32 Must-have Welding Tools List: Safety Equipment List Described

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Last Updated on March 16, 2024 by Mamunur Rashid

Best Welding Tools List

Welding has been a great invention for humankind. About 2000 years ago, Egyptians invented a method for connecting separate bronze pieces.

Since then, we have found different ways to weld metals together. However, one thing hasn’t been resolved to this date.

And that is the danger associated with welding.

Welding is fun and all until you get exposed to the dangerous rays and fumes of it.

So, it’s essential to know the proper safety measures necessary while welding. And to help you out, we have brought in our detailed welding tools list/safety equipment list.

Once you’re done with these essential welding tools, you’ll be able to know how to prepare before welding.

That being said, let’s not waste any more time here. Let’s jump right into the welding tools/welding accessories list-

32 Must-have Welding Tools for 2024

  • Welding Safety Glasses
  • Welding Helmet
  • Welding Safety Mask
  • Safety Gloves
  • Safety Pants (for men, for women)
  • Safety Jackets
  • Welding Shirts (for men, for women)
  • Welding T-shirts (full, half)
  • Welding Sleeves
  • Welding Aprons
  • Welding Hats
  • Welding Boots
  • Ear Plugs
  • Measuring
  • Welding Clamps
  • Welding Magnets
  • Welding Gauge
  • Welding Electrode
  • Wire and Electrode Feed
  • Angle Grinder
  • Metal Brush
  • Welding Hammer
  • Welding Table
  • MIG Pliers
  • Grinding Visor
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Hacksaw
  • Hand File
  • Welding Framing Jig
  • Soapstone
  • Portable Band Saw
  • Oxy-Acetylene Setup

Welding Tools List: Safety Equipment List Described

#1. Welding Safety Glasses or Goggles

Welding Safety Glasses or Goggles

Safety glasses or safety goggles are the most important welding tools.

Safety glasses are safety goggles. But safety glasses are specially designed for welding jobs. Some say you won’t have to wear these if you’re wearing a helmet. And we believe it’s true. Welding helmets are capable enough to give you full-fledged face protection.

Now, if you’re not a fan of helmets, then we have this option here. However, in this case, you have to prepare full-on face protection. However, we’ll get to that later on.

Now, let’s discuss the welding glasses. You can classify these glasses based on two criteria. Air movement and glass type. Now, let’s explore all those variations-

Types based on Lens Material

Optical Lenses: These glasses provide the clearest vision. Are a bit heavy and won’t be much against some sort of direct impact.

NXT Polyurethane Lenses: Also known as Trivex glasses. The most lightweight glass that offers top-tier visibility. However, this is the most expensive one.

Polycarbonate Lenses: These lenses are pretty lightweight. Moreover, you’ll get protection from UV rays. However, the sight won’t be fully clear.

Acrylic Lenses: These lenses are light and cheap. However, these are pretty low in clarity and durability index.

Types Based on Air Flow

Here we have three types again. The direct vent glasses are fog proof but are weak. Indirect vent glasses will fog once in a while. But these are stronger than the direct vent glasses. Lastly, we have non-event glasses. These glasses will fog pretty often. However, these are the strongest.

#2. Welding Helmet

Welding Helmets

A welding helmet is the most important item while welding. As we’ve said earlier, welding creates harmful fumes, UV rays, and many other unwanted hazards. The welding helmet is the best way to protect your face from those.

By welding helmets, we are referring to helmets that have inbuilt welding glasses. These welding helmets will protect both your eyes and face from-

  1. UV rays
  2. Sparks
  3. Debris
  4. Hot Slag
  5. Blinding Light

It’s almost impossible to avoid these while welding. Because of the weld, you have to get up close and concentrate a lot on the work. So, it’s important to wear helmets.

Now, your welding helmet glasses should be between shade 3 and shade 5. But it’d be great if you use an auto-dimming welding helmet. It’s possible that while welding sparks and lights will be at different intensities. The auto dimmable welding helmet can save you from that.

Besides, auto dimmable ones let you see even when you aren’t working.

#3. Welding Safety Masks or Respirators (Safety Gear)

Welding Safety Masks or Respirators

This item is number #3 in our list of welding tools.

Welding is melting metals and connecting the molten parts. Now, this melting process creates fumes. If you ever go near a welding project, then you’ll smell some kind of metallic smell. Now, to you, the smell might not matter. But it will matter to the welder.

What you smell from far is a very diluted mix of metallic oxide, fluorides, and silicates. But the welder has to face a concentrated mix of these chemicals. And in situations like that welding respirators come to the rescue.

So, what is a welding respirator? Well, this is a mask designed especially for protecting your respiratory system.

Here’s the thing- now we have 5 types of respirators out there. So, let’s explore each type-

Disposable Respirator

It’s obvious from the name that these masks are disposable. In other words, these are one-time use.

Because of this reason, these masks are made out of textile-based materials. These are super lightweight and comfortable. However, if you’re up for regular welding work, then it’s better to avoid these.

There are two reasons for this advice. Firstly, these masks won’t give you that level of protection. Secondly, it’ll cost you pretty much if you plan on buying one mask for each welding job.

Reusable Respirator

These respirators are one step ahead of disposable ones. In these masks, you’ll find a filter. And this filter is replaceable. So, if your respirator filter goes all dirty, then you can just simply replace it.

Changing the filter costs less than changing the mask. Moreover, this mask is lightweight and everything.

Half Mask Respirator

A half-mask respirator covers your breathing area. Which means it’ll cover the nose and chin area. This mask fits tightly on the face. However, it can be pretty comfortable even inside the helmet.

But make sure to see if these masks can cover your workplace toxicity level. Half mask respirators usually come with an APF 10 rating.

Full Mask Respirator

These are the upgraded versions of the half-mask respirators. This mask covers up the weak points of the half-mask respirator.

The main difference is, it covers the whole face. How does this help? Well, this means your face won’t be in direct contact with any sort of fume of welding debris.

So, this would be the thing if you’re uncomfortable with helmets.  However, even if you use a full mask respirator, you’d need those welding safety glasses. And the mask won’t give you any protection against any sort of impact. So, it’s still better to use helmets.

The full mask respirators would cost you more than the half-mask respirators. But these would be cheaper than the helmets.

Powered Air-purifying Respirators

These are the ultimate respirators. If you want to maximize your breathing protection, then these are the things you’d look for.

So, what are these? Well, imagine a mask with a hose. A powered device blows air through the hose and into the mask. Moreover, there are filters in the mask. As a result, you’ll get the ultimate protection.

These cost a bit much but are worth it.

#4. Safety Gloves/Welding Gloves

Safety Gloves

Safety gloves or welding gloves are one of the must-have items in our list of welding tools.

This is a must during a welding job. Just imagine if a slug lands on your wrist while welding. Do you think the medical bills will go soft on you? Besides, the insurance may create problems if you mess up your hand by welding without gloves.

Now let’s get to the main point. What types of gloves are good for welding? Well, don’t expect to go on a welding job wearing kitchen gloves first of all.

The welding gloves are engineered to withstand a high amount of temperature. And while resisting this temperature these welding gloves must also be comfortable.

You’ll find a lot of material combinations used in these welding gloves. But most of the welding gloves use some sort of Kevlar in them. And do you know where else Kevlar is used? In the bulletproof jackets.

So, you should get a pair of welding safety gloves.

#5. Safety Pants

Safety Pants

When you are listing the welding tools, you can’t forget the welding pants, right?

First of all, look for fire safety pants. These pants are pretty much available. But the hard task here would be to find pants without cuffs.

You need to avoid cuffs for a safety reasons. Think of it like this- while welding a slug found its way to your pants. Now, out of all places it got stuck onto your pant cuffs. You can imagine the rest of it.

So, even if you don’t find cuffless pants, get regular fire safety pants, and modify it. Just unravel the cuffs.

That’s not all-

Try to find pants with at least 2 inches of overlap. Stuck the extra part in your shoes. This will cover up all your open skin.

#6. Safety Jackets

Safety Jackets

Welding creates a lot of heat. And along with that, you get regular bursts of UV rays and many other short-length rays.

And regular cotton clothes won’t save you from any of those. So, for the least amount of protection, start using safety jackets. Undoubtedly this one is the must-have welding tool on my list.

So, what to look for while buying a safety welding jacket? The first criteria would be fire resistance.

As you’ll start welding, your jacket must resist heat and fire. It won’t be surprising if a slug lands on your clothes while welding. Most of the safety jackets are made out of leather and other heat-resistant materials.

However, don’t forget to tape off your jacket pockets before welding. And make sure that the jacket fits well.

#7. Safety Shirts and T-shirts

Safety Shirts and T-shirts

Your list of welding tools is incomplete without safety shirts and t-shirts.

Most people wear safety shirts instead of safety jackets. These shirts are fire and heat-resistant up to a certain point. However, these won’t give you protection at a jacket level.

But these are more comfortable than the safety jackets. And some of these shirts may come with their unique styles. So, these are perfect for the people who want to work in style.

However, many shirts claim to be heat-resistant shirts. But a lot of those shirts don’t meet the HFRC1 standards. If you work with just this shirt on, then it’s necessary to check the ratings.

Moreover, while working try to tape off the pockets and sleeves. It’s better if you use a ribbed shirt.

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#8. Aprons and Sleeves

Aprons and Sleeves

These are pretty common among welders. If you believe that safety and style don’t go together, then this is the place you want to be in.

Both the apron and the sleeves are made out of heat-resistant materials. These materials vary from product to product. But leather and treated cotton make up the majority of these products.

However, it’s better to buy leather aprons and sleeves. It’s because leather items won’t catch fire in a touch of extreme heat.

However, while buying the apron, make sure that you get the top leather quality. Keep in mind that genuine leather is the lowest leather quality. Try to get a full grain or top grain leather apron.

Also, see if the apron has an adjustable back strap. You don’t want any gaps between your shirt and the apron while welding.

For the sleeves, it’s okay if you find comfortable alternatives to leather ones. But make sure those will give your standard heat protection.

#9. Welding Hats and Beanies

Welding Hats and Beanies

It’s important to keep your head safe while welding. A slug can hit your heat. Moreover, the rays and fumes are also harmful to your head. However, many people feel a kind of discomfort while wearing helmets.

To keep them safe, there are many welding hats and beanies available in the market.

Now, in the case of hats, you have two options. You can either get a hard hat. Or you can get heat-resistant caps.

Hard hats will protect you from heat, impact, and toxic byproducts. But these are a bit rigid. On the other hand, the heat-resistant caps won’t protect you from impacts, but these are super comfy.

So, the choice is yours. However, look for two things while buying your hat or cap. If the beanie is adjustable or not. And secondly, which level of protection the hat can give you.

#10. Welding Boots

Welding Boots

Feet are at the same level of risk as any other body part while welding. So, you should give your feet the same level of protection as the other body parts. And the best way to protect your feet in any situation is by wearing a boot.

There are some specific risks of ditching a welding boot. To make things clear to you, we have listed that up-

  1. Burns
  2. Nail piercing
  3. Loose wire electric shock
  4. Slips

So, what kind of boot is good for tackling these welding risks?

Well, for your ease, we have prepared a checklist for welding safety boots. Your boots must have these features to pass the welding environment-

  1. Leather made (Must be sturdy)
  2. Flame resistant
  3. Goes up to 8 inches on the back
  4. Rubber-soled
  5. Slip-resistant
  6. Steel-plated above the sole

If your current footwear doesn’t maintain these requirements, then order up a new one.

Frequently Asked Questions 

#1: What PPE should be worn by welders?

List of welding tools

Answer: PPE means personal protective equipment. Our whole list here is about PPE. But for your ease, let’s look at the list again. The items are- Helmet, gloves, mask, apron, sleeves, safety pants, boots, etc. However, this is just one way. The other options are available on this list.

#2: What are the hazards associated with welding?

What are the hazards associated with welding

Answer: While welding you may face hazards like burns, electric shocks, fume breathing, cuts, and Ultraviolet Radiation. And because of these, you may incur severe damage to your eyes, respiratory system, skin. The damage may go up to a loss of fingers and toes.

#3: How do you protect yourself while welding?

How do you protect yourself while welding

Answer: You can protect yourself while welding by using the PPE. Besides these, you can clear up the welding metal before starting. This will make fewer toxic fumes. Moreover, try to weld in an open space but away from people.

#4: What are the safety equipment in PPE?

What are the safety equipment in PPE

Answer: Here is the complete list of PPEs. Glasses or goggles, helmets, gloves, masks or respirators, safety pants, safety jackets, safety shirts, aprons, sleeves, hard hats or welding caps, boots, etc. We have discussed each of these items in detail here.

#5: Should I wear a respirator while welding?

Answer: Yes, you should. However, the service you’ll get depends on the amount that you’re willing to spend. The best respirators will not only save you from fumes but also will supply you with fresh air. Moreover, those will last for a long time.

#6: What are the best boots for welding?

Answer: ROCKROOSTER AT872 Composite Toe Welding Boot is the best welding boot out there. This boot meets all the points from our checklist here. However, some other boots also met the checklist criteria, but these are best overall.

2#7: Is Cotton good for welding?

Answer: When compared to synthetic material, then yes. But when compared to leather then no. Cotton is one of the most common natural fibers. So, it doesn’t catch fire easily. On the other hand, synthetic materials will melt on your skin.

#8: What is the best welding shirt?

Best Welding Shirts Review

Answer: Bulwark Men’s Flame-Resistant Cotton Work Shirt with Sleeve Vent is the best welding shirt. This is a 100 % cotton shirt. So, it’ll resist fire and heat better than twill shirts.

#9: What is the best welding jacket?

Answer: QeeLink Leather Welding Jacket is the best welding jacket out there. It’s made out of leather, so you won’t have to worry about the flames. Moreover, the Kevlar stitching makes it long-lasting.

#10: What is the best welding pant?

Best Pants For Welding Women

Answer: Here you can choose from, leather, denim, and cotton pants. But we would recommend the Carhartt Men’s Flame-Resistant Signature Denim Jean Relaxed Fit. However, we would recommend you use an apron with these pants. That’ll give you the ultimate safety.

Bottom Line

There was our detailed welding tools list. Now you know which one is important and why. Moreover, you know how to choose the best of each one.

However, many items on this list overlap. There are several options for protecting each body part.

Now, decide which combo you will try on while welding. Good luck and happy welding. Stay safe.

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