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Last Updated on March 15, 2024 by John Patterson

Do-it-yourself home improvement projects provide a grand opportunity to bond with family and upgrade your home simultaneously.  Doing hands-on work on your home will also build a stronger memory and connection to the property.

There are plenty of ways you can save money by doing the work around your home.  However, you’re likely not qualified to do every upgrade or renovation around the house.

Regardless, you should never attempt to take on a home improvement job that could be dangerous or detrimental to your home if something goes wrong.  It’s wise to avoid taking on a job that’s way over your skillset.

Getting your hands into the materials of your property will help build a connection between you and your home.  Focus on what you can do, and check out a brief look at some home improvement projects the average homeowner can tackle on their own.

Small bathroom makeover

If you have a plan, you can do a minor bathroom remodel for less than $500.  Dig deep to find more affordable materials for your plans, and take plenty of time to plot your upgrades strategically.  With just a few simple touch-ups, your bathroom will look like a new space.

Try replacing the vanity, and freshening up the tile in your bathroom, giving your home the finer touch you always hoped to achieve.  Adding some simple crown molding will also spruce up the space.  If the bathroom is small, the simple addition won’t cost much.

A bathroom that looks dirty and grimy isn’t very appealing to anyone.  You can boost the aesthetic of your bathroom by clearing up the build-up.

Get rid of the black stains in the grout of your shower tiles, and add some fresh caulking.  Mildew buildup in your bathroom grout can easily be managed with a little refreshing.

Paint the bathroom walls, replace old lighting fixtures, and consider adding a bigger mirror to make the room look more spacious.  Choose colors for your bathroom that represent a clean and crisp finish.  For less than $500, you’ll be amazed at the difference you’ll see in the aesthetic of your bathroom.

Installing solar panels

There are several ways to incorporate solar power into your home, and not all require a full overhaul.  However, some cities offer financial incentives to homeowners willing to switch to solar power.

You may find that it is worth the effort to switch, given the variables of your situation.  Either way, it’s worth the investment of your time to investigate.

If you can get paid to save money, there’s not much of a downside to the agreement.  Just be sure to read the fine print before signing with a solar provider for services.

You can purchase your simple solar setup for your home as a place to start the integration, and you can find plenty of online information regarding proper solar panel care and maintenance.

If you’re willing to do the work to educate yourself properly, you can install your own solar setup at home.  Leave a less-impressionable carbon footprint on the planet, and make moves to upgrade how you live.

Adding a coat of paint or wallpaper

Adding a fresh coat of paint to your walls will give your home’s interior a shining update, and it doesn’t take a ton of skill to slap a fresh coat of paint on the wall.  Choosing colors is the fun part of this home improvement task.

Choose the color of your walls wisely, as some colors can make your spaces feel crowded or small.  You also want to consider the other interior design aspects as you choose the color palette for your walls.

You may even want to get creative with your efforts and use one wall as a focal point.  Consider a bold, bright color for your accent wall.  On the other hand, you could also find some fancy wallpaper that fits the aesthetic of your home’s interior design and create your accent wall.

Upgrading the lighting in your home

Upgrading fixtures and lighting options in your home is always something you can conquer on your own.  Of course, you should proceed with caution whenever there’s something electrical involved in your overhaul.

Make sure you know what you’re doing before getting your hands on any wires, and make sure you cut the power off before working on any light fixtures in your home.

However, replacing fixtures is a pretty simple situation.  There are typically only one or two connections, so the chances of someone being hurt are low.  Just take the time to read up a little on what you’re doing before getting started.

Turn your backyard into an oasis.

An inviting backyard is a bonus for homeowners, and you’ll reap the upgrade benefits when you choose to sell your property in the future.  Upgrading your landscaping builds equity in the form of curb appeal, and the best part is that you can handle it all yourself.

Put a little sweat equity into your yard, and plot out a perennial flower garden.  Mow the lawn, and consider planting a tree or two.  Strategically placed trees can help lower energy consumption by providing shade in the heat of summer.

You can also give your backyard a chill spot for hanging with friends and family for less than $500.  With the simple addition of a screened canopy, a seating area, a grill, and a small patio, your backyard will become a far more exciting place to relax.

Find the perfect way to incorporate lighting within your new outdoor hangout spot’s design.  Evening relaxation isn’t quite as relaxing if you can’t find your way around the yard after dark.  A few solar lamps or tiki torches could make a real difference.

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