Porter Cable Framing Nailer Review in 2024

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Last Updated on April 16, 2024 by John Patterson

Porter-Cable is a company that has been in the tool production business for over 100 years.

They have a wide variety of tools, but they are most well-known for their framing nailers.

These guns can be used to drive nails into hardwood and other materials with high precision.

When it comes to framing nailers, there are a lot of options on the market.

But if you’re looking for an option that’s lightweight, easy to use, and will get the job done right every time, then you’ve found it with Porter Cable Framing Nailers.

Porter-Cable is a company that specializes in manufacturing power tools.

They have been around since 1906 when they first started selling hand-held power tools, and today their framing nailers are considered to be some of the best on the market.

Porter-Cable Framing Nailer Review of 2024

Porter Cable Framing Nailer Review

#1. PORTER-CABLE FR350B Review

  • Type: Pneumatic (Air-Powered)
  • Pressure: 70-120 PSI
  • Magazine Capacity: 60 nails
  • Angle 22-degree
  • Collation: Plastic
  • Weight: 7.3 lbs
  • Nail Type: Round Head
  • Collation: Plastic
  • Nail size: 2 – 3.5 inches

What We Liked
  • The nailer is a compact, but powerful tool and ease of use option.
  • It gives particular attention to the users’ need for comfort and convenience.
  • It is a relatively reasonable price for the quality of output you are expected to get.
  • Lightweight: The FR350B is a lightweight framing nailer that you can use for different projects around the house. It has an easy-to-use design and it’s very comfortable in your hand.
  • COMPRESSOR POWERED – This nail gun uses a compressor so you don’t have to worry about batteries or fuel, just plug it in and get to work. You’ll be able to drive nails into any wood surface with ease.
  • LUBRICATION – This tool has a lubrication system that keeps the internal components from wearing out over time, so you’ll be able to get many years of use out of this product. It also helps keep jams at bay while you’re working on your project.
  • THE GRIP – The grip on this tool is designed for comfort and control, which means less fatigue when you’re using it all day long. You won’t have any problems holding onto it even if your hands are wet or sweaty either thanks to its rubberized texture.
  • The FR350B is the most powerful framing nailer in its class, driving up to 3-1/2″ nails.
  • The FR350B has a patented exhaust system that directs air away from you and other work area personnel, reducing exposure to airborne particles by 90%.

What We Didn't Like
  • Recoiling can be difficult for beginners but don’t worry! It won’t take long until you’re a pro with your nailer in hand!
  • It works only with plastic collated nails.

Special Features

Special Features and Benefits
  • A framing nail gun is a pneumatic tool, meaning, it has an air-powered compressor functioning.
  • It is a full-round user-friendly framing nailer that is compatible with plastic collated nail connectors, ranging from 2 inches to 3.5 inches in length.
  • It has a 22-degree angle on its magazine which means it can shoot nails at 22 degrees.
  • It has a selectable actuation that lets the users choose the type of trigger they want on working surfaces.
  • It is a very lightweight tool weighing in at just 7.3 lbs but has enough power to drive nails 3.5 inches by 0.031 inches into engineered lumber.
  • It also has a tool-less feature that lets you choose the depth of the nails to be shot.
  • It is a compact tool with a body that measures (25 x 5 x 15) inches in dimensions, making it ideal for storage or carrying. Now, those are some excellent features to start a review with!

The FR350B is the latest addition to the Porter-Cable family of professional-grade framing nailers. This powerful yet lightweight framing nailer features an ergonomic design and superior balance for increased comfort and control while nailing.

Lightweight (7.3 lbs) and ergonomic design are easy to handle and use all day long.

Depth adjustment allows for precision placement of nails.

Lubrication provides longer tool life and prevents jams.

Powered by a compressor capable of running other tools in your shop.

Power mode delivers up to 1,350-inch-pounds of driving force while the trigger mode offers precise control when you need it most.

The FR350B is the ultimate in framing nailers. Its lightweight, ergonomic design is easy to maneuver and comfortable to use.

The tool-free depth adjustment allows for a quick and precise depth setting.

The tool-free jam release lever quickly clears jams without having to remove the magazine, while its powerful motor drives nails 3-1/2-inch x .131-inches long with a full round head for maximum holding power.

Its unique lubrication system ensures smooth operation even after extended periods of use, so you can get the job done right without interruption.


My reviews and buying guide does not have much to say about its power because it is not one of those tools that need a manual to be able to convey its power it the consumers. This tool is very straightforward with its power capabilities.

Despite its compact body and lightweight, it is powerful enough to shoot nails 3.5 inches by 0.031 inches in finished lumber.

It can cover a vast array of work with its original build, starting from repairs, to flooring, to framing and even several woodwork constructions.

Know this, learn to use this tool correctly, and you could very quickly become your son’s hero and everyone’s first call to consultation in case of a household repair or construction.

I bet we all enjoy the idea of being a household hero in the neighborhood in our minds. But in all honesty, this tool is powerful enough to win the hearts of professionals as well. Best of both!

Convenience and Comfort

My review will be evident in the fact that I, personally, am very impressed with its comfort features. Its low weight is one reason why using this for hours, or the entire day will be a breeze for its users.

The last thing you need is to feel fatigued in your arms with a nail gun on it. Its size makes it easy for storage and carrying. Its low nail lockout lets you know when you need to reload the magazine.

What won my vote on this one is that it comes with a rafter! This allows you to hang this tool by both sides onto a hook or any similar hanger while you take a break, or just need to be away from the tool for a while.

It has settings that let users choose between sequential shots and contact/bump shots. And to make it less hassle-free, it requires no batteries for its use.

This best framing gun comes with an over-molded grip on its handle for the ultimate user comfort while providing a secure grip.

This tool is a result of thoughtful ergonomics, making it a favorite among all types of users!

#2. Porter-Cable FC350B Review

  • Fastener Type: Paper Tape
  • Magazine Capacity: 84 Nails
  • Operating Pressure: 70-120 PSI
  • Length: 21.65 Inches
  • Height: 14.76 Inches
  • Product Dimensions: 20.5 x 5.8 x 18.4 inches

What We Liked
  • Selectable Trigger Option: The Porter Cable’s trigger switch allows you to choose between sequential and contact actuation. This gives you the ability to use either method of firing nails with ease.
  • Lightweight: At just 7.3 pounds, this framing nailer is lightweight enough for all-day use without causing fatigue or discomfort.
  • Reversible rafter hook: The reversible rafter hook on this tool makes it easy to hang up the nailer when not in use.

What We Didn't Like
  • It doesn’t have a carrying case.

About Porter-Cable 

Smart consumers know how important it is to have a little idea about the company and brand they wish to purchase a product from, especially when it comes to heavy-duty household products like tools.

Well,  my review will cover this for you.

Porter-Cable was founded in 1906 in Syracuse, New York By founders R.E. Porter, G.G. Porter, and F.E. Porter.

Its parent company is Stanley Black and Decker. It produces a wide range of power tools and pneumatic tools for the construction industry and market.

Its quality products cater to the needs of all types of users, from a professional to an absolute beginner, making it a trendy name within the industry and consumer market.

This is undoubtedly a very trusted brand and a common choice for many.

Here is our Porter Cable FR350BR Framing Nailer Review.

How to use a Porter Cable framing nailer and air compressor?

Final Verdict

I hope you loved my review as it is a great tool to have in your collection.

It does have a few flaws, yes, but those can easily be overlooked with the quality of these tools’ work.

It is ideal for beginners and enthusiasts alike, while also being trusted by professionals. The Porter-Cable best framing gun is highly recommended!

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