3 Best Metabo 23 Gauge Pin Nailer Reviews of 2024

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Last Updated on April 16, 2024 by John Patterson

Deciding on a brand is sometimes a difficult task for woodworkers.


It’s because you will see several brands are claiming to be the best in the industry.

Are they all correct?

Not really.

Yes, most of the brands manufacture quality products, but definitely not all products are a perfect option for your needs.

While choosing a 23-gauge pin nailer, it’s quite natural to become overwhelming.

However, you must not be sitting on the fence but go for one quality product for your likings.

With that said, it’s not a wise decision to buy each of the products first and then test it yourself.

In this review and guide, I am going to solve the puzzle for you.

Here, I will review three 23-gauge pin nailers manufactured by Metabo.

My review will help you to decide on this brand, for sure.

Of course, I will mention both the benefits and hiccups of each of the products.

So, without any further delay, let’s begin.

Metabo 23 Gauge Pin Nailer Reviews

Metabo 23 Gauge Pin Nailer Reviews of 2024

#1. Metabo NP35A Review

What We Liked
    • This one is a super easy-to-use nailer.
    • It’s inexpensive but performs quite well.
    • A safety double trigger pin is in-placed to reduce the chance of accidental nail driving.
    • A small air compressor is enough to run this nailer.
    • It’s not noisy at all.
    • It leaves a tiny little hole that you won’t be able to recognize without seeing it closely.
    • The grip is rubberized and ergonomic-shaped. It makes it comfortable to hold the unit and use it with ease.
    • The magazine capacity is remarkably big enough. It holds 100 headless pin nails at a time.
    • It features a reload indicator to minimize dry firing.
    • A depth adjustment system is there to adjust the depth effortlessly.
    • It comes with some useful accessories.

What We Didn't Like
  • I was expecting a bit easier depth adjustment system.
  • You might need time to get used to the double trigger mechanism.

If you still don’t know, Metabo HPT NP35A was previously known as Hitachi HPT NP35A.
The magazine automatically adjusts to the following nail sizes

  • ⅝”,
  • ¾”,
  • 1”,
  • 1 3/16”,
  • and 1 ⅜” pin length.

The capacity of the magazine (100 headless pin nails at a time) lets you reload less frequently. As a result, you will get the job quickly.

The package includes a quality carrying case, two no-mar tips, safety glasses, hex bar wrench, ¼” NPT male plug.

Did I say that this nailer features a removable nose plate that helps to clear the jam with ease?

As a whole, this model from Metabo is a versatile, lightweight, compact, and efficient best pin nailer for my likings.

The price is pretty fair, considering the quality and performance of the unit.

#2. Metabo HPT NP18DSAL Cordless Pin Nailer Review

What We Liked
    • It’s cordless. So, you don’t need anything but a battery to run this pin nailer. You don’t have to buy the battery separately as it comes with the package.
    • This best pin nailer doesn’t weigh too much, hence easily portable.
    • The ergonomic handle fits well in hand.
    • It features a dry fire lockout. The dry fire lockout doesn’t allow to fire when only a few nails are left in the magazine.
    • It features a handy depth adjustment system.
    • Besides the narrow tip, it also consists of a wider tip to work with softer wood.
    • This cordless pin nailer features a more powerful battery with better run time but at a lesser price than its competitors.
    • A well-functioning battery level indicator is in-placed to check the power level conveniently with accuracy.
    • An LED light is integrated with the system to help to work smoothly in the low light area.
    • It has an onboard Allen key storage.
    • Some useful accessories, including safety glasses, come with the unit.

What We Didn't Like
  • The rubber grip of the handle might give you a sticky feel to it.
  • Slightly on the higher side regarding the price compared to its competitors. But the overall performance stands behind the price.

You can use a 23-gauge nail that is having a length of either one of these –

  • 5/8″
  • 3/4″
  • 1″
  • 1-3/16″
  • 1-3/8″

I must admire the run time of the battery. It’s a 3.0 Ah lithium-ion battery that costs less than a similar cordless pin nailer battery from other brands.

Metabo claims that you can drive about 3000 nails per charge, which I believe is quite an impressive number.

The built-in counterweight feature helps to reduce recoil, and the no-push nose prevents denting the surface.

Overall, this best pin nailer is powerful, easy to use, offers the necessary features to drive nails safely and accurately, and’s durable.

It could have been better regarding the price. However, it’s still quite worthy.

Pro tip: Don’t use cheap nails with this nailer.

#3. Metabo HPT NP50A Pin Nailer Review

What We Liked
    • It’s one of the most budget-friendly high-quality pin nailers out there.
    • A built-in silencer is integrated with the unit that makes it even less noisy than the other models I reviewed above.
    • A dry fire lockout system is installed in the nailer like the other two models from Metabo. It restricts this unit to operate if the magazine is running out of nails (when it reaches the last six pins).
    • A 360-degree adjustable belt hook comes on board to adjust the nailer in any direction.
    • The safety dual trigger feature has been implemented for this model too for sequential actuation. This lets us place the pin accurately.
    • You can adjust the depth of the drive using the built-in depth adjustment system (necessary tools to do this are included in the kit).
    • This pin nailer features a comfortable grip to hold it and use it with ease.
    • It also comes with some handy accessories.

What We Didn't Like
  • Had it been a bit slimmer, it would have been a lot easier to use in the tight space.

You might not have heard of this model as it’s the newest model among the other models on my list. Metabo released this model in 2018.

This nailer supports nails from ½” to 2”, meaning it is providing us with the broadest range of sizes among these three models.

Like the previous two models, this model also includes a quality case, no-mar tips, safety glasses, lubricant oil.

All in all, this new member of Metabo pin nailers is quite capable of meeting your expectations, I should say. It depends on your needs, though.

The price is relatively low too.

Why did I recommend Metabo 23 Gauge Pin Nailers?

Pin nailers are a staple in any construction site.

But they can be heavy and cumbersome to carry around.

Not anymore!

We have introduced the Metabo HPT pin nailers, which come with a 360° Belt Hook for easy carrying and storage.

These pin nailers also have Sequential Actuation with Dual Triggers so you don’t have to worry about jamming your thumb while trying to fire off that last nail.

And these pin nailers have Adjustable Depth of Drive for those tricky projects where you need just a little more power than usual.

Plus, you will get tool storage so you won’t lose any time looking for your tools again!

The Metabo HPT is perfect for all your needs – from framing houses to hanging pictures on the wall or putting up curtains in your living room.

We know how important this tool is in making sure everything goes smoothly at home, which is why we’re recommending these products and want everyone who uses it to feel confident knowing they’re using the best there is out there today!

So go ahead and click “buy now” because we promise that once you get one of these bad boys into your hands, you’ll never want anything else ever again!

The power of these tools is unmatched by any other on the market today. These products will make you feel like a professional contractor every time you use it!

With dual triggers, sequential actuation, and depth of drive adjustment, these devices will be perfect for anyone who needs to do some serious work around their home or business.

The lightweight design also makes them easy to carry around without feeling weighed down by heavy equipment in your hands all day long.

Final Words

In this Metabo 23 gauge pin nailer review guide, I spare no effort to find out the upsides and downsides of the three Metabo 23-gauge pin nailers.

Before I let you go, I must tell you that indeed, this brand stands behind its warranty pretty well.

Altogether, I must say, Metabo is a trusted brand that has been satisfying its customers with its quality products.

These pin nailers are no exception. You can go for any of these without any doubt whatsoever.

Now it’s your turn.

Get in touch if you have anything to share with my readers.

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