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Best Welding Machine Reviews for 2020 with Buying Guide

Best Welding Machine Reviews

No matter you’re a DIYer hobbyist welder or a professional one, you can’t compromise with the best welding machine even in your dream.

But when you’re up in the market to purchase one, it’s quite a hard battle.

Why do we say that?

First of all, you have to make sure that there is a perfect mix of welding capacity, welding compatibility, compactness, voltage variations, etc. Secondly, there are hundreds of models from dozens of brands to choose from.

Keeping all these hassles in mind, you have to break the ground literally. And in here, we’ve got you backed. Get some time to go through the whole roundup review.

Let’s get going-

Best Welding Machine Reviews for 2020

Here’s the updated list of the best welding machine we reviewed. 

#1. Hobart 500559 Handler 140 MIG Welder

Hobart 500559 Handler 140 MIG Welder 115V
398 Reviews
Hobart 500559 Handler 140 MIG Welder 115V
  • Welds 24 ga up to 1/4 in mild steel
  • Processes Recommended-MIG-Cast Iron,Copper,Brass,Titanium, Magnesium Alloys. Flux Cored- Aluminium, Cast Iron,Copper,Brass,Titanium, Magnesium Alloys
  • Operates off 115V standard household current.Wire Feed Speed Range 40 - 700 IPM. 50 - 740 IPM at no load
  • Amperage output: 25–140; 20% duty cycle @ 90 Amps, 19V
  • 5-position voltage control selector adds a smooth, stable arc at all welding thicknesses

Are you a professional welder who has to work within an industrial environment or commercial workshop? If positive, then the Hobart 500559 Handler 140 MIG Welder is solely made for you. Eventually, this widely popular MIG welder is our top-rated #1 ranked product.

What We Liked
    • Can weld 24 gauge up to ¼ inches.
    • Operates at 115V household voltage.
    • The output voltage range is 25-140 amp.
    • 20% duty cycle at the amperage of 90 amps.
    • 5 different options for voltage.
    • 200 amp heavy-duty work clamp.
    • Quickly change drive roll.
    • Weighs only 57 pounds.
    • Quite durable feed head.

What We Didn't Like
  • Doesn’t operate at 230V.

It operates at 115V household current and still delivers an industrial level performance. But to make that work, you need to have a 20 amp circuit. Anyways, that’s not that much of a hassle for a professional.

To make sure that you have fine control over the output of the welder, there are 5 different options of voltage control. On top of that, a smooth and stable arc will be there. On top of that, there is a heavy-duty work clamp and aluminum made drive system.

To set this welding machine up at any spot, you don’t need to break the ground. It’s quite simple to use, even for the very first time. There is a hands-on instructional manual provided, which will help you out with the use and control.

To be technical with the welding ability of this welder, it can weld 24 gauges of metal of up to a thickness of ¼ inches. The best metal that it can weld is mild steel. But with other metals like aluminum, cast iron, solid iron, etc., it suits pretty well.

The work camp and the drive roll are another couple of advantages that you will get with this Hobart 500559. The heavy-duty clamp can provide an output of 200 amp, and the quick-change drive roll will increase the usability even more.

To make sure that you can feed the welding metal into the machine, and ensure an even distribution of molted metal, there is a feed head. Unlike other models, you don’t have to change the feed head after every couple of weeks. It’s pretty much durable, and withstand at least a few months of usage.

Hobart welders have a point of improvement with the weight of their big welding machines. But this model is out of that zone. The overall weight of this welding machine is only 57 pounds. So, you can carry it around with hands.

Overall, it’s a complete bang for the bucks as long as professional welding needs are concerned.

#2. Hobart Handler 210 MVP MIG Welder

Hobart Handler 210 MVP MIG Welder
147 Reviews
Hobart Handler 210 MVP MIG Welder
  • Dual-voltage (115V/230V) with MVP plug makes the unit easy to find a place to plug it in.
  • Welds 24 ga. to 3/8 in. steel in a single pass
  • 7 voltage settings which help fine tune for precision welding
  • Duty cycle – 115V 20% at 90 amps; 230V 30% at 150 amps
  • Quick change drive roll system – no tools required

The next pick on the podium is the Hobart Handler 210 MVP MIG Welder. If you’ve been around looking for the best quality MIG welding machine, this can be the right choice.

What We Liked
    • Runs on both 115V and 230V.
    • Can weld metals of up to ⅜ inches.
    • 7 different voltage variations.
    • The drive system is made of cast aluminum.
    • 20% duty cycle at household 115V, and 30% at commercial 230V.
    • Contains dual groover and quick-change drive roll.

What We Didn't Like
  • The weight of 87 lbs might be a bit over the limit.

Let’s disclose the features and specs of the product-

Most of the welders have to work on both commercial and household environment. Therefore, the compatibility of both the 115V household power line and the 230V commercial power line is essential to have in the welding machine. And this model from Hobart meets the requirement.

To set the machine up and get it into action, you don’t have to spend more than a few minutes. It’s one of the most significant selling points of this machine that it’s easy to set up. In case you need one, there is a setup guide provided as well.

What sorts of applications can be made with this MIG welding machine? Well, most of the commercial and non-commercial works should be well done with it. The list contains mower decks, exhaust systems, automotive body parts, tool carts, trailer frames, trailer hitches, and whatnot!

To fine-tune the welding level according to the subject type, it’s imperative to have control of the input voltage system. On that note, this model from Hobart will get a 10 on 10. It has 7 different voltage options to choose from, and with that, you can set the welder machine in the right mode.

The duty cycle of this welding machine is another point of appreciation. At 115V household environment, it will give you a duty cycle of around 20% at 90 amp. In the case of a 230V commercial environment, the duty cycle will be increased to 30%, which is rather impressive as well. It will take 150amp of current through. So the cost would rise a bit.

To make your welding works even precise, there is a dual groove and a quick change drive roll system. So, worry not about the level of expertise you need to handle this machine. It’s stated by the manufacturer that even a beginner-level welder can deal with it smartly.

#3. Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG Welder

Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG Welder
165 Reviews
Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG Welder
  • Compact, portable and lightweight construction
  • Continuous wire feed speed adjustment
  • Ideal for welding mild steel from 24 gauge to 1/8” thick

This is eventually, the last pick of our list for best welding machine reviews. And at this slot, we had kept something that’s quite under low budget range. If you’re in search of the best welding machine under 500, this one would be Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG Welder.

Read the full unbiased review.

What We Liked
    • High quality built with 100% USA made quality.
    • Quite lightweight, and compact in design.
    • 4 voltage adjustments provided.
    • Continuous wire feeding adjustments.
    • Works with 24 gauge and ⅛ inches thickness.
    • Comes in 1, 4 and 5 pack versions.
    • Quite budget friendly.

What We Didn't Like
  • The number of voltage options is quite insufficient.

It’s a compact and lightweight model of MIG welder that can be a perfect pick for hobbyist and home-based DIY welding chores. If you want to participate and work on your home improvement, this model can be an ideal pick for you.

The type of metal that it can be compatible with is mild steel or any other kind of similar metals. It has got an adjustable wire feeding speed. And that’s entire of a useful feature for home users.

The amperage output is within 35-88 amp, and the duty cycle is 20% within the 115V household environment. Along with that, it’s quite a safe tool to work with.

There is a cold contactor safety feature that will keep the welding wire cold. Until you trigger the gun, the cord will be at a cold temperature. This is quite a unique feature for users who are not commercially expert.

There are four voltage settings available in this welding machine. This is not so bad and not the best as well. The wire feeding is quite continuous, and it will let you adjust your workpiece accordingly.

The type of mild steel it can work with 24 gauge to ⅛” thick. In this box, you will get a gun and cable assembly, gas nozzle, work clamp and cable, gas hose, gas regulator, etc.

Overall, this Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG Welder can be a perfect tool that is solely made for home users. In case you are looking for something within a budget, this can be one of the most significant choices.

Buyer’s Guide

By now, you have gone through three of the best welding machine reviews. And at this point of this discussion, we would love to take you through an extensive buying guide for purchasing the best pick-

The Voltage Adjustment

In case you are willing to purchase a welder that suits both in-home garage or workshop. For that purpose, you need to make sure that the welder machine has compatibility at both 115V and 230V. Some models provide you with that.

The Usability

Welding machines that are meant to be for single users, it has to be quite lightweight and compact. For models that are with quite some features, it’s rare to be quite thin. But if you prioritize usability over compactness, you have to be wise at this point.

Voltage Adjustment

To have excellent control over the welding output, it’s imperative to have several voltage variations. Therefore, you can have models that have 4, 5, 6, or even 7 voltage options. The better these options are, the more you can control the welding output. But with more voltage variations, you have to spend more money after it.

Other Best Welder Brands to look at:

#1. Esab Rebel Welders
#2. Klutch Welders
#3. Vulcan Welders
#4. Eastwood Welders
#5. HYL Welders
#6. Hobart Welders
#7. Amico welders
#8. Everlast Welders
#9. Forney Welders
#10. Chicago Welders

Bottom Line

Thanks for going through the whole best welding machine reviews of the market of 2019. We’ve explained every insider details of the top 3 models of the market. And we’re confident that you’re on your way to pick up the best one among them.

Good luck!