9 Best Finish Nailers for 2024: Buyer’s Guide

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Last Updated on March 15, 2024 by Mamunur Rashid

In this latest Buying Guide, we not only researched the finish nailers but also included other necessary information.

We have discussed the difference between Brad Nailer and Finish Nailer as well.

You will know about Angled vs. Straight Finish Nailers, and their uses with frequently asked questions.

To give you a clear idea we divided our latest top 8 lists into the Budget and Upgrade category. 

You will find the best finish nailer cordless/battery-powered and pneumatic and as well as the top cheap finish nailer on the market in 2024.

We talked about types of gauge to help you understand 15 gauge vs 16 gauge vs 18 gauge vs 23 gauge.

Finish nailers can help you to do tasks like furniture construction, cabinetwork, or even heavy crown molding.

A finish nailer can accommodate higher holding power compared to a brad nailer.

For this reason, finish nailers are suitable for thicker and harder elements.

But the question that arises is which would be the best cordless and pneumatic finish nailer to choose in 2024.

You can find the answer to this question right here. Our guide will also help you by providing a complete guide to finish nailers.

So sit back, and fill yourself up with all the information you need about the top-rated finish nailers on the market.

Best Finish Nailers Reviews

Best Finish Nailers of 2024 (Budget Category)

NameBrandPower SourceNail CapacityOperating Pressure
Metabo NT65MA4Metabo HPTPneumatic 100 nails70-120 PSI
NuMax SFN64NuMax Air Powered 100 nails70 – 110 PSI
Makita AF601Makita Pneumatic 100 nails70-120 PSI
Metabo HPT NT65M2SMetabo HPT Air Powered100 Nails 70-120 PSI
DEWALT D51257KDEWALTAir-powered100 Nails 70-120 PSI
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#1. Metabo Finish Nailer NT65MA4: 15-Gauge Finish Nailer

No products found.

The Metabo NT65MA4 heavy-duty Finish Nailer is our Editor’s Choice in this guide as you are looking for the best for your project. This model is consummate for settling a finishing touch on your workpiece.

What’s more, the legitimate price merged with the unique collection of prominences makes the Metabo 15-gauge finish nailer NT65MA4 is ideal for professionals as well hobbyist. Now, let’s see what more this finishing nail gun can offer you.

  • Driving System: Piston Reciprocating Action
  • Gauge Pressure: 70 – 120 Psi
  • Loading Capacity: 100 nails
  • Air Inlet NPT: ¼ Thread
  • Driving Speed: 3 nails/sec
  • Product Dimensions: 344 x 304 mm
  • Weight: 4.2 lbs.

Features and Benefits
  • Provides an integrated air duster. The duster helps clean the work surface.  With a cleaner work surface, gluing or nailing the tools becomes much more comfortable.
  • A tool-less nose is available with the Metabo NT65MA4. Moreover, the nose is easy to clear. If the nail jam while nailing on a surface, this prominence can help to extract the nail quickly.
  • With the selective actuation switch, either contact or sequential, both types of nailing can be operated by the Metabo NT65MA4 15-gauge finish nailer. This requires no parts or tools to perform the nailings.
  • It contains a drive dial with tool-less depth. This can be adjusted for flush fastening to various materials. So, it improves the controls and provides a professional finish.
  • It comes with an exhaust portal which is adjustable fully 3600. With the help of this portal, air exhaust can be removed directly from the workpiece.
  • With a lower weight, this finishing nail gun increases maneuverability while minimizing user fatigue.

What We Liked
  • Nailer’s body is exceptionally enduring.
  • Exhaust can be rectified to blow away the debris.
  • Tips are well-finished to keep the worksurface free of scars.
  • Air fitting is upward to keep the breach away.
  • Mild in weight to be carried easily.
  • The nose is very facile to clear.
  • Comes with safety goggles for extra protection.
  • Easy to use.

What We Didn't Like
  • Misfiring is likely to occur.
  • Jamming of nails occurs more often.
  • Storage for tip cap is not proper.

In short, from height adjustment to smooth performance, the Metabo NT65MA4 highly recommended finish nailer has it all covered for you. This top-notch nailer with pneumatic power is efficient enough to grasp any problem from the cudgel front to the job location. Keeping the minor flaws aside, we recommend you to settle upon this finishing nail gun for the convenience it has for you.

#2. NuMax SFN64: 16 Gauge Finish Nailer 

No products found.

If you have been searching through a diversity of pneumatic nail guns when initiating furniture trim, window casings, and other figurative elements on all sides of the house, your search has come to an end. The NuMax SFN64 can do all the things above and much more. This is the top-class finish nailer on the market (budget category).

This straight heavy-duty 16-Gauge finish nailer is quite mild and proficient for your artistry or hobby projects. Find out more about this finishing nail gun right here.

  • Operating Pressure: 70 – 110 Psi
  • Construction: Aluminium Body
  • Weight: 4.5 lbs
  • Product Dimensions: 3.2 x 11.5 x 12.5 Inches
  • Power Source: Air Powered

Features and Benefits
  • Contains a rapid jam release option. With this prominence, if the nails get jammed on the workpiece, exterminating it will not bother at all.
  • The depth of the nailer head of the NuMax SFN64 can be fixed to various heights. To redact the nailing on variant heights, this prominence is very helpful.
  • The exhaust of the NuMax SFN64 can be adjusted at a full 360-degree angle. For blowing away the debris or dust this adjustable exhaust can favor a lot.
  • Performs a subsequent fire on the workpiece. With the following firing option, fasteners are conducted one by one rather than all at once. So this helps to place the fasteners in the letter.
  • The whole body and the cylinder are made of aluminum. Along with that, there is a drive blade. These attributes help the NuMax SFN64 to enhance its stability and become tough.

What We Liked
  • Contributes the least inconvenience with adjustable exhaust.
  • Merged with suitable fasteners to last longer.
  • The close-fitting size makes it very convenient.
  • For easy portability, it is a lightweight finishing nail gun.
  • The padded grip provides a posh comfort.
  • Keeps the body clean with the help of the dust cap.
  • Protect your work surface with the no-mar tips.

What We Didn't Like
  • This recommended nailer can feel a little pressure sensitive for you.
  • Fixed together, and you cannot refit it.
  • Tip cap storage is of poor quality.


For providing decorative trim work, every home and workshop will get amenities from the NuMax SFN64. Over and above, household reconstructing and other intents that crave up to 2.5-inch nails can utilize this high-quality nailer. Overall, the lightweight and robust construction helps the NuMax be one of the best pneumatic finish nailers in 2024.

#3. Makita Straight Finish Nailer AF601 

No products found.

As an anchored product of woodworkers, the Makita AF601 best affordable finish nailer gives anyone a special place in the budget list. But you should know why this power tool has gained our trust and attention. Let’s see the authoritative value of our words below.

  • Power Type: Pneumatic
  • Operating Air Pressure: 70 – 120 PSI
  • Minimum Air Delivery: 2.7 SCFM (90 PSI)
  • Nail Size: 1 to 2.5 inches
  • Magazine Capacity: 100 Nails
  • Dimensions: 12 x 3.75 x 11.75 inches
  • Net Weight: 3.8 lbs

Features and Benefits
  • In the nail, an extensive system has been optimized which is known as the lock-system. Dry-fires usually occur in the workpiece, and for this lock system, you can impede dry-fires, and thus efficiency increases.
  • It is possible to overlook the cam-lock easily. Inside the tool, nails can be jammed for dislocating or something else and this feature makes it easy for you to carry away the jam promptly.
  • Contact and sequential mode selectors both are available in the power tool, and you can select as per your aspect. To have control over the nailing operation, it is needed to have the control selection in your hand.
  • Depth can be adjusted in this tool. So, you can stop at precious nailing and countersink nailing entirely.
  • In the handle economic rubber grip has been affixed. You can easily grip the handle during work-time and thus the control over the machine will be enough conducive and also easeful.
  • On the bottom, there is a multi-directional exhaust port. With this prominence, air can easily pass away from you.
  • Here at the behind, the load mechanism system has been introduced. It will stop the problems regarding loading the nails and make time for swallowing.
  • The motor has been mechanized considering efficiency manifestation. Leading power performance will be transcendental.

What We Liked
  • You Can use for hours without jamming.
  • Big windows to a discreet user to reload.
  • Conducts an expedient airflow.
  • Well balanced & comfortable to use Increases efficiency with the errorless motor design.
  • Easy to handle.

What We Didn't Like
  • Nose guard spill out sometimes.
  • Keeping track of the nails is tough.

Do you think that it is possible to get a nailer as good as this 16-Gauge top-rated finish nailer in the present market? Why are we so much confident? The answer has been already given above.

In the market, it is available not only as more convenient but also with more durability and lightweight. So it will be a wise decision for you if you be keen on grabbing this product.

#4. Freeman PFN1564 Angled Finish Nailer

No products found.

Are you looking for the perfect finish nailer that has lightweight with an angled magazine and perfectly comfortable nose extracting? The Freeman PFN1564 heavy-duty 16-Gauge finish nailer is providing this exact prominence together with many other conveniences. For more detail, you should read the below scrawl.

  • Nail Type: 1.25 – 2.5 inches
  • Nail Diameter: 15-gauge
  • Magazine Angle: 34-degree
  • Magazine Capacity: 100 nails
  • The depth of tool Adjustment: Yes
  • Source of power: Air
  • Maximum Fastener Size: 1.25 inch
  • Rafter Hook: Yes

Features and Benefits
  • The nose can be opened quickly and for that, checking the loaded nails is not arduous anymore. Sometimes, nails get jammed into the nose of the tool, and then it is easy to clear that jam.
  • Inside the tool, there is a dual trigger mode for two modes of operations, single and sequential operations. You can change the modes by flipping the selected actuation switch only, not by changing anything else in the tool.
  • The anodized aluminum magazine provides a lightweight and durable body. For a prominence like this, you will be in your ease gyre during the working period.
  • The nose has been manufactured for easy opening. For variant workpieces, you may need diverse noses and it can be easily done with the Freeman PFN1564.
  • Depth adjustment is known to finger depth here. For various material workpieces, power tools need to be adjusted for a flush nexus. It enhances product finishing and adds excellent efficiency.
  • A soft grip is installed on the handle. You can now grab the handle, and assuredly it will give you a better reflex and invulnerable situation.

What We Liked
  • Requires no external battery to run.
  • Accommodates a cushy and comfortable grip.
  • Repels dust by the built material.
  • Nail education is very facile.
  • Requires no oil and so conducts easier maintenance.
  • Easy to handle

What We Didn't Like
  • Air flow is not quite expedient.
  •  Loading the nails is not so facile.

Though you may find it a little difficult to load the nails in the Freeman PFN1564, it conducts some awesome prominences for your benefit. You can consider this one as one of the best-angled finish nailers on the market in 2024. So, choosing this top-quality nailer will not only be our recommendation but also be a smart decision for you.

Top Finish Nailer in Upgrade Category

NameBrandPower SourceNail CapacityOperating Pressure
Senco 4G0001NSenco Air-powered 100 nails70-120 PSI
DEWALT DCN660BDEWALTCordless 110 nails70 – 120 PSI
Makita AF635Makita Pneumatic 100 nails70-120 PSI
DEWALT DCN660D1DEWALTAir Powered110 Nails 70-120 PSI
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#1. Senco Finish Nailer 4G0001N FinishPro 

No products found.

As you are looking for the best, Senco Finishing Nailer 4G0001N is our Editor’s choice in this Finish Nailers Guide (upgrade category). Intense work requires powerful tools, and the Senco 4G0001N is devised solely for that intention. The Senco 4G0001N brings an entirely new set of prominences counting improved stability, better trigger efficiency, and a long-life driver to the table.

Cast by the experts for both immature and professional woodworking admirers, the Senco 4G0001N is designed to put in through the most robust of woods. Recite our recommendation here to apprehend more about this excellent finish nailer.

  • Weight: 4.7 lbs
  • Type of Trigger: Sequential Actuation
  • Operating Pressure: 70 – 120 Psi
  • Air Consumption: 3.87 SCFM
  • Air Inlet NPT: ¼ Inch
  • Capacity: 104 Nails
  • Power Type: Pneumatic
  • Range: 1.25 – 2.5 Inch

Features and Benefits
  • The entire body of the Senco 4G0001N FinishPro is formed with magnesium. This element makes the nailer milder in weight and yet very sturdy. So conducting this nailer feels very comfortable.
  • An adjustable drive depth property comes with this nailer. This depth can be adjusted using a thumbnail. For performing nailing on variant depth, this is immensely helpful. List item
  • Furnishes Neverlube Technology. With such technology, the nailer will not desire any lubrication to run placidly.
  • It contains a feature of the EZ clear latch. For this prominence, nail jamming will never pester again. This feature helps to clear jams swiftly.
  • The exhaust of the Senco 4G0001N FinishPro can be adjusted circularly. For cleaning dust or debris off the surface of the workpiece, this is a feature to rely on as a circular adjustment can cover more surface area.
  • Allows users to put a hook as well. With that, users won’t have to face any troubles to yield the nailer.

What We Liked
  • For convenient handling provides a lighter weight.
  • Jamming won’t bother anymore.
  • Caters a sleek finish to the surface of the work.
  • Bestows safety to the work surface with no-mar tips.
  • Accommodates a comfortable grip with the stretch allowance.
  • The depth drive has a thumbwheel for more natural control.
  • Easy to handle.

What We Didn't Like
  • Sometimes the nailer can misfire.
  • The trigger of the nailer is sensitive.
  • Crack in the air nozzle can occur.

Senco has been creating class-leading merchandise for an extensive time, and the Senco 4G0001N is no exception. It conducts everything you require to get started in addition to a protective ark, so you can begin your work as soon as you get the product. The Senco 4G0001N has everything, from an appealing design to a jolly performance. If you dig up the top-rated finish nailer, the Senco 4G0001N should be at the peak of your list.

#2. DEWALT Finish Nailer DCN660B 

No products found.

Which properties do you most want in your heavy-duty 16-gauge finish nailer? A cordless power source with more battery life or an ergonomic design? The DEWALT Finish Nail Gun DCN660B model accommodates all these features and much more for you to dig up.

Our research shows that this heavy-duty nailer is sturdier than most other cordless finishing nailers. Follow our guide here to see what more this finish nailer offers.

  • Power Source: Cordless
  • Weight: 5.2 lbs
  • Magazine Capacity: 110 Nails
  • Grip: Overmold
  • Fastener Length: 1 ¼ – 2 ½ Inch
  • Product Dimensions: 13.1 x 4.4 x 12.4 Inches
  • Power Source: Battery Powered
  • Head Style: Flat

Features and Benefits
  • Comprises a cobby brushless motor. The small motor ensures a more succinct tool. Also, such a feature of the motor provides a longer lifespan.
  • The motor it apprehends is quite forcibly. It can easily penetrate a nail of  50 mm into solid wood and 63 mm into tender wood.
  • No gas is asserted by the DEWALT DCN660B cordless finish nailer to run. This is an immense advantage because with this prominence the nailer works compatibly from a temperature range of 200 Celsius to 500 Celsius.
  • Runs on a motor with electricity rather than running on gas. Such features make maintaining the tool almost effortless. On top of that, it caters to an easy tool-free jam clearing and stalls salvation.
  • It contains two types of triggering in the nailer. One is a bump trigger for nailing all your nails at once, and the other one is sequential for allowing you to nail one by one.
  • Both 2Ah XR and 5Ah XR batteries are available for the DEWALT DCN660B cordless finish nailer. This gives you flexibility in choosing the battery type.

What We Liked
  • Run on chargeable battery doesn’t require a cord for power.
  • Lighter in weight for carrying and operating efficiently.
  • It provides an angled finishing for the surface to be smooth.
  • It can easily avoid nails from jamming.
  • Sleeker finishing on the tips for avoiding scars on the workpiece.

What We Didn't Like
  • Battery and charger not included.
  • Compatible with only 16 gauge nails.
  • Not very sturdy for heavy-duty operations.

Though the battery is not included with the DEWALT DCN660B cordless finish nailer, you can quickly get one at a meager cost. Other than that, this finish nailer has it all covered for you. Surely if you choose this cordless finish nailer, then you don’t have to worry about a fixed power source for the portability it provides.

#3. Makita Angled Finish Nailer AF635 

No products found.

Full of prominences and perfect design for comfort use has made the value of the Makita AF635 high in the market. And there are other reasons which will help you to reduce undoubtedly to let this excellent finish nailer intromit into your budget list. So, let’s see below the benefits and prominences that you can get from this tool including some minor flaws.

  • Power Type: Pneumatic
  • Air Pressure: 70 – 120 PSI
  • Air Delivery: 3.4 SCFM (90 Psi)
  • Nail Size: 1.25 – 2.5 Inches
  • Nails angle: 34 Degree
  • Magazine Capacity: 100 Nails
  • Dimensions: 5.7 x 15.8 x 15.6 Inches
  • Net Weight: 4 lbs

Features and Benefits
  • There is an assembly to adjust the depth of the driving tool. This can be flexible to reciprocate the tool precisely, and that will lead you to smooth and felicitous nailing.
  • The body is timbered of magnesium and the magazine is timbered with aluminum. These metals can assure a long and useful life for your product that increases durability as promised.
  • An air duster is adjusted at the lead-off. Worksites, inside the tool, can be easily refined as air duster provides expedient air.
  • Windows are quite large, and a nail lockout system is provided to the tool. A probable chance of dry firing is canceled by nailing the lock system, and you can quickly get a warning regarding the reloading of the nail.
  • The motor has been manufactured sincerely and aright. The motor provides such efficiency that the performance of the top-rated nailer becomes promising.
  • A narrow and specified nose has been built into the machine. Comfortable and perfect nailing can be possible accurately as the sight can be an applicant in a straight line.
  • The upper body comprises a rubber bumper. It enables you to preserve the tool as well as the surface.

What We Liked
  • Conducts premium durability.
  • Can lock the nail for safety.List item
  • It supplies prominent and efficient power to the nails.
  • Two modes are available to select.
  • It provides a greater hold with the anti-slipping grip.
  • Light in weight for easy carrying.
  • Quite facile when it comes to reloading.

What We Didn't Like
  • Before starting to use, you need to lubricate it.
  • Oil drops may occur after lubrication.

As you have learned about this finish nailer, it should be apparent to you that there hasn’t been any fling in teeth. Furthermore, all these benefits through the features are quite engaging.

Finishing touch, durability, quick control, and impressive reflex ascertain uttermost for this nailer. Therefore, we are not convincing you but saying confidently that you should have this product without any doubt.

#4. DEWALT DCN660D1 Cordless Angled Finish Nailer Kit

No products found.

What can be a more important function for a quality finish nailer than having less power-consuming but repeatedly firing? And if you get this as cordless including a tool-less depth adjuster, it will be one of the best products in the market.

Are you tired of using a cord? Is it just being a burden for you during work time? So, here DEWALT has come with its cordless finishing nailer the DEWALT DCN660D1. Into the bargain, it is not less than a cord nailer. Why am I saying this? Just peruse below swiftly and get at the answer.

  • Nail Diameter: 16 gauge
  • Fastener type: 20 degree
  • Battery: 20V
  • Length Capacity: 1.25 -2.5 inches
  • Magazine Capacity: 110 Nails
  • No-Mar Pad: 2
  •  Belt hook: Adjustable
  •  Weight: 6 lbs.

Features and Benefits
  • This finish nailer is fully aroused by a battery, and for power dynamism, no more source is needed. You don’t need to worry more about using a gas or compressor and moreover a hose.
  • Its particular weight is not much than 6 lbs. But exactly. As it is a lightweight tool, so the felicitous engagement in flushing becomes easy for you.
  • The DEWALT DCN660D1 is a cordless nailer. You can perform the best on your workpiece as cordless won’t only less the hassle but also improve your confidence more.
  • A trigger system for choosing either contact or sequential incite modes is available. You don’t need to put yourself in any hassle alternating the incite modes.
  • There are multi-functional led lights with this tool. You can figure out the device while using it as well as to illuminate the workspace.
  • The magazine is provided consistently. If you need to do multiple operations in a tight space, this inline magazine will let your job get-at-able.
  • A Brushless motor is applied here. Such a motor can help you to get maximized operation time, and durability enhances also.
  • Depth adjustment is tool-free and easy for the DEWALT DCN660D1. You can get precious and countersinking nails because of this depth adjustment.
  • One of the unique features is that the jam releaser doesn’t crave any other power tools. So, you can easily extract the jammed nails from the nose which is time-consuming also.

What We Liked
  • Comparatively lighter in weight.
  • The battery lasts longer than any regular finish nailer.
  • Compatible with a heavy-duty workpiece.
  • No use of oil is necessary.
  • Operating is almost effortless.
  • Durable and tough body.
  • Holds loading space for the large number of nails.

What We Didn't Like
  • Multiple batteries may require.
  • The battery needed to charge it more often.
  • You can attach only the straight nose.

In this manner, though the problems regarding the tool are only dealing with the battery, I think you don’t need to get so much hyped as you are getting some right prominences without the cord. And along with this, you are getting all the properties just like a usual nailer comprises. So, we suggest you not slip the chance of taking a smart decision by poaching this product.

Finish Nailer Buying Guide

Magazine Type

The magazine type of a finishing nailer is essential when you are about to purchase a heavy-duty finish nailer. You can have an online magazine that is suitable for rapid firing. You can also have an angled magazine for sequential firing. But you have to pick the one according to your working requirements.

Power Type

Pneumatic, electric and gas power types are available for finish nailers though most of them come in electric power types. It’s up to you to choose your preferred one. If you have easier access to electrical power then go for the electric type otherwise you can do vice versa.

Nail Fire Mode

Choose the firing mode that you need the most in your finish nailer. You can have the following or rapid-fire types for guns.

Depth Adjustment

Before you pick the finish nailer, be sure to check the depth adjustment. Because too much depth by a nail can damage your workpiece. You don’t want that to happen, do you?

Jam Clearing

For nails, it is evident that jamming will occur. But with the right nailer jamming can be brought to control. So while you dig up your nailer, make sure your nailer has the jam clearing properties available.

Types of Gauge

The kinds of gauges mainly refer to the size of the nail. There are various sizes of nails available for different kinds of finish nailers. Here are the dimensions.

15 Gauge

A 15 gauge nail is the thickest one for a nailer. It is best for solid surfaces like door trim.

16 Gauge

Slightly thinner than the previous one, anybody can use this one easily for fixing windows of their home.

18 Gauge

An 18 gauge nail is lighter than most of the nails you can find. It goes best with a brad nailer and is capable of penetrating through thinner and softer materials or workpieces.

23 Gauge

It is the thinnest size for a nail. It’s very soft and sensitive and can easily bend if it gets high pressure. So it is used for gentle furnishing only. If you are looking for a 23 gauge nailer, we hope our 23 Gauge Pin Nailer Guide will help you to find the best for your projects.

Brands Popularity

The brands of a nailer surely have a massive impact on the customers. You may be fond of a particular brand but don’t get stuck with the one you find attractive. Try to pick the one that has a lot to offer you.

Price, Warranty & Repair

While you pick a heavy-duty finish nailer, check if the amount that goes best with your budget. Along with that, make sure to check if you get the proper warranty or not. Moreover, it is smart to choose a nailer that you can repair whenever you need it. So keep an eye out for this feature as well.


The better the grip, the faster you can get your job done. So evidently, check the grip of the nailer you choose. Otherwise, you may end up selecting a nailer with a reduced grip and regret it later.

Types of Finish Nailers


For hammering the nails, this type of nailer generally depends on compressed air. A compressor with gas power is used to supply this gas. There is a piston inside the nailer. This piston can inhale air from the compressor and then exhale the wind to push the nails from the nailer.

Such type of finish nailers is capable of pushing larger nails. But handling these finish nailers is a bit difficult compared to the others.


Both corded and cordless electric power supply is used here to run these finish nailers. These finish nailers rely on the flowing electricity that passes through a solenoid inside the nailer. This electricity causes the firing pin to drive.

There is no complication of gas or gas compressors. But a frequent charge of the battery is what may annoy you a bit.


In the combustion-powered finish nailers, there is an internal reservoir that is filled with gases that are flammable (Usually in the state of a cartridge). An electronic mechanism controls the gas flow.

With this flow, the gas goes into the chamber for combustion. The spark ignition is needed here, so there is a small source of electricity included in these finish nailers.

Angled vs Straight Finish Nailers

You can quickly identify the differences between an angled finish nailer and a straight finish nailer.

As an angled finishing nailer has a bendy tip, it is capable of nailing corner areas. On the other hand, a straight finish nailer is capable of penetrating open surfaces only and not the corner areas.

But for shooting a thinner nail, a straight finish nailer is better as angled once may cause the thin nails to get bendy. Moreover, they are cheaper compared to angled finish nailers.

Angled finish nailers are not so bulky, and they are easier to handle. But straight finish nailers are bulkier than angled once. So operating with a straight one is more difficult than angled finish nailers.

Difference Between a Brad Nailer and a Finish Nailer? 

Brad Nailer vs Finish Nailer


There is not much of a difference between these two finishing nailers when it comes to the features.

The main functional difference between a brad nailer and a finishing nailer is that a brad nailer generally consists of a sequential mode. Whereas a finish nailer does not always provide this mode.

But a finish nailer may sometimes provide this mode as well. A sequential model is for nailing one by one, and this is more suitable for a brad nailer than a finish nailer.

For the power source, a brad nailer generally has a pneumatic power source. But for a finish nailer, the electric power source is more compatible.

Another functional difference you will see in these two is the process of attachment of the hose. These are the technical differences between brad and a finish nailer.

Nail Size

The main difference between a brad nailer and a finish nailer is found in the nail size of these two nailers.

There are several nail sizes available, for example, 15 gauge, 16 gauge, or 18 gauge. The lower the gauge, the thicker a nail is.

And thicker nails will have bigger nail heads so they can leave bigger holes on your workpiece. But, thicker nails are capable of penetrating through hard materials.

In the case of nails, a brad nailer works with 18 gauge meaning that it requires thinner nails. On the other hand, finish nailers work with 15 or 16 gauge nails.

As the finish nailers are compatible with thicker nails, they are suitable for a hard and tough workpiece.


There is a little spot-able difference between the pricing of a brad nailer and a finish nailer.

Generally, as the quality finish nailers have to provide more power, they cost a little more than the same level of a brad nailer. But you can also find brad nailers which are more costly than the finish nailers. It usually depends on the brand.

What is a Finish Nailer Used for?

A finish nail gun works with 15 or 15 gauge nails. These nails are thicker in size for finishing nailers. As a finish nailer uses thicker nails, by now, you must have guessed what uses you can get with this nailer.

Well, by working with thicker nails, a finishing nail gun can penetrate through harder and stronger objects. Also for a thicker workpiece, these finish nailers are the right tool to choose.

But a thicker nail can create obvious holes in your workpiece. So while working with this nailer, you have to be aware of the fact that you are allowing your workpiece to have holes.

If you don’t know how to use a top finish nailer, I hope this step-by-step guide is for you.

What Size Finishing Nails for Door Trim?

What size nails for door trim?


Finishing nails usually have 15 or 16 gauge sizes. And these sizes are used in different objects or workpieces. These objects include door trims as well.

You can use a finish nailer to penetrate nails on the door trims. But you may have the question, What Size Finishing Nails for Door Trim?

Well, generally a door trim can be thick in size and also contain hard material. For this reason, you should use a 15 gauge nail for the door trims.

As a 15 gauge nail is thicker, it can easily penetrate through the hard surface of the door trim. For this reason, a 15 gauge finishing nail is the preferred size for door trim.

Can a Finish Nailer Be Used for Framing?

Although a heavy-duty finish nailer is capable of penetrating through some hard objects, framing requires an even more powerful tool. So there are nailers for framing separately and finish nailers cannot do their tasks. However, if you want you can use a finish nailer to do small jobs of a framing nailer but not always. As it may cause the nailer to get damaged.

Do All Finish Nailers Need a Compressor?

Do all nailers need a compressor?

Only the pneumatic finish nailers require compressors. Because the compressed gas of the compressor runs them. But electric or gas finish nailers don’t need any compressors. One of them runs on a battery, and the other one runs with a combustion chamber.

What is a finish nailer?

A finish nailer is also referred to as a finishing nailer. It’s quite evident from the name it’s a kind of nailer that you would want to use at the last stage of the project to finish things up.

As you won’t use a finish nailer throughout the project, it also indicates that this type of nailer is used only for precision works.

Typically a finish nailer drives 15-gauge or 16-gauge or 18-gauge nails and has the ability to penetrate the harder wood to drive the nail deep into it.

Some of the most common uses of a finishing nailer include – crown molding, base molding, assembling kitchen cabinets, hard and softwood flooring, staircases, chair rails, etc.

In terms of providing strength or holding power, it is not as strong as a framing nailer but stronger than a brad nailer.

What air pressure is for the finish nailer?

When it’s about deciding on the air pressure, remember, it’s applicable only for the pneumatic finish nailers.

If you are going to use an electric or gas finish nailer, then an air compressor is not required to power up the nail gun, hence nothing to do with air pressure.

A finishing nail gun usually drives 15 or 16 or 18-gauge nails where 15-gauge is the thickest one, and 18-gauge is the thinnest one among these three measurements.

The typical air pressure required for driving these nails ranges between 70 PSI to 120 PSI. You might need to make some adjustments based on the particular project.

How to Clean a Paslode finish nailer?

While it’s not required to clean or do the maintenance of your Paslode finish nailer every day, at the same time, keep in mind, you should do it at least once in six months or for every 50,000 nails. Good for you. You can perform the cleaning in a quick time.

Keep in mind; it’s vital to read the safety instructions written inside the operation manual.

Remove battery, fuel, and nails before you start cleaning. Unscrew and remove the cap assembly from the tool using the Allen wrench.

Then remove the spark plug wire and wiring harness from the connector board, and remove the cylinder head from the tool.

Remove the filter from the cap, and clean it using the Paslode cleaner, wipe dry it, and put it back to the cap assembly.

Clean the cylinder head assembly using the Paslode cleaner by spraying the cleaner on the head. Wipe dry it, and use the Paslode tool oil to lubricate the seal rings.

Now, push the piston down to clean the motor assembly by spraying the tool cleaner into the sleeve, and chamber. Drain out the liquid and wipe dry it.

Next, drop some Paslode oil into the chamber and sleeve.

Reassemble the unit. You are done.

How to load a Bostitch Finish Nailer?

You can load the Bostitch finish nailers following a few easy steps.

Slide the latch to open and lock it at the bottom (you will hear a click sound once you slide it back to the bottom and lock it).

Insert the nails between the silver bars. Notice the arrow on the slide and insert the nails following that direction.

Then press the release button (where the latch is currently locked). Then the latch will snap back to its original place. You are done.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Question: Is this usable for groove paneling and blind nailing tongue?

Answer: Yes. It is usable for both purposes.

#2. Question: Should I prefer brushless or not?

Answer: A brushless nailer is always more suitable and preferable for most users.

#3. Question: Can a finish nailer be used for shoe molding?

Answer: A finish nailer can be used for shoe molding.

#4. Question: Is it possible to use 18 gauge nails in finish nailers?

Answer: No. Unfortunately only 15 gauge and 16 gauge nails are compatible with these nails.

#5. Question: Cordless or corded nailer, which one is better?

Answer: Both have their benefits and demerits like, the battery-powered one is suitable for portability but requires charging. On the other hand, the corded one is not portable but can run as long as you can.

Final Verdict

Finish nailers are one of the handfuls of nailers to work with. I am sure by now you don’t have any doubt about that. Any question about the leading finish nailer is answered right here in this finish nailer’s guides.

Now, you don’t have to search otherwise to find out about your desired finish nailers. You can find compare all of your required finish nailers right here. I hope our article will help you and wish you all the best.

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