4 Best Amico Welder Reviews in 2024: A Buyer’s Guide

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Last Updated on April 16, 2024 by John Patterson

Since 1995, Amico Power had been a brand that welders are talking about a lot.

Over time, they have gained nothing but constant and increasing appreciation from fellow welders.

So, there must be some killer models of welders that beat off the other similar models in terms of price and quality, right?

We’ve been concerned about this question for quite some time, and ended up with this article.

Here, we’ve picked the best Amico power welder on the market in 2024 and ordered them in an ascending manner.

Take a moment and consider going through the whole post-

Amico Welder Reviews of 2024

Amico Welder Reviews

Here’s the updated list of Best Amico Welder we found on the market today. 

#1. Amico 160 Welder Reviews

Many times, beginner and intermediate welders get stuck at adjusting and understanding those bulky welding machines.

What they need is a compact, lightweight machine that is good at its job, and easy to operate.

Amico power had brought up exactly one of those kinds: Amico 160 Amp Digital Display LCD Stick Welder.

What We Liked
    • Ready to use LCD.
    • Weighs as light as 15.4 pounds only.
    • Quite compact and portable in design.
    • Protective from voltage and current drops.
    • 990% efficiency score.
    • Runs on both 15V and 230V.
    • Amico 160 comes with a 10 feet cable.
    • Adjusts with a 3.2mm welding electrode.
    • 20A to 160A high range current output.
    • Power Source: AC 100~250V / 60Hz~50Hz

What We Didn't Like
  • Not a great fit for continuous welding support.

It’s our #1 ranked pick for today’s list, and let’s break down its features-

Features and Benefits

Dual Voltage Compatibility
We all have household AC outlets that run on 115V. Where the commercial or industrial outlets run on 230V.

So, if you want to pick up a welding machine that can be used both in a home garage and your worksites, it’s a must for the welder to be compatible with both 115V and 230V.

And this Amico Stick welding machine (230v dual voltage) from Amico Power comes with exactly that feature.

A Safe Model against Electric Mishaps
It’s not a rare incident that there comes a sudden rise of voltage or ampere while you’re working with a welding machine.

To save up your welding machine from getting damaged, you might consider buying a voltage stabilizer.

But not anymore, if you stick to this model. It has in-built protection from voltage, current, and load fluctuation.

Simple and Easy to Operate
We can call up this welding machine a perfect pick for beginner or intermediate level welding.

As the operating process and steps are pretty easy to understand, anybody will adapt to its uses quickly.

Stable Arc with Adjustable Current
It’s irritating for a welder when the arc intensity drops off and on while working.

To make it checked, this model comes with a perfect and stable arc production system. With the adjustable controller, you can set the arc heat as per your need.

An Efficient Welding Machine for All Purpose
Efficiency is, of course, one of the first and foremost ways to recognize a welding machine’s effectiveness.

As long as you are working with a 90% useful welder, things will look a lot better on the job. Yeah, this Amico Stick welding comes with that much efficiency at works.

#2. Amico TIG-205HF Review

What We Liked
    • This is an arc welder designed for the home hobbyist or professional user.
    • It can be used to weld mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum with a variety of electrode types.
    • The Amico TIG-205HF, 205 Amp  DC Inverter Welder has been designed with ease of use in mind.
    • Its lightweight and compact design mean that you can take it anywhere you need to weld without any hassle or difficulty.
    • This Tig welding machine makes welding as easy as pressing a button!
    • With its digital interface, this welder allows you to adjust settings quickly and easily while providing great results every time!
    • Whether you’re looking for a welder for your home garage or something more professional-grade, the Amico TIG-205HF is an excellent choice at an affordable price point!
    • Excellent customer support.

What We Didn't Like
  • We found a small, slow gas leak inside the machine.
  • The torch is a bit large, a smaller one would be great.

Features and Benefits

The TIG-205HF dc inverter welder, with its patented MOSFET inverter technology, allows for stable arc and excellent weld quality.

The machine is perfect for all welding types – stainless steel to copper; low carbon steel or iron – which makes it the go-to tool when you need a little DIY at home!

It’s very easy to carry that even your kids can help out too! This lightweight design gives great portability while maintaining an elegant structure.

The TIG-205HF is a professional-grade Argon arc welder with excellent performance and an elegant, robust structure.

This industrial-grade Tig welding machine has high frequency and voltage arcs that start easily for 100% perfection in every weld.

The 10 to 205 amperes current ensures it can be used on any thickness of the workpiece which makes the 80% duty cycle perfect for long-time use without stopping or heat damage.

The TIG-205HF is the perfect power supply for any application.

It features a sleek and modern design that will fit into most spaces with ease, yet won’t look out of place in your living room due to its light minimalist style as well.

You can easily switch between automatic mode and manual input from 95V – 260V which means it’s great for both demanding industrial work or tasks around the house such as simple chores like vacuuming!

If you need to work in a difficult area, there is no better solution than using its power extension cord.

At 700 feet long and with both ends being grounded, it will ensure that your machine stays operational at all times.

The 205HF Tig welding machine comes with a welding torch that has safety features such as overheat protection, overload protection, and voltage fluctuation compensation.

It also comes with an automatic temperature control fan which makes the machine run very quietly!

#3. Amico 200 AMP Stick Welder Review

If you are serious about a real professional’s welder weapon, the Amico 200 Amp TIG Torch/Arc/Stick DC Inverter Welder is for you.

Unlike the typical 160-ampere output range, it has got an impressive 200 amp output at max.

Apart from the ampere output rest of the factors are praiseworthy. Let’s have a look at the broken down specs below-

What We Liked
    • Compatible with several metal types.
    • A full-size TIG type welder with 3 more welding processes.
    • Flawless weld, resulting in less post-welding cleanup.
    • Dual voltage compatibility.
    • It comes with a TIG torch and a 13 feet cable.
    • Machine tested for high-quality performance.
    • 20-200 ampere output range for professional welding.

What We Didn't Like
  • To work with a 200A welder, you have to take a whole lot of safety measures.

Features and Benefits

20-200A Output High-Quality TIG Welder
The model we’re up to right now can provide an output amperage of 20-200A, which is pretty much excellent for mid to high-level welding jobs.

No matter how thick the duty cycle is, it will keep on supplying that kind of amperage in welding.

Long Duty Cycle, Perfect for Continuous Works
The duty cycle of this Amico Stick welding machine is 60% at a voltage of 230V, and around 50-55% at a voltage of 115V.

As you know, this welder can work on both voltage ranges of 115V and 230V, and provide continuous support at both.

4 Types of Welding Process in 1 Machine
Although the name of this combo welder machine suggests it as a TIG type welder, there are other sorts of welding processes that it can take over.

The list concludes Stick welding, ARC welding, and MMA welding. Based on what type of workpieces you are dealing with, you can choose from the list of these four.

Comes with Three Different Sizes of Electrodes
With the machine itself, you can get to use three different kinds of electrode sizes, which is a rare virtue for TIG welders of this level.

You will get a couple of ⅛ inches electrodes, a couple of 3/32 inches of electrodes, and a couple of  5/64 inches of electrodes.

No Post Welding Cleanup
An essential factor that most of the high-quality welders look over is, what and how much the post-welding cleanup process will be.

In the case of this welder, we’re talking about; the post-welding clean-up almost doesn’t exist. The welding output is quite flawless, so you don’t have a whole lot of mess around the welding area.

Works in Two Kinds of Voltages
Although it’s a common virtue of many good quality welding machines, we think it’s mention-worthy once again.

No matter it’s the household 115V environment or the commercial 230V environment, this Amico Stick welding machine will work just fine.

Can-Weld On several Metal Types
Let’s present the best feature at the last, and that its ability to work with almost any kind of metals used in regular workshops.

No matter it’s stainless steel, copper, mild steel, alloy steel, or cast iron, the TIG-200 will work just fine.

Who Makes Amico Welders? Where are Amico welders made?

Are Amico welders made in the USA?

Amico Power is an American brand, which has a rich product line regarding welding and welding accessories.

Initially, their products had been manufactured and assembled in the USA.

But later on, they have joined the row of many welding and electronics suppliers in the USA and started outsourcing the parts and parcels from China, Taiwan, and similar countries.

That being said, Amico Power still assembles most of its welding products in the USA. And there is a USA-standard testing process through which they take their products to ensure optimal quality.

Amico welders any good?

Welding and cutting machines are necessary tools for many industries. However, they can be very expensive and require constant maintenance.

Many brands offer welding equipment, but Amico Power offers you a complete solution.

Their welders and cutting machines are designed to last longer than any other on the market today. This means fewer headaches for you and more time spent doing what you love.

By purchasing from Amico Power you will receive high-quality products at low costs without sacrificing performance or reliability.

You will also enjoy excellent customer support that is available 24/7 to answer any questions that may arise during your purchase or use of their products.

When it comes to choosing a company to provide your welding equipment, we want you to choose Amico because they offer both quality products and excellent service at the lowest prices possible.

They don’t just sell their products; they stand behind them as well!

If there should ever be an issue with your machine or its parts during normal use, contact them right away so they can get it fixed quickly!

You will always have access to our friendly customer support team who can help walk you through any issues that may arise when using Amico Power products.

How we wrote this review?

While selecting the four best Amico welders for this list, we have considered several factors. In case you are interested in our process of evaluating these products, here you go-

The Usability

By usability, there come several things in a welding machine. We have checked whether these machines can run on dual voltage, we have looked for easy-to-operate welders, and so on.

The Arc Stability

Nothing will make it up if the arc quality is not stable in welding. Therefore, this had been one of our top priorities throughout the selection process.

The Compactness

In case you need two men to lift a single portable welder, that’s not what you will go for, right? We’ve kept that in mind, and therefore, lightweight and compactness had been two of our essential factors.

Final Verdict

So, that’s the wrap-up, guys. If you have got a positive vibe about Amico- the brand, this might be quite informative for you.

From the list of best Amico welders, hopefully, you’ve been picked up your one.

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