How Does An Impact Wrench Work: The 4 Easy Steps Explained

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Last Updated on May 8, 2021 by John Patterson

If you have an interest in mechanic works, then definitely you are familiar with the tool ‘impact wrench‘. An impact wrench is something that you can use in a tire shop that you can regularly use for changing the wheels of the cars. People also know it as an air impact wrench, torque wrench, rattle gun, torque gun, etc.

Using an impact wrench is simple, but you should know how to use it properly. Under extreme air pressure, this tool works, and you will hear a hissing sound when working with it. With efficiency, you can do easily large jobs using it.

But first, you have to know how does an impact wrench works. Here I am discussing all its using process. So for understanding in detail, stay here with me.

How Does an Impact Wrench Work: Step-by-step Guide

How Does an Impact Wrench Work

Here is the step by step guide on the working process of impact wrench:

Step 1: Assembly

First, you have to know how it looks like. It is more like an old drill machine. The body of the impact wrench is silver, and air torque pressure depends on how much the user wants the amount, and he can control it by releasing the trigger switch.

There is a long rubber hose attached to it, and it is connected to the air pressure unit. Pressure releasing depends on the hand pressure of the user to the trigger. One should attach the hose to the pressure unit first, then to the wrench. Thus you can remove the wrench anytime from the hose.

Step 2: Testing

The working efficiency of the impact wrench depends on the right level of pressure that exerts from the wrench. 90 to 100 PSI (pounds per square inch) is the ideal pressure for the wrench.

Making sure that the hosepipe is straight is necessary and also check there is no twist in the pipe. Because if there is any twist or kink in the pipe that can stick the air into the pipe as a water pipe. So checking this thing before using the wrench is essential.

In which direction the impact wrench works depends on the trigger and can be set by lightly touching it. The socket direction of the wrench can be reversed; the clockwise direction is for tightening, and the anti-clockwise direction is for loosening.

Step 3: Speed

An impact wrench has a dial or switch which you use to control the speed. You need to choose the right speed for a specific work. After setting the speed, attach the socket to the bit and make sure that the socket is of the right size.

Then put the socket bit onto the nut and press the trigger. The impact wrench will give the best performance if you keep loosening the wheel nut nicely.

Step 4: Safety tips

  • Excessive torque can damage threads so avoid applying it. Quality wrenches have the design to keep the intended load.
  • A proper size wrench is best for the appropriate job and avoids extension handles.
  • The impact wrench works out when you pull it but not pushing.
  • Brace your stance because when working there may be a sudden release of fasteners.
  • Tilting an impact wrench with an angle will not give a good result. Make sure it is seated on the nut completely.
  • Never use it as a conventional wrench.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question#1. Can an impact driver be used as an impact wrench?

Answer: There is a difference between an impact wrench and an impact driver. An impact wrench is more massive and powerful than impact drivers. The use of an impact wrench is for loosening and tightening sockets. On the other hand, impact drivers are used for driving the screw.

Question#2. Why do I need an impact wrench?

Answer: For high-torque situations and loosening and tightening nuts, you are going to need an impact wrench. So for these tasks, you are going to need an impact wrench.

Question#3. What is an impact wrench driver?

Answer: An impact wrench driver is less potent than an impact wrench. The use of it is driving a screw.

Question#4. How much torque is required to remove lug nuts?

Answer: You will require ten lb-ft torque for removing lug nuts.

Question#5. Can you use an impact wrench as a drill?

Answer: The use of an impact wrench is loosening or tightening lug nuts. But it can’t work like a drill.

Question#6. What kind of compressor do I need for an impact wrench?

Answer: You are going to need 6.25 to 7.5 cfm @ 90 psi if your impact wrench is ½” and requires five cfm @ 90 psi. And for other wrenches consider this value and select the right one.

Question#7. Who makes the best cordless impact wrench?

Answer: For the best cordless impact wrench, you should look for companies that are well-known and give a warranty for their product. And also whose review of the product is good enough.

Question#8. Can you use a torque wrench to loosen lug nuts?

Answer: Yes, you can use a torque wrench to loosen lug nuts of car wheels or tires.

Question#9. What is the impact wrenches used for?

Answer: The job of the impact wrench is to loosen or tighten the wheel of cars or tires. You can use it when high torque is needed.

Question#10. What do torque wrenches do?

Answer: A torque wrench is a form of a socket wrench with a unique mechanism. The use of it is applying torque to a fastener.

Question #11. Can you use an impact wrench as a drill?

Answer: Impact wrench is an excellent power tool specially made for extensive projects. If you have full control you can use an impact wrench as a drill.

Question #12. How much air pressure needed for an impact wrench?

Answer: 4 to 5 CFM @90 PSI.

Final Words

If you have a garage or cars, then having an impact wrench is very obvious because frequently you are going to need this tool for your car wheel or tire. So knowing how does an impact wrench works is also an obvious thing for you.

Here is discussed the working process of the impact wrench briefly. As well as you have come to know some other relevant facts about impact wrench. So as you going through the article, I can say you can successfully apply your knowledge when using the impact wrench.

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