5 Best Cordless Nail Gun Reviews in 2024 With Buying Guide

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Last Updated on April 16, 2024 by John Patterson

It’s fantastic when you get an excellent nailer gun that doesn’t come with the rolls of wiring, right?

If that’s what you have in your mind as well, this is the place you should have been even before because this entire roundup article is written around 5 of the best cordless nailers reviews of the market of 2024.

See, it’s no unknown fact that you must watch out for scammy models and fancy brands when investing your money in a battery-powered nail gun.

It’s not a question of money only.

It’s also about the time you spend with these cordless nail guns.

Therefore, ride on, and lets’ go through our best battery-powered nail gun reviews-

Best Cordless Nail Gun Reviews

Quick Picks

NameBrandNail DiameterMagazine CapacityJam Clearing
Metabo HPT NT1850DESMetabo HPT18 GAUGE100Tool Free
Ryobi P320 Airstrike Ryobi 18 GAUGE105Tool Free

Best Cordless Nail Gun Reviews of 2024

#1. PORTER-CABLE PCC790LA 20V Cordless Brad Nail Gun Kit


This is the first one of the lists of 5 heavy-duty cordless nailer reviews.

And as the first pick, let’s welcome PORTER-CABLE PCC790LA 20V Cordless Brad Nail Gun Kit.

We’ve selected this battery-powered nail gun model keeping the users who are not commercial users.

We mean, this model is a perfect pick for home users who would love to have optimal usability in the brad nail.

Let’s have a look-

What We Liked
    • Consistent and constant driving depth.
    • It runs on a 20V Li-ion battery, no compressor needed.
    • Tool-free release lever.
    • Easy to do a jam release feature.
    • It a perfect for all sorts of artistry.
    • Easy to use.

What We Didn't Like
  • The additional battery had to be bought at quite a high price point.

Features and Benefits

Completely Remote, No Compressor Needed:

When we think of a nail gun, the obvious thing that comes to mind is a compressor’s essence. But not anymore with this PORTER-CABLE PCC790LA 20V battery-powered Nail Gun Kit. It’s on a 20V Li-ion battery, one of the biggest on the list.

A Constant and Consistent Driving Depth:

Driving depth is one of the most critical factors of a Brad Nail Gun. And this model here has got a good score there. It will let you countersink the nails with efficiency.

You Can Have an Additional Battery If You Want:

In the middle of work, you might sometimes run out of battery power. And you can’t also afford the time to charge it over again. Keeping that in mind, they have got an additional battery for you.

#2. Best Cordless 18 gauge Brad Nailer Reviews: Ryobi ZRP320 

Ryobi ZRP320

As long as battery-driven battery-powered nail guns are concerned, the most demanded ones are the brad Nail Guns by the users.

On that note, we’ve announced the Ryobi ZRP320 ONE Plus as our 2nd winner model on the list of battery-powered guns.

We’ve checked through its features and specs and what we got is ultra-satisfying.

What We Liked
    • It runs on an 18V Li-ion battery.
    • A brad Nail Gun with heavy-duty work life.
    • Dry-free lockout system for sustainable works.
    • Selectable drive shift for switching between firing modes.
    • Low-level nail indicators to let you never run out of nails.
    • Comes with a few initial brands.
    • Easy to use.

What We Didn't Like
  • The battery would be there for extra charges for it.

Wondering about its features and specs? Here you go-

Features and Benefits

A Brad Nail Gun of Your Dream:

The only type of nails that this works with is brad nails, as it’s a brad Nail Gun only. But that being said, there is a lot that you can get from this brad nail gun. It accepts glue strip collated brad nail sizing from ⅝ inches to 2 inches. Starting from DIY garage workers to professional carpenters will satisfy the user’s needs.

Dry Free Lock-Out Feature:

It’s quite annoying when your brad Nail Gun has gunshots, some misfires, and comes up with damaged nails. This brad nail gun comes with a protective dry lockout feature to protect you from such hassles. With that, the overall workload on the brad nail gun would increase.

Selection Firing Modes:

One of the most beautiful things is when a brand nailer offers selectable choice ranges between different firing modes. There would be bump fires, or there would be single shots, etc. This model of brad Nail Gun gives you that feature with the selectable drive shaft of this model. You can customize the way you would nail with the machine.

Low Nail Indicator:

You don’t want to run out of nails during some essential nailing tasks. To help you out, Ryobi has provided nail-level indicators in this machine. This will let you notice and quickly refill the nail magazines and work on them.

It comes with A Few Starter Brads:

It’s nice when a brad Nail Gun itself comes with a few brad nails, right? That’s what you would get with this Ryobi ZRP320 ONE Plus 18V Cordless Brad Nail Gun here. It would give you some initial brad nails to work with.

Before the next model, check the list of top-quality brad Nail Guns.

#3. Paslode – 905600 Cordless XP Framing Nailer

Paslode 905600 Cordless XP Framing Nailer Reviews

Battery-powered Nail Guns have tons of variations in use, no denial.

But one of the most common applications of this machine is house remodeling.

And in this regard, you need a portable, productive model that can work on different kinds of hardwoods.

At this point of the review, we have the Paslode – 905600 Cordless XP Framing Nailer, which is the best cordless nail gun for house remodeling, renovation, and similar work.

What We Liked
    • It runs on a 7V Li-ion type battery.
    • It can run for 9000 nails at a stretch.
    • Lightweight only weighs 7.2 pounds.
    • I can work on all sorts of hardwood.
    • A perfect nailer for home remodeling.
    • Works at low temperatures even at 14F.
    • Compact and comfortable design.

What We Didn't Like
  • Some of the users might find the price point high.

Features and Benefits

Works on Almost Any Kind of Hardwood:

It’s pretty regular that you have to deal with many softwood and hardwood variations you need to nail on. This nailer from Paslode might be your most significant assistant there.

This nailer can drive nails on LVL and other similar hardwood. So, your remodeling chores will be more comfortable than ever.

Works on Any Seasons:

Why on earth would the question of seasonality appear in the discussion of a nail gun? Well, my friend, you should understand that many power tools get frozen or stuck when the temperature is shallow.

But this one here seems to be exceptional. It can withstand temperatures as low as 14 degrees Fahrenheit.

Weighs only 7.2 Pounds:

As long as we have to deal with a cordless nailer gun, it’s best if you can manage to get a light one. What we mean is you are going to use it with one hand. So, something bulky would affect the accuracy and comfort.

This Paslode – 905600 Cordless XP Framing Nailer weighs only 7.2 pounds, which is excellent to carry around.

Runs on 7V Li-ion Battery:

Now, this is one of the most significant selling points of this nail gun. It’s cordless, and it runs on a 7V Li-ion-type battery. So the question is, is it enough?

We have seen the manufacturers test it for 9000 nails with one full battery charge. It seems more than sufficient.

Want to get more information about Paslode 905600? Please read our latest guide.

#4. Paslode 902600 CF325Li Lithium-Ion Cordless Framing Nailer

Paslode 902600 CF325Li Lithium-Ion Cordless Framing Nailer

Throughout the entire list of best cordless nail guns, you will find us covering different types of nail guns that run on batteries.

At the #4th spot on the list, we would like to call up the excellent choice of cordless framing nailer gun.

And it’s from the inventory of Tiamat. By the way, the full name of this model is Paslode 902600 Cordless Framing Nailer.

nd we will disclose the reasons why it had stood 2nd in this list-

What We Liked
    • Comes with a fuel cell for smooth nailing.
    • Exceptionally lightweight in use.
    • Compact in size, with comfortable grips on the handles.
    • I can nail 6000 nails at a stretch.
    • No air compressor is needed at all.
    • Runs 50% more nails than any other typical nailer.
    • Runs on cold environments as well.

What We Didn't Like
  • Quite complicated to operate for beginner users.

Features and Benefits

Fuel Cells to Drive the Nails:

Have you heard of gunpowders? Yeah, the powdery materials that drive the bullet from the magazine to the gun. And here, there is a fuel cell that does a similar job that gunpowder does in the case of guns.

The fuel cell ensures a smooth and perfect nail transition from the nail holder to the nailer gun. Result? More accurate nailing without any open fire or misfire at all.

Runs until 6000 Nails:

In the case of battery-driven portable battery-powered nail guns, many users worry about the longevity of the batteries. But here, you would assure you about that. The Paslode 902600 Cordless Framing Nailer runs on battery power, and a full charge of that battery would let you inject up to 6000 nails. For a framing nailer, that’s more than sufficient.

Light Weight and Comfortable to Use:

Another good selling point of this nailer is its compactness; the overall device is relatively lightweight. And the trigger and the handle are made to be super comfy. From beginners to professionals, no one would have issues handling it as long as they want.

It’s Compatible with Cold Weather:

Tons of nailer models are acceptable in a warm environment and get jammed in a cold environment. But this model here can work in a cold environment or even 20F.

A Hard Plastic Case or Protection:

No matter the challenging tasks a nailer gun does, it’s a delicate machine. So, if you drop it off your hands or store it in someplace where it’s unsafe, that might cost you a loss of a few hundred bucks.

In that case, a protective case is made of hard plastic, and you get it free with the nailer itself. So, no worries about storing it safely in any place.

#5. DEWALT DC608K 18-Volt 18-Gauge 2-Inch Brad Nail Gun Kit


Dewalt had been one of the most talked-about brands in the game of power tools and accessories.

On that note, they’ve also stepped into the cordless industry of power tools.

One of the recent examples of this is the DEWALT DC608K 18-Volt 18-Gauge 2-Inch Brad Nail Gun Kit, which happens to be our next pick.

This brad Nail Gun runs on 18V Li-ion, and it’s supposed to power the machine up for quite some time.

And in case you’re wondering about the technical specs, let’s explore-

What We Liked
    • It runs on an 18V battery to give longer work time.
    • Works on both softwood and hardwood.
    • Accepts 18 gauge nails.
    • Accepts nail sizes from ⅝ inches to 2 inches.
    • Easy access to nosepiece to remove jammed nails.
    • Quite long-lasting.

What We Didn't Like
  • The nailer itself is quite heavy to hold with one hand.

Features and Benefits

It’s a Tool for Both Soft and Hard Joints:

Nail penetration is something that you have to do on both soft and hardwood. And many models don’t have compatibility with both of these wood types. But the good news is, the engine of this DEWALT DC608K 18-Volt 18-Gauge 2-Inch Brad Nail Gun Kit is designed in a way that it can penetrate the nails through both kinds of wood.

Both Sequential and Bump Mode:

If you go through the buying guide for this article below, you’d see why we have explained it as essential to have both sequential and bumping modes in the nail gun. This nailer here gives us the facility.

A Good Range of Nail-size Acceptability:

It’s good when you get the facility of using a variety of nail sizes in the same Brad Nail Gun. This nailer from Dewalt accepts a nail size variation from ⅝ inches to 2 inches. And the overall length of the nail set is 18 gauges.

Easy Removal of Jammed Nails:

If you’ve worked with cordless nail guns, you might have noticed that jammed nails are quite frustrating. There is easy access to the noise in this model to get rid of the period wasted after the jammed nails. Therefore, removing the jammed nail won’t take just a glimpse of the eye.

Runs on an 18V Battery:

As long as we are talking about cordless nail guns, they all should run on some battery power. And the power of this brad Nail Gun is quite impressive. The DEWALT DC608K 18-Volt 18-Gauge 2-Inch Brad Nail Gun runs on an 18V Li-ion battery, which provides lasting operation.

How to choose the Best Cordless Nailer?

cordless nail guns buying guide

Have you been through the whole review?

Alright, now it’s time to do some fact-checking.

Below, we’ve noted down the essential buying factors that a battery-powered nail gun user needs to know before he makes the final purchase.

Let’s go right in-

The Trigger Options

Every portable nail gun will provide you with a set of triggering options. The most common of them is sequential triggering and the bump fire.

Sequential triggering will ask for triggering the gun each time it injects a nail into the subject. On the other hand, the bump fire is an automated process. On the other hand, sequential triggering will take more time but will offer better control. And the bump fire is the opposite.

Decide which mode you want to use your nail gun with. And check whether your preferred model has it or not.

Angled or Straight?

The next significant concern is whether you want the nail gun straight or angled. Straight nail guns inject the nails in a straight direction. On the other hand, the angled ones drive them into an angle.
Both features are essential and essential for a carpenter. So, ensure that you have a model that offers both styles.

What about safety?

cordless nail guns safety

No matter how many years of carpentry and woodworking experience, you cannot deny the importance of a safe-to-operate nailer. Apart from the regular safety features, we suggest you look for protection on the tip.

We mean to make sure that your model doesn’t release the nail until the tip of the nailer is pressed against the subject you are working on. This will protest the accidental release of the nail, however.

Comfort for Your Hand

You don’t want to buy a nailer that doesn’t give you pleasure in handling it.
Better late than never. Keep a sharp eye on the grip of the handle of the nailing gun that you have in your mind. Also, ensure that your would-be nail gun isn’t cumbersome.

Final Verdict

Alright, that’s the wrap-up for today’s post.

Hopefully, you’ve made your shortlist of the best cordless nail gun reviews on this list.

In case you forgot, don’t ever fall for those shiny ads and offers.

Go for the best value for your hard-earned money.

Good luck!

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