Best Pants for Welding in 2024: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

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Best Pants for Welding

Welding is one of the most dangerous trade jobs.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, every year, 562,000 workers work in hazardous environments of various industries.

But you can ensure your safety by wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).

Most people only care about helmets, goggles, gloves, t-shirts, and shirts for personal protection.

But what about your welding pants?

If you are a professional or hobbyist welder, it’s high time to get the best pants for welding before starting your next project.

Wearing welding pants is a no-brainer. The safety of your legs is also as important as the head or face.

Best Welding Pants List and Reviews (Men & Women)

men's flame resistant welding pants

work pants for women

The market is flooded with ‘self-proclaimed’ good safety pants for welding. But are they perfect enough for your safety?


That’s why we’ve researched the market and, at last, found the best work pants for welding tasks. Let’s have a look.

12 Best Pants For Welding For Men

#1. Wrangler Riggs Workwear Men’s 

What We Liked
    • Strong stitching
    • NFPA (national fire protection association) and OSHA certified
    • 100% Cotton
    • Flame resistant
    • Durable construction

What We Didn't Like
  • Feels stiff
  • Lack of ultimate comfort
  • Plastic button fastening isn’t good enough

Wrangler has been around in the PPE manufacturing industry since 1889. They have manufactured numerous products in previous decades.

Among all of their other men’s workwear, this Wrangler Riggs FR jean stands first because of being durability, reliable, lightweight, rugged, flame resistant, etc.

Detailed Specifications

This jean comes with several unique features for the hardworking welder to keep you safe from the flame and other components during welding.

Wrangler’s welding pants are designed to meet the Flame-Resistant (FR) requirements.

This self-extinguishing flame-resistant pant helps the welder to reduce burn injuries. Further, there is an Arc-resistant button, which adds more safety for you.

These special jean is NFPA (national fire protection association) 2112 certified and compliant with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.269, ASTM F1506-02ael, and NFPA-70E. Further, Wrangler used Nomex in the zipper and pockets for these best welding pants.

Besides all this fire protection, it is constructed with durable 14.75oz denim. This 100% cotton denim is built to keep you protected from any lethal hazard.

Besides these security features, Wrangler makes the design up to the mark with trendy fashion. It has triple-needle stitching with five quick-access pockets.

The Wrangle jeans (welding pants) are designed with mobility in mind.

It has enough room to move out, and the triple stitch with various FR certifications makes this durable enough for rough uses.

With all of these features, there is no doubt that this is one of the best work pants for welding activities.

#2. Wrangler Riggs Workwear 

What We Liked
    • Nomex zipper tape
    • FR (Flame Resistant) certification
    • Machine washable
    • Multiple pocketing designs

What We Didn't Like
  • Plastic button
  • Needs frequent washing
  • Not suitable for extremely heated places

The denim-look cotton pant is a strong choice for every welder. These cotton-made best welding pants are good quality and fire-resistive.

When this gorgeous design meets with comfort, it’s just weighted the acceptance one step ahead. That’s what this Wrangler Riggs pant is!

Detailed Specifications

This Wrangler pant is made of 100% cotton with an added fire-resistant finish. The pant can withstand welding sparks for a long time.

This machine-washable pant comes with five pocketing design. Because of comfortable fabric and relaxed fittings, these welding pants will comfortably fit over the work boots.

Further, the durable construction with several FR certifications makes this pant more robust and popular among welders.

Unless you work in an extremely heated workplace, there’s nothing wrong with any tiny element of these pants. However, I suggest you replace the plastic button if you don’t feel comfortable with it.

Moreover, Wrangler Riggs used Nomex zipper tape on these welding pants. It increases the durability of these pants and feels robust.

These Wrangler Riggs welding pants shouldn’t be overlooked if you are a fan of good products. These stylish and comfortable welding pants suit well in every welding workplace.

#3. Wrangler Riggs Workwear 

What We Liked
    • Machine washable
    • Slim fit
    • Flame resistant
    • Durable
    • Vintage design

What We Didn't Like
  • Feels tight
  • Quite heavier
  • Additional tailoring may require for exact fitting

If you prefer comfortable welding pants during welding, this is a treasure for you. This Wrangler pant is specially made for the welder who wants relaxation on their workstation.

With several features like flame resistivity, FR certification, durability, and quality fabric!

Detailed Specifications

Wrangler Riggs FR work trousers (welding pants) come with a new standard in flame resistance. Fabricated with tough materials, this jean is durable enough to withstand any intended use.

The 68% Cotton and 32% Acrylic jean is specially tailored with a more relaxed fit in the thigh and waist. This exceptional tailoring ensures ultimate comfort during heavy welding tasks.

Another essential upgrade of these pants is the vintage bootleg system. If you are fond of cowboy-designed welding pants, these Wrangler jean are perfect for you.

With more emphasis on style over substance, this Wrangler Riggs pant features a denim color with white stitching. This color combination makes an extra appeal to any denim lover.

If you want slim-fit best welding pants with a vintage design, this Wrangler Riggs Workwear will offer you that.

This work pant comes with almost every essential feature that a welder needs from a pair of jeans.

#4. MCR Safety 38600MW 

What We Liked
    • 100% Kevlar stitches
    • Adjustable straps
    • Quality leather
    • Lightweight
    • Reinforced with heavy-duty rivets

What We Didn't Like
  • No pockets
  • Very long straps; trimming is required
  • Its light color isn’t a good choice for industrial welding

The MCR Safety Memphis welding pants are designed for those welders who prefer extra protection with comfort during welding. It is made from durable and thick cow leather, ensuring all these functionalities.

So, is this welding chap worthy? Let’s find out together.

Detailed Specs

The most important reason for choosing this welding chap is its ultimate durability and comfortability.

This heavy-duty welding pant has an outstanding capability of protection from extreme heat, welding sparks, and slags.

The rear portion of these welding pants has a series of quick-lock buckles. You can easily adjust your welding pant size according to your body shape. This simple yet effective buckle helps you eliminate any sizing issues.

Wearing perfect-sized best welding pants is a big deal for any professional and novice welder. It looks like MCR just solved this using some buckles only. Great!

Though these pants are made of pure leather, it is very thick. It weighs only 2.5 pounds. This weight is ideal when you’ve to work for a more extended period.

Moreover, you’ll get fire spark protection in these welding pants, which is required if you work in scorching weather.

Compared to the other best welding pants, this pair looks quite different.

Its attractive and straightforward outlook with ultimate heat resistivity makes it a good deal for welders.

If the unique look of this Memphis welding chap doesn’t bother you, it will tick some big boxes for you!

#5. West Chester IRONCAT 7011 

What We Liked
    • Lightweight
    • Durable
    • Two utility pockets
    • Sewn with Kevlar
    • Heat resistant leather

What We Didn't Like
  • Not suitable for taller people
  • Buckles aren’t of satisfactory quality
  • Feels uncomfortable for rapid movement

If you have to do lots of welding activities but don’t like to wear full-sized denim, this West Chester apron is here to save you.

West Chester is a market-leading brand for welding apparel. It’s no surprise that this split-leg bib apron features our top five best welding pants list. Let’s take a look if this apron is worthy or not!

Detailed Specifications

Made from quality cowhide leather, West Chester left not a single point to complain about the durability. Cowhide leather is highly heat resistant. It can withstand more extensive fire sparks from the welding machines.

West Chester uses Kevlar thread to sew this apron to ensure top-notch safety. Along with these perfect stitching, the adjustable straps increase the comfort and safety of the user.

Another admirable fact about this apron is the availability of two chest pockets. While most welding trousers don’t include any utility pocket on their jeans, West Chester provided two pockets in this smaller apron.

Kudos to West Chester!

Besides covering your legs, this apron will also cover your waist too. Thus, it becomes more protective and ideal for shipyards, steel mills, the automotive industry, gas welding, etc.

Welding aprons aren’t like regular denim pants. These heavy-duty aprons must be durable enough to keep you safe from sparks or heated elements.

This West Chester split-leg apron can protect you from unwanted sparking from your welding machine. Overall, this is a decent choice in terms of comfort and quality.

Things to Consider While Buying Welding Pants

welding pants buying guide

Selecting the safety pants for welding is a daunting task. You may end up with a flawed product if you don’t know the selection criteria.

To assist you in the welding pants selection process, we have listed a few important things to consider before buying welding pants. Let’s begin.



Durability might be one of the most critical factors that you may need to put into your consideration.

The durability mainly depends on the seams.

Most of the best welding pants come with double or triple-seamed fabric.

The higher number of seams ensures higher durability. Thus, your welding pants will be durable enough for repetitive washes, strains, or stretches.


Reinforcing stitches hold the different parts of the welding pants from falling apart. Most welding pants manufacturers use reinforcing stitches on the zippers and pockets too. It’s praiseworthy.

This is a must-have feature, especially for women’s best welding pants. You know the ladies’ jeans are mainly tighter than the gents.

If the ladies’ jeans don’t have reinforced stitches, they can’t withstand enough pressure. As a result, you have to sacrifice your comfort. Who wants to sacrifice that?


Re-usability refers to the effectiveness of your welding pants after a certain amount of washes.

Though most welding pants are highly reusable, there’s nothing wrong with checking everything thoroughly.


Weight plays a vital role while selecting the best work pants for welding tasks.

Though the heavier welding pants are comparatively more durable, they may also slow you down.

The lightweight welding pants also work fine in warmer temperatures.

Moreover, the lighter fabrics often come with double knees and reinforcement seams. It ensures the durability of your welding pants.


Work pants are made of Denim or Cotton duck. Both of these have their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s find these out.


Denim is renowned for comfort. The more you wear it, the more comfortable it becomes.

This fabric comes in a thicker material to ensure the highest comfort and style.

However, denim isn’t as durable as cotton duck material.

Cotton Duck

Durability is the primary concern of cotton duck welding pants. It has a smoother surface than denim.

Though cotton duck isn’t entirely flame-resistant, it can withstand more heat.

Some other unique fabrics, like cotton, rayon, lycra, polyester blends, spandex, etc., are good choices for welding pants.

Additional Facts

Besides all of these facts, you should consider a few other facts like arc-resistant (AR), flame-resistant (FR), etc.

Welding pants must have minimum NFPA 2112 certification and an ATPV level of around 5 to 9. Otherwise, it won’t be dimmed fit for the industries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question #1. What pants work best for welding?

Answer: Consider several things before declaring any pants as the best welding pants.

For example, you must check the fire resistivity, reinforcement, durability, re-useable facility, etc.

A pant is suitable for welding only if it satisfies all of these facts.

Question #2. Are soft twill pants suitable for welding?

Answer: Twill refers to the diagonal woven pattern. So, the chino and denim welding pants are technically twill pants. And yes, soft twill pants are perfect for welding when they’re made of fire-resistive fabrics.

Question #3. Where to buy welding pants?

Answer: You will find welding pants in local shops and online. So, you can buy these from anywhere you want.

Before buying the welding pants, ensure that you have explicit knowledge about which size you will buy. Actually, it’s one of the very first things to consider when shopping online.

Question #4. Is Cotton suitable for welding?

Answer: Welding creates lots of sparks. And, naturally, these sparks will always land on your clothes. Cotton is highly combustible.

But several finishing applications make it fire-resistant.

Clothes made of 100% cotton with fire-resistive coating; Nomex, leather, or other fire-resistive fabrics are also suitable for welding.

Question #5. Can you wear polyester while welding?

Answer: No! You can’t wear polyester during welding.

Polyester and Polyester blends are synthetic materials.

These materials will ignite pretty easily. Avoid polyester to keep you safe from fire injury.

Final Verdict

Every serious welder should wear the best pants for welding before starting his welding projects.

It is not a good idea to fall into a welding injury because of low-quality PPE’s.

So, get your welding pants now and start working with more comfort and reliability than you ever thought possible.

Good luck!

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