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Bostitch rn46-1 Reviews

You might be a roofer by profession or by hobby.

But there is no denying that your first demand as a roofer is the best roofing nailer.

Now, that being said, many of the roofers go through a series of purchases to find the right one.

But that’s not a smart way at all. If you can rely on the brand value of Bostitch, they might give you a solution for good.

Yeah, we are talking about Bostitch rn46-1, the coil roofing nailer that everyone is talking about.

To give you a hands-on Bostitch rn46-1 coil roofing nailer review, we have broken down its details into bite-sized chunks.

Sounds interesting enough? Let’s start rolling-

BOSTITCH rn46-1 Reviews in 2024

As you can get it already from the title, Bostitch rn46-1 is a roofing nailer. While dealing with different size variations of nails while roofing, this is the tool that can be your best friend.

At first impression (from an outside perspective), it comes within an excellent yellow-black chassis, and rubber made a handle to grip. But deep inside, there are several factors that we are interested in exploring.

Let’s dive in the Bostitch rn46-1 coil roofing nailer review-

What We Liked
    • Acceptable nail size range is ¾ inches to 1-¾ inches.
    • Lockout mechanism to prevent no nail firing.
    • An operating pressure range of 70-120 psi.
    • Wear guard comes with the body and the magazine.
    • The depth control is adjustable for better precision.
    • The body is made of aircraft aluminum.
    • Pretty much lightweight to carry with one hand.
    • The patented design of the side load canister.
    • One step nail loading within the quickest period.

What We Didn't Like
  • Requires frequent lubricating for preventing gun failure.
  • Quite over the bar price point, according to some roofer.

Features and Benefits

Aircraft Aluminum Made Highly Durable Structure

Carpenters and handymen don’t call any nailer good enough until it comes with a promise of durability. On that note, this Bostitch rn46-1 will get a perfect 10.

Why? Well, the primary metal used to form this nailer is aircraft-grade aluminum. On top of that, there is a carbine-made insert along with the nosepiece, which gives its life even a longer span.

Finally, a durable nailer needs to prevent wearing and friction. In this regard, it has got to wear guards and skid pads.

An Impressive Nailing Power

One of the biggest reasons why we have selected to Bostitch rn46-1 coil roofing nailer review this nailer is the impressive nailing power output that it comes with. For any of its close competitors, it’s tough to achieve.

Let’s come to the point. So how much nailing power it can exert on the subject? Well, the straightforward answer is- it’s 410 in. /lbs of force at a pressure of 100 psi. For pretty much every kind of household and professional nailing, repairing, siding, and DIY works, this will be sufficient.

A Quick Loading Magazine with Wide Compatibility

Comparing to many competitors of Bostitch rn46-1 coil roofing nailer, it has a quicker magazine loading time. To ensure a fast nail loading, there is a single action side load canister. And the design of this canister is patented by Bostitch itself.

This high-capacity magazine can also hold up to 120 coil nails.

Talking about the nails that this magazine can load, you will get some pretty satisfactory answers. It accepts nails that have a shank diameter of 0.120 and a length range from ¾ inches to 1-¾ inches.

Contact Trip Firing for Firing 100 nails in A Minute

Of course, you care about how many nails a nailer can fire, right? If you do, then this Bostitch rn46-1 will bring on a sweet smile to your face.

The rn46-1 coil roofing nailer can fire up to 100 nails in a minute. The number might go a little low, based on the pressure you’re firing at, and the nail size.

The secret behind such a reasonable firing rate is the Contact trip firing technology. This technique uses a bouncing motion of the workpiece and brings on faster-firing output. This will be truly impactful when you have to nail on a large workpiece at a stretch.

A Weight of Fewer than 6 Pounds

In modern welding, very few of the users have to stick to industrial, stationary-type nailers. Unless you are a heavyweight industrial welder, you want your nailing unit to be compact and lightweight.

The overall weight of the Bostitch rn46-1 is just less than 6 pounds, which is pretty much carriable with even one hand.

Zero Nail Lockout Feature to Terminate Blank Firing

When the magazine runs out of nails, it will blank fire- it’s simple. And from a broad point of view, blank during seems pretty harmless.

But you should know that too much of blank during damages the firing mechanism of the nailer. And to prevent blank firing when the nailer runs out of nails, there is a zero nail lockout feature.

As the name suggests, it will stop the nailer from firing when there will be no nailer inside the magazine.

Maximum Comfort in Use with the Over-molded Grip

When you’re working with your nailer in a wet summer or dumpy rainy season, it’s evident that the nailer might get slipped away from your palm. And once it’s done, it can bring on some utter damage.

To bring you a solution to this issue along with comfort in use, there is a molded grip onto the handle of the nailer. It lets you grip the nailer tight even when your palms are wet.

A Wide Variety of Application

Yeah, we know that none of the nailers are there for a fixed type of application. But trust us when we say- not every nailer is perfect for every nailing works.

This Bostitch rn46-1 coil roofing nailer, however, is a true blessing. It covers up almost all sorts of regular nailing works like exterior drywall nailing, vinyl siding nailing, vapor barrier installation, composition roofing fiber cement siding, and more.

Bostitch RN46-1 Parts

A roofing nailer is a complicated tool- no debate on that. And if you’re a person who likes to know his tools in detail, then this section is for you.

Have a glimpse at different parts that Bostitch rn46-1 sport-

  • Assembly, Wear Plate
  • Cap, Machining
  • 0-ring
  • Bumper, Head Valve
  • Upper Body, Head Valve
  • Spring, Head Valve
  • Lower Body Head Valve
  • Seal-sleeve
  • Ring Sleeve
  • Assembly, Piston/driver
  • Screw, Trigger Pivot
  • Frame
  • Compression Spring
  • Spring, Contact Arm
  • Trigger Assembly
  • Spiral Pin
  • Cap, End
  • Retaining Ring Inch
  • Spring, Torsion Door Latch
  • Pin, Door Latch
  • Spring, Check Pawl
  • Assembly, Cover/canister
  • Special Washer
  • Canister
  • Wear Pad, Canister
  • Guard, Canister
  • Latch
  • Nut
  • Nose

Final Verdict

So, that’s the wrap-up of Bostitch rn46-1 coil roofing nailer review, guys. Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed reading the whole review.

In case you are a professional roofer, you might keep this good-quality roofing nailer on your purchase shortlist.

Let us know if we’ve missed any point!

Make sure you are buying the best nail gun after reading this coil roofing nailer review.

Happy Shopping.

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