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The 5 Best Rotary Tools Reviews for December 2019: Latest Buying Guide

best rotary tools reviews guide

It is easier to list down what a rotary tool cannot do than to create a list of all its uses. No wonder this is a piece of must-have equipment for just about all home improvement professionals, including remodelers, plumbers and electricians.

With a single tool, you will have almost unlimited access to drilling, routing, carving, sharpening, grinding, cleaning, sanding, cutting, and polishing solutions. Instead of investing in various single-use tools, you only need one rotary kit that has an assortment of accessories.

Herein, this guide features the best rotary tools reviews. We have selected the top brands that use advanced innovative components to ensure your unique projects have the best outcome.

Top 5 Best Rotary Tools Reviews 2019

The needs of professional contractors and weekend warriors can differ, like day and night. That is why we have chosen a range of superb tool kits, ideal for different professions, uses, and budgets.

Here’s the updated list of the best rotary tools we reviewed. 

#1. Dremel 4000-2/30 High-Performance Rotary Tool Kit

Dremel 4000-2/30 High-Performance Rotary Tool Kit
The Dremel brand is dominating the industry with more than a few superb models. We, however, had to pick the 4000-2/30 model and rank it top on our review list.

Its performance, compared to that of other rotary tools in the market, gives it some serious bragging points.

This is a low torque tool whose speed is adjustable from 5,000 RPM to 35,000 RPM. The speed dial features are simple, so the machine is perfect for use by trained contractors and DIYers alike.

It comes with 160 sturdy accessories sold separately, making it ideal for a range of applications, including sanding, carving, cutting, and polishing.

What We Liked
    • An ergonomically designed rotary tool with a 360-degree grip zone
    • A powerful and versatile tool for accurate and intricate work
    • Electronic feedback system enhances torque and performance
    • Variable speed and straightforward speed dial features
    • Compatible with all Dremel attachments and accessories
    • Lightweight, hence more comfortable to use

What We Didn't Like
  • Produces loud noise when in use
  • Lacks working light

Power Output
This unit comes with a 6ft cord that delivers amperage of 1.6. It is hence powerful enough to handle bulk grinding, sanding, carving, drilling, and other duties with ease.

This is one of the most versatile rotary tools you can find. While the package comes with 30 accessories and 2 attachments, the equipment is compatible with all Dremel attachments and accessories

Operation and Performance
The 4000-2/30 model cannot brag as the most powerful equipment in the Dremel’s range. It features a 1.6-amp motor while other models in the 4300 series feature a 1.8A motor. All the same, this is a suitable tool for light-duty operations.

#2. Dremel 4300-9/64 With Flex Shaft Rotary Tool Kit

Dremel 4300-9/64 With Flex Shaft Rotary Tool Kit
What makes the 9/64 model from the Dremel 4300 series exceptional is that it is the first to allow tool-less changing of accessories. This tool has a three-jaw chuck that accepts a range of accessory shank sizes from Dremel. You, therefore, do not need a wrench or any special tools to change your accessories.

This model also features a working pivot light. Completing your projects with utmost precision will be easier because pivot lights direct illumination in an optimal line of sight to the workpiece. This tool also features a powerful motor that can be set between 5,000 – 35,000 RPM.

What We Liked
    • The tool has an ergonomic body profile with a 360-degree grip for enhanced comfort
    • Features pivot light
    • Powerful unit with 1.8A motor and variable speed from 5,000 – 35,000 RPM
    • Speed dial switch and on/off switch are separate for ease of use
    • Unique in-built airflow system for quiet, smooth and cool operations
    • 64 accessories and 9 attachments included
    • A versatile tool for cutting, sanding, grinding, engraving and routing projects

What We Didn't Like
  • This unit is expensive (almost twice the price of the 4000 Dremel series)

Power Output
This is one of the most impressive Dremel units with a 1.8A motor. Because it is ideal for heavy-duty applications, it also comes with a built-in airflow system to ensure cooler, smoother, and silent operations.

To allow collet-less and tool-less accessory changes, this rotary tool has a universal 3 jaw chuck. This makes it compatible with the whole line of accessories and attachments from Dremel.

Operation and Performance
With a 1.8A motor and ability to dial speed settings between 5,000 – 35,000 RPM, you will be practically invincible. The ergonomically designed body profile of the tool offers a 360-degree grip zone for enhanced comfort when working for extended hours.

#3. Dremel 8220-1/28 12-Volt Max Cordless Rotary Tool Kit

Dremel 8220-1/28 12-Volt Max Cordless Rotary Tool Kit
Whether you often work indoors in your workshop or out in the field, the Dremel 8220-1/28 model is an ideal choice to consider. It offers 12-Volt Max power, easy accessory changes, and variable speed control (5,000-30,000 RPM). These are features that make the unit exceptionally powerful.

When choosing a cordless tool, the battery is one of the key features you need to study. With a 12V Lithium-Ion battery, you can trust this rotary tool to provide maximum performance, irrespective of your speed settings. In case you run low on power, it only takes about an hour to charge the battery fully.

What We Liked
    • Comfortable grip zone for enhanced handling and control
    • Compatible with the whole range of Dremel accessories and attachments
    • 12V Lithium-Ion battery has no memory effects, so it’s ready to work on a moment’s notice
    • The battery charges fast (within an hour)
    • Twist Nose Cap (Patented EZ) makes changing accessories easy and fast
    • A portable rotary tool with 1 attachment, 28 top-quality Dremel accessories
    • Accessory case, plastic rotary tool storage case, and charger included

What We Didn't Like
  • The equipment is a little heavy

Power Output
This cordless tool with a 12V Lithium-Ion battery provides 12-Volt Max power. It consistently works at pick performance, and an hour is enough to get the battery fully charged.

Included in the package are 1 attachment and 28 accessories. The equipment, even so, accommodates the whole range of Dremel attachments and accessories, making it ideal for countless applications.

Performance and Control
The 360-degree grip zone ensures maximum comfort when working. This is a high-performance tool capable of handling tough cutting, cleaning, grinding, and sanding tasks. Because the removable battery has no memory effects, the device is always ready for work without any glitches.

#4. Dremel 4000-6/50-FF High-Performance Rotary Tool Kit

Dremel 4000-6/50-FF High-Performance Rotary Tool Kit
This is yet another high-performance unit from Dremel. It comes with 50 accessories to make it possible to accomplish a range of applications with remarkable ease.

With a 1.6 amp motor that offers speeds ranging from 5,000 to 35,000 RPM, you have better control over your applications, and the power needed to complete precision tasks quickly.

This unit has an integrated nose cap wrench, which makes it easy to change accessories. It offers an excellent grip, and just like all Dremel rotary tools, it is compatible with all attachments and accessories from the brand.

What We Liked
    • Comfortable grip for maximum comfort and added control
    • 6 amp motor for powerful performance, irrespective of speed
    • Auto adjustable power and speed for consistent performance
    • In-built airflow and ventilation systems for cool, smooth and quiet operations
    • Motor brushes are replaceable
    • A highly versatile unit that comes with a vast range of accessories

What We Didn't Like
  • The microswitch is very sensitive. Not a big deal, although we expected better for the price.

Power Output
This is a powerful unit with a reliable 1.6 amp motor. It allows speed variations between 5,000 and 35,000 RPM, allowing you to complete different applications with better precision and control.

The Dremel brand has done a remarkable job at making their tools highly versatile. All their rotary devices are compatible with the full selection of accessories and attachments from the brand. The 4000 6/50 model comes with 6 attachments and 50 accessories for enhanced versatility.

Performance and Control
This rotary tool offers a comfortable grip for better control when handling different tasks. Boasting powerful amperage for enhanced performance, it also features an inbuilt ventilation mechanism to ensure smooth, cool, and quiet operations.

#5. Milwaukee Electric Tool 2460-21 Thunderbolt Jobber

Milwaukee Electric Tool 2460-21 Thunderbolt Jobber
This equipment from the Milwaukee brand takes the medal as the most powerful and practical cordless rotary tool.

It comes with a lithium-ion battery from the brand known as REDLITHIUM. This drives the 12-volt motor, allowing you to enjoy a consistent performance during demanding applications without any issues.

The whole equipment weighs about 1.3 pounds and is around 10 inches long. This makes it easy to carry and practical for professional contractors and regular DIYers.

Even though it comes with 5 attachments and zero accessories, it is highly versatile because it pairs well with the majority of attachments and accessories from Dremel.

What We Liked
    • Features exhaust ports that prevent overheating
    • Compact and lightweight design for easy portability
    • Comes with 5 sturdy attachments
    • Pairs well with most of Dremel’s accessories and attachments
    • REDLITHIUM lithium-ion battery powers the 12-volt motor
    • You get a full battery in less than an hour
    • Exceptional durability

What We Didn't Like
  • No accessories provided
  • The unit is one of the pricier cordless models

Power Output
This is one of the most potent rotary tools with a 12-volt motor. The REDLITHIUM lithium-ion battery ensures consistent performance and charges fully within one hour.

The package does not arrive with any accessories, although you will receive 5 attachments. On the bright side, this is still a highly versatile unit because it is compatible with most accessories and attachments from Dremel.

Performance and Comfort
This compact equipment has a perfect design for tradesmen on the go. With a reliable battery that ensures peak performance at all times, you can grind, cut, and sand without a problem.

How to Choose the Best Rotary Tools?

rotary tools buying guide

With dense jungles of rotary tools in the markets, choosing the right one can be an uphill task. There are several key aspects you should consider to trim down your options and find a tool that suits you.

Ease of Use

Home improvement projects are challenging enough. The last thing you need is to settle for a tool that is equally as challenging to use. It pays to ensure you will have a stress free time changing the attachments and accessories.

Also, check the overall design of various tools. The ideal one should be ergonomically designed to reduce hand fatigue. Ideally, you want equipment that has a comfortable grip and minimal vibrations when in use.


I can swear by cordless rotary tools, so allow me first to outline their shortcomings. Well, they can run out of juice, and also they tend to be heavier because of the battery. Additionally, they deliver lesser power compared to corded rotary tools.

On the bright side, they are more practical for those that do not always work within the typical workstations. I can move around freely fixing the fence or even my flower boxes. If portability is essential to you, cordless equipment is what you need.

Type of Work

Typically, there are two kinds of home improvement contractors: the DIYer with odd and straightforward jobs and the skilled contractor with more complicated, large scale tasks.

If you are a trained contractor, a powerful tool with a wide range of accessories would be ideal. It also makes sense to choose electric equipment that does not run out of juice.

I am a weekend warrior, and sometimes, I tend to go a little crazy with my rotary kit fixing everything from interior fixtures to the fence. From experience, I can confidently say that the cordless rotary tool is better.

It allows me to work on fixtures that are not close to electric outlets, and small projects hardly ever exhaust the power on my tool’s battery.


Some rotary tools come with as many as 100 accessories. Before you get overly excited about such a deal, consider how many of these attachments you genuinely need. You also want to go through customer reviews to find out more about the quality of the extra accessories.


Of course, a top-quality rotary tool will not be cheap. Once you have determined your budget, focus on getting the best value for your money.

Consider not just the brand name of a specific model, but also the number of attachments and accessories it has, as well as the quality of its performance. Do not make price the overruling factor that dictates your purchasing decision.

Final Words

I have equipped you with all the information necessary to make an informed purchase. You know the factors to consider beforehand, and our best rotary tools reviews highlight the top 5 models, their features, benefits, and shortcomings.

With all this information at your fingertips, choosing equipment that suits your needs should be a walk in the park.