How To Drive a Zero Turn Lawn Mower-Real User Explained

how to drive a zero turn lawn mower

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Last Updated on March 3, 2021 by John Patterson

After choosing the best one now it’s time to know how to drive a zero-turn lawn mower. The zero-turn lawnmower is better than a typical lawnmower. You will find some additional advantages to it. Know the differences between a zero-turn mower and a riding mower explained by our expert team.

You can easily control the speed and movement of a zero-turn lawn mower. The most fantastic feature of a zero-turn lawn mower is, it has steerable onward wheels.

Not only that, but you can also turn it in a circle of your desired radius. So, it is evident for you to know the methods of driving this properly.

In this article, you will find the methods of driving the mower and also some essential tips for making it.

Hopefully, the article will help you to know, how to drive a zero-turn lawn mower properly.

How to drive a zero turn lawn mower?

Zero-turn lawn mower mainly used in the park, golf garden, or sports field. It can trim the large area’s grass properly.

You can utilize your time using zero turn lawn mower. So, you need to know the steps of driving a zero-turn lawn mower properly. The steps are given below.

Mounted the Position

Driving a Lawn Mower

At first the notice the position of your sit, steering, accelerator, and break. The steering levels, accelerator, and break in front of your sit.

This looks like yonder a typical car. Just one difference is, the engine situated behind the sit. So, you may find the driving arrangement a little bit weird.

Notice the Steering

Lawn Mower Steering

A zero-turn lawn mower has precise steering. There are two steering levelers in front of your sit. Push both of the levelers forward, to move the power forward in a straight line.

On the other hand, pull them back to slow down the mower.

If you move the levelers in the opposite direction, the mower will turn.

Try to avoid sudden severe movements because zero-turn lawn mowers are quite sensitive.

Turn Properly

zero turn mower turning on

The perfect steering of a zero-turn mower provides a zero-turn radius. It can be turned 30 to 60 degrees easily.

The zero-turning radius helps you to utilize time. And increase the capability to clean up the whole area in less time.

Controlling the Wheel

A zero-turn lawn mower’s wheel can manage independently. You can turn the wheel of your mower 30 to 60 degrees easily.

The zero-turn mower has two types of wheels. They are right and left. It firmly fixes the steering with a zero-turn radius. Military tanks are also driven like this. It helps the mower to move correctly


You will always get a faster result using a zero-turn lawn mower. Because its acceleration capacity is quite good.

The zero-turn lawn mower has a covering width of up to 60 inches, and you can increase the speed to around 8 miles per hour. Perfect control will help you to maintain the acceleration properly.

You have to control the acceleration of the mower pedal which situated in front of your sit

Utilize your Time

Don’t mow those places which you have already cleaned. Mowing the whole area for once is enough. Utilize your time and get the best result.

Tips for Driving Zero-Turn Lawn Mowers

Zero turn lawn mower comfort

Here are some tips to help you in driving this machine carefully.

The Basic Controls

To drive a zero-turn lawn mower, the first thing you need to know is how the controls work in this machine.

There are two main levers in the mower to control it. If you move both the bar forward, it will make your lawn mower go straight ahead. For coming back, you have to do the opposite.

And with one lever moved you can make your lawn mower turn to the right or left.

So here, what you have to do is to practice these lever pulling to develop your skills in driving a zero-turn lawn mower. The more you practice, the better you will get in your driving.

Making Proper Turnings

A zero-turn lawn mower is capable of producing a full one hundred and eighty degrees of turn without moving back and forth.

As you are using the lawn mower to plain the grass in your field or land, such a turn can mess the grass of your land.

So while turning to be careful not to make a hard turn.

Being Aware of Hills

If you are mowing in a hilly field, you have to be careful to maintain the speed. Otherwise, you will end up getting into accidents.

Zero-turn lawn mowers can get speedy fast. And so if you are driving downhill there is a chance your mower could get over speed and then you won’t be able to stop the machine in time.

Be careful about such incidents and always maintain the speed while driving on hills. Here are a few safety tips you shouldn’t forget.

Speeding & Breaking Tips

Finally, as you have already seen how speed can affect you in a hilly area, you should know that the speed of the lawn mower can be very helpful in plain land.

Because a high-speed lawn mower will make your job done faster. But you have to practice more to use the break efficiently.

Proper practice will surely help you to master the speeding and breaking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question #1: How to turn the zero-turn lawn mower without any steering wheel?

Answer: Two levers help in turning.

Question #2: Is learning the driving of a zero-turn lawn mower difficult?

Answer: It’s not very tough, just some proper guidelines can teach you to drive this machine easily.

Question #3: How to stop the zero-turn lawn mower?

Answer: If the lever placed forward, pull it back to stop. Do the opposite if the lever positioned backward.

Question #4: Do I have to use this machine only for large yards?

Answer: No, you can use it for smaller yards too. But it saves a lot of time for larger yards.


As you can see driving a zero-turn lawn mower is not so hard if you follow some proper steps. All you need to do is to practice for some time to get your hands smooth on the driving controls.

Finally, I am sure that this guide helped you to learn about how to drive a zero-turn lawn mower efficiently and safely. And I hope you have got all your answers from our guide. Thank you for being with us.

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