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Zero Turn Vs Riding Mower Differences: Which One is The Best?

zero turn vs riding mower

We found that a lot of people want to know about zero turn vs riding mower, but we didn’t find any well-written article. Our research team wrote their practical experience to help you find the best mower for your projects.

If you have a spacious lawn at your house, then you must know the efforts behind the beauty of it. Maintaining the large lawns demands lots of time and effort. In this case, a lawn mower can help you to mow your lawn efficiently and quickly with less effort.

There are many types of mowers such as zero turn mower and riding mower. But, how do you know which kind of mower should you chose for your lawn?

Here, in this primer, we’ve come up with a few key points about zero turn vs riding mower. Have a look here and choose the best kind of mower for your beautiful lawn.

Zero Turn vs Riding Mower

Both the zero turn mower and riding mower performs the same task. But they work in different ways. Let’s know more about them.

The Pattern of Mowing

Pattern of mowing

The main difference between riding and a zero turn mower is their pattern of mowing. While running a riding mower, you have to reach the end of every grass swath.

Later, you have to mow again in the opposite direction. The full turning radius of the riding mower leaves a few patches of uncut grass while turning in the other way.

A zero turn mower can turn on the dime for cutting carefully around the barriers without messing a blade of grass. So, mowing the lawns with zero turn radius mowers is faster than riding mowers.

Now you decide which kind is the best for your lawn. If you don’t know how to drive a zero turn lawn mower, click to read the experts opinion.

Machine Control

Most people find easy to operate riding mowers. They have steering wheels, and so people see it comfortable to use. The zero turn mowers have two handles usually to control the mower.

There’s a pedal to break the zero turn machine. Also, it is essential to maneuver both the stems into the neutral position to apply the brake.

The rear wheels of the zero turn mowers can take tight turns under the control of the operators. While the riding mower makes those turns with the front wheels.

The zero turn mowers mow the trees and all the obstacles of the lawn within a short time. Spotting the challenges on the ground becomes more comfortable with a zero turn mower.

Deck Size

Zero turn mower deck size chart

Choosing the deck size is crucial when you’re buying a zero turn mower or a riding mower. It doesn’t matter which kind of mower you buy if your mower cuts a swath too narrow. With such machines, mowing the lawn will take a long time.

It will be good if you have an idea about the distance between the obstacles in your lawn. Thus, you can avoid purchasing a mower with the deck size too broad. The deck size of the riding mower should be 54 inches at least. The zero turn mowers deck size is usually 60 inches or more.

Mowing Speed

Between zero turn and riding mower, zero turns are faster than riding mowers. They are faster than a riding mower by a couple of miles per hour usually. The speed of a typical riding mower is around 3 to 4 mph.

Again, the speed of a conventional zero turn mower is 5-8 mph. Commercial zero turn radius mowers cut at a speed of up to 13 mph.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Question: How Does a Zero Turn Mower Cut Faster Than a Riding Mower?
Answer: The zero turn mower will cut the lawn within a half of the time that a riding mower may require. Zero turn mowers allow you to mow around the trees, driveways at a close distance. While a riding mower will enable you to cut as close as the mower’s turning radius allows. Since the turning radius of a zero turn mower is zero, you can go as close as you need.

#2. Question: Why Do Zero Turn Mowers Cost More Than Riding Mowers?
Answer: The zero turn mowers usually have more massive decks, engines than traditional riding mowers. Also, they use more steel than riding mowers. So, the cost of the machine is a bit much.

In Conclusion

Everybody wants their lawn to be smooth. A smooth lawn depends on its trimming. Both the zero turn and riding mowers can help you to trim your lawn within a short time. Between zero turn and riding mower, zero turn mowers provide many facilities to mow the trees.

Here, in this article, the key differences between zero turn vs riding mower are pointed out. Hope, our article will help you to decide which the best mower for your lawn is.

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