Making a Safe Home Environment for Children with DIY Tools

Safe Home Environment for Children

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Last Updated on March 16, 2024 by John Patterson

Do you get that rush of adrenaline whenever you walk through the hardware section at the store and see a tool you don’t own yet? We know the feeling and congratulations on holding the latest tools on the market.

But OWNING isn’t enough. It’s about what you can CREATE with those tools that are important. If you’re a handyman homeowner, we want to share a few project ideas to consider for the coming year. 

Safe Home Environment for Children

So, here is our recommended list of making a safe home for children. 

#1. Childproof Where You Can

A wise place for parents to start using DIY tools around the house is making rooms safer for children. Consider the following:

  •  Do you have electrical cords running across floors? Tape them down or hammer cable clips into the floor or wall.
  •  Install toilet seat locks.
  •  Add childproof locks on drawers and cupboards.
  •  Are the stairs’ safety gates firmly in place, or do you need to reinforce them? 

Prevent Poisoning

Prevent Poisoning

Don’t forget poisoning is one of the significant causes of injury, especially for children under five. If the medicines and household chemicals are elementary to get for your children, they can easily be poisoned.

That’s why you will find most of the medicines/chemicals company uses “Keep the medicine away from your children, keep it in a cold and dry place.”

Safety checklist:

  • As mentioned earlier, keeping the medicines and poisons in a safer place, remove the poisons if not necessary after use.
  • Store in an adequately locked cabinet or cupboard. 
  • Don’t forget to put a child-safety latch on the doors of the cabinet where you want to keep the medicines and chemicals. 

Electrical safety

Electrical safety

Few essential tips:

  • I think you shouldn’t try to install safety switches if you are not an expert. My recommendation is to call a licensed electrician.  
  • Do the same thing if you need any emergency repairs. 
  • If your electrical cords and appliances are worn, replace them as early as you can. 
  • Our recommendation is to use PowerPoint covers.

#2. Create Space for Play in the Garden

children playing in the garden

Creating a child-friendly environment isn’t only about keeping them safe. It’s about helping them enjoy the space they grow up in. 

So, how much are they enjoying the outdoors if the weather isn’t ideal? Rain and harsh UV rays prompt many parents to keep kids inside, but why not create more usable spaces in the garden?

A patio cover transforms forgotten outside floor space into the most loved area on your property. Enjoy the shade on a hot day with the kids, and if it starts raining, they can carry on enjoying the fresh air. 

You can build your own or employ the services of pros like City Seamless Patio Covers to ensure your new feature adds to your property’s value. Then use your nail gun to personalize the space: add decor, hang a flower box, or insert pegs to hang fairy lights.

#3. Let Them Be Creative Inside

children playing inside

How far are you willing to go to make your children feel at ease in their own homes? Giving them a section of a wall to draw whatever they feel like sounds a bit risky. But why not merely cover it in chalkboard paint? You can wash off their drawings if you ever need the home to look meticulous. In the process, you’re helping them develop their creativity. 

And what happens if a child DOES draw on other walls in the house? Why not use your framing nailer gun and hang a frame around it? It will look like modern art!

#4. Invite Them into the Kitchen, Safely

children in kitchen

Another area your children would love to be welcomed in is the kitchen. That’s where the magic of cooking happens! 

Yes, we know it’s too dangerous to allow small children near your work area while you’re chopping vegetables with sharp knives. But why not build a lower section next to your table or work surface?

It should be low enough for them to stand and work at or sit on child-sized chairs. There you can give them safe cooking tasks to complete while the adults finish dinner AND keep an eye on the young ones.

Final Thoughts

You can see that these DIY projects will do much more than put your new hardware toys to the test. This is how framing nailers and other tools can help create a safe home environment for children to grow up in.

That’s the power of tools! Please share more similar ideas in the comment section below.

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