Best Torque Wrench Brands in 2021: Made in the USA and Other

best torque wrench brands


Are you looking for the best torque wrench brands? Are you confused with which torque wrench brand is the best in the market now? Are you looking for American made torque wrenches? Then read this article right now to find the quality torque wrench brands that you can trust.

A lousy quality torque wrench that does not work correctly or which gives under or over-torquing is not desirable to you. So, before buying a good torque wrench, you should consider its accuracy, scale visibility, materials, secondary signals, torque range, square drive sizes, build quality, and most importantly its features and benefits.

So if you want to use a torque wrench for your motorbike, car, or any other vehicle, you must use the most accurate torque wrench of a good brand. You need not struggle to find the best-rated torque wrench brand by searching through different websites. Just read this guide and get the best brand that meets your demand.

Top 10 Best Torque Wrench Brands in 2021

In the following description, we discussed the top ten torque wrench brands and the features with the benefits of their products. Hopefully, it will help you to find the exact torque wrench you are looking for.

#1. Craftsman torque wrench

craftsman torque wrench

In this modern world, Craftsman is one of the most well-known brands for tools. So if you want to get a torque wrench from a trusted brand, then this brand would be your first preference. There are different types of torque wrenches depending on your budget. We will discuss some popular models of craftsmen.

Craftsman 1/2 Digi-Click digital torque wrench is a fantastic tool, and you can trust it when you need to do the job accurately. It features 1/2 inches drive in 0.5 ft-lbs increments, and the grip delivers hours of comfortable use.

Craftsman 3/8 drive Digi-Click digital torque wrench is mainly designed to reduce the stress or pressure on the wrist. It offers an LED blacklight for night work. Isn’t it amazing? Grab this fantastic model and enjoy the benefits of it.

Another fantastic model of the craftsman is the MicroTork Torque wrench. It is available with either a 1/2 or 3/8 inch drive. The most exciting feature of this model is that you need not worry about the dead batteries like other torque wrenches. Just take it out and use it all the time.

Craftsman 9-32999 0-75 ft lbs 3/8" Drive Beam Deflection Torque Wrench
  • 0-75in.lbs
  • Separate English and metric scales
  • Graduated indictor tip helps eliminate parallax error

#2. Tekton torque wrench

Tekton torque wrench

For tightening bolts, nuts, and fasteners, a perfect and reliable torque wrench is a necessity. Tekton brand can assure you the ideal accuracy without any damage to your parts and machines. It is less expensive than craftsman torque wrenches.

You can tighten your fasteners or nuts with the calibration of +/- 4% in the clockwise direction and +/- 6% in the anti-clockwise direction. It prevents your machine parts from extensive damage due to over or under torque.

If you want to measure the torque, set the value on the handle scale, and start the process of tightening the nuts. When the desired amount reached, the handle produces a click sound and indicates you to stop the force. You can read the scale easily even in low light. It is made with a corrosion-resistant chrome-plated finish.

So, if you are satisfied with the features and benefits of this model then purchase a torque wrench from this brand. We can ensure you that you will be happy using the torque wrench of this brand.

TEKTON 1/2 Inch Drive Click Torque Wrench (25-250 ft.-lb.) | 24340
12,300 Reviews
TEKTON 1/2 Inch Drive Click Torque Wrench (25-250 ft.-lb.) | 24340
  • Includes: 1-pc. 1/2 in. drive torque wrench; Storage case; Product manual with torque conversion chart
  • Wrench emits a click that can be heard and felt when the preset value is reached
  • High-contrast dual-range scale is easy to read, even in low light
  • Reversible ratchet head drives in both directions and measures torque in clockwise direction
  • Durable all-steel construction has no plastic parts to break or wear out

#3. Kobalt torque wrench

Kobalt torque wrench

You cannot go wrong when you are working with Kobalt torque wrenches. It is one of the top recommended torque wrenches brands in the world of tools. Though it is a little bit expensive than other brands, the quality is very much evident.

Kobalt 5-100ft/lb digital torque-angle wrench is quite popular as it provides torque and angle accuracy to +/- 3%. For indicating the torque level, it offers you two auditory and visual signals. With a green light, it suggests that the desired torque value has been reached 90% and with red light, it indicates 100%.

Moreover, it provides you with an LCD where you can read the units of measure and torque value easily. You can change the units of measurement and the operation mode according to your wish. Interesting, right? With this model, you can do your work accurately without any worry.

Kobalt 856839 1/2-Inch Drive 12.5-250 Foot-Pound Programmable Electronic Torque Wrench with Torque-Angle
  • Provides readouts in ft-lb, N-m, in-lb, and kg-cm and offers up Torque and angle accuracy of +/- 3%
  • Provides TWO auditory and visual signals to user to indicate that torque value has been reached - repeated beeps and a green light indicate 90% of desire torque value has been reached
  • One long beep with a red light indicates that 100% of the desired torque value has been reached
  • 5-button control pad allows you to preset your torque value, change units of measure, change mode of operation with peak/angle/follow choices, save readings and select read-out unit of measure
  • LCD display clearly shows preset slot, mode of operation, units of measure and torque value

#4. Husky torque wrench

Husky torque wrench

Compared to other brands, husky torque wrenches are spot on. It is a standard quality tool with a great warranty policy. Aren’t you excited to know more about husky torque wrenches? Let’s discuss the pros and cons of this brand.

For everyday use, the husky torque wrench is a very affordable tool. The handle has a good rubberized grip, and you can easily adjust the lock. You can use it for a long time with less stress on your hand.

The exciting thing is that the handle of this tool is oil resistant so a mechanic can easily use the tool comfortably with his oily hands. Like other torque wrenches, it is designed to give an audible click to indicate the torque level. It provides you with the calibration of +/- 4% clockwise accuracy.

You need to use a battery while using husky torque wrenches which is a disadvantage of it. Another con is that it misses the LED backlight display which is necessary for night work.

Husky 564464 Torque Wrench
  • This refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. The refurbishing process includes functionality testing, basic cleaning, inspection, and repackaging. The product ships with all relevant accessories, and may arrive in a generic box

#5. Sears torque wrench

Sears torque wrench

There are a lot of quality torque wrenches are available in sears at affordable and fantastic prices. Vintage Sears Craftsman, Sears Craftsman 9-44642 beam style torque wrench, Sear craftsman torque wrench 44642, Sear Craftsman torque wrench 44649-newton meter vintage, etc. are the popular and noteworthy torque wrenches you will find here.

#6. Pittsburgh torque wrench

Pittsburgh torque wrench

Pittsburgh brand is one of the best brands and well known for its torque wrenches. It offers you a lifetime warranty. Unbelievable! Right? So quickly grab this tool of Pittsburgh for a fantastic service.

Various models of Pittsburgh torque wrenches are available. Among them, Pittsburgh Pro 239 professional drive click stop torque wrench utilizes a heavy-duty cam with a pawl mechanism.

Pittsburgh Pro 1/2 inch reversible torque wrench provides the calibration of +/- 4%. And the torque range varies from 20 to 150 ft/lb. Pittsburgh Pro 3/8 inch drive torque wrench has a torque range of 5 to 80 ft/lb, and for Pittsburgh Pro 1/4 inch it provides you with 20 to 200 in/lb.

The price of the torque wrenches of this brand is quite reasonable. Furthermore, the build quality is pretty good and durable. It comes in a protective and durable box. No batteries required for using this torque wrench. Just open it and keep on using it as long as you want.

#7. Dewalt torque wrench

Dewalt torque wrench

For many years, this brand manufacturing different types of high-quality products, and among them torque wrench is noteworthy. In the below description, we have put together one of their notable torque wrenches with a brief description.

The most common and popular torque wrench of this company is cordless impact wrenches. Undoubtedly, cordless impact wrenches look much more sophisticated than the other torque wrenches, but they are portable. They are battery operated and also rechargeable. So if you do not have a power supply, you can use them with powerful detachable batteries.

Besides this, they offer you some latest features like automatic operation for speed, consisting of Li-ion battery, powerful fan cooled motor, LED lights, and torque control. Awesome and mind-blowing! Right? So grab this latest model of Dewalt Company and get the best torque wrench for you.

DEWALT Torque Wrench, Micro Adjust, 1/2" Drive (DWMT75462)
  • Protective head bumper
  • Locking Trigger
  • Bi-material Grip
  • Forward and reverse torque capability
  • Durable case for easy carrying and protection during storage

#8. Matco torque wrenches

Matco torque wrenches

If you are searching for some of the quality torque wrenches brands, then the Matco tools can be one of them. 3/8″ Drive Flex Head Electronic Torque Wrench from Matco Tools is a prevalent model among all other different models. Let’s check what more amazing features they offer us.

It features a 100% steel body with a firm grip and a secure hold in the handle. It is designed to get the work done faster with different nine preset modes. You can tighten the fasteners with the calibration of +/- 2% clockwise accuracy and +/- 3% for counterclockwise accuracy. This tool is user-friendly and easy to operate.

3/8″ impact wrench is another beautiful model of Matco tools consisting of some impressive features. It provides you with 625 ft/lbs of breakaway torque and 25 to 425 ft/lbs of working torque. For increased durability, it reinforced with the clutch mechanism.

Matco Tools 3/8" Dr. Electronic Torque Wrench 10-100ft.lbs. ETWB100A
  • +/- 2% clockwise accuracy, +/- 3% counterclockwise accuracy from 10% - 100% of 100 ft. lbs. capacity
  • Quickly converts units
  • Four easy to understand and use function buttons with buzzer and color coded lights to alert when ta
  • 60 fine tooth mechanism requires a small 6° swing arc
  • Easy to read lighted LED screen

#9. Crescent torque wrench

Crescent torque wrench

In the different fields of applications like agricultural, industrial, and mechanical Crescent torque wrench provides a dependable and accurate way to fix the fasteners and nuts. We are giving you a brief analysis of Crescent Torque wrenches.

1/2″ Drive Micrometer Torque Wrench of 50-250 ft/lbs will provide you with +/- 4% accuracy. It will offer you a limited lifetime warranty, and it is corrosion-resistant. An audible signal will alert you when you reach the target value. It has a firm grip on the handle, and so you can quickly adjust with it.

Crescent CRTW38 3/8″Μicrometer Torque Wrench of 50-250 in/Lbs 6-30Nm has almost the same features as 1/2″Drive Micrometer torque wrenches. Crescent tools are made from chrome steel alloy and heat-treated for high strength and superb resistance to corrosion and abrasion.

So what are you waiting for? Grab the Crescent torque wrenches and enjoy the benefits and services offered by this brand.

Crescent CRTW12 1/2-Inch Drive Micrometer Torque Wrench 50-250 Ft/Lbs 70-340 Nm
  • Audible signal alerts you when target torque is reached
  • Clockwise direction marking on shaft simplifies calibration
  • Reversible 45-tooth round ratcheting head makes working in tight spaces easier and faster
  • Slide back adjustment collar lets you set target torque quickly
  • No-Slip hand grip for comfort and quick adjustment

#10. AcDelco torque wrench

AcDelco torque wrench

Among all other torque wrenches brands if Acdelco Company not mentioned, then this list would remain incomplete. Read the following analysis to know more about ACDelco torque wrenches and how you will be benefited using the tools of this brand.

1/4″Digital torque wrench has a torque range between 1.845-18.45 ft/lbs. It consists of 2 LED green or red light for alerting the torque value with 30 data sets of memory capacity. Besides this, it contains an LED backlight display which shows kg-cm, in-lb, ft-lb, N-m measurements.

3/8″Digital torque wrench operates both in the clockwise and anticlockwise direction. It’s easy to set up or trace different modes. This tool is made of an anti-slip comfortable grip and consists of audible torque confirmation using a buzzer.

So, whenever you are searching for a good torque wrench that is both comfortable and suitable for you, then this brand should be on your priority list. Try the torque wrenches of this brand, and you will not dissatisfy.

ACDelco ARM601-4 1/2" Digital Torque Wrench with Buzzer (9.9 to 99 ft-lbs.), with Vibration & Flash Notification - ISO 6789 Standards with Certificate of Calibration
  • [Advanced Technology]: 9.9 to 99 foot pounds torque range with LED flashing / vibration / buzzer alarm when torque is reached. Easy to read LCD display with measurements (kg-cm, N-m, in-lb. ft-lb)
  • [Multiple Setting Functions]: Torque, Measurement, and, Peak & Trace, Mode Settings. (Torque setting range: 10% of max torque value. Measuring range: 4 to 99 ft-lbs. )
  • [High Accuracy]: 2% clockwise 3% CCW of indicated value, CW, from 20% to 100% of full scale.
  • [Quality Assurance]: Meets or exceeds ASME B107. 14-2004, ISO 6789 standards, individually serialized with matching certificate of calibration traceable to N. I. S. T.
  • Uses 2x AAA Batteries. One-year limited manufacturer warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

Question #1: Who makes Pittsburgh tools?

Answer: Generally, the manufacturer of Pittsburgh tools is Harbor Freight Tools, and headquartered is in Calabasas, California. This manufacturer Company has more than 800 stores in different states.

Question #2: Is Kobalt a good brand for the torque wrench?

Answer: Undoubtedly, Kobalt is a good brand, especially for torque wrenches. The warranty is great, and the build quality is pretty good and long-lasting. You can make your work done with this torque wrench accurately.

Question #3: What is the best torque wrench for a bicycle?

Answer: For considering the best torque wrench brand you need to consider various factors like torque range, price, etc. Considering all the elements that are necessary for fixing a bicycle, we think Park Tool Preset Torque Driver is the best torque wrench for a bicycle.

Question #4: What is the USA made torque wrenches?

Answer: Tekton torque wrench, SK tools, craftsman torque wrench are the USA made torque wrenches brands.

Question #5: Is Gearwrench a good torque wrench brand?

Answer: Undoubtedly, you will find a few quality Gearwrench torque wrenches on Amazon and other online and offline platforms.

In conclusion

There are few tools considered as a vital element in the home, construction sites, industrial and mechanical fields, and most importantly in a garage. A torque wrench has been one of the most important devices that are necessary for everyday use.

It is thought many people buy these types of tools only for mechanical use. But the fact is that these tools can be a necessity for every people who own a car, motorbike, or any other vehicle. It also used for home appliances.

So to minimize your struggle we have reviewed some of the best torque wrench brands. Therefore, it will become easy for you to get the best torque wrench which makes your job comfortable and relaxed.

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