What to Look for in a Pro-Roofing Nailer

No matter which kind of roofing nailer you pick you would give yourself to an implement which releases you of frequently thrashing persistent roofing nails with a not so new mallet. Nearly all roofing nailers let their users regulate the power systems. So you needn’t concern that you would harm your fresh grits or construction stuff via pushing the nails in too compulsorily. We are here going to talk about all you need to know about a pro roofing nail guns.

Top 5 Pro-Roofing Nailers Comparison Chart

PhotoModelPower sourceMagazine CapacityOperating PSIBuy now
Bostitch RN46-1Air-powered (Pneumatic)120 nails70-120 (PSI)Check Price
 Editor's choice
Hitachi NV45AB2Air-powered (Pneumatic)120 nails70-120 (PSI)Check Price
Senco Roof Pro 455XPAir-powered (Pneumatic)120 nails70-120 (PSI)Check Price
WEN 61782Air-powered (Pneumatic)120 nails70-120 (PSI)Check Price
DEWALT DWFP12658Air-powered120 nails70-120 (PSI)Check Price


Air-filled, Electronic, Or Rechargeable?

Though a significant number of expert roofing workers would never use anything but a pneumatic roofing nail gun. Having to heed a loud air compressor all day long while pulling throughout an air hose is something that you might not like to do. Pneumatic roof nail guns do have the benefit of being attuned to push nails. They are hard to use in nearby lodgings like the zones near smokestacks or under attics. Using an electrical roofing nailer is much silent than using the air-filled one.

But will yet need a much-extended allowance string which could straightforwardly cause somebody to trip. While an electric roofing nailer will typically have its adaptable complexity reader and a director to take care the nails are pushed straight, it will weigh further than a pneumatic nailer since it has its power supply. In conclusion, the rechargeable surface roofing nailer will go with the power and presentation of an electrical one; then its practicality will be imperfect by the length of time it stays charged on. You could buy additional batteries to hold your rechargeable roofing nailer power-driven on significant works.

Roofing Gun Installation Problems

You would have to hunt long and firm to find a roofing business which still customs hand mallets to fit their roofing nails. The roofer of nowadays is almost particular to use a pneumatic roofing nailer powered involved to an air hose and motorized by an air compressor to push the roofing spikes into your roofing substantial. The rapidity of this technique will save you significantly in employment costs. But there’s a compromise, since using a pneumatic roof nailer can denote that the roofing pins are not all pushed with the similar amount of strength.

The difficulty with this is that you may wind up with broken shingles and a holey roof, which doesn’t happen when roofing nails are beaten in by hand, with the complete courtesy of the roofer. Roofing pins wrongly held are an open offer to future reparation work. If you can grasp any roofing pins working slack with a roof review, you must directly tug them out and swap them. You must also crisscross to regulate if the roofing nails are swelling.


Things To Look for in A Pro Roofing Nailer

The weighting is the toughest fragment. Speak to Professionals, and they would tell you that heaviness is the essential deliberation when picking a slating nailer. Safeguarding gravels and siding is an all-day or numerous day work. If the device is weighty, the practice is cruel. It’s not only the apparatus mass, but the user also wants to hold up and grip solid materials in place for pinning, which enhances the tiredness of the job. Coil roofing nail guns have an excellent fastener ability than other nailer kinds, but that’s a dual-edged blade.

Work doesn’t need to break to load again firmly as frequently as with a twig or inclosing nailer, but that denotes the nailer would be weightier, precisely at the start of the coil. So, the nailer itself requires being as weightless as conceivable. As far as the nailer is tolerably light and pushes nails with little (if any) gridlocks, then the other aspects are minor. However those characters can make the task stress-free or a shortage of them firmer, so let’s have a peek.

Furthermore being weightless on the whole, a nailer must be well-equalized from the head through hand grip. Having an apparatus in hand all day needs a comfortable grip. There are various reasonable over-mold grips, but we are confident fans of Ridgid’s Hex Clasp. This trait puts a stop to the nailer from firing when it doesn’t have a pin to push. Lots of makers take in this feature since it dodges unnecessary wear and callbacks if, for some reason, the user didn’t realize he wasn’t driving nails.

More to look for in a Roofing Gun

All nailers have a solo action mode where one nail is pushed for every trigger tug, but probably also take a bump fire method that lets a pin to be driven every time the nailer’s nose is blue as far as the trigger stays dragged. Bump fire could make an effort much quicker, but a minor hazard lurks in the amplified rapidity. If the nail gun starts and then fires, it’s conceivable to shoot a pin through the air as an alternative of into stable. Roofing nail guns put up a variety of pin lengths, and the pin bag/journal would move effortlessly up and down.

A roofer would push 100 of pins per day with a roofing nail gun. The dull strength of the trigger drag can tote up to weariness and agony over time. This is particularly accurate in solo action nailing fashion. It’s essential that the trigger drag strength is light. For bump shoot, you’re grasping the trigger downhill so an elevated spring pressure will also function in opposition to you.

The nail gun must rarely jam when it is accurately preserved. When it does, the gridlock release handle must open effortlessly to move away from the congestion and get back to the job. Tool-free possibilities are absolutely the system to go. Various nail guns have a regulating deplete vent that rebounds the torrent of air that goes with a drive. Or else, the tedious burst might turn out to be infuriating to the user. The lion’s share of roofing nail guns are pneumatic, but one or two have lithium-ion batteries with gas containers for freestyle/hoseless action. The trade-off for a battery operated process is often a weightier nail gun and a little bit more costly.


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▬ Top 5 Pro-Roofing Nailers ▬ 

So now that you get what to consider for in a Pro-roofing nailer, take a look at our top reviews on popular pick for you,


  1. DEWALT DWFP12658 Roofing Nail Gun:DEWALT DWFP12658 Roofing Nail Gun

This Dewalt roofing nail gun is a decent example how an outstanding roofing nail gun with exceptional specs can also have a good bill. The shape superiority in this unit is lovely, and it should merely resist the daily tasks of heavy-duty roof pinning. The shooting apparatus is correspondingly relaxed to alter, and the unit can complete both collision and consecutive with the shove of a button. Very manageable on the work where you want both correctness and swiftness at changing degrees.

Highlighted Features:

  • The knobs are caked with a dense elastomer that makes it very contented to grasp. Also, management is improved cheers to molded designs.
  • Refilling it is quite calm appreciations to the side-loaded container that merely opens with the tug of a latch.
  • It is also impartially huge for added firmness and presentation.
  • On the whole, we like the simplicity of use, functioning, and cost of this unit.
  • It has a very worthy price to implementation ratio and this roofing nail gun from Dewalt bids decent value for cash for both pros and newbies the same.
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  1. Senco Roof Pro 455XP Roofing Nailer:Senco Roof Pro 455XP Roofing Nail Gun

The Senco nail gun has remained one of our preferred roofing nail guns for a long time. It does not have extremely remarkable structures but what demarks this roofing nail gun from others is its unlimited effortlessness of use.

Highlighted Features:

  • It grips very well with the clasps and has prodigious ergonomics.
  • It’s down-to-earth and could be used for long hours devoid of hand weakness.
  • It is wispy enough to be contentedly worked by single hand. Greatest, you do not require to have giant hands to activate this model.

Ladies are more than appreciated to try it. As functioning a roofing nail gun, it is vital that wreckage, consume air, and oil does not tumble on you or your nailing part. The trigger itself is laidback to press with an exceptional long travel distance. If you are a specialist and need a responsible roofing nail gun to labor within a long time, this Senco roofing nail gun is the right apparatus for the task. With the proper regulation, it can even be used for thoughtful work like mounting overhangs.

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  1. Hitachi NV45AB2 Coil Roofing Nailer:Hitachi NV45AB2 Coil Roofing Nail Gun

This Hitachi roofing nail gun is a widely held model used by lots of specialists who work in several structure work fields. Frequently because of its flexibility and comfort of use. It is a side-loaded nail gun that makes refills very laidback. But it doesn’t break there. The depth of drive control could be attuned with a scrolling handle situated right behind the trigger. An accessible feature mainly if many folks use the similar roofing nailer for nailing dissimilar materials.

Highlighted Features:

  • It is very precise and could be used for accuracy tasks like even nailing or nailing extensions. This is where you see the significance of a depth of drive trait.
  • The knobs are covered with a soft, chewy material that makes it very relaxed to grasp and effort with.
  • The magazine volume is quite upright and could hold one twenty hundred pins in a wire compared coil. This must inhibit repeated reload.
  • The carbide nose sending sits flat to the land and provides a stable and formidable nailing each time the nose touches a shallow.

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  1. Bostitch RN46-1 Coil Roofing Nail Gun Reviews:Bostitch RN46-1 Coil Roofing Nail Gun

The Bostitch RN46-1 is a hard-wearing roofing nail gun with accurate and handy descriptions. This makes proper for all styles of air compressors, and you do not have to preserve the mightiest entity to use this one spot-on out of the box. You can certainly change the shooting form from bump to chronological with the drive of a switch. In sequential approach, it should arrange for an equitably decent exactness for even varnish work. The carbide enclosure nose is very long-lasting and should last a lengthy time.

Highlighted Features:

  • In the calculation, it has a variable deepness control that permits you to speedily adjust to the material depth and compactness on the fly.
  • When you need to install stones, the one step spike loading appliance allows you to refill quicker because it is a specific piece.
  • In the main, side-loaded loops are more user-welcoming and relaxed to use. We’re happy this one has it. To conclude, the trigger apparatus is outstanding.
  • It needs little strength to press and has a long lightweight. It is also not clogged.

Bostitch RN46-1 Coil Roofing Nail Gun

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5. WEN 61782 Roofing Nail Gun:WEN 61782 Roofing Nail Gun

This roofing nail gun has a further ordinary built production as it is an entrance-level roofing nail gun. In spite of this, it still bids reasonably modest features that make it worth the courtesy.  Miraculously, this one drives round-head pins which makes it compare openly with the Hitachi model. Indeed which is one of the excellent expert roofing nail guns that pushes 7/8” pins. But it certainly pales in contrast with the Hitachi brand. They are entirely not in the similar group. The build edifice is a substantial matter in this model.

A roofing nail gun wants to be firmly built with class resources. Else, it would not survive the commanding heaviness applied at the nose. As probable, this one fails nearly entirely in being a roofing nail gun.

Highlighted Features:

  • It is delicate, and in spite of the magnesium housing, it feels something like a toy than a control apparatus.
  • It puts up one and twenty hundred nails, but the filling of coil pack is not all-in-one and relaxed as other models in this roofing nailer list. Typically because of the wrong structure.

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Final Words on Roofing Nail Gun

When you’re spending for a roofing nail gun, you want to dredge up that the type you pick will have to bear long periods in a burning sun and be capable of living in a fall from the roof to the soil without breaking. It’s a useful belief that any roofing nail gun in repeated use will sooner or later take a drop.


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