Where are Gearwrench Tools Made? The Most Updated Answer

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Last Updated on April 16, 2024 by John Patterson

Every month around 200 people search this question. Yes, they all type in, ‘where is Gearwrench made’. Well, we could give you the answer in one word.  But we thought of getting deeper into the search.

Like what do people want to know while they search this line? We talked to some experts and professional tool users to be sure. And after all that, we concluded that people want to know if the tool would be good.

To be more specific, in this question, people want to know about the quality of the Gearwrench tools. And here, we will try to cover that exact info.

Where are Gearwrench Tools Made

So the questions are, is Gearwrench made in the USA, or is Gearwrench made in China?

Gearwrench History

Before we begin, let’s look at the Gearwrench history for a bit.

In 1919, two inventors founded a tool company named KD Tools. In 1965, the company founded its factory in Taiwan. The site is now known as Apex Tool Taiwan. In 1995 the GearWrench brand was founded in Taiwan. And the first of the Gearwrench rachets were manufactured in the factory in Taiwan.

In 2002, the brand celebrated its 100 millionth sale of wrenches. And from that moment on Gearwrench has been surpassing its limit now and then. But unlike other brands, this brand has taken some societal responsibility. For example, since 2009, Gearwrench has launched a technical education program.

Where are Gearwrench Tools Made?

Well, these tools are made in the factories of the Apex tool group. And the Apex tool group has been making its products in Taiwan. However, in recent times, some of the tools may be made in China.

One might think that Chinese and Taiwanese products cannot be unique. But Apex tool group has tight control over its manufacturing process. There’s no scope for ruining the quality of the products.

Moreover, Apex factories are in China and Taiwan for a reason. The labor is cheap there. Although most of the manufacturing process is automated nowadays, it’s easier there. Besides this, there are some economic benefits of establishing the factory there.

Long story short, the tolls are made in either China or Taiwan. But this country of origin doesn’t affect the quality of these tools. Instead, because of this, the brand can make innovations in these good-quality tools.

Who Sells Gearwrench? 

Many people ask, who sells Gearwrench tools? Well, there are several sellers. Actually, on the official Gearwrench website, you can see a list of 8 online places to get your tool. Besides that, there’s a dedicated page on Amazon where you can see the tools.

Apex tools group makes the tools and supplies those to these retailers. And general, people can get the tools from these retailers at different price ranges.

However, we have listed the Gearwrench tool sellers to make things easier for you. Let’s take a look-

Best Place to Buy Gearwrench Tools

  1. Amazon.com
  2. The Home Depot
  3. Grainger
  4. MSC
  5. International Tool
  6. Production Tool Supply
  7. Tool Up
  8. Zoro.com
  9. NH Brag

Other than these entities, you can try out the local super shops and hardware shops.

However, we believe that Amazon is the best option here. All you have to do is order the item. You won’t even have to get out of your home. And if you order a large enough package, you get free delivery. Additionally, you can sometimes get some offers via coupons and kinds of stuff.

But if you’re okay with buying secondhand products, you have the option too. There are various sites and forums where you can buy your desired tool at a meager price. However, the quality won’t be satisfying at that point.

Who Makes Gearwrench Tools? Gearwrench Manufacturer

Who Makes Gearwrench Tools

As we’ve said earlier, the Apex tools group makes tools. However, the answer would vary depending on the inner meaning of the question.

The answer becomes complex if you want to know people of which nationality makes tools. We have already said that the Apex group factory is in China and Taiwan. This means the people of these countries must be making the tools.

But in reality, it’s different. Because the tools are now made in an automated system. So, the involvement of Chinese and Taiwanese people is pretty low. On the other hand, people from many countries are involved in managerial tasks.

And the people involved in the research and development department of Gearwrench come from many places. And the research work may be done in the USA facility of Gearwrench.

We’re explaining all this because these people make the tools together. So, if you want to know the name of the manufacturer firm of tools, then it’s Apex tools group. But if you want to know more profoundly, it’s a few lines back.

Gearwrench Tools Any Good?

Gearwrench Tools Any Good

Now, we’ve come to the central part. Are these tools excellent? If these are good, then how much good? Well, to answer that, we have to go deeper.

Gearwrench is always up for stepping up their game. They have described their tool innovations as game-changers on their website. And we believe these are the game-changers.

First, GearWrench held the original patent for a 5-degree ratcheting wrench. They filed the patent in 1996; based on this; they laddered up to the limelight.

They redesigned the handle of the traditional wrench. The new and improved design allowed users to have more grip than ever. And their 120XP trademark rachet is the only rachet that gives 120 positions for each full rotation.

And the best part is their hand tools come with a lifetime warranty. So, yeah, tools are good.

Final Verdict

We know this was a rather unusual answer to a simple question like, where is Gearwrench made? But we believe this was necessary. Because now you have all the information you need about the tools of Gearwrench. And based on that, you can judge whether or not the country of origin matters.

Good luck.

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