailer like Porter-Cable’s Brad nail gun arises in with a plain tool worth of hundred and forty-nine dollars judged to seventy dollars for an alike pneumatic. None of both devices could function by itself. Throw in a decent compressor. For example, the one from Rolair together with hoses as well as fittings. Your charge of entry will be well over double the cordless one.

The additional cost deliberation is that maximum Aces don’t live on one nail gun alone. Totaling a narrow crown stapler besides bigger finish nail guns are the same level of the task. If we consider the HyperDrive nail gun, the sixteen-gauge will need you even more. It’ll cost you more than two hundred dollars that too lacking a battery and charger. Now you might think of going with Milwaukee’s lineup. Now you would have to pay separately for the bare tools and kits. On the other hand, you could give a ride to the pneumatics. This time you’ll have to pay half of the cost of a cordless one or less.

Cordless vs Pneumatic Nail guns: Ergonomics

In this discussion, the ergonomics are something decidedly less regarding the scheme of the hand grip and latex over a mold. The first concern we need to mull over is the heaviness. Thinking about the mass, we would surely have to say that this one point goes to the courtesy of the pneumatic ones. There’s a vast alteration flanked by a finish nail gun with a mass of around two pounds, even when you take into account the mass of the hose that is dangling down.

On the other hand, a battery-powered nail gun that could push the seven-pound mark and it doesn’t wind-up with mass though. With a cordless framing nailer, you’re not towing near a hose in any way. You’re not falling for it; it’s not dropping off the poise of the nail gun when you effort at various heights and angles. Also, you’re not tied to a definite distance. You’ll hear no compressor sound in the backdrop. If you’re functioning in a space where people are home or functioning, this would be a big plus.

Cordless vs Pneumatic Nail gun : Run Time


Trying more than a few nailers, I appreciated the faultless presentation. While not anyone could be jam-free persistently. While correct upkeep will keep them firing efficiently. Where you’ll observe an alteration is in the firing series. Pneumatics fire the moment the trigger is dragged like you’d wait for on the other hand the cordless ones like the models discovered in Ryobi’s line take an instant to turn up before firing. Bearing in mind, the runtime of both kinds of nail guns almost seems one-sided.

The pneumatic nail gun would operate until the moment your power supplies gets off. Or you experience the results of using too little a compressor. This would lead you to have to delay for the nailer to get charged. Where facts get, thought-provoking is when the nail gun stops. Considering the cordless one, you exchange batteries. Even operating small batteries, it’s doubtful you’ll outwork two batteries being driven. While the pneumatic discontinues, you’ve usually got to understand the issue. It would take time and possibly more costly.

Electric vs Pneumatic Nailer: Preservation, Setup and Take Down

The pneumatic nail gun is a modest model comparing to the cordless nail gun. Though, there are further pieces tied to it. You need to guarantee that your hose isn’t sieve-like, the couplers are dense. Also, you have to make sure that the compressor is working appropriately.  You have to make sure that a power source is obtainable.  You will have to bear in mind to oil your nail gun each day along with retaining track of some compressors’ oil heights.

Those deliberations are not binding with the cordless nail guns at this time on the market. This is available on condition that you have a pair of batteries to effort with. While looking after is a rule stress-free with pneumatics. There are further pieces of the cable that has the probable to flop if not correctly preserved. You will have to make sure of at least periodic review. Just for fun, I thought to see how much time it takes to have my equipment from the truck up until I fire the 1st shot.

It would take two trips with the pneumatic combination. 1 for the compressor as well as a 2nd one for the nailer, also tube. Of course, there are resources and so. But that occurs with the cordless nail guns also. By the moment I got the tackle and got a plug. Then I linked the hose and nail gun. Next, I got the compressor up to functioning heaviness. It took me more than six minutes. My cordless nail gun tool just thirty seconds.

You know the winner right? When you enhance in climbing through to the backyard of a house or traveling upstairs, the time starts to mound on. As you visit through your exertion day, you’ll discover that you also have to move your compressor and tackle. At the finish of the day, it’s going to need the same two trips to have your pneumatic tackle back to the car. You’ll just be more exhausted. With 2 of room variations, going with a cordless nail gun arrangement could effortlessly retain you half an hour.

Battery or Neumatic Nail Gun: The Bottom Line

I think after reading my guide, you have got an excellent idea about the cordless-vs-pneumatic-nail gun. So would you go with a cordless or attach to the old-style pneumatic method of doing things? If you’ve had a big room or whole house to fit out, it can unconditionally be worth it from a charge and ergonomic position to try in the pneumatic resolution. Hitlist work and minor tasks would be even quicker with cordless nail guns. They equally have their room, and I’m not prepared to point out any single one that can replace the other. You may like to have a look at our best framing nailers review.

Framing Nailer Brands

In our Framing Nailer Brands guide, we are going to discuss the five big players in the Framing Nailers market.  Be it in school, office, home or any other place on earth, how many times have we heard that the increasing population is invading agricultural lands to build homes for themselves? Countless times. It’s a sad issue that the planets’ green is decreasing. But, let’s look at it from the perspective of a builder or a construction worker.How correctly do they build so many homes for so many people in such a less time? With so many nails to nail in such short time? Moreover, where will they get so much energy from?

A single hammer wouldn’t do. A thousand won’t either. Maybe they were enough before but not anymore for the vast number of people in need of a place to call home.

Moreover, hammers aren’t used only to build homes; they contribute to developing many other things as well. Can you hang a picture on the wall without a nail? No. Many such little things cannot do without a nailer.

Considering this exact difficulty and understanding the importance of fast and efficient nailing, a civil engineer named Morris Pynoos designed the first nail gun or nailer around the year 1950. Being a public engineer by training, he found a way to make his work easier and better.

Since then one big load from the head of the builders has been eradicated. Nail guns have made any building work easier. With its power, accuracy, and speed, nail guns can, in fact, do jobs that require days to hours. Builders don’t have to use much strength to nail the nails as, by a hammer, they can just hold the nailers and let the power source like an air hose or an electric battery handle the rest. Moreover, you can nail some nails in just one reload with a nailer.

Firstly, let’s know a few things about the framing nailer:

There are two leading types of nailers. The first one is a pneumatic framing nailer which uses an air hose to function. So, yes it requires an air compressor which delivers air to the gun. This wind drives the piston to accomplish its task. The other type is the cordless nailer. As the name suggests, it does not require any air hose. But, still, it must have a power source and that power source is a battery. Besides, the latter might be fuel-powered as well.

Again, the guns come in two styles- coil or stick. They both come with a magazine to hold nails, but the coil nailers have a more substantial magazine than a stick nailer.

As for the nails, there are many types of nails like clipped-head nails and fully-round nails. Moreover, they come in various sizes. And, nail guns may occur with the versatility to adjust to the multiple dimensions of one nail type.

Lastly, most nailers come with a few necessary features to offer you some safety. But, it’s never enough if you are not careful enough. So, be very cautious while using the nailer as it may save you from the dust with its features but not the nail which is as dangerous as a bullet.

Now, let’s take a look at the five framing nailer brands in the Market.

Hitachi hitatchi

Look for the best nailers online, and you will see one brand name on every site you look into – Hitachi. As you can already guess from the title that this is a company based in Japan. An electrical engineer NamiheiOdarai found Hitachi in 1910. Hitachi apparently means Sun Rise. It did not sell nailers at first, but it sold a lot of electronic devices, airplane parts, motors, etc. Japanese 5-horsepower induction motor was its first product. In fact, it began as an in-house venture for a mining company by FusanosukeKuhara.

Hitachi is one company that has faced wars, like real wars which threatened their existence. During the World War II and its aftermath, many of its factories met actual bomb raids. They were about to face a shutdown, but relentless fights kept them going against the American occupational forces that were trying to disband them. The Korean War, later on, benefitted the company in various ways.  Gradually, Hitachi expanded its territory abroad and had gained the instant fame through its consistent efforts and innovations.

What makes Hitachi one of the leading construction brands in the present world market is its wide range of efficient yet cost-effective products starting from motors to hard disk drives. Read our Hitachi NR90AES1 Framing Nailer Review. Moreover, it does not just keep selling the same kind of products for decades, it develops the product features and tries to meet the needs better. So, customers or specifically builders always keep a keen and speculative eye on Hitachi products trying to find out if the new feature can solve their problem.

Hitachi TVs are one of such products that you will find at least in 1 house among every ten homes (my guess). Also, check the brand of the projector in your class or auditorium, there’s a high chance it’s from Hitachi as well.You will find a good number of Hitachi products at a construction site or any manufacturing factory as well. So, you see Hitachi electronic products are ruling the world.



If you are to write a history of framing nailers and their developments, you could never leave Paslode out. It is a very memorable name in the framing nailer industry as it has brought a lot of remarkable innovation to the product.

Paslode meaning PAckingShipping LOadingDEvices is a leading tool manufacturing company in the world. Founded in 1935, it has since then created new products to ease the load of construction works. It created the first stapling hammer in 1940, first pneumatic nailer in 1959 and by 1986 it produced a good range of gas-powered nail guns as well. So, you see it created a lot of ‘firsts.’ No wonder it’s so famous in the tools industry. paslode

What makes Paslode more unique is that it hasn’t stopped at its trademark products, it keeps developing and inventing new products to serve every purpose of each product correctly. The efficiency and accuracy Paslode products work with are also remarkable. It keeps improving the way homes are built making it both easy and fun.

The best products from Paslode are the nailers of various types with various unique features. Its wide range of nailers can suit any job you want to be done. Whether it is your roof, wall, ground, or whatever, Paslode gives you the most efficient and suitable nailer for that very purpose. For example, for nailing tough or hard surfaces without difficulty, Paslode offers you the PowerMaster series of nailers. As you can understand by the name, that these nailers are capable of drilling into real hardwoods or frames without requiring much effort. Again, for precise nailing in tight spaces, Paslode has the Cordless Li-ion Brad Nailing System to offer you. Specially designed for excellent trim applications, this leaves only a tiny hole.

Customers never get disappointed with what the Paslode products come with. So, it’s a company doing its job quite well ensuring an excellent future for itself.



DeWalt is another name that builders are familiar with. In fact, Raymond E. DeWalt, the inventor of the radial arm saw found this company in 1923. It faced changes in ownership over the years. Finally, in 1960 Black & Decker bought it from American Machine & Foundry Co.Inc and is still running it. Apparently, Black & Decker had acquired this company after careful speculation. Known for manufacturing great light-weight consumer tools such as household appliances, Black & Decker wanted to expand its territory and gain the attention of the professional builders by introducing heavy-duty construction products among its products. So, they bought DeWalt which showed a bright future in this sector. As a consequence, now they are earning a tremendous amount of profits through DeWalt now! dewalt

Well, like any other consumer-tools manufacturer should, DeWalt researches and develops its products! They have always amazed customers with their easy to use, efficient, robust and innovative tools that make even industrial work much more comfortable. Moreover, not only focuses on developing the products they already have but also expanding their categories to new helpful products that will offer humankind the future. It fixes the problems its previous products had and introduces a higher more latest version that the construction workers cannot lift their eyes off and after a while cannot do without.

DeWalt Professional Magnetic Screwdriver Bit Accessory Set is one such product that is durable and extremely useful for the customers. Also, there is the Dewalt DCD771C2 Cordless Lithium-Ion 1/2 inch Compact Drill Driver Kit that many constructors have eyes on. These products, designed and manufactured by DeWaltrepresent quality and efficiency themselves. DeWalt builds these powerful, precise, versatile, sturdy tools exceptionally well. So, one day they might leave the builders with only one difficulty in case of construction- the design of whatever they are about to build.



The Springtramp Eliminator Company (SENCO) is another pioneering company in the tools business. It has been making mechanical tools to make life happier and more comfortable for any builder. In fact, the company’s name resembles the first automatic device it innovated when it started in 1935-1936. Albert Juilfs had made the Springtramp Eliminator, a device that dealt with the vibration of the automobile cars of that time. So, it still bears the name of the first step it took towards it existence, how traditional.

You can expect a company that keeps its tradition so flawlessly to meet your expectations regarding quality and efficient products. Later in 1947 SENCO entered the fastener industry by inventing a stapler to staple boxes and cartons. After World War II, SENCO expanded remarkably, reaching the export market with its innovative fastening tech products and blooming. And this journey filled with the advent of newer, better and more straightforward products continues. senco

What makes a company worth loving, is the products or services it offers. SENCO has never failed in this specific regard. Since its start, SENCO has impressed people with its innovative, well-designed and high-quality devices that make the world a more accessible place to live in. Not only has it made the life of people more enjoyable but also improved the environment of industrial or building workplaces. It has provided the workplaces safety and ease through its efficient, well-built, durable and safe products.

SENCO’s Duraspin High-Tech Auto-feed screwdrivers, Fusion Hose-Free nailers, are such products that will perfectly meet your needs. You do not have to worry about anything while using these. There’s no risk of damaging the surface you are working on or missing your target unless you have a shaky hand. Moreover, they will work for you for quite a long time. Besides these, SENCO also sells accessories for these tools separately. Like, they are offering new hybrid Air Hoses which are more flexible, lays flat and comes with bend restrictors. So, it provides you everything you could ask for in the best form.



You will be amazed to know that Bostitch has a significant contribution to our daily life and one of the best framing nailer brands as well. The portable stapler that we use and see every day is nothing but a descendant of the portable stapler Bostitch introduced in 1914. Previously known as Stanley Bostitch, Bostitch is a subsidiary of Stanley Black & Decker, producing power, mechanic hand, and pneumatic tools for home, office, construction, and industrial uses. It was founded in 1896 by the inventor of machines that stitched books from a coil of wire- Thomas Briggs. Initially, it mainly focused on developing stitching machines, but gradually it has become one of the pioneering power and mechanic tools manufacturers. bostitch

Unlike the other companies mentioned, Bostitch has not only made the work of builders easier only while building but also of the general people in their daily lives. It produces all kinds of products that push humans more towards the future full of ease and innovation. Bostitchenthrals its customers with the features its products offer and makes accomplishing tasks effortlessly. Tools from Bostitch ensure ease of use, change, efficiency, improvement, and safety. So, a professional in any sector always has an eye out for new Bostitch products.

A good range of Pneumatic and Cordless nailers and nails are the best products Bostitch offers for builders. Otherwise, office products like staplers, scissors, sharpeners, etc. from Bostitch makes daily tasks faster to accomplish. As a result, it indirectly ensures you get enough time to relax and enjoy life. Don’t miss our Bostitch F21PL Framing Nailer Review.

Framing Nailer Brands


See Top 5 Pro-Roofing Nailers including comparison chart.

So, these were five framing nailer brands that have worked since their start to make our lives better. We see many products in stores, and we also use them often, but we forget to look at the dedication and mind these products required to exist. These companies collected the ideas from the minds, the expertise of the people and gave these ideas a place to materialize themselves. All for our benefit and to change the way the world works. Read our complete reviews for more brands and best framing nailers.

10 must-have tools for homeowners for a rainy day

It’s drizzling, pouring, and you can’t be sleeping and wheezing! Oops, but that’s true. Solely for the reason that it is the rainy period. But that doesn’t mean we can just nap all day; we yet need to stay creative. There are a lot of things that you actually might need to stay with you when the wet season starts. And this article will let you know what are those? Here are “10 Must Haves” you must have (giggle) to be capable of getting around, work, and earn at life in spite of the lousy climate!

Tissues and Napkin

On wet weathers, you would more likely need to clean up the raindrops if you had to go out and bring the grocery or pick up your kids. Always remember to carry lots of tissues with you. This would fit in your purse or even your wallet. The fabric would save you from any undesirable splash you get from shuttling in the rain.  Also, you should buy napkins for home. Papers finished with tissue are known as one-use paper napkins. They are so customary that you could see them at anyplace from the feasting table to craft chamber.

Yes, you heard it right! Folks love to use one-use paper napkins made of tissue scented with their desired aroma in the hot sun. Broods like to have fun with tissue napkins also composing new stuff out of this. This could save you boring time and help you even entertain your kids. You need to buy a lot of colored tissue paper napkins and watch a few craft videos online. These things can keep your kids busy for hours.

Alcohol and Cocktail

alcohol and cocktailYou’ll not once know when your ends would get soaked in muddy deluge water. Having drink is an instant medication to your flood wet feet. Microbes could lead to stinking feet. So keeping a rubbing alcohol is a must! Also, you can preserve cocktail at home since a rainy day means the whole family is going to cancel their plans and this could bring out for a small party of close ones. And a celebration no matter how little it needs drinks. The cocktail is a thing which makes everybody reflect on alcohol.

This is ill-starred since many folks will sidestep cocktails as they either do not desire to or cannot have liquor. Firmly by the explanation, cocktails are a combination of unlike liquids to create an innovative flavor. You do not have to combine a lousy martini to make a cocktail. You can in its place build non-alcoholic cocktails which are specific to please everybody in the troop. One example in which persons have taken to create different ranges of virgin cocktails is when mixing fruit squashes. A taste children like is coconut.

Plastic Bags plastic_bags

A plastic bag or wrap in your purse won’t pain to hold.Particularly when you want to save your belongings dry, or even your self.  If you had put out of your mind to carry an umbrella, you could use this to refuge your head. Apparently, do this only if you unquestionably have no option! Plastic bags at home would also help. You can wrap things on your veranda that might need to stay dry.And even you would need to carry stuff like mobile and other things with you when you are going out.

Very often this happens that due to heavy rainfall your gadgets, your phone, your license or essential papers get wet and you have no choice. Well, you can avoid the situation if you carry a plastic bag!Just a smaller one with you to ensure that the necessary things are out of the reach of rain. Moreover, they are desperate to be ragged, comfortable to carry, and very much useful when raining. Additionally, you can reuse them for numerous resolutions, and so you need to get them.

Power-bank powerbank

Life is reckless!And to hold your own with the ever snowballing speed, the one has to turn out to be even faster. This hurry is becoming a requirement in every scope of life- be it labor or personal end. The technique out tackles anything that decreases human pains along with time. In this current world, when the whole thing is becoming mechanical and time is the maximum appreciated asset one could have, power-banks are one such creation.

Having an entirely charged power bank is vital these days, to make sure you could contact your groups and family in case there’s a crisis. You can just top up your phone’s charge and stay rationalized with your everyday life while you are away from home. Sometimes due to heavy rains, the electricity gets cut off. That’s when it’s hard to charge your phone. But with a power-bank, you will quickly charge your mobiles for few days even when you do not have access to the power anyplace! Liable for the kind of power-bank you are having, there are several utilities that this thing has to propose other than making the charging procedure a smooth one!

Framing Nail Gun

Pro-Roofing-Nailer, Must-have tools for homeowners

It’s rainy out there. You are sitting at your window and trying to look through it. You wanted to feel the raindrops fell on you. You wondered how you would have then enjoyed and relished them. All of a sudden, you felt something in your head!And with looking up, you realized you’re feeling the raindrops which entered because of the leakage on your roof. Now raindrops will not happen to look so pleasant! Well, that’s why you should have a framing nail gun for such moments. Let’s know the benefits of a framing nailer.

A framing nailer now and then denoted as a bordering gun!Or you can say a nail gun is one of the crucial apparatuses on any home building spot. A worth framing nailer would push some spikes into a framing building faster than an experienced carpenter could push one framing nail with a mallet. This speeds up the procedure of enclosing a wall (or a home for that matter) exponentially. This could be a great asset you could also have at your house even. Used correctly, a framing nail gun is an exceedingly- fruitful working tool. See the five big players in the framing nailer market.


UmbrellaBecause not everything is waterproof, to save you dry from the fall! Thus it’s beneficial to have an umbrella! Because you can use it to guard yourself against the sunshine and rains. Earlier, this shading tool was only made of supple fabric just to safeguard wealthy women from the sunlight. But as time passed by, altered types of umbrellas were also acquainted with. And now this is one of the most effective weather shields that numerous people are using.

Compact umbrellas are the most ordinarily usable sort of climate protector. You can, in fact, fold and bend this umbrella into a tinier form which can fit inside a handbag. This is very useful and easy to carry along. With this, anybody can equip them with no matter what weather there is. They can effortlessly put it out of their hand baggage and pop it out to get security from the rains. Voluminous people have a preference of having this because of its ease.


Women who dress long skirts or clothes will undoubtedly move a heavy load with the folds of their attire becoming wet and increasing while raining. If you regularly go through circumstances like these, then you better twitch fixing for calamities. Even a bit as meek as rain could be such a massive disaster for you. Previous to leave the house, you can wear rubber boots as an alternative to trying your shoes.

Just carry along the shoes you are intended to wear and wrap it in plastic! And then put them in your bag where they can stay fresh and dry. The boots might look absurd on but trust me they can preserve your ends dry and humid. The same one goes for jackets, jerseys, wools or any other piece of dress. Wearing one could keep your garments dry and can save you dry as well. It’s also moral to have a filled bag either in your carriage, workplace or closet in school. Placing the basics of an additional shirt with a few undergarments, a toothbrush, and toothpaste in a situation of crises.


Rain CoatRaincoats are available objects during the wet climate. They are mainly suitable as they do not need hands to hold them in place. You only slip them on, and you are complete to go. Most of the waterproofs come in foldup designs so you can bend them up into a small!And fold them out when you want to hang onto yourself dry. Folks have a propensity of keeping up with the climate reports. Though you can never verify the mood of the weather and so the weather information can go incorrect sometimes! And hence there are odds you might fall in trouble in an unpredicted rainstorm.

When folks happen to face it unexpectedly, they will search for the most reasonably priced keys.And the inexpensive raincoats that make the pact for them. The detail that you’re getting a temporary fix from the volley does not mean that you have to look old-fashioned. The low-cost raincoats are in fact very chic. And they would keep up with your style values even though for a period.

Novels novels

Nuzzling upon the couch before a heartfelt fire with a warm cup of cocoa and a decent book is always an enjoyable way to spend a frigid, rainy day. Now let me go over a number of the best romance ever inscribed. Of course, this is not a complete list but is quite sufficient to get you somewhere to your mission to find a good read. If you’re hooked on ancient romance narratives, you can try Georgette Hever’s work of fiction set in the Regency era.

You could also go through another one best novelist Jane Austen’s novel “Pride and Prejudice.” This is a class hit and is yet on every reader’s favorite list. If you are searching for the first bestselling romance novel, then try to find “Pamela.” I would possibly give you a top 100 romance novel slope to read!Since there are so many great picks on my list.But because of restricted space and period, I would hold it to that.

A Good Liner and A Compact Sized Face Wash

Liner and face washA liner, not merely contours your eyes but can also highpoint your look and help your skin appear enriched. Devote one decent water-proof eyeliner in black if you don’t want to buy a full range of expensive make-up stuff. A water-proof one would not spoil your entire makeup if you suddenly have communication with the rain.You can use it and carry around rapidly in case of crises.And it will not leave your face flashing in the mind of an important meeting.

Go minimalistic with the front as less would be more in this climate. Just a little waterproof liner accompanied with a light shade of lipstick could look much better than the entire nine yards. However, there is another thing that you can carry around- a travel-friendly face wash. You can quickly put it in your bag.And this would help your face look moist instead of shabby and weary due to the splash. Whether you are out for a picture or somewhere elaborate, once it starts raining, all your makeup turns dull. If you don’t have patience or time to reapply makeup, your face-wash will support you bring your internal beauty out.


I hope already you have got an excellent idea after reading my guide about must-have tools for homeowners. Lastly, keep in mind to evade wearing materials or long garments that drench in too much water. Also, ensure that you crisscross these tools since the splash could turn into a rainstorm without your conscience. Moreover, don’t forget to recheck each one as soon as you go through the weather forecast when they have announced a heavy pouring. Happy Raining!

Benefits of a Framing Nailer

We should know the benefits of a framing nailer before we buy one. If you look around you today, you will notice almost everyone practices self-reliance and independence. This wave of learning and practicing self-sufficiency is not only a means of cutting down costs and expenses to save money, or just for honing to surviving in the world, but also an essential aspect of nurturing and molding up an individual’s personality and mind.

And there is no form of self-reliance more useful than being able to carry out some essential repairs and construction around you. I speak from experience when I say that learning to do these essential works will save you tons of money, and time while being able to brag about it later to your friends and family.

Bragging rights is nothing short of a trophy either! The irony is, these works are ridiculously easy and inexpensive to have a professional do it for you in the first place, and ask for a portion of your inheritance as his pay. With a little knowledge of the basic of repairs and woodwork, you can do what they do; maybe even better! To start you will need a fantastic set of tools, and it is no surprise that no tool collection is complete without a good hammer and some nails. But here’s the thing about an essential duo of instruments in the world: Who has time?

Using a hammer correctly does require some practice. Also, it is time-consuming to have to hammer every nail one at a time by hands; neither is it too safe for beginners. You will even notice that your results are somewhat inconsistent with a hammer. Instead of making life any harder, grab yourself a good framing nailer as its replacement! The benefits of a framing nailer to a hammer are incomparable. I’ll discuss a few benefits below:

Benefits of a Framing Nailer

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Benefits of a Framing Nailer


One of the many benefits of a framing nailer is that it is incredibly powerful. A framing nailer is engineered to do what you could do with your hands and a hammer but with so much more strength and pressure. They often have pneumatic or electric motors that do not lack behind in producing maximum force to shoot the nails. It can tackle pulling nails on several surfaces as well, whereas a hammer would fail to do so. It can remove nails inches into tight, hard surfaces like lumber, hardwood, and sometimes even ceramics depending on the type of framing nailer you use. These tools are used to carrying out subflooring, framing, fencing and so much more.



Out of all the benefits of a framing nailer, why I like it best is because it is fast! It takes a fraction of a time to shoot hundreds of nails continuously. You can’t say the same for a hammer; it would take at least a couple of days to drive 100 nails onto a wall with a hammer manually. And reloading the nail magazine can be done just as quickly. It is designed to accommodate a fair number of nails. One magazine can hold around 60 or more nails at the time, so you do not have to hustle around fumbling with nails all the day.


Using a framing nailer is comparatively much safer than using a hammer. While a framing nailer is more powerful and can do worse damage to your fingers than a hammer, it simultaneously makes up for it with many of its essential safety features and adjustments. Advantages of a framing nailer are that they are doubtful to come in contact your hands or fingers in the first place. They have been designed to be used without the use of hands to guide nails, unlike a hammer. They also often come with safety goggles for extra protection.

Framing nailers are also much more comfortable to use than a hammer. They are usually built to be as lightweight as possible so that they can be used for hours at a time without fatigue. They also have rubber handles to ensure a secure grip by its user and maintain maximum stability. Users can also use oil to support a framing nailer to make sure it runs smoothly, once its wear down from constant and prolonged use.


All the benefits of a framing nailer combined would not do any good if it were not user-friendly and versatile. A framing nailer has that section cover as well. Almost all framing nailers can be selected to shoot both consecutive shots and bump shots. This feature allows the user to use different types of shots on a different surface as per their liking to achieve the desired results. Framing nailers also enable the users to set and adjust the nail depth of the nails that are to be shot into a surface. Many framing nails also come with rafters that let users hang the tools while they are away. One other thing that it so convenient is that you do not have to carry and fidget around with the nails at all. It has a magazine that holds the nails for it.


A framing nailer will produce results that are more accurate than a hammer. Because, a framing nailer is equipped with a powerful compressor, and is so carefully designed to hold nails, it is very likely to produce consistent output every time, given that the user does not move around too much. Whereas with a hammer, each nail driven are of different depth, and in an inconsistent pattern.


Unlike the nails that are hammered manually, work done by a framing nailer is much more secure. The immense force and pressure from the tool engrave the nails deep into the surface and ensures that it will not get loose, or fall out anytime soon!

These are just some of the benefits of a framing nailer out of numerous more. With a little effort on this wonderfully useful tool, you will soon be leaving your traditional hammer behind. With the help of best framing nail gun, you will be able to carry out your construction works in no time! So, now it’s time to choose the best framing nailers.