Tekton wrn77164 Review in 2024: Best Ratcheting Wrench Set

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Tekton wrn77164 Review

There are not so many mechanical tasks you can complete without using a wrench.

This is a fact that even the regular engineering DIYer understands.

But have you tried using a standard wrench to complete applications that involve continuous turn-lift motions?

If you have, perhaps you also know that some tasks are better off when performed using ratcheting wrenches.

Ratcheting wrench sets make it easier and quicker to loosen or tighten a range of nut types and sizes.

As long as you choose a set that matches your requirements, you are guaranteed excellent results.

Without further ado, allow me to guide you through the Tekton wrn77164 review.

If you often work with bolts, this is one of those rare kits that will not disappoint.

Tekton WRN77164 Review of 2024

The Tekton brand is a household name that commands a grand following of die-hard fans from across the world. Their WRN 77164 model, in particular, has created a buzz because it exhibits some impressive design improvements.

The box end heads of the ratchets are designed to rotate 180-degrees, and this ensures easy maneuverability around obstacles.

Key Specifications

  • 6 piece, steel ratchet set (8-19 mm)
  • 8 x 10 mm
  • 9 x 11 mm
  • 12 x 14 mm
  • 13 x 15 mm
  • 16 x 18 mm
  • 17 x 19 mm
  • Red wrench keeper for convenient storage

What We Liked
    • Well buffed and machined ratchets
    • Wrenches hold tight and offer significant leverage
    • Angle adjustment mechanism designed to provide a broader and smoother tilt angle
    • Steel wrenches with chrome finish
    • Extra-long beam for enhanced reach and leverage
    • 180 degrees box end heads pivot for easy maneuverability around tight areas
    • 72-tooth wrench ratchet gears require a mere 5-degree swing arc
    • Designed to prevent round-offs
    • Highly versatile (6-point end provides a snug fit into a range of fastener heads)
    • Designed to make unscrewing fast and easy
    • Non-slip grip for more convenient handling
    • Wrench keeper included (red)
    • Excellent customer service

What We Didn't Like
  • The chrome finish risks getting scratched during tight applications
  • The ratchets only allow a standard metric measurement system

Key Features and Benefits

Long and Strong

Let’s get to the juicy part and outline some of the outstanding features of this best ratchet set. First, it has an extra-long beam for an extended reach into narrow and tight areas. This is a deliberate design that offers enhanced leverage to quickly and easily unscrew tight fasteners.

You can work on small spaces and still secure a good grip to ensure you loosen or tighten bolts and nuts in a flash. The non-slip grip feature helps to lock the ratchet wrenches in place.

These steel wrenches have remarkable strength, and you do not have to worry about them snapping during your applications. They are well machined to handle more torque than you can put on with one hand.

180-Degree Flex Heads

The perks of the Tekton wrn77164 only get better with each feature. The tool can pivot through a full 180 degrees, and this allows free movements with each stroke. Then again, the heads can firmly grip any angle, allowing you to hold or move nuts and bolts steadily.

I am a pro by my rights, although not even my skills can save me from a slow-going when using a regular combination wrench. With this ratcheting wrench, however, the flex head design ensures I can complete tough applications with great speed.

6-Point Box Ends

Here’s the deal, if you need flex head ratchet wrenches, the 6 point design is way better than the 12 point design. It reduces the risk of accidentally rounding the fastener heads. This can pose challenges, especially if you need to work on fastener heads that are already hard to reach.

The 6 point box ends provide a secure snag fit on fasteners. These ends are designed to reduce the risk of slipping off when working.

Just ensure that instead of applying force to the corners of the fastener heads, you grip on the flat sides. This will help to open or close heads with ease while protecting the edges from getting flat.

5-Degree Swing Arc

For the tool to work perfectly, this 72-tooth ratchet set only requires a 5-degree swing arc. You do not have to rotate the wrench around when preparing to tighten or loosen screws.

It is also vital to mention that the opening end is set at a 15-degree angle to ensure you can flip the wrench with ease for speedy engagement and trouble-free unscrewing.

Compared to the regular ratchet wrench sets, this 15-degree angle allows a more relaxed and convenient way to engage fasteners. This is a benefit that will make the set your favorite companion, irrespective of the specifications of your applications.

The Overall Design

The overall design of the Tekton wrn77164 has taken the markets by surprise. From the box end heads that rotate up to 180 degrees, allowing effortless maneuverability through tight spots to the six-point end that fits snugly into all fastener heads. The design improvements of this model are outstanding.

I recently acquired this high-quality ratchet wrench set because wrenches don’t just get glowing recommendations and high praises. Genuinely, there is nothing not to love about this model. Even the basic features such as non-slip grippers and folding handles for more convenient handling are exceptional.

The Verdict

This modern-day heavy-duty ratchet wrench set is equipped with the most exceptional features to make it easy to use. No tutorials or manuals are needed for you to master how to make the most out of your Tekton wrn77164. Its design, functionality, and strength make it a great addition to your toolkit.

Final Verdict

I’m passionate about mechanical engineering tasks, so I like to assume that my life depends on accomplishing each task I handle.

The Tekton wrn77164 set is functional, easy to use, and practical because it fits in my hand well.

This may not be the best cheapest ratcheting wrench in the markets, although the cost is never a big deal when making a one-time investment.

After going through Tekton wrn77164 review, you can tell that this set offers the best deal with excellent customer service.

With 6 sturdy wrenches that differ in size metrics, you will be virtually invisible when working with bolts.

Don’t forget to read the customer reviews before buying the best Ratcheting Wrench Set.

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