Why Won’t My Car Start in The Cold? The Ultimate Guide

Why Won't My Car Start in The Cold

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Last Updated on March 16, 2024 by John Patterson

Why Won’t My Car Start in The Cold?

Car won’t start in the cold is a widespread problem in the automobile industry that we often face on each cold December morning. I had this problem and solved it by myself. As you’ve landed on the page of my blog, you’re very likely to experience this problem.

There are a few steps everyone should follow. By following these steps, you can get rid of this problem.

In this problem-solving article, I’m going to show you all the possible problems you should think about those to solve them hurriedly.

Let’s go ahead!

Why Won’t My Car Start in The Cold Weather?

Very likely, these are the major problems behind. Once you have become careful enough of these matters, your car will start in the cold morning within the first or second try.

Thick Motor Oil:

Thick Motor Oil

Right now, check the motor oil if it is thick.

There are two types of motor oils in terms of viscosity. One is a thick oil, and the rest is thin oil. In the winter season, you must use lightweight oil so that you can avoid the problem quickly.

Thick motor oil is one of the most common culprits that tends the car not to start in the cold winter morning. At midnight, when the cold gets more chill than the previous night, thick motor oil has become more thicken bit by bit.

Thus, the oil helps the ignition system not to start in the morning. That’s because it’s your first duty to ensure thin motor oil instead of a thick one. There are a few motor oil brands available in the markets that provide you lightweight motor oil. Consider any one of them for your car.

Problem with the Car Battery:

problem with the car battery

Your car battery is probably another issue behind the problem. Want to know how?

Not only motor car batteries but also all other cells are composed of acid. Inside a car battery, lead and lead dioxide flow into the plates.

When the weather gets cold and crosses the average temperature, it affects the battery acid. By the way, a car battery can die temporarily, and it needs warm weather to become healthy.

So, try to consider a warm garage for your car. If you want your car battery to last for a more extended period, you must buy Optima Battery. In our research, we’ve seen AGM Batteries last for a long time. Even, you’ll allow starting your car in the deep cold winter morning.

Water in the fuel Line:

water in the fuel line

On the cold winter night, there is a tendency to enter water into the fuel line to the engine. Also, it can happen when you drive your car through heavy rain.

Water can get into the fuel tank through the fuel loading orifice. And to mix water and gasoline, they can damage your car engine within a short period. So, make sure you’re careful enough about your fuel loading orifice.

Problem with Carburetor:

Problem with Carburetor

Sometimes, the problem is hidden in the carburetor. A carburetor is a system that makes a balance between air and fuel to do workable a car engine. When it becomes so cold, it has been out of its working activity.

On account of freezing weather, it can be damaged totally.

Alternator Problem:

Alternator Problem

In some cases, a car alternator makes it a problem to start a car on the cold winter morning. An alternator is used in automobiles to charge the battery and to power the whole electrical system while a can engine is running.

Due to the freezing temperatures, this process can be intercepted anyhow. So, be careful about it.

The Ultimate Steps You Should Follow to Get Rid of This Problem:

I’ve already broken down all the possible matters what might be happened in your car. Now, let’s know about a few steps that you should follow to get rid of this problem.

By following the guidelines, you’ll never have to face this problem.

Indoor Parking:

Many of us don’t have the fortune to park cars in indoor parking. Let me tell you that indoor parking is essential to get rid of the problem.

When you park a car in any indoor parking, your vehicle will be free from cold weather. Even it won’t cover the show.

Use Car cover:

To use a car cover can be another wise job to get rid of this problem. When we store our car outside of the garage, it very often covers by snow. The snow makes the upper part of the car very cool.

Thus, this cold temperature affects many sensitive portions of the car, such as oil, battery acid, alternator, etc.

That’s why make sure you’ve covered your car with a car cover to prevent snow.

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Use Electric or Kerosene Heater:

Using an electric or kerosene heater can play an incredible role in keeping your car warm. Once you consider any radiator for your vehicle, you won’t face any problem with your car.

Because the heater helps a car to keep it warm and prevents accruing snow on the exterior part of a vehicle.

Use Engine Heater:

Using an engine heater is another common way to get rid of the problem. When we use the engine heater for our car, it keeps the car engine warn. In addition to this, each portion of the vehicle has become workable.

Use Garage Floor Heater:

If you want to avoid the problem, then you should try a garage floor heater. Very often, cold temperature affects a car through the garage floor. That’s because using a floor heater can be a wise decision.

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Bonus Tip:

As a sincere guy, you should wash the whole fuel system of your car by an automobile mechanic before beginning the winter season. Apart from this, if it needs, then replace your car battery with a new one. (Or at least check the battery with an automobile mechanic.)

At the time of driving your car through snow or heavy rain, cover the fuel reserving line with anything so that water cannot get inside.

Final Verdict:

In this Why Won’t My Car Start in The Cold article, I’ve already mentioned all the possible matters that may cause your car not to start? Alongside that, informed you what steps you should take to get rid of the problem.

If you still have any doubts about this or any more questions, let me know by commenting below.

Have a beautiful day!


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