3 Best Stanley Sweetheart Chisels Review in 2024

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Last Updated on April 16, 2024 by John Patterson

Stanley Sweetheart Chisels Review

If you are not new to the hand tool industry, then you must know about Stanley as it’s quite a famous brand.

You have several other quality brands that manufacture good chisels.

Stanley released multiple models of chisels.

So, no doubt, it’s quite overwhelming to decide on the right chisel if you don’t know their upsides and downsides accurately.

Don’t be troubled.

In this Stanley Sweetheart chisel reviews article, I’m going to review their 750 series.

Of course, I will do everything it takes to scrutinize this series to find out all the good and bad of the chisels.

Later, I will give a piece of brief information about the Stanley brand, make a comparison between Stanley Sweetheart and Stanley Bailey.

Don’t miss the juxtaposition between Stanley Sweetheart and Narex as well.

Without any further ado, let’s get down to business.

Stanley Sweetheart Chisels Review of 2024

#1. Socket Chisel 16-793, 8 Pcs Set 

What We Liked
    • All the chisels of this set are lightweight.
    • Chisels are easy to control.
    • Once honed, these chisels remain sharp for prolonged use. Thanks to the heavy-duty construction.
    • It cuts like butter.
    • The handles of these chisels perfectly fit in hand, and they are well finished.
    • The length of the handles lets you control the chisel accurately when you try to pare.
    • It has a kind of tapered bevels that increases the sturdiness.
    • Reaching to the tight corners is a cakewalk with these chisels.
    • The lengths of the blades are ample to make your life easy as a woodworker. The blade quality is good too.
    • Durable and high-quality protectors on the edge of every chisel come with the package.
    • These chisels are easily portable due to the genuine leather roll.
    • Regarding the price, I must say, they are super cost-effective.

What We Didn't Like
  • You might see factory marks on the metal at first sight. A couple of buyers had this complaint. However, I don’t think this is any serious issue that requires your attention.
  • Had it come with sharpening stone; it would have been a great add-on.

Stanley 750 Key Features

Stanley Sweetheart 16-793 comes with eight chisels of different sizes. You are getting ⅛”, 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″, 1″, and 1-1/4″ with the package.

Historically, the 750 has been widely accepted among the users. Stanley previously stopped the production of these 750 series almost 40 years ago.

Later, they have started manufacturing this series again in England. Previously it was the United States of America who used to make this series.

You can hammer the handles of these chisels, and it will withstand better than other chisels as it is made from hornbeam wood. Hornbeam makes it durable and robust.

Like I said, the ergonomic style handles are comfortable to grip. However, this might or might not be the case for you as it depends on your hand size. I consider my hand size as the standard or average size anyway.

Furthermore, you have the luxury to use the custom handle as it’s pretty straightforward to replace the handles of these socket chisels.

The head of each of the chisel handles features a full butt to hit it with the mallet effortlessly.

The length of the handle is the same for every chisel. This reduces the chance of feeling inconsistent while using different chisels at times.

The blades are made from high-carbon chrome steel.

Why is this type of steel popular among manufacturers?

It’s famous because of its ability to become wear-resistant and provide high strength.

The backs are flat enough for your likings. However, you may want to flatten some of the chisel’s back even more. Doing that is not a tough task. Sanding the backs with sandpaper will make them dead flat, to be honest.

Sharpening the edges is quick too.


Overall, this set of 8 pieces chisels of 750 series fulfills all the requirements to be considered as a quality product.

It doesn’t break your bank to afford this set either.

So, no matter if you are a DIY woodworker or a professional, these chisels will satisfy you despite having a few minor hiccups.

It will be too early if you confirm the durability of the tools. But the overall build and performance are indicating its ability to last long.

#2. Socket Chisel 16-791, 4 pcs Set 

Key Features

I don’t have anything new to review here. Here you are just getting four pieces in the set, whereas you got eight pieces for the last set.

This time you are getting 1/4″,1/2″,3/4″, and 1″ with the package.

All these chisels are the same ones that come with eight pieces. That means they share the same features and benefits.

I don’t want to repeat the same review.

Of course, the price is not the same. As expected, these four pieces set cost less than the eight pieces set.

However, I prefer buying the eight pieces set because the price of 8 pieces set is less than double the amount of 4 pieces set.

#3. Socket Chisel 16-788 

Key Features

Again, nothing new here.

This time you are getting the same chisels but not in any set but individually.

You can buy 1″, 1-¼”, ½,” ¼,” ¾,” 3⁄8″, ⅝” individually.

The price of each chisel is quite reasonable.

That being said, I recommend going for the individual ones only when the following reasons are there-

You don’t have a budget to buy the set.

You already have a couple of pieces of different sizes from this series, and now you want to buy one or two more chisels separately.

Otherwise, I recommend you to go for either eight pieces or at least four pieces set to make it a cost-effective buying.

Stanley Bailey  Vs Sweetheart Chisel

Stanley Bailey  Vs. Sweetheart Chisel

As these two chisel sets are from the same brand, it’s quite usual that they share some characteristics. Notably, the materials that are used to make these chisels by Stanley have similarities.

Nevertheless, they have some dissimilarities too. Let me point out a few.

Both of these (Sweetheart, and Bailey) sets offer handles, but the length of the handle is not the same. The Bailey is featuring a bit long handles than the Sweetheart.

As a result, Bailey sets are less user-friendly when you try to pare.

Bailey costs less than the Sweetheart chisels. That being said, the Sweetheart chisels are more popular than Bailey’s chisels.

Bailey chisels have the tanged design, and the Sweetheart chisels have the socketed design. This makes replacing the head smoother for the Sweetheart model.

The Bailey models have a lacquered blade that makes them even more immune to rust and corrosion.

Stanley Sweetheart Chisels Vs Narex 

Stanley Sweetheart Chisels Vs. Narex 

Narex comes with a different carrying case than the Stanley Sweetheart models.

In the case of Narex, you will get a wooden box, whereas the Sweetheart chisels come with a leather roll. So, carry the Sweetheart case is more convenient regarding weight and portability.

The handles are not the same in size, shape, and material.

Narex features bigger handles that are made from stained European Beech. On the other hand, the Sweetheart models have hornbeam wood handles.


There is a caveat.

Bigger handles don’t necessarily mean a comfortable grip. If you have a small hand size, then Narex chisels are not suitable for you.

Moreover, a small handle tends to offer reasonable control during the woodworking job.

However, the handle butt of Narex has a more friendly design for hitting it with a mallet.

The Sweetheart models come with protectors on the edge of every chisel, but the Narex models don’t.

Regarding price, The Stanley Sweetheart version is slightly on the higher side, though.

The overall look and quality of the Narex are pretty solid. However, if you want me to vote only once, the Stanley Sweetheart series will get my vote.

A Brief About Stanley as a Brand

Stanley was founded by Frederick Stanley back in 1843 in New Britain. Previously it was named Stanley Works.

In 1854 this company started producing boxwood rules. Later they started manufacturing several other items like levels, hammers, screwdrivers, steel tape rule, utility knives, planes, carbide blades, etc. to enrich their product line.

The Stanley Sweetheart 750 series is a classic model that they started producing again after a 40 years pause.

They made Stanley Sweetheart planes too in 2008.

Due to the high demand for their sweetheart chisels in the second-hand market, they were forced to recontinue the production of the 750 series.

At present, Stanley is a huge company and has several hand tools, automotive tools, home improvement tools, tool storage, etc.

Regarding price and quality, all of their products are well balanced. They offer excellent customer support too. They back their warranty.

Moreover, Stanley has several retailers that you can find for your state and city from its website.

Final Words

So, if you ask me if the chisels are worth it or not, I must say, it’s worth buying these chisels without any doubt whatsoever.

After reading this Stanley Sweetheart chisels review, I’m sure you can’t agree more too.

If you are looking for some top-shelf chisels without costing an arm and a leg, then these are the best bang for your buck.

All the chisels are user-friendly, seem durable, made from high-quality materials, lightweight, offer useful handles, super portable, and easy to store.

I just love these chisels.

Now it’s all in your pitch. Don’t think twice about sharing your experience with me.

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