Gorilla Glue vs Super Glue vs Krazy Glue: Explained by Real User

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The glue was first invented in approximately 4000 BCE. Back then, it was only used for gluing ceramics and statues.

With time, people started using glue for all sorts of activities. And with this increased activity came innovations. Today we have several types of glues. And each of these works in a different way.

Here’s the thing-

Three types of glues are most common today: gorilla glue, super glue, and Krazy Glue. So, here we will cover everything about this gorilla glue, super glue, and Krazy glue feud.

Because using the wrong one might ruin your whole project. Now let’s glue ourselves to the chair and dig right into the details-

Gorilla Glue vs Super Glue vs Krazy Glue

Gorilla Glue vs. Super Glue vs. Krazy Glue Comparison

Gorilla Glue uses 

Gorilla Glue uses

Before going through the usage and features, we believe you should know some facts. There are various types of gorilla glues. However, all the glue types have the same basic component. That is polyurethane.

But each of those types has slightly different usage methods. So, we will explain all the methods in short. You’ll most likely find the exact usage method in the pack.

Usage Method

We have Gorilla wood glue, Epoxy glue, gorilla super glue gel, and construction adhesive in the market. Let’s get to the steps directly-

Gorilla Wood Glue

  1. Dry up the surface or fit parts
  2. Apply glue in a liberal way
  3. Clamp or hold the parts for 20 minutes.

Gorilla Glue Epoxy

  1. Hold the syringe top and pop it up
  2. Use your hand or scissors to snap off the end cap
  3. Squeeze out epoxy mixes into the dispenser tray
  4. Stir the liquids until they mix correctly.

Gorilla Super Glue Gel

  1. Clean the surface (dry).
  2. Apply the glue
  3. Hold for around 30 seconds

Gorilla Construction Glue

  1. Prepare the cartridge for glue flow
  2. Apply the glue in a zigzag pattern
  3. Hold the materials for 10 minutes.
  4. Allow the pieces 24 hours to dry up properly.

Pros of Gorilla Glue

Super glue gorilla makes our lives easier by solving our problems. We all know what super glue gorilla does. After all, it’s glue. No, we will not highlight some lame features like liquid or something.

Here we have gathered up some pros that matter. So, let’s get going-

  1. It is capable of fast curing time.
  2. Shows resistance to high moisture and temperature changes.
  3. It has a food-safe rating even after curing.
  4. It is flexible for painting, sanding, and staining.
  5. It remains the same size after it sets.

So here’s our recommended Best Gorilla Glue:

Cons of Gorilla Glue

Every coin has two sides. And just like that, the gorilla has their cons too. So, let’s explore the list-

  1. It doesn’t fill the gaps that well. So, it’s better to have parts that fit tight.
  2. Cleaning off the glue from the hands can be difficult sometimes.

Super Glue Uses

Super Glue Uses

Super glue is the most common glue out there. Almost everyone knows what super glue is and what it does.

So, we’ve figured out it’d be best to leave out the common uses of super glue. Now let’s look at some basics.

Super glue is one type of cyanoacrylate. This compound forms strong bonds exceptionally quickly. There are different types of cyanoacrylates. Most of those are strong adhesives. Some are used for medical purposes, and some are made for general uses.

Now let’s get deeper-

Super glue can work with any material that has moisture in it. As a result, we’ve come across many creative uses of this material. Here we have prepared a list of those uses. Now let’s explore-

Closing Wounds

This is used in desperate times. Super glue is a life savior if you don’t have anything else in your stash to close your wound. Just clean up the wound and apply some super glue by closing your skin over the wound.

Stopping Clothing Pulls

Some clothes tend to break down fully from a single pull. In a situation like this, you can use super glue to finish the pull at its birth. As a result, you get to wear that cloth of yours for longer.

Stopping Leaks

Leaks can happen in a lot of things. But leaks can be temporarily stopped by using super glues. You have to follow a simple procedure for that.

First, clear out your bottle and apply super glue to close the leak. Leave it for some time and start using it again.

Here is our list of Best Glue for plastic, Metal, and Wood.

Super Glue Advantages and Disadvantages

Pros of Super Glue

There are some definite advantages of super glue. And these pros made it so famous worldwide. Now let’s look at some of those-

  1. Super glue is exceptionally versatile. You can glue anything that has moisture in it.
  2. It dries out super quickly.
  3. Super glues create strong bonds that you can rely on.
  4. It’s a clear compound. So you don’t have to worry about discoloring the material.

Cons of Super Glue

Even this popular glue has some disadvantages. Let’s rethink these cons before using super glues-

  1. As this works super-fast, you can’t rearrange the pieces after gluing those.
  2. Super glue activates with a touch of water. So, it can glue your fingers too.
  3. Many have reported skin irritation due to superglue exposure.
  4. When applied, superglue releases a fume. This fume is dangerous to health.

Krazy Glue Uses 

Krazy Glue Uses

Krazy super glue is just ordinary super glue or cyanoacrylate. So, what’s the difference? Well, Krazy Glue is a brand that sells superglue in different formats.

So, why did we include it here? Well, due to the hard work of this brand, people are now using glues in some peculiar situations. Moreover, Krazy super glue delivers some extra advantages that are hard to find in other products.

However, with those unique pros, Krazy super glue gives us some cons too. And here, we will discuss those. Now let’s not waste any more time and start with the details-

Krazy Glue Uses

Besides their all-purpose glues, Krazy super glue has innovated some other products. These products take the gluing experience to a whole new level.

As Krazy super glue is just a superglue, we believe you already were to use it. So, here we have decided to list up the innovative products of Krazy super glue. But there’s more to the list waiting for you. Now, let’s start with it-

Maximum Bond Glue for Wood and Leather

Regular super glue isn’t that good at sticking leather and wood. That’s because these materials are usually dry. And superglue uses water to create bonds.

So, Krazy super glue brought in this innovative solution. This glue creates strong bonds, even in wood and leather.

The Glue Pen

One disadvantage of super glue is that it becomes unusable after a few days. But this solution of Krazy super glue brings the glue into the pen. So, you can precisely apply the glue for as long as it lasts.

Color Change Glue

Regular super glue is colorless. This is a pro and con at the same time. Because of this, it’s hard to see where the glue is going while pouring it. So, sometimes the glue falls on the hand and other surfaces. As a result, you end up in a troubling situation.

To tackle this, Krazy super glue has innovated its color-changing solution. While pouring, it’ll be purple. But once it dries up, it’ll look like regular glue, which means colorless.

Gel Formula

Using regular superglue on a vertical surface is problematic. So, this gel-based glue was innovated by Krazy super glue.

You’ll get the same amount of stickiness without any dripping.

Skin Guard

Sometimes, touching glue becomes inevitable. And to protect people from sticking their fingers together, Krazy super glue innovated this formula. Here you’ll get some extra time before the glue starts working.

So, you’ll get the chance to move the glue in the meantime.

Krazy super glue Pros

We have loads of pros here. With Krazy Super Glue you can-

  1. Use the glue for as long as you want.
  2. Use the glue in a precise way.
  3. Use the glue vertically.
  4. Use the glue freely without the tension of sticking your fingers

Krazy Super Glue Cons

Krazy super glue has addressed most of the cons of regular superglues. But it still has some-

  1. The cyanoacrylate fume is dangerous to human health
  2. These glues are unable to fill up the gap between two pieces

Gorilla Glue vs. Super Glue vs. Krazy Glue: which one is better?

To be fair, here, regular super glue is out of the question. The primary battle is between Krazy superglue and gorilla glue.

Gorilla glue has many uses that Krazy super glue cannot perform. For example, the construction uses are out of hand for Krazy glue.

On the other hand, Krazy super glue has brought innovative solutions that allow us to use glues vertically and more precisely.

So, it depends on your purpose and what you want to use it for. If it’s for construction purposes, then go for Gorilla glue. If you’re going to repair your broken glass bird, then it’s a job for Krazy super glue.

The best one is the one you need.

Gorilla Glue vs. Super Glue vs. Krazy Glue: FAQs

#1. Is gorilla glue stronger than super glue?

Answer: It depends. Bonding single material-plastic on plastic or metal on metal Super Glue is much better than Gorilla Glue. For fixing coffee cups, Super Glue is excellent. If you plan to glue two pieces of wood together, go for Gorilla Glue.

#2: How long does it take for gorilla glue to dry?

Answer: Gorilla glue has a lot of variants. The wood glue takes 20 minutes. The gorilla super glue takes around 20 seconds. And the construction glue takes 10 minutes to set. But it takes around 24 hours to dry up entirely.

#3: How secure is gorilla glue?

Answer: It depends on the materials. Wood to wood bond is considered the strongest, whereas a metal-to-metal bond is considered the weakest. However, the bond is pretty strong. It’s considered that the bond will be stronger than the wood itself. Moreover, it can be sandpapered.

#4: Does gorilla glue work on metal?

Answer: Yes, it does. But the bond is comparatively weak considered to other material bonds. However, the bond is strong enough to stick the pieces together for a long time.

#5. Does gorilla super glue work on glass?

Answer: Yes, it works well on glass.

#6: Where to buy gorilla glue?

Answer: You can buy gorilla glue from amazon. Or you can go to some hardware shop to find one. However, be sure that you’re not getting scammed.

#7: Is gorilla glue toxic?

Answer: Yes, gorilla glue is toxic. It might cause intestinal blockage if swallowed. Moreover, it’s suggested to wash with water if the glue goes into the eyes. The same advice is if it’s on the skin. If someone breathes in this glue, it’s possible to have breathing problems.

#8: How long does super glue take to dry?

Answer: The super glue takes around 20 to 30 seconds to dry. Generic super glue will dry up in the pack within a week of the first usage. However, Krazy super glue has the skin guard super glue. This takes more time to dry, allowing the user to remove any unwanted glue spills.

#9: Is super glue waterproof?

Answer: The answer here is no. Super glues are not waterproof. However, you can expect the glue to stand before a sudden water spill or something like that. Going full-on Aquaman on it is discouraged.

#10: Is super glue conductive?

Answer: No. Super glues are cyanoacrylates. This means superglues are polymer-based components. Do you know what else a polymer-based component is? Plastic. So, with superglue, you have to worry if a drop is bothering your connection.

#11: Does super glue work on wood?

Answer: Regular super glue doesn’t bond well on wood. It works, but it’s not that strong. However, Krazy super glue has also innovated some super glue variants that work on wood. But if you’re pessimistic about it all, you can always count on gorilla glue in the case of woodworking.

#12: Does super glue work on glass?

Answer: Cyanoacrylates don’t work on glass. You need some variant formula for that. In general silicon-based glues work perfectly on glasses. However, there’s one technique for using this. You have to ensure that the glue fills the gap between the two glasses by pushing the air outside. Ultimately, the pieces will stay together because of the pressure outside.

#13: Is Krazy glue waterproof?

Answer: Krazy super glue is considered to be water-resistant. Including phthalic anhydrite with base super glue can also make that waterproof.

#14: Is Krazy super glue toxic?

Answer: According to the Krazy super glue website, this is not toxic. However, it’s still suggested not to swallow it. The same goes for breathing close to it. If the glue goes into the eyes, keep rinsing and call the emergency helpline. Just keep it to the gluing work.

#15: How to open Krazy super glue?

Answer: It depends on which product you are using. The glue pen works just like a pen. Other products come with caps. You can open it by removing the cap.

#16: How long does it take Krazy super glue to dry?

Answer: Krazy super glue dries up within 20 to 30 seconds. However, the skin guard variation won’t glue skins that quickly. It gives the users time to clear the glue off their hands.

#17: Does Krazy super glue work on plastics?

Answer: Krazy super glue has forbidden users to use it on polyethylene or any fluorocarbons. So, you can use it on any plastics if those don’t fall into this list.

#18. Does Krazy glue work on glass?

Answer: Krazy Glue is perfect for gluing glass, metal, plastic, ceramic, burlap, coins, paper, wood, etc.

#19. Does Krazy glue work on metal?

Answer: As mentioned earlier, it does.

#20. Does Krazy glue work on wood?

Answer: Yes, it does.

In Conclusion

There’s no clear winner in the feud between gorilla glue super glue and Krazy glue. But we now know which glue is best in which situation. So, keeping all these in your home or office is better. Just make sure to follow the safety measures while using these glues.

Now go and show your creativity with these glues. Good luck.

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