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home soundproofing, decorating and organizing

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Owning a good framing nailer can be essential for your home soundproofing and renovation projects and give you endless possibilities for hanging stuff, organizing, and beautifying your home. Always remember to wear protective gear when using a framing nailer and disconnect it from the power source when you finish.

Now let’s see some exciting projects you can complete using this powerful tool.

Home Soundproofing-Mission Possible

The urban environment is surrounding us with an increasing amount of noise that our bodies are not designed to bear. Researchers show that the amount of noise we exposed to can affect directly our health. But what we can do to reduce the number of psychological effects and improve the quality of our life?

Stop the noise in your home
  • Implement insulation and drywall – acoustical drywall could lower sound pollution anywhere from 25 to 40%, in comparison to regular drywall. If you’re about to renovate your home, now’s the time to plan to soundproof as well!
  • Give sound-dampening underlays a chance – the no-shoe policy is a great move, but unfortunately, it does not always work. Sometimes floors are determined to make each and all of your steps loud and clear.
  • A great solution to a squeaky floor is a proper sound-dampening underlay. These sheets are quite dense, which is why they are so good at reducing the actual transfer of sound, and the best part is, this type of product is suitable for all kinds of floors.
  • Weatherstrip windows – if your pet is often looking at your windows blankly and their ears are signaling something, don’t call for an exorcist just yet. Just because we humans can’t hear a whooshing sound, it does not mean that your windows are entirely shut.
  • Make sure to thoroughly weatherstrip your windows, for that will inevitably reduce the overall level of noise pollution within your property! The best choice would be to use an acoustic caulk sealant.
  • Install sound-blocking doors – solid-wood doors are indeed a bit pricier than regular doors, but when it comes to noise reduction – it’s worth it. Solid doors act as a sound barrier that absorbs most of the sound waves attacking it.
  • Weatherstrip interior doors – seal what gaps you can and try adhesive-backed high-density foam tape, rubber bulb seals, gaskets, or bulb seal weatherstripping.
  • Apply duct wrap – plumbing is often among the worst sources of sound pollution, but you’ll be surprised how efficient duct warp could be.

“Wood” you install a wood plank ceiling?

As the handymen from Bobs Handyman Services commented, wood plank ceilings are far simpler to mount and less messy compared to drywall.

wood plank ceiling

Some of the benefits of the wood plank ceilings:

  • Visually make rooms look larger;
  • Wood will add a more classic and warm feel;
  • You can easily paint it to match your interior color scheme;
  • Easy to install.

For this project you may need measuring tape, a mini circular saw, cordless brad nailer, tapping block

It is a smart tip to leave ceiling planks in the same room you’re planning to install for at least 3 or 4 days. This way timber can get used to temperature and humidity levels. In case you can’t afford it, experienced handymen usually level room aka “the expansion gap,” but in my humble opinion, it is best to give the wood the chance to adapt.

  • DO NOT store directly on the floor
  • DO NOT store on concrete
  • DO NOT cover with plastic or tarp

You have to make sure that all boards (especially bottom ones) are adequately ventilated.

  • A significant advantage of wood, i.e., versus foam panels is durability. Wood ceilings are far sturdier than most alternatives.
  • Different materials have different natural densities and essential characteristics, which affect oil and water-based finishes. My advice would be to take your time and test if compatible because your finish might not dry as you want it to.

A well-equipped toolbox is a must-have for completing repair jobs around your home from hanging a photo or shelving to significant home improvements. For the next saving, organizing, and decorating ideas you may need at least some of the following:

  • Good screwdriver set;
  • Clawhammer;
  • Pliers;
  • Adjustable Wrench;
  • Tape Measure;
  • Level;
  • Utility Knife;
  • Hammer Drill;
  • Hacksaw.
  • Impact Driver.
  • Impact Wrench.

Laundry Room

Laundry Room

The laundry room is one of the most underestimated spaces in our houses, but there are some great ways to expand the storage space utilize the way we use it, and eventually increase the value in case of using a property cash buyer.

  • A trick I could suggest is mounting hangers all over the length of your newly installed shelves. It is a great way to utilize shelves and at the same time leave something to dry off on its own.
  • A great way to utilize space within tiny laundry rooms is to mount the so-called adjustable shelves to your ceiling. If handy enough you could even fit a couple of floating (hanging) shelves. It’s best to ask an experienced hanger/tradesman due to long-term sturdiness.
  • Faux floating shelves are also an option. Install the wall brackets but leave the shelve itself floating. This way you can use or move the shelves themselves. However you want, and still, use the parentheses as hangers.
  • One of my favorite hacks is to utilize doors. Depending on how sturdy your hinges are, the average laundry room door could fit at least a few extra shelves or hangers for you to enjoy however you feel like.
  • From hanging clothes to stacking cleaning detergents. Mounting shelves to your door will surely add a few extra options for you to choose from.

Make Your House Feels Like Home – Hanging Decoration Ideas!

Color Pops On The Kitchen Wall

If you want to add character to your kitchen, buy a few colorful and decorative dishes and have them hanged on the wall in a random pattern. This is this year’s home décor tendency.

Framed Picture And Prints

Framed Picture And Prints

Nothing adds personality to your home décor more than framed pictures. Instead of expensive art pieces and professional photography, place a pattern print or print in large resolution. Buy a few cheaper frames, take the photographs you’ve chosen, frame them, and hang them on the wall.

If you’re not into looking up photographs or patterns, frame pictures of your friends and family. This will add coziness and warmth to the rooms.

When hanging framed pictures, get creative. They are also a part of your decor. You can even feel free to place them how you want; disorganized is a new organization. Hang them in planned angles and patterns. Altering white spaces can improve the mood of any room in your house.

Add a seating area

Antique-style wooden and iron furniture add to the beauty of your house’s backyard. Gazebos can be beautiful to have a large variety. You can use the seating for dining, socializing, or just relaxing with your family. Hanging a swing for your kids and sofas for yourself also are ideas that help you relax with your family on the weekends.

Pegboard Addition

Pegboard may not be very handsome, but it can be beneficial for a kitchen backsplash. For example, you can add hooks to hang various utensils, pots, pans, and kitchen gadgets. This choice is excellent if you are looking for something a bit more utilitarian or useful for your kitchen remodeling project.

Shelving tips and the art of space-saving

Bookshelves and storage shelves are a great way to keep everything well organized in your home.

Home office area

If you don’t have enough space for your home study or office area you can create a free desk. Mount extensive shelving across the wall, and you can use even the corners to store your goods. A couple of raw planks of plywood and some wall brackets will help you utilize the space.

Fold-down tables and shelving

Fold-down tables and shelving

Wall-mounted fold-down tables are the ideal, flexible solution wherever your space is limited. This kind of wall-mounted furniture is a great way to free up space quickly.

Wine boxes as open cupboards

Wine boxes are very easy to use when you need extra storage space. Stick together some of them and mount them on the wall. This way you can have extra space for your tableware, books, or decorations.

Create a semi-closet in your bedroom with open shelving. To cover the area in front of the shelving, you can install a rail and curtains.

What I like about the idea of open shelving is that there is no limit on the things you can use them for. Also, the open shelving solutions can fit into every interior design plan and give extra storage or display space.

You may be surprised, but by using a pin nail gun, you can make a simple yet very eye-catching wall decoration. You need a simple plywood sheet as a base and several wooden shims. Choose the design you want to create and use your nail gun and wood glue to attach the stems to the board.

A creative project for your bedroom can turn a simple bed into a statement piece in your bedroom. Cover the headboard with fabric, fold it around the edges and attach it on the back with upholstery nails. We hope now you are well known for home soundproofing, decorating, and as well as organizing your sweet home.

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