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Last Updated on April 16, 2024 by John Patterson

Almost all the forms of smithy tasks require the application of different types of hand tools.

There are lots of hand tools available these days, and there are some best manufacturers to deliver quality tools worldwide.

Tekton Tools is among those companies that offer the best quality hand tools to ensure optimum serviceability for your work with top-notch customer service.

Among all those hand tools, you will mainly need sockets, ratchets, and wrenches for turning bolts, nuts, and even pipes.

Proper tightening or loosening of screws is difficult, and you will need an excellent wrenching tool to make it work correctly.

Tekton Tools produces different types of quality wrenching tools, and we would like to represent 8 of the most available toolsets of various types that will make your job simple and comfortable with perfect.

Nowadays, a lot of people recommend Tekton’s Hand Tools. You will feel much better after using their tools.

Our reviews will give you a proper detail of the enlisted quality hand tools at first sight.

Tekton Tools Reviews of 2024

tekton tools reviews

Here is our recommended and updated list of Tekton Tools we reviewed for you today.

NameTypeKey Features and Benefits
TEKTON 1/2 Inch Drive Click Torque WrenchDrive Click Torque WrenchCountry of Origin: Imported
Material: Steel
Ratcheting: Yes
Torque Range: 25-250 ft./lb.
Wrench Size: 1/2 inches
TEKTON 15013 1/2-Inch Drive x 24-Inch Extra Long RatchetRatchetFinish: Polished
Material: Chrome Vanadium Steel
Head Style: Fixed Square
TEKTON Combination Wrench SetCombination Wrench Measurement Type: Metric
Head Angle: 15 Degrees
Number of Pieces: 15
TEKTON 34541 10-1/2-Inch Fencing PliersFencing PliersMulti-purpose tool
Seven tools in one
Made from high-strength chrome vanadium steel

#1. Tekton Fencing Pliers

Tekton Fencing Pliers

Fencing pliers is a specialized tool, I mean not that common. You use this hand tool to build or repair wire fences (any type of wires).

Fencing pliers offer several options in one tool. It has

  • A hammer on one side (mostly useful to hammer the fencing staples)
  • Spike/claw on the opposite side (for pulling staples)
  • Wirecutter
  • And of course pliers.

So, as you can use fencing pliers for various tasks using only one tool. You can use it to bend or cut the tangled or twisted wires too.

Tekton tools manufacture good quality fencing pliers. Let’s have a look at one of their top-notch fencing pliers.

TEKTON Fencing Pliers (34541) Reviews

What We Liked
    • It cuts the wires like butter.
    • The price is ok considering the quality.
    • It offers a slim and comfortable grip.
    • This tool is made from high-quality chrome vanadium steel.
    • A multi-purpose tool.
    • It’s a sturdy and durable tool.
    • You can use it for cutting rusty wire fences and it works well for that task.
    • Lightweight and easy to carry and use.
    • Does its job quite well.

What We Didn't Like
  • The price is ok but could have been better.
  • The claw/spike could have been sharper and slimmer to get a good grip on fencing staples.

Features and Benefits

Seven-in-One Tool
You can use this tool for seven different tasks like hammering, staple removing, staple clawing, as a staple starter, wire cutters, gripping jaws, and wire splicing crimpers.

Made from Quality Materials
Like any other Tekton hand tools, these fencing pliers are also made from premium chromium-vanadium steel.

Comfortable Handles to Make Life Easy
These pliers offer a comfortable slim handle covered by a nonslip handle to hold it properly and make life easy while working using it.

Can Handle Higher Gauge Wire
This tool can be used for gripping and snipping higher gauge wire like a 10-gauge wire with ease.

To me, this is not the very best fencing pliers compared to its competitors. But not a bad tool either.

#2. Tekton Socket Sets

Tekton Socket Sets

Tekton commercially introduces some of the best socket sets to tighten or loosen nuts or bolts. In fact, the socket sets are attached to an included ratchet.

It can fit different sizes of ratchets where smaller sizes mostly fit small fasteners and larger ones fit into larger fasteners.

Apart from that, they can be of different measurement styles like SAE (inch) and metric alongside shallow and deep socket types.

The most notable socket sets from Tekton tools are ¼” Drive Set (51-piece), 3/8″ Drive Set (45-piece), ½” Drive Set (58-piece), and ½” Drive Set (84-piece).

TEKTON 3/8-Inch Drive Socket Set

Covering a greater range of sockets for both shallow and deep driving, this is indeed a great set from our reviews.

Being a 45-piece socket set, it comes with almost everything you will need to get the job done.

And the inclusion of a universal joint and the longer extension makes this one unique set.

What We Liked
    • The comprehensive turning of nuts through the 45-piece socket set.
    • Two different extensions of 3″, and 6″ allow for reaching tight places.
    • The included universal joint offers easy bending of the turning axis.
    • Sufficient torque to turn all sorts of stuck and stubborn nuts easily.
    • Smooth and nonslip gripping for flat fastener side with the sockets.

What We Didn't Like
  • A smaller ratchet handle may not hold well enough for heavy work.
  • Adjusting and locking the direction in tight places can be tricky.

Features & Benefits

Comprehensive Working with Complete Set
There come sockets of several sizes along with this socket set. In fact, the 45-piece socket set includes both shallow and deep sockets covering a 5/16″ up to ¾” range. Therefore, it offers wider suitability for turning the nuts.

Metal Construction Induces Durability
Each tool of this Tekton socket set is produced from premium quality forged steel to induce superior working strength and longevity. Along with chrome-plated finishing for the sockets, the longevity gets better.

A Swing Arc of 5° with the Included Ratchet
The inclusion of one ratchet can offer less swing arc. The 72-teeth, 7″ ratchet with this particular set allows a maximum of 5° of swing arc for repositioning. Though it may not hold good for specific works, it suits just fine for most tasks.

The Socket Offers Perfect Gripping
All the sockets of this versatile set, regardless of its type, and therefore, perfect for gripping hexagonal nuts. Most of the common nuts are hexagonal making it a great choice to do the turning.

Safe and Convenient Storage Casing
With one plastic casing, an organized arrangement of all 45 pieces of the set is easily possible. The case is durable and convenient enough to keep the sockets safe inside when they are not in use.

Greater strength and longevity will deliver the perfect service for this versatile set. Apart from that, the inclusions will definitely assist in turning jobs. Being available at a reasonable price, you will have the best tools to make the task convenient.

#3. Tekton Impact Sockets

Tekton Impact Sockets

Among numerous types of sockets from Tekton tools, impact sockets are specially designed to function with cordless or pneumatic impact wrenches.

These types of sockets are low-profile and generally suitable for deep diving with a thickened wall than standard and normal sockets.

Moreover, the construction quality of these impact sockets is considerably high to handle the impact without breaking the nuts or bolts.

Tekton tools manufacture some of the best impact sockets in the market and Deep 6 point Drive, Deep 12-point Drive, and ½” 6 point Drive Set (38-piece or 5-piece) are the most notable.

TEKTON Deep Impact Socket Set

Being a perfect set for impact and deep driving from our reviews, the 14-piece impact socket set covers a satisfactory range to turn the nuts and bolts from the fastener.

With laser markings and extra-deep broach, you will have the best removal service along with accuracy and comfort in no time.

We must say that these quality tools meet or exceed ANSI performance standards.

What We Liked
    • A wider coverage from 3/8″ up to 1-1/4″ with 14 different impact sockets.
    • Greater torque for the sockets ensures perfect impact driving.
    • Suitably shaped deep drivers offer accurate turning of bolts, nuts.
    • Grabbing of flat portion reduces the possible occurrence of round-off.
    • Accessibility to the entire fastener length through a deep broach.

What We Didn't Like
  • The plastic case may not last much longer due to poor construction.
  • A specific socket from a single set can arrive with some minor flaws.

Features & Benefits

Superior Performance with Metal Construction
Like the best quality socket sets, these impact socket sets also come with heated and forged steel construction to ensure sufficient strength. Apart from that, black phosphate finishing for all 14 sockets develops anti-corrosive properties to lengthen longevity.

Easy Detection of LASER Etched Markings
The marking over the impact sockets is made with a high-intensity laser providing clearer visibility. Therefore, easy detection of all markings for the socket set will certainly help you to do precise and accurate work.

Suitable Accommodation for Longer Fasteners
Accommodation of longer fasteners requires a suitable broach with sufficient depth and here is one to meet the requirements. In fact, the inclusion of an extra-deep broach for the impact sockets easily helps to hold longer fasteners with great comfort.

Better Gripping with the Least Round-off
All the deep driving sockets offer great suitability for common hexagonal nuts. Again, it comes with better gripping for a flat portion of the fasteners reducing the possibility of rounding off during the operation.

Convenient Carriage and Storage Casing
Along with the plastic case, you can have a decent storage facility for the Tekton impact socket sets. It will help you to keep the impact sockets sets arranged inside the casing and therefore, ensuring the prevention of moisture and other corrosive agents.

Having sufficient requirements for perfect and effortless impact driving, these impact sockets will take out the stubborn and stuck bolts within seconds. With the durable construction of the sockets alongside the greater coverage for sizes range, the medium price range for the socket set is worth its price.

#4. Tekton Wrenches Set

Tekton Wrenches Set

Wrenches set are mainly a combination of sockets with suitable ratchets, though it may seem to bear some resemblance with socket sets.

In the case of wrenching tools, you can turn the bolts or nuts for tightening or loosening, just without repositioning them.

In fact, wrenches are extremely helpful when you don’t get enough space to make a full turning circle.

Tekton tools provide some convenient wrench sets to the present market that includes Combination Sets of Pouch or Keeper with a variable number of pieces.

TEKTON Combination Wrench Set 

With sufficient 15 wrenching tools, this set delivers perfect turning and removal service for 12-pointed double hexagons. The inclination of ends alongside the finger clearances will provide perfect reaching, grabbing, and turning of nuts even in the tight and narrower places with ease.

What We Liked
    • Suitable and effortless removal service through the 15-piece set.
    • Coverage of sizes from 8 mm up to 22 mm with 12-point wrenches.
    • Inclined open-end engages the fastener with a wrench perfectly.
    • Better visibility and accuracy through the 15° offset clearance.
    • Convenient carriage for the box with handle and non-slip frame.

What We Didn't Like
  • Wrenching hexagonal nuts and bolts are almost impossible.
  • Metric measurements may cause difficulty in certain cases.

Features & Benefits

Sturdy Metal Body Provides Durability
Being constructed with high-quality chromed vanadium steel, you will get the best of strength for a quick turning. The chromium finishing over the forged steel induces a pleasant appearance along with superior durability against corrosions.

Angled Construction Reaches Tight Spaces
The open end of this Tekton wrench set is designed to go an inclination up to 15° allowing further flipping of the wrench. Needless to say, the inclination helps to flip and this flipping triggers a perfect engagement with the fastener especially in narrow spaces.

Suitable Opening for Better Gripping
With a suitable design, the boxed end openings initiate gripping the flat portion of the fastener than its corners. Therefore, the turning task becomes quite easy and more effortless for the socket wrenches preventing round-off problems.

Further Accessibility with Clearances
All the 12-point wrenches simply come with a doubled angle than that of 6 points to induce further accessibility in the first place. In addition, the 15-piece wrench is 15° offset to deliver greater clearances for fingers while driving.

Organized Arrangement for Safe Storage
The set includes an open box with specific chambers for each wrench making it more suitable to use in the workplace. Though the set remains open, it delivers sufficient storage and safety for the held wrenches all the time.

Though this budget-friendly set may not hold good for regular hexagonal nuts, you will get a satisfactory turning service for double hexagons. With sufficient clearance, it encourages the safety and precision of the work and you will find it worthy enough to buy at its reasonable price.

#5. Tekton Ratchet

Tekton Ratchet

Tekton ratchets do the same thing as their socket sets do, loosening and tightening the nuts and bolts.

But still, there are some jobs they can handle quite well according to their design.

Ratchets mainly operate alongside a geared drive.

Of course, the higher number of teeth for ratchet allows smaller swinging.

This feature is of great help when you have to do the turning in a very narrow space.

There are flexible and joint types of ratchets, allowing for setting the turning direction.

There are several models available from Tekton tools where that provide a combined set of ratchets and sockets.

TEKTON 15013 Ratchet 

This particular set consists of one driving piece with an extended handle to give you better accessibility.

Of course, the included ratchet helps to attain better performance; the construction is sufficient enough to deliver a satisfactory service in this case.

What We Liked
    • Forged steel with molybdenum gear offers supreme durability.
    • Single piece set along with ½” sized drive for turning nuts or bolts.
    • The longer handle of 24″ ensures better accessibility and leverage.
    • Effortless turning without breaking through 5850 in-lb torque.
    • Convenient and easy driving with only 5 degrees of the swing arc.

What We Didn't Like
  • Only one-sized driving is possible with the ratcheting socket.
  • The directional lever can easily start to flip over with time.

Features & Benefits

Sturdy Construction with Superior Durability
The entire frame is of premium quality chrome vanadium steel that is treated with heat to impart a sufficient working strength. Moreover, the polished finishing of chrome plating delivers protection of the steel against corrosion.

Unique Gear Offers Incredible Performance
Through the molybdenum gear, it comes with incredible leverage and quick turning of bolts and nuts. Not to mention, the high-quality gear of molybdenum offers the best removal efficiency for the most stubborn screws with ease.

Extended Reaching through Longer Handle
Having a unique handle for this one-piece set is quite able to meet your requirements. In fact, the 24″ long handle induces extended reaching. Whether you have to work, open or tight, you can certainly do the job with comfort.

Included Oval Ratchet Initiates 5° Swing Arc
There comes an included oval ratchet of 72 teeth to make the turning more convenient and precise. The ratchet keeps the swing arc within only 5° which will get to perform the task with better accuracy for sure.

Lockable Tang Ensures No Socket Dropping
Dropping of sockets tends to take place while turning any nut or bolts. With a driving tang for this set, the dropping gets reduced easily. Apart from that, the lockable and quick-release feature makes it more efficient against dropping.

Apart from being a single-piece tool, this particular set has everything to satisfy you in turning and removal tasks.

The overall design ultimately leads to an efficient, secure, and accurate turning system, and you will get no better set of a single driver at an affordable price for now.

#6. Tekton Torque Wrench

TEKTON 24335 Review

The main function of a quality torque wrench is to tighten the socket where precision and accuracy hold the key.

Mostly being adjustable, they can deliver a specified amount of torque without any over-tightening possibilities.

Proper calibration of torque wrenches is required most often to attain the best result.

In the case of Tekton tools, they do come with incredibly accurate torque wrenches that will need less calibration.

Though not much of these types of the wrench are provided by Tekton, Click-Style wrench and Dual-Direction Click wrench are able to give a perfect wrenching torque.

TEKTON 24335 Review

Though this one comes as a 4-piece set, there is only one driving wrench.

But the most unique fact is the other 3 pieces are adaptors and reducers to help you in controlling the turning to some extent. With a medium handle and ½” driver compatibility, it can deliver perfect turning.

What We Liked
    • Particularly a single wrenching set design to work with ½” drives only.
    • Two different adaptors influence the level of impact and control.
    • Secure & stable latching for the sockets through spring-loaded balls.
    • A reversible ratchet top can drive through in both directions with ease.
    • The inclusion of through holes in every drive end securely locks the tang.

What We Didn't Like
  • Application of a higher level of torque can damage the nuts or bolts.
  • The 18″ handle isn’t good enough to reach very narrow spaces.

Features & Benefits

Anti-Corrosive Body Ensures Longevity
Like most of the top-notch driving tools, it is also of commercial-grade chromed vanadium steel. The unique part of the construction is the black oxide finishing for the wrenching tools that impart great resistance against corrosion.

4-Piece Set Can Control Impact Level
This great working set includes one driver, two different impact adaptors along one CRV tool to help you in the job. The 10-150 feet/pound and 4957 impact adaptors will help you to adjust the control and impact.

Easy Detection of dual Scale Measurement
There comes one dual-range scale for the tools to perform the required measurements. The high-contrast marking of the scale is quite visible. Also, you can even go through the scaling in a low lighting condition with ease.

Detent Balls to Reduce Socket Dropping
Through the included detent balls, the latching on the driving socket becomes secure and tightened. Not to mention, the spring-loaded balls help in a consistent driving rate without any sort of socket droppings.

Audible Sound to Confirm a Preset
The torque wrench itself produces an audible sound for confirming the reset of the current settings. As any visible means aren’t available for confirmation, the sound helps a lot to ensure the functionality of the wrench.

With only one wrenching tool in the set, it is likely to suit some particular jobs but you can have full control over your work.

Having outstanding longevity with quality construction, this investment is certainly worthy enough of its price.

Tekton 24340 Review

Tekton 24340 Review

What We Liked
    • The overall build and finish are worth noting.
    • It gets the job done just fine with accuracy.
    • The numbers are clearly written on the wrench body to provide better visibility.
    • It’s long enough to hold it properly with a comfortable grip.
    • This wrench produces a clear click sound when the desired torque is reached.
    • It comes with a handy case to store it and bring it quickly anywhere you want.
    • Very easy to dial in.
    • The weight of this tool is precisely what it needs to be. Neither too heavy nor too light.
    • It provides excellent value for the money.

What We Didn't Like
  • The lock screw on the handle needs a bit more attention from the manufacturer.

Features & Benefits

Let’s learn about some of the core features and benefits this torque wrench offers to the users.

The company claims the accuracy level is +/- 4%.

It’s quite evident that you will be able to achieve a reasonable amount of accuracy with this wrench.

The nuts will be secured exactly how much they need to be achieved. Not much, not less.

Highly Visible Numbers
The numbers are written quite large and bright on the wrench body with high contrast. They are genuinely visible in low-light conditions.

Clear Click Sound
Once the desired torque level is reached, you will be able to hear the click sound clearly. This is something we always expect from a click torque wrench to get the best result.

Overall, this torque wrench does what it is supposed to do. More importantly, the price is a bargain. Give it a try.

Tekton Tools Warranty

Tekton Tools Warranty

Tekton is determined to deliver the best possible service regarding any repair or damage issue.

In rare cases, issues regarding quality and service require warranty service rather than shipping and packaging problems.

In certain cases, particular pieces of a set get missing or replaced with another piece.

Not to mention, almost all the Tekton tools come with a warranty in most cases.

Though the tool company itself can provide a certain warranty period, it may vary depending on the selling shop or dealer.

But Tekton tools are guaranteed products, and you will receive the warranty service accordingly for sure.

Who Makes Tekton Tools? Who Owns it?

Who owns Tekton Tools?

Tekton Tools is one of the renowned hand tools manufacturers in the current market.

Initially, the company is from the USA through several other countries with production factories and where tools get issued.

Tekton Tools hire the best engineers and operators to produce the best serviceability for the products.

Also, they consider customer requirements to create innovative and new tools to bide in the market and satisfy the necessity of the customers.

Tekton Tool uses the best quality material for construction, the most useful refining for the creation, and the best design to maximize leverage and performance.

Where are Tekton Tools Made? Tekton Tools Country of Origin

Tekton tools where are they made?

Well, Tekton tools made in the USA. Being a USA-based company; original Tekton Tools are made in Michigan, USA.

With the increasing demand of supply requirements, there are now tools made in Taiwan and China as well.

Though many don’t want to rely on Taiwan and China-based Tekton tools, they are as excellent as the USA-based ones.

And within the USA, it is easy to get hands-on the USA-made tools rather than others.

Apart from that, Taiwan and China-based tools provide good efficiency in the workplace, so you don’t have to worry that much about the country of origin.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

#1. Question: Do the sockets are strong enough to pull out wheel nuts?

Answer: They may, but it’s better to avoid it. However, normal sockets are designed to handle the common type of nuts which includes light machinery, household, and similar applications.

#2. Question: Who sells Tekton tools?

Answer: Tekton tools are considered to be hand tools and you will find them in various automotive or electric shops. Apart from that, renowned online shopping sites also provide the selling of Tekton hand tools. But you need to check their shipment with care before you buy Tekton tools.

#3. Question: Which read markings are better – itched or stamped?

Answer: Itched ones are more permanent than stamped ones; therefore, itched ones are preferable. But you have to confirm that markings need to be visible enough to go through.

#4. Question: Are Tekton tools good? How good are Tekton tools?

Answer: Tekton tools are well enough to pull out any stubborn nuts or tighten bolts in fasteners with precision and ease. The designed applications are just what you can expect from a quality product with top-notch customer service.

#5. Question: Does the wrench fit well enough to undo a very tight nut?

Answer: The gripping is pretty satisfactory, so it should fit well enough to undo the tightening.

#6 Question: Tekton tools where to buy?

Answer: Tekton tools are available in various trusted and well-known online platforms like Amazon, Walmart, Kmart, etc. You don’t need to worry about customer service.

#7 Question: Is Tekton a good brand of tools?

Answer: Honestly saying Tekton is not only a good but one of the fastest growing and best tools brand right now.

Final Verdict

After this review, it is conclusive that each of the aforementioned tools has a certain application.

Though there are some minor issues with every tool from our reviews, you can easily overcome them for certain cases.

Tekton wrenching tools have indeed the best quality and performance that you can possibly have for different types of tightening/loosening works.

From initial construction to final performance, they got everything to satisfy your requirements and they are worthy of your investment.

And with the best application, you will undeniably attain the perfect performance against your investment.

If you have any questions, please leave a reply/comment below your name, email address, and website. I will try to give my best next time I comment. You can also save my name, email, and website for a quick response. Don’t forget to knock on Tekton’s Customer Service.

Happy Shopping.

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