The 5 Best Staple Gun for Wood | Recommended List For 2024

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Last Updated on April 16, 2024 by John Patterson

Best Staple Gun for Wood

I understand how overwhelming it’s to pick the best staple gun when you have a lot of options to choose from.

Getting rid of all those marketing gimmicks is undoubtedly a daunting task.

Don’t be troubled.

Let me do the hard work of separating the wheat from the chaff for you.

In this article, I will do some high-quality pneumatic stapler reviews that you can use to deal with wood without any hassles.

To make this shortlist, I certainly had to consider the following parameters of a gun to give it a place on this list –

  • The ease of use.
  • It’s weight, power, reliability, stability, efficiency, etc.
  • The magazine capacity and the difficulty of refilling the magazine.
  • The ease of clearing the jam.
  • The depth adjustment mechanism.
  • How well they handle can provide a comfortable grip.
  • Its cost-effectiveness.
  • Its usability, etc.

So, without any further delay, let’s dive right in.

Heavy-duty Staple Gun for Wood

Best Staple Gun for Wood – Detailed Reviews

#1. Surebonder 9600B Pneumatic Staple Gun Review 

What We Liked
    • This air-powered staple gun uses easy-to-find staples (T50, Surebonder #4, or Stanley TRA700).
    • It’s a compact and lightweight unit that is easy to store and carry.
    • A powerful and reliable best staple gun for woodworking.
    • It’s virtually a jam-free gun.
    • This staple gun provides an excellent rubbery grip to hold it firmly.
    • Loading and refilling the staple magazine is a breeze with this staple gun.
    • The overall construction is pretty solid, and it seems durable.
    • A perfect staple gun for a beginner or any DIYer.
    • It works like a charm to shoot the staple even into the hardwood.
    • It’s easy to see the number of staples left in the magazine through the convenient window.
    • A perfect replacement for any manual staple gun.
    • It works better than some electric staple guns to drive the staples.
    • It provides versatility.
    • Indeed, it offers excellent value for the money.
    • Top Upholstery Staplers on the market.
    • Safety switch/safety lock feature.

What We Didn't Like
  • A bigger grip would have made it more comfortable for someone with big hands.


Compatible Fasteners – ⅜” Narrow crown 18-gauge wire staples in ¼”, 5/16”, ⅜,” ½,” 17/32”, and 9/16” lengths.

Surebonder 9600B pneumatic staple gun is undoubtedly the top-notch small staple gun for wood on my list. To deal with upholstery, it gives us ample support to reach tight spaces.

The magazine can hold 100 staples at a time, and it’s easy-peasy to refill the magazine because of the easy drop-in loading feature.

Misfiring is a common characteristic of any staple gun. This staple gun does it too. With that said, it seldom happens.

As this is a pneumatic staple gun, you must use an air compressor to power up this unit. The good thing is it requires only around 60 PSI to 100 PSI of pressure. You can use a small pancake air compressor to operate the staple gun.

Overall, this staple gun is one of the best pneumatic small staple guns you can afford at an unbelievably low price compared to the other options.

#2. Hitachi N3804AB3 Staple Gun Review – Best Pneumatic Staple Gun for Wood

What We Liked
    • It features a comfortable rubber grip, and the handle is big enough to hold the staple gun with two hands for better stability.
    • A lightweight, well-balanced best staple gun to carry and use effortlessly.
    • The exhaust port is adjustable by rotating it 360 degrees per position, which allows you to control the air blow.
    • It has a low center height and can easily fit in tight spaces.
    • The tool-free depth adjustment mechanism makes it super easy to adjust the depth.
    • Switching between bump fire mode to sequential mode is not an uphill task. Kudos to the flip actuation switch.
    • The air nipple is angled to let you comfortably set and remove the hose.
    • It’s versatile.
    • It’s quite affordable for what it offers.

What We Didn't Like
  • The ability to penetrate super hardwood is questionable.
  • Expect some occasional jamming. However, extracting the staple by opening the feeder nose within a second is a cakewalk.


Compatible Fastener – 18-gauge narrow crown staples ranging from ½” to 1-½” in length.

Hitachi N3804AB3 is undoubtedly one of the best pneumatic staple guns considering the quality, performance, overall build, and price.

Hitachi is a well-established brand in this industry (Metabo is the new name of Hitachi power tools). I don’t know where you guys have been if you haven’t heard of this company. So, no question about brand value and customer service.

The magazine can hold up to 100 staples at a time, and it’s quite a straightforward process to refill it.

You can buy this best staple gun with an appropriate air compressor and hose at a reasonable price from here. By the way, Metabo is only the new name of Hitachi power tools. The quality of the tools remains the same; only the name has changed.

This staple gun is undoubtedly one of the best pneumatic for wood. It doesn’t break the bank, either.

#3. WEN 61710 Narrow Crown Stapler Review

What We Liked
    • It’s lightweight, compact, and super simple to use.
    • A relatively reliable and consistent best staple gun, I should say.
    • The rubber handle gives a comfortable and non-slippery grip, making it stable during operation.
    • Seeing the number of staples left in the magazine is accessible through the dedicated window.
    • Cleaning and oiling the driver are a cakewalk too.
    • A perfect staple gun for any DIYer.
    • Dealing with the upholstery is relatively easy with this gun because of its size.
    • Cleaning jams is not a daunting task with this staple gun.
    • An adjustable exhaust deflector is there, too, to control the air direction.
    • It costs next to nothing.
    • Though the price is low; it comes with a nice carrying case.

What We Didn't Like
  • The overall build and finish are not too good. But the performance is not bad at all, and you always get what you pay for.


Compatible Fastener – 1/4″ narrow crown staples ranging from 3/8″ to 1″ in length.

WEN 61710 is another good staple gun for wood that you can afford without hurting your pocket. So, if you are on a budget and finding a handy staple gun for wood, you won’t regret buying it.

The magazine can hold 100 staples at a time, which is quite a substantial and standard number of pieces compared to the other pricey staple guns.

Refilling the staples is like a walk in the park.

You don’t have to use any large air compressor to power up this unit as it requires only 60PSI to 100 PSI operating pressure. Any little air compressor, like a pancake compressor, will do the job.

This best staple gun can be a handy addition to the toolbox for any level of user (professionals or DIYers).

#4. Freeman PSS50 Pneumatic Staple Gun for Wood Review

What We Liked
    • It offers both bump firing and sequential firing modes, and switching between them is like a walk in the park.
    • The magazine can hold 140 pieces at a time, which is quite impressive compared to the other options on my list.
    • This gun also features a rubber grip to hold it tight during operation.
    • A relatively robust, reliable, and durable gun for dealing with wood.
    • It’s lightweight and compact.
    • The belt hook comes in handy to hook it to your tool belt.
    • Adjusting the depth is easy by using the turning wheel near the trigger.
    • It works fast.
    • Because of the open magazine, you can see the number of staples left without any trouble whatsoever.
    • You can quickly clear the jam simply by unclipping the front.
    • This best staple gun provides excellent value for the money.

What We Didn't Like
  • The handle could have been a bit bigger to support more for those who have big hands.
  • The price is ok but could have been better.


Compatible Fastener – 16-gauge glue collated medium crown staples (7/16″) ranging from 3/4″ to 2″ in length.

This Freeman PSS50 is another heavy-duty pneumatic staple gun for wood.

It’s also a perfect staple gun for use both occasionally and regularly. Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a professional, you will find it a handy-dandy staple gun for your needs.

Oiling this staple gun is a pretty straightforward task, and oiling it regularly makes it work impeccably for a long.

This article will help you find the best air/pneumatic tools oil.

The operating pressure for this staple gun is 70 PSI -140 PSI. Any air compressor that can provide this pressure will be able to serve the purpose.

You will seldom see misfiring or jamming, which I believe is quite normal for any staple gun. Honestly, no such staple gun doesn’t misfire or jam at all.

In a nutshell, this staple gun can beat those too pricey best staple guns any day. That’s why I vote this one of the best heavy-duty staple guns for the money.

#5. Freeman PFS105 Pneumatic Staple Gun Review – Best Heavy-Duty Staple Gun for Wood

What We Liked
    • This one is a powerful heavy-duty unit. You will feel it when you hold it.
    • It doesn’t weigh too much, but it’s solid and sturdy to handle heavy-duty jobs.
    • Operating this gun is a breeze.
    • The rubber handle offers a comfortable grip to provide a stable working environment.
    • Clearing the possible jam (which happens seldomly) is a quick and easy process with this gun.
    • Like the other Freeman staple gun, this one also offers a belt hook for hooking the unit comfortably with the tool belt.
    • 360-degree adjustable exhaust lets you control the air direction away from your face when you switch your position.
    • This best staple gun features an easy-to-adjust depth mechanism too.

What We Didn't Like
  • The magazine’s capacity is only 40 pieces. However, it’s acceptable, considering the size of the staples.


Compatible Fastener – 10-gauge barbed fencing staples ranging from ⅞” to 1-9/16” in length.

Freeman PFS105, pneumatic staple gun, is made for doing heavy-duty jobs like fencing projects, pet enclosures, etc.

As it shoots 10-gauge barbed fencing staples from ⅞” to 1-9/16”, which makes it a perfect choice for fencing jobs or any heavy-duty woodworking jobs.

The operating pressure required for running this staple gun ranges from 70 PSI – 115 PSI.

Loading the fasteners into the magazine is a simple task to do too.

Although the price is on the higher side than the other staple guns on my list, it’s still worth it. It’s because this one is for heavy-duty jobs, and the overall performance and usability justify the bill without any doubt.

Whether you are a professional or a seasonal DIYer, you will find using this best staple gun valuable and straightforward.

What to Look for in the Best Staple Gun?

Buying a staple gun requires knowing the basics to help you go for the most effective ones. Below, I’m going to discuss some of those key considerations.

Staple Gauges and Sizes

Knowing the staple gauges and sizes is vital to get the perfect gun based on your need.

The staple gauge indicates the staple’s thickness, and the lower the number is, the thicker it is. Typically, most staple guns accept 16,18 and 20 gauge, where 16 is the thickest.

Staple size varies in length and width. The length is referred to as the staple’s leg, and often, the width is called the ‘crown.’ You need to choose the right size based on the application.

Comfort and Ease of Use

Different types of staple guns feature different levels of comfort. In some cases, manual staple guns are more meaningful than electric ones. But when it’s about using a gun with ease, an electric gun or the pneumatic one is way better than a manual one.

Electric Vs. Pneumatic

The electric staple guns run on either battery or a power cord. On the other hand, pneumatic guns require an air compressor to power up the unit.

These staple guns offer the required safety features and are simple to use.

Not to mention, both electric and pneumatic guns fire the staple with a lot of power and are handy for medium to large projects.

Types of Staple Guns

Manual staple guns

As the name suggests, a manual staple gun is something you operate manually. Consequently, you have all the controls to operate it effectively.

Construction-wise a manual staple gun is less complicated and simpler for beginners. You must load the staples and trigger the levers to make it work.

Manual staple guns are easy to transport. These guns usually shoot thick staples and are quite helpful for light to medium house projects (e.g., hanging exterior, crafting).

On the downside, these staple guns tend to jam more frequently than other types, and using them often can be hard on your hands.

Electric staple guns

Unlike manual staple guns, electric ones are ideal for jobs requiring shooting more frequently.

No wonder an electric staple gun gets its power either from a battery (if it’s a cordless gun) or a power cord, resulting in less pressure on your hands.

Regarding the price, the electric ones are more expensive than the manual ones and require some expertise to operate them efficiently. If you are a complete novice, spend some time learning the operation.

However, operating an electric staple gun is not rocket science. You use it for DIY projects like flooring, upholstery, carpet, etc.

Pneumatic staple guns

Air compressors run pneumatic staple guns and are mainly used to fire thick staples into wood, roofing materials, concrete, plastic, etc.

Price-wise, these guns are more expensive than electric ones. However, these are easily portable and efficient for large jobs. Any high-quality pneumatic staple gun features the necessary safety mechanism; hence they are entirely safe.

Flooring staple guns

Flooring staple guns are air-powered units, too, that are pretty useful in dealing with hardwood.

Many people get confused between cleat nailers and floor staple guns.

Remember there are some differences between cleat nailers and floor staple guns, and choosing between these two is entirely someone’s preference.

Some versions of these guns are only spring-loaded, and some require a mallet to be struck on the top of the head.

Tack Hammers

Tack hammers are helpful for roofing, insulation, house wrap, etc.

These are pretty lightweight and easy to use. Loading and reloading the staples are relatively straightforward too.

You must strike the tool on the surface like a hammer to insert the nails. That’s why these are called ‘tack hammers.’

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question #1. Can a staple gun be used on wood?

Answer: Yes, of course. Staple guns work best on wood.

That’s why I’ve produced this article on some of the best staple guns for wood.

These staple guns can penetrate wood types with different softness levels and types, like plywood, pine, etc.

Different types of guns use other fasteners to make them usable for various levels of projects.

Some staple guns are good for light-duty jobs, and some for heavy-duty jobs like fencing, enclosing, etc.

Whatever it is, the best staple guns can be used on wood.

Question #2. Will a staple gun go through plywood?

Answer: Yes, a staple gun goes through the plywood.

Most of the best staple guns that shoot and drive fasteners through MDF also go through the plywood.

Both the MDF and plywood are lightweight boards, and a gun like the Stanley STA0TR250 shoots the required heavy-duty staples and penetrates the plywood surface.

Questions #3. What can I use instead of a staple gun?

Answer: It depends on the application. Sometimes you can use the alternatives to the staple guns; sometimes, you cannot.

That’s why buying the best staple gun is a good idea.

When dealing with wood, you can use different nail guns as an alternative to staple guns based on the applications.

A framing nailer comes in handy for extensive woodwork. At the same time, a finishing nail gun is helpful for lightweight projects.

Some other popular nail guns are – brad nail guns, pin nail guns, palm nail guns, flooring nail guns, roofing nail guns, etc.

Question #4. How do you use a staple gun on wood?

Answer: Using a staple gun on wood is a pretty straightforward task, to be honest.

However, you must remember some necessary steps to operate it flawlessly.

For example, you should not hold it flat. Instead of keeping it balanced, you have to raise the backside while running a staple gun.

Press the trigger, apply pressure towards the nose, and hit the wood surface to drive the fasteners.

Here you can use two modes to drive heavy-duty staples – bump fire mode and sequential fire mode.

The bump fire mode works the way I’ve just mentioned. Hold the trigger, and the gun will drive staple when you touch the nose on the surface.

When you switch to sequential fire mode, you must press and depress the trigger each time to drive a fastener.

All the staple guns feature an easy-to-use flip actuation switch to switch between these two modes.

You will have to refill the magazine when it’s empty. Refilling the magazine is also an easy task. Clearing the jam is also effortless if you pick a high-quality gun.

Question #5. How much is a staple gun?

Answer: The price varies depending on the type of staple gun and the overall performance and quality of the tool.

Manual staple guns cost less than the other types, like pneumatic or electric staple guns.

A high-quality manual gun can be anything between $15 – $50.

A pneumatic staple gun ranges from $20 to $350. The price range of an electric gun is almost similar to the price range of pneumatic staple guns.

Question #6. Where can I buy staples for Staple guns?

Answer: Well, it’s an easy-peasy question to answer. You can buy staples from either your local stores or any online shops like Amazon, Homedepot, eBay, etc.

Check the compatible fastener for the corresponding staple gun, and search for it anywhere you find it convenient to search.

Question #7. What is the best manual staple gun?

Answer: This one is our recommended manual staple gun. Don’t forget to check the customer reviews before buying.

Question #8. Can you use a staple gun on walls?

Answer: Staple guns are excellent for different home improvement projects. Carpeting is one of the common uses of staple guns. For soundproofing, you can use a staple gun not only on the floor but also on walls.

Final Words

Before buying a staple gun, remember and make sure you will buy the perfect one for your projects. Many people are making the mistake of not reading honest and unbiased reviews.

Despite having a few minor hiccups, all the staple guns I’ve reviewed here are some of the best for wood.

They vary in price and capacity to handle different types of fasteners.

I believe it’s not an uphill task anymore for you to choose the best bet according to your applications and needs.

I’m sure you didn’t miss out on the FAQ section to get the answer you might have had before landing in my article.

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