The 32 Best Essential Car Accessories for New Car in 2024

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Last Updated on March 16, 2024 by Mamunur Rashid

Best Essential Car Accessories for New Car

How often have you noticed your car feels empty?

If you are a power user, which is a way of saying you drive too much, then we can guess the answer to be “Very often”. Well, we saw that in a lot of people.

Some people even complain about not getting the full-blown experience. Also, others report that they lack the tools to tackle unwanted situations.

That all changes today.

After making going through a comprehensive search of essential car accessories for a new car, we believe we’ve managed to make the must-have car accessories list. Although you may find some of the options (great choice) here to be far-fetched, you will know their value once you use them.

So, let’s get started with the highly recommended car accessories list-

Essential Car Accessories for New Car

brand new car accessories list

There are about 25+ items on this must-have car accessories list.

To be frank, it’s not possible for everyone to get everything (but you’d probably want to do that).

So, the honest advice we could give you is this-

First of all, go through our highly recommended car accessories list. Second, make a list of things you think you’ll need. And finally, you scrutinize your own choices.

Jump Starter

You got out of bed, got everything ready, and will be on your way to the office. But as you get into the car and try to start it, you find out the battery died on you.

A car jump starter is your one and only friend at this point. And if it’s a portable jump starter, then the usability factor rises by 2 to 3 folds.

Now before buying something like this, you’d want to consider the number of amps and the number of jumps you are allowed to do on a single jump. And as you are going for a portable option, try and make sure it fits inside small spaces.

If we were to suggest a product, then keep JUMTOP and IMAZING on your shopping list. They are fan favorites and will clearly give you the best bang for the buck.

Seat Cover and Floor Mats

The seat covers and floor mats are both necessities when it comes to essential car accessories for a new car.

When it comes to showing your personality, first of all, you’d want to get your seat covers in order. In addition to that, floor mats will enhance the overall beauty and highlight your personality as well.

You’d want to be careful about choosing these products. Be mindful of choosing the right type of material that can withstand tough weather conditions and survive your pets.

Dashboard Camera

A dashboard camera is one of those items that can probably save you from any unwanted mishaps. In contrast to some of the more expensive accessories for cars, dashcams offer a good value for the feature it offers.

If you’re a teenager who has a few hundred dollars to spare, then the Garmin Dashcam can be a good option. It’s compact and the imagery is relatively clear than some of the other high-end models.

Blind Spot Mirrors

Blind spot mirrors are the pesky little devices that allow a driver to know what’s in his or her blind spot. It’s a mirror contraption that sits on the wing mirrors and helps with parking maneuvers.

Blind spot mirrors are also useful while changing lanes and driving through dense traffic.

So, there probably shouldn’t be any argument about their usability.

In the case of the available great choice, we will suggest WadeStar or Essential Contraption products. They are some of the best Blind spot mirrors options out there.

Hydraulic Jack

A car isn’t something that you can just pull up in the air. That’s just foolish.

But if you are smart enough, then you will probably keep a hydraulic jack nearby. You will find it both useful (easy to use) and essential for changing tires or finishing up any mechanical work. And the place of the endeavor will not even matter.

Torin and Arcan are both well known for their compact and sturdy hydraulic jacks. So, if you are in the market for a hydraulic jack, then you’ll probably be fine with either of these options.

Car Tool Set

If you’re a car owner, then having a car tool set close by is an absolute necessity.

A vehicle is a combination of electrical and mechanical contraptions. And you will probably have to troubleshoot some of the minor problems whenever they arise.

There’s one more thing you should keep in mind- better tools give you better results.

So, if you are scrounging around the market for choices, then we would recommend you take a look at Craftsman products. Stanley and JH tool kits are also up there in the big leagues.

But the final great choice will be down to you ultimately.

Digital Tire Gauge

A digital tire gauge isn’t that popular among car owners. But it is slowly creeping its way to the point where it becomes a necessity rather than a luxury.

In contrast to a regular gauge, digital gauges have a smoother overall experience. If you want the experience of a quick-and-easy swap, then you may want to try out a digital tire gauge.

As for the available options, Tekton and Accutire are trustworthy. They offer some of the best choices in terms of compactness, PSI reading, display feature, and battery power.

Smartphone Car Mount

According to Elon Musk, we are already living our lives as cyborgs. Our smartphones are compelling us to share our daily lives with them.

We can see a smartphone car mount being used for two purposes. The first one is navigation. And the second is communication.

We believe you’ve already observed Uber and Lyft drivers use their smartphones for navigating through the busy streets. On another note, teenagers with cars are using smartphones to keep in touch with their close ones.

iOttie and Beam Electronics make some of the best smartphone mounts for vehicles. And if you want to be an early adopter, then you can check out magnetic mounts from WizGear.

Tissue Box Holder

Most people don’t really put much thought into getting a tissue box holder for their vehicle. And that’s understandable given the nature of the usability.

We’re sure many of you go through your bags only to know that you don’t have any spare tissue with you. And that’s where the problems start. For obvious reasons, you either use your clothes to clean yourself up.

And we have seen people clean their hands on the car seats, which is certainly worse.

So, in order to save yourself from this obvious mishap, you could get a tissue dispenser from either U&M or ATB. Both have a very strong product arsenal.

USB Charger

Electrical gadgets, whether you like them or not, have become part of our daily life. And one thing is obvious-these gadgets can run out of juice any time!

Whether it’s your GPS or smartphone, it will die on you. We are pretty sure many of you have already faced such problems.

You now know why a USB charger is such an inevitable device. And while there are some choices that may seem obvious, you may want to make a few considerations while buying a car charger.

For instance, you’d want to look at the number of ports and whether or not they light up. The current ratings for such devices are almost the same despite the brand you are going for, 2.4-amps to be exact. Moreover, material choice is always an important consideration to take into account.

Maxboost and Anker are some of the more reliable car charger options out there. They are both compact and have decent power ratings.

Jumper Cable

Jump-starting your vehicle can be arduous if you don’t have the right tools lying around.

We are talking about a set of jumper cables of course.

Among the small-scale tools for essential car accessories for a new car, jumper cables are probably the simplest, yet necessary of them all. They can help you squeeze out of any complex situation, whether it’s on the highway or in your garage.

Although there are a plethora of options out there, you would want to take a look at the length and gauge. Also, the insulation property needs to be on point for optimal usability as well.

Energizer is, by far the best option you could lay your hands on easily. But Cartman and TOPDC will also get the job done without a doubt.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is probably one of the most neglected items when it comes to must-have car accessories. But the situation should be the exact opposite!

You never know when you can get injured. Although the chances are slim, there’s always the possibility of any unwanted mishaps. And that’s when a well-equipped first aid kit comes in handy.

Now that advantage with first aid kits is that you can easily fabricate your own with a little bit of thinking.

But, if that’s a bother you don’t want to hang around with, then the Always Prepared 126-Piece First Aid Kit is a good enough option. Protect Life’s 150-piece kit is also a solid option here as well.

Car Air Purifier and Ionizer

Car air purifiers and ionizers are also one of neglected options. But fortunately, the scenario is changing.

One of the major functions of an air purifier and ionizer, first of all, is to keep the car interior free from microparticles and pollutants of carbon origin. The second is to keep the air nice and fragrant within the interior.

Before spending your cash on any such solution, you should probably find about the technology. Most options you will find are going with HEPA or Ozone filtration. Also, some vendors also go for activated-carbon-based solutions as well.

WYND and AutoWit can be viable choices in this regard. All you have to do is be a bit careful while choosing an option.

Smart Driving Assistant

A smart driving assistant isn’t that hard to find these days. But with so many products on the market, it’s often hard to make up one’s mind.

Fortunately, there are a certain number of parameters that can come to your aid. For instance, features like car health monitor, safety metrics, ease of use are some of the things to keep in mind.

Also, the operating system integration and usability (which is most of what matters the most) is a huge factor in this regard.

Among various choices, the Nonda vehicle assistant caught our eye. You could check it out for yourselves if you wish.

Trunk Organizer

The purpose of a trunk organizer is simple-keep the interior clean. Clearly, that’s all there is to it.

But when buying a trunk organizer, you need to pay attention to the material of choice and flexibility.

Going with the cheapest option on the market may not hurt your wallet. But it will certainly hurt your usability.

We really like the FORTEM Trunk Organizer because of its security and versatility. The Drive Auto trunk organizers aren’t bad either.


This is something that teenagers would probably appreciate more. But that doesn’t mean you, as an adult can’t have one in your car!

As always with coolers, you need to keep certain things to keep in mind. For instance, you wouldn’t want to go on a road trip with something that’s too noisy.

Also, having a compact solution is probably on the shortlist for many of you. Moreover, you can’t overlook the temperature range-which is also one of the main decision-making factors.

The Cooluli Mini fridge is clearly a solid option because of its growing demand. You could also look at Koolatron and Wagon as well.

Fix a Flat

A fix-a-flat is basically a temporary solution while you work your way to your destination.

You may want to take the word ‘temporary’ into consideration here. Fix-a-flats aren’t that capable of fixing large wheel punctures. As a matter of fact, the application range is very small, to say the least.

You may want to keep this option in your arsenal as an afterthought.

Seatbelt Cutter Window Breaker Tool

As always, there’s no guarantee of what the future holds for us. Even the slightest miscalculation or impairment in eyesight can turn into something drastic. And that’s true for brand new car owners as well.

And that is where a seatbelt cutter window breaker tool will come to your aid.

These simple and compact tools are very functional in nature. We would highly recommend getting one that is compact and convenient to use. Also, the cost should be in a suitable range as well.

Products from INGEAR and BlueSkyBos are some of the prominent options out there. But you should certainly do your research before shedding cash.

Emergency Roadside Assistance Kit

You can never be too safe with your new vehicle these days, especially with the growing rate of accidents slowly increasing over the years.

An Emergency Roadside Assistance kit will come in handy when you suddenly get into an accident while traveling to far-away places.

Choosing such a kit can be a problem if you don’t know what you are getting. The simple rule of thumb would be to take advice from active users and check ratings for good measure.

The Mayday Urban Road Warrior Kit is one of the suitable options you can buy. But you could look at Bridgestone kits as well.

Neck Pillow

Long-hour drives will take a toll on you, whether you like it or not.

So, in order to ease the exhaustion, having a neck pillow close at hand to get the desired rest is an absolute necessity.

While choosing a neck pillow, you may want to keep an eye out for the comfort and setting. These are the two most important things to keep in mind.

TravelMate and Samsonite have some pretty intriguing options in their arsenal. Be sure to check them out.

Little Basket

Little baskets are often underrated. And frankly, they don’t really add much dimension as an accessory for a brand new car.

But what happens when you run out of space? In that case, having a small basket is great to have.

But we don’t really have any personal winners for little baskets. Still, if you are interested, you can probably look at the offerings from Nantucket or Retrospec.


Let’s say you are getting an electric vehicle for Christmas. Well, it’s only fitting that you go with an electric blanket to warm your lap!

If that’s the case, then you may want to look at the facts that you can measure. Apart from the color patterns, you can always take a look at the heat spreading capabilities. Also, safety features and auto-shutdown are important things to have as well.

As far as the options go, Car Cozy has a lot of options to go through. As a secondary choice, we would recommend Roadpro.

Type A Rear View Mirror

The type of rear-view mirror upgrade is often overlooked under the less important upgrades.

But, if you are smart enough, you could upgrade this accessory in the coming days for a secure driving experience.

As for the features, the viewing angle and installation need to be on point. Also, being strong and anti-glare are good to have as well.

BETOOL and Fit system can be very good choices in this department.

Headlight Restoration Kit

It is probably one of the less known hassles of life. But fading headlights are an annoyance that won’t just vanish from your life.

So, you will need a solution that can bring the shine of your headlights to the maximum.

In order to tackle the weather or chemical discoloration, you could go with either Turtle Wax or Sylvania. It all comes down to your preference.

Steering Wheel Desk

If you are a professional, then you certainly need a steering wheel desk.

The purpose of these desks is to offer temporary working space for getting work done on the go. The versatility aspect alone makes its case very intriguing overall.

You should look for space and usability aspects if you want to right fit. Cutequeen and Zonstyle seem to be good options in this regard.

Fire Extinguisher

You can never diminish the necessity of a fire extinguisher. Although it’s not an everyday item, you never know when you might need it.

But the bottom line is – you need an extinguisher to put out unwanted fires.

In terms of options, there’s not much to go on about here. The folks at Fire Alert have a rechargeable option. The H3R extinguisher is also a viable choice.

Parking Sensors

As an accessory, you should consider it, either now or in the near future. This will save you a lot of time and effort in the long run.

Although modern vehicles do come with such sensors, you may find yourself in a position where you don’t have any.

If that’s the case, then Zone Tech and Ekylin can be decent choices as a whole.

Solar-Powered Vent

Solar vents can be either a hit or a miss. These solar-powered fans can be your best friend in warm weather.

But there is a possibility that you may not like them in the first place.

We did manage to find a Solar vent from Goowroom which is decent. You could check it out if you like.

Snack Pack

A snack pack is a very unconventional accessory that depends on the user. If you happen to have a brand new car and want to go on a long ride, then the concept of a snack pack does become evident.

Among popular choices, RSP Whole bars and Gourmet Protein Mix are worthy of having a place in your car.

Some Ropes

Ropes always come in handy. It’s the one accessory that’s pretty much a ‘must-have’.

The one and only thing you need to care about here is the towing capacity. Also, rope length is another important measure to factor in.

Rhino USA and Neiko have some pretty solid options for you to check out.

Tire Inflator and Pressure Gauge

Tire inflators with pressure gauges are essential accessories. Although having both of them in a single is often a hassle, there are options out there that are viable.

Among general options, Astro and DBPOWER hold the high ground. They offer legit results while releasing less noise. But there are other available options as well.

Car Cover

Our recommended car cover is Bliifuu Car Cover.

Final Thoughts

We believe many of you are overwhelmed to see such a long list of essentials. Although you don’t need all of them, there are a fair few items that you do need.

And frankly, that’s how it is.

Essential car accessories for a new car aren’t just essential. As a matter of fact, they are sometimes lifesavers.

And that’s where we draw the line for today. See you again next time!

If you have any questions about our must-have car accessories list, let us know by commenting here.

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