Best Air Tools Oil Reviews in 2024: Best Pneumatic Nail Gun Oil

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Last Updated on April 16, 2024 by John Patterson

best air tools oil reviews

Regular oiling air tools are essential for every user.

We have prepared this honest and unbiased review to give you the best oil for air tools and nail gun oil.

We have also listed air tool oil substitutes for you though we don’t recommend using those.

There is no doubt that air tools are used in place of hammers for a good reason.

Best Air Tools are more efficient to work with and give more accuracy with less strain and higher precision.

Who doesn’t want to increase the length of the life of the tools they bought?

In this honest and unbiased best air tools oil review, we talked about the top 10 pneumatic air tools oil on the market in 2024.

But when you work with the pneumatic tool, you must keep it well-lubricated to get the best work.

For this reason, there is no alternative to using air tool oil.

What kind of oil for air tools should you use?

Pick any air tool oil or synthetic air compressor oil from the market can be troublesome as the oil may not be good enough.

We have brought you the latest reviews to help you grab the best pneumatic air tools oil.

Marvel Mystery Oil MM85R1Marvel Mystery1.95 pounds11.5 x 3.37 x 3.37 inches
Marvel Air Tool Oil MM080RMarvel Mystery4 ounces7.2 x 5.8 x 5.4 inches
Lucas Oil 10200Lucas Oil Products Inc.1.02 pounds3.3 x 3.3 x 11.75 inches
BOSTITCH PREMOIL-20OZBostitch8 ounces4 x 2.3 x 7.9 inches
Super Lube 12004Super Lube0.32 ounces1.7 x 1.7 x 6.5 inches; 0.24 Ounces
Lucas Oil 10216Lucas Oil Products Inc.1.03 pounds9.38 x 2.47 x 2.47 inches
CLIsyntec Premium Air Tool LubricantCLIsyntec 15.2 ounces6.42 x 2.4 x 2.28 inches
Sta-Lube SL2531Sta-Lube1.01 pounds1.63 x 3.75 x 9 inches
Ingersoll Rand 10PIngersoll Rand12.7 ounces3.25 x 2 x 8.75 inches
3-IN-ONE - 1200493-IN-ONE3.84 ounces6.89 x 4.57 x 2.28 inches

10 Best Air Tools Oil Reviews of 2024

air tool oils

#1. Marvel Mystery Oil Review: MM85R1-32 oz.

Features and Benefits
  • Top-quality oil, best for preventing the rust formation
  • Positive lubrication for smooth starting.
  • It dissolves gum and sludge and reduces power output to increase the tool speed and power output.
  • The highest level of performance is guaranteed.
  • Will make your tool younger.

What We Liked
  • This is a specially formulated oil to use in rotary and as well as all piston-type air tools.
  • Suitable for all types of air tools.
  • Excellent thin oil.
  • Very easy to apply.
  • It doesn’t sludge up like other air tool oil.

What We Didn't Like
  • The spout design is not smart.

#2. Marvel Air Tool Oil MM080R – 4 oz.

Features and Benefits
  • Oil is a specially formulated tool for in-line lubricators, rotary, and piston-type air tools.
  • Excellent for preventing rust formation.
  • For smooth starting, it provides positive lubrication.
  • It dissolves gum and sludge to reduce power output and cut down tool speed.
  • The life of your tools will be extended.
  • It has proven the highest performance.

What We Liked
  • It doesn’t harm any rubber.
  • Friendly for your spray bottle.
  • It works at total capacity.
  • You can use it for any air tool.
  • It can be used for the lubricating pump.

What We Didn't Like
  • A bit expensive and the bottle is too small as well.

This is one of the most popular air tools oil on the market. A lot of people gave positive feedback after using it. Check Amazon for more reviews.

#3. Lucas Oil 10200 

Features and Benefits
  • The Lucas Oil 10200 (one of the best) – Air tool lubricant has a unique formula to combat rust, and with that feature, your air tool won’t get damaged easily. It is a useful oil for air tools that will surely extend the tool’s life.
  • If you use this Lucas oil, you can protect your tools from high or extreme operating temperatures because it is evident that when you work your air tool, it will get to high heat from time to time.
  • This air tool lubricant will disperse water, so it will not let any water stick to your air tool. If water sticks to your machine, then there is a chance that it will get rust on the inside. As this oil disperses water, your device will be free of such a problem.
  • Sometimes, an air tool can face a blowout because of being so rough on the inside. With the help of this lubricating oil, you can resist this kind of blowout as it makes the inside of your air tool smoother and reduces the roughness.

What We Liked
  • More slippery compared to others.
  • Stays are put in the applied area.
  • It comes with an easy-to-use nozzle.
  • The effects of this oil last longer.
  •  Prevents the build-up of sludge inside the tool.
  • Can prevent corrosion due to moisture.

What We Didn't Like
  • Corrosion may still occur with acid.


As you can see, for reducing the wear and tear and increasing the efficiency and performance of your best air tool, the Lucas Oil 10200 is quite a beneficial lubricating oil. Without any doubt, you can consider this oil in your checklist.

#4. Pneumatic oil: BOSTITCH PREMOIL-20OZ nail gun oil

Features and Benefits
  • This Bostitch premoil 20oz nail gun oil will provide industrial strength when applied to your nail gun. That means using this nail gun oil will work more efficiently than most other oils in the market.
  • It is a non-detergent solution, meaning that no other chemicals are used to make this nail gun oil. This is a pure oil that will make your tool smoother and perform better. Also, it will reduce the friction inside the nail gun to make the shooting more accurate.
  • A problem with most of the oils is that they get consolidated in cold weather, so it becomes difficult for the user to use that oil. But luckily for you, this oil can be used in any climate, and it won’t get consolidated that easily.

What We Liked
  • A few drops will go on for a long time.
  • The container is large enough to go for years.
  • It can reduce friction inside the nail gun.
  • It will keep going on at a different temperature.
  • No corrosion due to acid or acid-like chemicals.
  • Reduces wear and tear by making the gun smoother.

What We Didn't Like
  • Water can still damage the tool.
  • Sludge may be built inside the nail gun.


From reducing friction to corrosion and keeping your nail gun working smoothly for a long time, the BOSTITCH PREMOIL Premium Pneumatic Tool Oil is very handful. We recommend you choose this oil if you need to lubricate your nail gun in different weather conditions.

#5. Super Lube. 12004 Air Tool Lubricant, 4 oz Bottle, Translucent Clear

Features and Benefits
  • In the Super Lube 12004, Air Tool Lubricant corrosion and rust inhibitors are mixed with resisting rust and corrosion. So this makes it special fluid oil that will help your air tool to become smoother and enhance performance.
  • This lubricating oil works with different types of pneumatic tools/nail guns, including nail guns. So, this oil is the one to choose to make your nail gun smoother with any other best air tool.
  • To avoid stickiness, there is no alternative to this oil. This oil is light, and only a few drops are enough to get your nail gun running smoothly for a long time.
  • You can use this oil in a vast range of temperatures. Even in -40OF, this oil won’t get consolidated. That means whether the temperature is cold or hot, nothing can stop this oil from lubricating your air tool whenever you want.

What We Liked
  • Reduces the great amount of tear and wear.
  • It will enhance the control over temperature.
  • Improves the efficiency and lifespan of your tool.
  • Prevent sludge from consolidating inside the tool.
  • Comprises an easy-to-use nozzle for dropping oil easily.

What We Didn't Like
  • It cannot sufficiently reduce the effects of acid or moisture.


Though this air tool lubricant has little power over moisture, it can still get your job done quickly for a high-temperature range. So, if you think you need your air tool to have a longer lifespan and want to lubricate it even at a temperature as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

#6. Lucas Oil Products 10216 Air Tool Lubricant

Features and Benefits
  • Using the Lucas Oil Products 10216 Air Tool Lubricant, even extreme temperatures, will not be a problem for you. When you are working with your best air tool, sometimes it may reach extreme heat. That temperature may affect your tool. But using this oil will result in something different.
  • The Lucas Oil Products 10216 Air Tool Lubricant is a quality air tool oil that will undoubtedly increase the efficiency of your tool. This oil can prevent rusting, so your tools will get a longer lifespan.
  • When it gets rougher and tighter inside, it’s no mystery that your tools can face blowout. But using this air tool lubricant can also prevent such occurrences from happening.
  • Water is a common problem when it comes to metallic tools like nailers. Because with the touch of water, your tool can get rust and then it may get jammed. Fortunately, this lubricant will work as a water disperser to prevent such a problem.

What We Liked
  • It makes the tools comparatively more slippery.
  • Oil-effect lasts for a long time.
  • It comes with a nozzle for easy usage.
  • Stops moisture corrosion on the tool surface.
  • Keeps the sludge away from the tools.

What We Didn't Like
  • Corrosion due to acidic components cannot be prevented.


Keep this oil on your checklist the next time you pick one, and I can say that it will give you everything you ask for in an air tools oil. As you have seen the features above, I hope you will no longer doubt this oil’s benefits.

#7. Premium Air Tool Lubricant – 16 FL. OZ. 

Features and Benefits
  • The leading cause of rust is water. This lubricating oil can prevent such rust from occupying the inner surface of your best air tool. So you can say goodbye to the damage due to rust if you use this oil.
  • Harmful composites like varnishes and sludge can quickly reduce the lifespan of your air tool. But if you use this lubricating oil, you can get rid of these composites quickly. So it will help your tools to have a longer lifespan.
  • Unlike most other pneumatic air tools oil, this one can preserve elasticity, which means it can go on for a long time once you apply it to your tool. You will need just a few drops of this oil to keep your tools smooth for a long time.

What We Liked
  • Reduces the friction caused by jamming.
  • Moisture-based corrosion is prevented.
  • It provides a nozzle for ease of usage.
  • It will keep sludge and varnish away from the tool.
  • Increases the lifespan of the tools.

What We Didn't Like
  • It can get consolidated in cold temperatures.
  • Acidic corrosion cannot be prevented entirely.


Though it will be a little difficult for you to use this oil in cold weather, you cannot altogether deny the more significant benefits this oil provides to your best air tools. You have already seen that its pros are topping its cons by far. So, picking this oil will be a smart decision for you.

Air Tool Oil Substitute

What can I use for air tool oil? Here is our recommended list of air tool oil substitutes:

  • Amsoil 2-stroke oil
  • Powermate PX P018-0084SP
  • Castrol 20w-50

Nail Gun Oil Substitute

I recommend using-

  • Motor oil 
  • Tranny fluid
  • Wd40
  • Pb blaster

What kind of oil for your Best Air Tool?

When it’s about using oil, remember that all types of oils are not made for all sorts of tools or machines.

You can’t use the same oil type for a sewing machine and a generator.

Similarly, it’s not the same oil you should apply to any best air tool.

Mineral and synthetic-based oils are considered the best oil for air tools. Synthetic oil is the hybrid version of mineral oil and petroleum oil.

Some of the most accepted pneumatic air tools oils are – Marvel MM080R Air Tool oil, Lucas Oil 10216 Air Tool Lubricant, Sta-Lube SL2531 Air Tool Oil, etc.

You can buy these oils from most of the stores (both online and offline) that sell different air tools, and the price of these oils is relatively low.

How to oil air tools?

Oiling air tools is a pretty straightforward process. However, make sure you are going to use the appropriate air tools and oil.

You can use a convenient oiler with a sharp tip. This will help you to drop the oil into the oil inlet efficiently.

Drop a few drops of oil into the oil inlet of your best air tool. Let the oil go all the way through. Perhaps pressing the trigger will do the trick (depending on the tool you are using).

Most of the air tool manufacturers recommend oiling the tools daily. It certainly makes it long-lasting and gives the best performance.

Where to buy pneumatic tool oil?

You can buy pneumatic tool oil both from your nearby store and online.

It’s widely available. So you can quickly source it from anywhere you want.

Sites like Amazon, Home Depot, eBay, Harbor Freight sell pneumatic tool oils of different brands.

Fortunately, most of the high-quality pneumatic tool oils including Marvel, and Sta-Lube are pretty inexpensive and provide excellent value for the money.

Air/Pneumatic Tools Oil Buying Guide

Air/Pneumatic Tools Oil Buying Guide

Lubrication Quality

Lubricating the pneumatic tools is the most vital part here. The oil you will use for your air tool must lubricate the unit properly.

The mechanism that the air tools follow is different from other tools or machines.

In the case of an air tool, the moving parts don’t touch each other. The moving parts require airtight seals, and the airtight seals are formed by rubber and O-rings.

The lubricant plays a significant role in making the air seal in conjunction with the O-ring. That’s why the oil needs to have the proper lubrication characteristics.

The viscosity of the lubricant is also vital. You need thinner oil to work it best with the air tools components. That’s why mineral oils are the best choice for oiling pneumatic tools.

Brand Competency and Rating

Choosing the right brand for the right product is crucial.

I know it’s pretty overwhelming at times to choose the right brand. You can always check some online reviews to get insights on different brands and models of products.

Going for cheap items without considering the brand reputation is not a good idea at all.

Some of the best brands in manufacturing pneumatic oils are – Marvel, Bostitch, Sta-Lube, Lucas, Super Lube, etc.


If the quality and brand reputation are good, don’t think twice about the price.

I’m not telling you to go for the pricey items if you have a quality option available at less price.

The idea is to give quality the topmost priority over price.

Additional Features

In addition to the lubrication behavior of the oil, if it can clean up the dirt, deep-clean the tool, and remove the bad stuff, then it’s even better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question #1: Can lubricating oil reduce friction inside an air tool?

Answer: Yes. But the percentage of reducing friction varies from oil to oil. Not every oil can effectively reduce friction.

Question #2: Is the air tool oil suitable for preventing water damage?

Answer: Of course, they are. These oils are used so that rust due to water can be prevented. But some heavy-duty oils are potent in this section, and some are weak.

Question #3: How much oil do I need to apply in an air tool at a time?

Answer: Two to three drops of oil will usually do the work. But different brands of oil have varying effectiveness. Some brands may require more than three drops, and some will need less.

Question #4: How often should I apply oil to my air tools?

Answer: You should not apply oils to the tool according to a schedule. Instead, use heavy-duty oil when you see the gun is getting jammed or if there is a risk of getting rust on your tool.

Question #5: Is there any risk of an air tool lubricant getting consolidated in cold temperatures?

Answer: Some lubricants are mixed with inhibitors that allow them not to get consolidated even in cold temperatures. But this feature is not available with all the oils.

Question #6: Will my air tool oil spread all over the area when I apply, or will it stay put?

Answer: If you don’t want to get into any mess, choose an oil that won’t spread. Some oils circulate, and some don’t.

Final Verdict

If you take the proper care of your best air tool, your devices will take adequate care of you by making your job easier.

When it comes to pneumatic tools, oiling them is a great way to take care of them.

We have gathered the above oils in our best air tools oil reviews by researching through many sources and with expert advice.

I am sure that choosing one of the best oil tools will help you take proper care of your tools.

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