5 Best Lawn Spreaders Reviews with Buying Guide in 2021

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Last Updated on March 23, 2021 by John Patterson

Best Lawn Spreaders Reviews

Do you have a large garden?

If your answer is yes, no doubt, you need the best fertilizer spreader out there.

They make your task more comfortable and help you to successfully and readily dispense materials that strengthen the lawn and destroys weeds.

With different types and models of fertilizer spreaders in the market, it can be a lot of hassle to decide on which one suits the size and the need of your lawn.

However, there is no need to get worked up.

We have provided you in this wordy piece with all the information you need to make the right choice and also offered the reviews of our top five picks to guide your shopping decisions.

Now, let’s quickly start!

Quick Picks

Best Value
Scotts Turf Builder EdgeGuard Mini Broadcast Spreader - Spreads Grass...
Other Consideration
Scotts Whirl Hand-Powered Spreader
Scotts Turf Builder EdgeGuard Mini Broadcast Spreader - Spreads Grass...
Scotts Whirl Hand-Powered Spreader
Editor's Rating
Prime Status
Best Value
Scotts Turf Builder EdgeGuard Mini Broadcast Spreader - Spreads Grass...
Scotts Turf Builder EdgeGuard Mini Broadcast Spreader - Spreads Grass...
Editor's Rating
Prime Status
Other Consideration
Scotts Whirl Hand-Powered Spreader
Scotts Whirl Hand-Powered Spreader
Editor's Rating
Prime Status

5 Best Lawn Spreaders Reviews in 2021

These five heavy-duty lawn spreaders ensure your lawn has the right water and nutrient it requires to be evergreen and eliminate the weed. So, do not make your shopping decisions until you have checked them out all!

#1. Scotts Turf Builder EdgeGuard Mini Broadcast Spreader

Scotts Turf Builder EdgeGuard Mini Broadcast Spreader - Spreads Grass...
19,171 Reviews
Scotts Turf Builder EdgeGuard Mini Broadcast Spreader - Spreads Grass...
  • Scotts turf builder mini walk-behind broadcast...
  • Designed to deliver superior results when used...
  • Comes pre-calibrated and fully assembled with...
  • Ideal for treating smaller areas, and its compact...
  • Holds up to 5,000 square feet of Scotts lawn...

What We Liked
    • Affordable.
    • Easy to set.
    • Adjustable settings suit a broad range of applications.
    • Compact size for portability and easy storage.
    • Useful for various types of fertilizers.
    • Covers more ground than most drop fertilizer spreaders.
    • Features a foldable push-handle.
    • Seed drip is easy to adjust with controls.
    • Lightweight but non-shaky.
    • Easy to use.
    • Easy to push.

What We Didn't Like
  • Uneven spread.
  • Requires regular cleaning.
  • Not suitable for use on the non-level ground.
  • Wheels are thin.
  • The height of the push handle is non-adjustable.
  • Limited durability.

Choose this Scotts Turf broadcast lawn spreader if you have large lawns. The dispensing mechanism discharges fertilizer in a semicircular manner, helping it to cover a larger area of the garden in a shorter period while at the same time evening out the spread.

Check this latest guide if you need a top-quality lawnmower.

The Edge guard Technology unlocks the right side of the best fertilizer spreader and stops the dispensing materials from falling at spots outside the lawn. This spreader doesn’t require any installation, and you can use it right away after unboxing it. You also don’t need to calibrate it as it comes with factory calibration.

All you need to do is load material, and off you go. Besides, the dashboard shows the correct settings that help you to get a perfect cover. The container capacity can load materials that could easily cover five thousand square feet of your lawn or garden.

This cheap lawn spreader is compatible with different types of fertilizer. You can efficiently regulate the dispense rate to minimize waste. This is a perfect choice and a famous high-capacity fertilizer spreader in the gardening world because it works flawlessly, delivers much more value than the price, and lasts for a relatively long period.

Besides, you don’t waste any time setting it up. The popularity of this spreader also makes many fertilizer manufacturers incorporate its setting in their product’s bag. This further establishes the product as a user-friendly lawn spreader.

Also, this spreader can work for various applications including seed dispersal, grass-fed, and fertilizer application. It is suitable for use at any time of the year and just about any season of the year. So you can be sure to have a properly maintained lawn that looks evergreen with this best fertilizer spreader.

Overall, it is small-sized and compact for easy storage. You can trust it for excellent portability. No wonder why it is the best choice of many!

#2. Scotts Elite Broadcast Spreader with EdgeGuard

Scotts Elite Spreader
19,171 Reviews
Scotts Elite Spreader
  • Dual rotor technology provides unbeatable accuracy...
  • Holds up to 20,000 sq. ft. of Scotts lawn product,...
  • Never-flat tires to conquer any...
  • Ergonomic handle with smartphone holder
  • Minor assembly required - Remove agitator pins...

What We Liked
    • Fantastic value for the price.
    • Excellent quality.
    • Well balanced and easy to roll.
    • Solid construction to ensure durability.
    • The materials can load easily.
    • Easy to set up and clean.
    • Nice looking.
    • Uniform spread of seed or fertilizer.
    • Flawless performance.
    • Easy to use.

What We Didn't Like
  • A bit costly but delivers excellent result.
  • The wheels come in poor design.
  • Fertilizer collects in EdgeGuard collar resulting in clumping.

The Scotts Elite Broadcast best fertilizer spreader comes with a double rotor technology to provide a nice spread and enhance the spread pattern to six feet to minimize the time you spend passing across your lawn. It is built to deliver with utmost accuracy and large capacities that can help you cover up to twenty thousand square feet at a go.

This large capacity dramatically minimizes the number of passes you require. It works well with all types of materials including manure, seed, melting agents, and salt. The sturdy tires of this heavy-duty lawn spreader work seamlessly in any terrain without going flat.

The handle comes with a holder for a smartphone, so you never lose connections while you work. Assembling requires just a little work and is comfortable.

You need to take off agitator pins when you are discharging salt granules. The large capacity of the hopper lets you fill a lot more to reduce the number of required passes.

You can easily use this best fertilizer spreader out of the box because it is calibrated. Also, many fertilizer brands come with settings compatible with the spreader on their user manual. This calibration makes it easy for you to start spreading right away. It yields excellent performance.

Nevertheless, for a better result, you need to calibrate the spreader following the provided calibration guide before your first use to ensure everything goes fine with your lawn.

Besides, the spreader looks very lovely. It comes in a larger capacity which increases the loading amount and reduces your work time.

#3. John Deere 130-lb Capacity Tow-behind Lawn Spreader

What We Liked
    • The automatic flow feature stops dispensing when the tractor isn’t moving.
    • Even spread.
    • The large container makes the task more comfortable.
    • Reduces the number of refills and passes across the lawn.
    • Components of the spreader are entirely covered.
    • Compatible with multiple types of tractors and lawnmowers.
    • Polyethylene makes cleaning easy and is rust-proof.
    • Sturdy and rust-free steel frame.
    • Smooth rolling, thanks to the big knob tread on the tires.
    • Easy to use.

What We Didn't Like
  • It is comparatively costly.

Even a rookie can easily regulate this John Deere Tow-behind heavy-duty lawn spreader. Undoubtedly this one is a perfect choice and one of the best tow-behind fertilizer spreaders on the market in 2021.

It arrives in a design that makes it easy to set and operate. You will love this best fertilizer spreader for its ability to produce even spread. Also, you can hardly beat the ease of maneuverability that its big pneumatic tires bring on board.

Besides, it readily attaches to the John Deere tractor making the job much more manageable. The oversized hopper makes your job quicker. With one fill, you can cover roughly 0.5 acres of lawn.

Reloading several times can be time-consuming and exhausting, and this is where the large capacity of the spreader helps to ensure you finish your job quicker. The structure of this best fertilizer spreader makes it suitable for heavy-duty jobs. Furthermore, it is very sturdy.

The hopper is made with rust-resistant polyethylene material, and the components are adequately covered. So the entire system is resistant to corrosion. It yields precise and accurate spread; thanks to its innovative directional dispense model and automatic discharge of materials.

This helps to keep the material from discharging when you halt the tractor. With the dispenser model, you can go as high as twelve feet, but this depends on the material and the spread rate. Its heat-treated steel gears with the plastic enclosure are protected from corrosive material.

It is suitable for round-the-year usage and serves multipurpose. You can use it to spread seed, manure, lawn chemicals, and even salt or materials that help to melt snow during winter.

The nylon kits in the ratio of six-is-to-one help you get a broader reach while spreading at a low rate.

#4. Brinly BS36BH Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader

Brinly BS36BH, 175 lb, Black Tow-Behind Broadcast Spreader
485 Reviews
Brinly BS36BH, 175 lb, Black Tow-Behind Broadcast Spreader
  • High-capacity hopper: Extra large, rust- and...
  • Lasting durability: All parts that come in contact...
  • Patented autoflow with spread pattern control:...
  • Easy calibration: calibration controls feature an...
  • Includes hopper cover: Included clear-top hopper...

What We Liked
    • Well-built and sturdy construction.
    • Comparatively easy to assemble.
    • Excellent functionality.
    • Delivery control has flawless performance when pressing the on and off button.
    • Nice rolling tires with a fantastic spread.
    • The lever doesn’t vibrate when the pivot is appropriately tight.
    • Stress-free to follow and precise installation guide.
    • Easily attaches to the majority of lawn and garden tractors.
    • Easy to use.

What We Didn't Like
  • The wheelbase is a bit narrow.
  • It comes in a heavy design limiting the amount of material you can.

Brinly BS36BH Tow behind Broadcast Spreader features a jumbo-sized hopper with a capacity of 175 pounds to reduce your refill time and cover a large area of the lawn at a go. It is made of poly material for easy cleaning and to give it rust-resistant ability.

The directional Spread regulation model of this spreader helps to yield even spread and distant coverage. Durable construction with all the gears enclosed makes it rust-resistant. Also, the hardware, tubing, and agitator are made from stainless steel to make them hold up and free from corrosion.

You can easily adjust it to get even the spread of materials. This means you can direct the machine to spread in any direction of choice, whether to the right, to the left, or the center of the lawn. You can quickly lead the spread away from the places that don’t require the material with the spreader.

This is one of the best-rated lawnmower fertilizer spreaders that you can trust to do the job precisely the way you want. More so, you can be sure to keep your lawn always healthy with this best fertilizer spreader as it makes the spread fastest and simplest while at the same time saving you from unnecessary wastage of materials.

It is suitable for all-year-round usage and can work for spreading seed, fertilizer, and also melting agents during winter. The large adjustability range helps it to dispense the materials fast.

Nonetheless, the base is exceptionally flat, and this makes the material in the bottom-feed inconsistent and results in a patchy spread or dispersal.

Overall, this fertilizer spreader is a great choice. It comes in a solid structure that you can trust for durability if properly handled. Also, the installation guide is excellent with all the components grouped to make every step of the installation hitch-free.

#5. Titan 50 lb Professional Broadcast Spreader 

Titan Attachments Broadcast Spreader 50 lb. Drum 3 Positions...
335 Reviews
Titan Attachments Broadcast Spreader 50 lb. Drum 3 Positions...
  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY: If you're looking for a...
  • DURABLE LAWN EQUIPMENT: Unlike many seeders, the...
  • LARGE CAPACITY DRUM: Constant refills while...
  • QUALITY AXLE & TIRES: Like all Titan products, the...
  • GREAT FOR MANY TERRAINS: Our broadcast spreader is...

What We Liked
    • Solid build for durability.
    • Adjustable handle and free flow.
    • Works well in most terrain.
    • Steal and plastic materials for durability.
    • User-friendliness.
    • Large tires for easy maneuverability.
    • Suitable for tall people because of the long handle.
    • Fantastic value at an affordable price.
    • Attractive and smart design.
    • Excellent functionality

What We Didn't Like
  • Not easy to set up.
  • Insufficient installation guide.
  • Axle bushings need more spacers to make it more stable.

This Titan broadcast spreader is a commercial lawn spreader specifically designed to suit the needs of professional gardeners. It delivers even spread for all sorts of gardening materials including seeds, melting agents, fertilizers, manures, and herbicides.

The 50 pounds drum capacity increases the quantity of load you can deliver in one pass while at the same time limiting the amount of time you will spend working on the lawn. It features a well-built gearbox and a high-quality axle to ensure it serves you for an extensive length of time.

With the triple position handle, you can adjust the level of even spread you want. Also, with the long handle, you don’t need to bend over to roll the spreader around the lawn, especially if you are tall. The wide tires make it easy to maneuver and easy to push on non-flat surfaces.

The installation manual did not provide sufficient info on the installation of the axle, but once you have gone beyond that step, everything works fast and smoothly. To get it right and make usage easy, you need to start with assembling the frame and ensure you capture the axle and gearbox in the bushing holes.

After that, you can now set up the bigger bushings from the frame’s exterior or the side of the wheel. Next, you can set up the smaller bushings following the same way you did for the larger ones. When you are done with this, move on with the installation of the plastic washers, followed by the wheels.

Ensure you cap the wheels to hold them in position and lock the bushings to keep them stable. You will love the smooth rolling of the spreader.

It outperforms the majority of popular brands in this regard. Besides, the big air-filled tires of this lawn spreader make the application simpler.

The large filter with gaps shaped like the diamond makes discharge easy. It also lets you disintegrate any clumps in the hopper for a smoother and more even delivery.

The transparent plastic cover protects the material from wind storms interfering with the application.

How to Choose the High-quality Lawn Spreaders?

how to choose the lawn spreaders

If you are wondering how to choose the top-rated fertilizer spreaders, this part of the guide shows you exactly how to pick the right choice for your needs.
Let the following factors be your guiding principles!

Adjustable Spreader Settings

The adjustable spreader settings are the feature that lets you select the amount of fertilizer, seed, or water you want to dispense on specific lawn locations. Your chosen spreader must feature calibrations that are easily legible with a flawless working mechanism.

Go for the option that is easy to customize, read, and comprehend. Also, the dispensing mechanism must be easy to use. It must also be rust-resistant and one that doesn’t clog up quickly.

Durable Construction

The lawn spreader that you choose also needs to come in a sturdy frame with durable construction particularly if you want bigger models of tow-behind fertilizer spreaders.

Containers of the fertilizer spreaders need to be manufactured with heavy-duty plastic or steel material. If you are managing larger lawns, go for fertilizer spreaders that come with steel tubes.

Choose the option that attaches tightly to the carriage. The spreader wheel system should be durable and must rotate without obstructions around the axle.

Some carriages come with properly reinforced steel tubes that let them accommodate seed or other materials weighing up to two hundred pounds.

Spreading Mechanism

The spreading mechanism needs to be able you get even distribution of seeds or fertilizers. An unequal application can cause problems like burnt patches due to extreme spreads or malnourished spots as a result of the insufficient application.

The top-quality fertilizer spreaders ought to help you to get an even application at a regulated rate. Also, check to ensure that the spreading mechanism is made from materials that are resistant to corrosion.

Also, check the operating component to determine the rate of flow. Check if the setting is adjustable and the mode of operation to establish the dispensing rate.


You don’t want to purchase a spreader that would hardly hold up. So, check the manufacturer’s guarantee to give you an idea about how long the spreader is designed to last. Manufacturers offer various degrees and types of warranty depending on their popularity.

Ensure your final choice comes from a reputable brand to double-check you get the best value out of your product. Remember, that you may unavoidably joggle the spreader around bumps or across the wall of a building as you move.

Your spreader needs to be constructed with durable materials to withstand such harsh bumps. The container must be sturdy to last you for a long time.


The price aspect is obvious. By all means, look for top-quality fertilizer spreaders with affordable and competitive prices. However, do not sacrifice quality for cost. Research for good quality fertilizer spreaders and then go for the one that is more cost-effective and most suitable for your budget.

This way, you be sure to get the best quality product at the most affordable price.

Size of Hopper

The capacity of your spreader is a significant consideration to make when looking to buy a lawn spreader. The capacity determines the amount of material you can load on the spreader and how much area you will be able to cover before you need to refill the tank.

Choose a fertilizer spreader with sufficient capacity to minimize the number of refills you need to get the whole lawn area entirely covered.

Final Verdict & Our Choice

There you have it, all the information you need to choose a suitable lawn spreader from the numerous brands out there. All the five picks in this best fertilizer spreader reviews and buying guide make a great choice, but we rate the Scotts Turf Builder EdgeGuard Mini Broadcast Spreader as the best overall.

Although it is a cheap lawn spreader, it provides value much more than three times the price and performs even more efficiently than some more expensive brands.

It is a famous lawn spreader, thus, compatible with the settings on the majority of the fertilizer bags.

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