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Last Updated on April 16, 2024 by John Patterson

A weed eater string needs to be durable and efficiently cut grasses and weeds.

Besides these, it needs to have some other attributes like –

  • Welding resistance.
  • Shape
  • Diameter and length.
  • Amount of noise it makes during cutting.
  • Ability to free up if it gets tangled in the spool.
  • Material, etc.

I understand it’s pretty overwhelming to find the best one out of so many available options.

I’ve prepared this best weed eater string reviews write-up to make your life easy.

Here I will review the five heavy-duty weed eater strings mentioning their highs and lows.

You will find a complete buying guide and FAQ section too below the review part.

I’ve reviewed only the 0.095″ diameter string here to get a better comparison value.

The other diameters of the same brands perform pretty similarly, though.

So, let’s get the ball rolling.

What is the Best Weed Eater String

The 5 Best Weed Eater Strings Reviews of 2024

#1. Maxpower 338814 Twisted Trimmer Line Review (Best Overall)

What We Liked
    • A long-lasting weed eater string.
    • It cuts the grass and heavy weeds pretty well in a quick time.
    • It’s relatively easy to spool.
    • Quiet
    • Performs quite satisfactorily in freeing up from the stuck condition in the spool.
    • It can handle solid surface contact efficiently to ensure durability.

What We Didn't Like
  • It costs slightly higher than others.

Maxpower 338814 commercial-grade string trimmer line is made in the USA and from high-quality copolymer resins. The diameter is 0.095,” and the length is 200′, which you can use for approximately ten refills.

As this Maxpower heavy-duty string trimmer line boasts a twisted shape, it cuts the grass and thick weeds quite efficiently without making too much noise.

The tensile strength of this line is remarkable, I must say. It breaks at 210 lbs.

This string trimmer line can handle abrasive contact without getting damaged too soon. This is another sign of the line’s durability. It doesn’t break easily, even connected to a fence or wires.

When it’s about cutting the thick weeds quickly without being damaged, this string trimmer line outperforms any other models on my list.

Pro Tip: Keeping the RPM lower than 2000 helps any line to last long.


If you are finding a highly durable, impact-resistant string trimmer line that cuts great, this Maxpower Twisted is the top-notch weed eater string without any doubt.

Yes, the price is slightly higher than the other options. But the performance and effectiveness justify the bill pretty well.

#2. Weed Warrior 17061 Titanium Trimmer Line Review

What We Liked
    • Quite a long-lasting string trimmer line.
    • Loading this best trimmer is an easy and hassle-free process.
    • It has an impressive tensile strength that prevents it from breaking when it comes in contact with solid objects.
    • It frees up quite quickly if it gets stuck in the spool.
    • Excellent in resisting abrasive impact.
    • This string trimmer liner cuts fast and can cut grass and weeds quite efficiently.
    • The durability of this string against wire and fence impact is quite remarkable.
    • Compatible with a lot of brands of trimmer.

What We Didn't Like
  • The price could have been better.
  • Only the color is like titanium but not the material as advertised.


The Weed Warrior 17061 is another USA-made string trimmer line that is getting more attention from users than any other brand.

It’s also a 0.095″ diameter string having a length of 200′.

It features a kind of triangle / three-sided design having rounded edges.

That means the edges are not sharp like other traditional twisted shapes but better than the round shapes.

It’s quite capable of cutting thicker weeds and grass effortlessly.

The tensile strength of this string is about 206 lbs, which is quite an exceptional value when it comes to durability.

Besides tensile strength, the durability of any heavy-duty weed eater string also depends on its ability to perform well against abrasion contact, contact with fences, wires, etc.

This string steals the show regarding those parameters.

A string is nothing if it doesn’t cut well and cut fast. Fortunately, this one gets top marks in this regard too.

Altogether, Weed Warrior 17061 is a tested warrior that you must try if you find an all-rounder string trimmer line.

Yes, it’s not made from titanium. A titanium string would have cost a bit higher than this.

The company should have made this clear to the users. However, it’s made from high-quality plastic that serves the right purpose.

#3. Husqvarna Titanium Force Trimmer String Review

What We Liked
    • It’s quite a durable and high-quality string trimmer line.
    • It cuts faster to save a lot of your time.
    • Quite capable of handling rough conditions.
    • It doesn’t make too much noise.
    • This line offers a satisfactory level of tensile strength.
    • It frees up quickly if it gets tangled.
    • Efficient in cutting grass and weeds fast.
    • Stringing it in the spool is a straightforward task, and it remains in shape.
    • A free line cutter comes with the purchase.

What We Didn't Like
  • Its ability to deal with different obstructions or solid objects could have been better.

Husqvarna is a well-known brand making different tools and accessories that has been doing business for years.

It’s another USA-based company that makes quality weed eater strings, and this Titanium Force is no exception.

This string trimmer line is made from top-quality copolymer material having a diameter of 0.095″.

It features a basic round shape, but the good thing is it has an indent every half inch.

As a result, when it breaks, it breaks at those weak points without destroying the string shape too much.

The tensile strength of this line is 156 lbs, which is neither too good nor too bad.

It’s quite an acceptable value to consider it a durable option against solid object contact.

However, the other lines, like Maxpower, twisted, and Weed Warrior, offer more strength in this case.

With that said, its abrasion durability is worth mentioning.

When it’s about freeing up from a tangled condition in the best trimmer head spool, this line performs efficiently.


When it’s about getting precision from the string, Husqvarna outperforms every other option on my list without any doubt.

The price is quite reasonable considering its overall performance. You won’t regret giving it a try.

#4. Shakespeare Ugly Twist Weed Eater String Review

What We Liked
    • Good enough to tackle solid object obstruction.
    • It cuts the grass and weeds efficiently,
    • It doesn’t break too quickly if it gets hit by wire and fence.
    • This line frees up from tangled conditions quickly.
    • Its abrasion impact resistance is quite acceptable.
    • The price is a bargain.

What We Didn't Like
  • No significant drawbacks.

Shakespeare Ugly Twist performs substantially well in terms of durability, Impact resistance, and cutting the weeds.

It’s also a USA-made best trimmer line with a 0.095″ diameter and a length of 125′.

As it features a twisted shape, it gives a cleaner cut and can handle thick weeds to make anyone’s life easy while trimming weeds.

It has 153 lbs of tensile strength, which I believe is a common value to consider as a fighter against the solid obstruction.

The other attributes, like abrasion resistance, and durability for fences and wires, are moderately well.

This line outperforms any other lines on my list in terms of its ability to free itself when tangled in the spool.


Overall, Shakespeare’s Ugly Twist is suitable to go without any doubt. It lasts and cuts grasses and weeds to serve the purpose pretty well.

I dig the color, too, because of its clarity.

#5. Oregon 22-895 Magnum Gatorline Trimmer Line Review

What We Liked
    • Multiple lengths of lines are available off the shelf.
    • Fits a good range of popular string trimmers.
    • It boasts pretty remarkable tensile strength.
    • It cuts the grass with efficiency and offers a straight cut.
    • Effortless to string in the spool.
    • Quiet.
    • Durable.
    • Inexpensive than others.

What We Didn't Like
  • This string is not too good at freeing up from tangled conditions in the spool.
  • It tends to break quickly against abrasion impact compared to the other options on my list.
  • Not good at cutting thick weeds. Nonetheless, it works quite efficiently for cutting grasses./su_list]

Oregon Magnum Gatorline, weed eater string, is made in the USA, too, like other models I've listed here.

This particular version of the Oregon square trimmer line has a 0.095" diameter and is 685' long. You can buy 50', 114', or 1134' per your requirement.

This square trimmer line features a round shape that is quite effective for cutting grasses and thin weeds.

Usually, the round shape lines cost low; this is not an expectation. It's also easy to string in the spool because of its round shape.

It has about 173 lbs tensile strength, which is quite substantial to prove its ability to tackle solid obstacles.

Its abrasion resistance is good but not too good, like the Maxpower, Weed Warrior, or Husqvarna.

This line's durability for fence or wire is not up to standard.


Oregon 22-985 Magnum Gatorline trimmer line is much better than other cheaper options on the market.

However, it's not as good as the other line I listed above, like Maxpower Twisted, Weed Warrior, or Husqvarna.

If you find a budget option to cut only the grasses, this best trimmer line will serve the purpose well.

With that said, if you are planning to cut thick weeds, you better choose other models.

How to Choose the Weed Eaters String - Buying Guide

weed eater buyers guide

There are certain factors to consider before buying a weed eater string. I'm going to discuss them one by one.

Diameter and Length

weed eater Diameter and Length

It's crucial to watch out for the diameter and the length of the line you are going to buy. Mainly, it's vital to check the diameter.

You will find variations in diameter, and you have to find the right one per your trimmer's model.

Look at what's written in the instruction manual, and buy accordingly.

Generally, the thicker lines are suitable for trimming heavy weeds, and the thinner ones are for cutting grasses only.

In this article, I reviewed the 0.095" diameter for each trimmer line. The performance of other diameters is pretty similar, though.


weed eater string sizes

Shapes play a vital role in cutting. The shape plays a crucial role in the performance of the string. The weed eater strings come in various forms -

  • Round
  • Multi-Sided.
  • Twisted
  • Serrated


The round shape is the most commonly found shape and costs the lowest in most cases.

When it's about finding the best weed eater strings for residential use, most house owners buy the round shape.

The round shape is not ideal for dealing with thick weeds, though. It mainly trims the grass instead of cutting it.

One of the most applauded aspects of the round shape is that these lines are the easiest ones to string and rest into the spool.


A multi-sided shape is one where you will find more than one edge. It can be a triangular shape, square, pentagon, etc.

A multi-sided string can cut the grass and thick weeds fast as they have sharp edges, but they tend to snap quicker than the round-shaped ones.

That means their durability is questionable in most cases. So, if the area you are looking to clean has a lot of obstacles, it better not go for a multi-sided shape.


A twisted-shaped line can cut the thicker weeds as well. More importantly, the shape of this line doesn't tend to make noise or vibrate during the operation.

They cut sharp and fast, and they are substantially durable. Out of all the shapes, I like the twisted shape the most.

Twisted shape lines are comparatively expensive, but the performance justifies the bill.


The professionals like to use a serrated-shaped string more than anything else.

As they have sharp teeth-like edges, they cut fast and efficiently in dealing with medium-thick weeds.

However, serrated strings tend to snag on the weeds at times.

As a result, you might have to spend extra calories on operating the best trimmer. It's not harmful to the trimmer, though.


weed eater string material

The most common material used to make the weed eater string is hardened monofilament nylon.

The price of these materials is not high, but they are good to serve the purpose well.

These days companies are making lines from more robust nylon versions instead of plain nylon.

The other material used to make trimmer lines is titanium.

They are sharper and faster than their nylon counterparts but cost higher.

However, as they can be super fast, it saves fuel consumption. It saves the overall operating cost.


The durability of a weed eater string can be determined by measuring the following parameters -

  • Tensile strength.
  • Abrasion resistance.
  • Durability for wire and fence.

Tensile Strength

Knowing the tensile strength of a trimmer line is essential.

It's because it determines the string's ability to last against solid object contacts like a fence, brush, or similar obstacles.

The more the tensile strength is, the more durable that line is against those contacts.

Abrasion Resistance

It's quite natural that the trimmer line comes in abrasive contact with driveways or sidewalks.

The durable strings can handle these abrasive contacts for substantially long.

Knowing the abrasion resistance of a weed eater string before buying is vital for this reason.

I mention the abrasion resistance performance against each of the lines above.

Durability for Wire and Fence

Trimmer lines tend to break off after hitting the fence.

It's pretty obvious for every model of strings.

However, some perform better than others. You have to choose some weed eater strings that are durable for wire and fence contact.

Cutting Ability

weed eater string cutting ability

The core objective of the line is to cut efficiently and quickly without losing the length too frequently.

Try to know which line performs well before spending money on any weed eater string.

Welding Resistance

Welding refers to the situation when the string gets tangled in the spool.

It happens primarily because of the heat it gets when coming in contact with the objects like a fence.

Generally, the round-shaped line tends to get tangled more than the other shapes.

The ability to get tangled less frequently and free up from that situation fast are some of the vital parameters you need to consider before buying one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

#1. What are the weed eater string sizes?

Answer: The best trimmer diameter can be categorized into three types that determine which diameter is best for what kind of jobs.

0.065" to 0.080" is the ideal range for cutting grass and soft weeds. 0.080" to 0.110" is the best choice for moderate jobs or cutting grass and thick weeds.

More than 0.110" is perfect for large-scale jobs where you must cut grass and heavy weeds for an extended area.

#2. How to string a weed eater with one hole?

Answer: Stringing a weed eater with one hole is straightforward. I've written a separate article here describing the steps one by one.

In short, you have to release the spool first.

Then cut the string as per the required length.

Insert the string into the hole on the spool. Next, roll the string following the direction marked on the spool. Reinstall the spool back to the trimmer head.

#3. What are the best weed eater brands?

Answer: Some heavy-duty weed eater brands include - Husqvarna, DEWALT, Craftsman, Greenworks, BLACK+DECKER, etc.

#4. How To Replace/Install New String Trimmer Line on a Weed Eater?

#5. What is the toughest string trimmer line?

Answer: Our recommended best trimmer line is Oregon 20-020 Magnum Gatorline Supertwist Trimmer Line.

Final Words

I'm sure you know all the factors you need to consider before buying the best weed eater string.

If you find the top-notch weed eater string without worrying about spending a bit extra, go for either Maxpower Twisted or Weed Warrior.

Husqvarna Titanium Force is the best overall option considering both price and performance.

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