Dremel Ultra-Saw Reviews in 2020 With its Alternative Brand

dremel ultra-saw reviews

When you’re in need of making some precise cut on a fixed workpiece, the ‘real’ circular saws may not suit you.

As they’re so big in size, you can’t make a precise cut, let alone the portability.

But Dremel seems to keep doing some extraordinary impacts in this regard.

We mean, with the first Saw-Max, and the latest Ultra-Saw, they’ve set the standard rather high for other brands, literally!

And in this Dremel Ultra-Saw reviews, we’re with a mission to break down Dremel Ultra saw into bite-size chunks.

We’ll see what it has got in the box, what each of them does, and how worthy they are.

Grab a cup of coffee, sit back and check whether Ultra Saw is a right fit for you or not-

Dremel Ultra-Saw Reviews with accessories and alternative in 2020

Dremel US40-01 Ultra Saw Reviews

Dremel US40-01 Ultra-Saw Tool Kit with 4 Accessories and 1 Attachment
285 Reviews
Dremel US40-01 Ultra-Saw Tool Kit with 4 Accessories and 1 Attachment
  • Powerful 7.5-Amp Motor for tough applications and faster cutting
  • 3-in-1 Tool for Expanded Versatility: Go beyond just cutting- with the added benefit of surface preparation and flush cutting applications
  • Faster Speed of Cut: Rip through plywood and cut more metal
  • Added Durability: Long lasting drive train, metal foot and guard to take on more difficult tasks
  • Adjustable depth guide and plunge action for precision and control

If you’re looking for a top-rated circular saw for almost all kinds of cutting and prepping jobs, the Dremel US40-01 is the thing you should look up right now. To perform the job of every saw tasks that are hard, tight in space, and lacks precision, Dremel US40-01 can handle that very well.

What We Liked
    • 7.5A high powerful motor.
    • Can cut, flush cut, and prep surface.
    • Durable metal body and metal protectors.
    • Can intake blade sizes from 3.5″ to 4″.
    • Dual-position for the blades.
    • Longer lasting drive chain.
    • It can go with metals, wood, tiles and so on.
    • Precise and accurate in operation.
    • It comes with a built-in guide and liner.
    • An auxiliary handle for controlled operation.
    • Comes with a bag to carry all the items around.

What We Didn't Like
  • Quite heavy to use in one hand.
  • Costs a lot more than Saw-Max.

Dremel Saw-Max vs Ultra Saw

Dremel US40-01 3-in-1 versatile portable saw is claimed to ‘do everything that Saw-max can do, and maybe a lot more’. Well, Saw-max is its previous version from the same inventory, and we’ll undoubtedly verify the statement in the sections below-

Dremel US 40-01 Features and Benefits

It Cuts Almost Everything!
Well, not literally. But as long as we consider the types of surfaces you need to cut and reside in our home or garage, it’s a jackpot! Ultra saw it can cut metal, plywood, wooden boards, tile, masonry, and whatnot!

To make it even more definitive, there are different blades for different surfaces. We’ll highlight them soon in this post.

More Power, Better Result
The sibling prequel of Dremel Ultra-Saw was Dremel Saw-max, where the power used to be 6 AMPs in the motor. But with Ultra-Saw, they’ve provided an enormous motor power of 7.5 AMPs. For a circular saw of such compact size, we wonder about how that makes it possible!

Safer and Better Built Quality
For ensuring ultimate durability, the body of Ultra Saw is made of all metal. We mean, where the Saw-Max used to contain plastic foot and guards, Dremel had introduced metal foot and guard in this one. Also, the durable drive train joins the team to enhance its durability even more.

Dual Cutting Positions
This is another reason why we appreciate Dremel’s intelligence while designing Ultra Saw. While cutting across metals or wooden surfaces, it can take on a position for straight cutting against the working surface. And the second position is the sideways cut, which is used in surface prep. You’ve to remove the metal protector to switch between these two positions.

3-in-1 Operations
Looking at a portable saw a machine like the Ultra-Saw, you might come across the idea that it’s cutting machine only. But my friend, you have still a lot to learn about this tool.

Carpenters, homeworkers, and DIYers often have to deal with cutting surfaces (wood, metal, and tiles), flush cutting them and prepping them for some refurbishing. And ultra itself can undertake three of these tasks.

Compact, convenient and Easy to Use
It’s praiseworthy that how Dremel had turned this 4.6-pound mini circular saw into such a precision cutting machine. If you check out the dimension as well, the 13″ x 3.5″ x 5″ will leave your jaw dropped.

The biggest of the benefits of such a compact and yet precise design is- you can operate in super-tiny workspaces. In tight spots where conventional saws will fail, Ultra Saw will keep running and keep doing its thing.

Provides a Cutting Line Visual
This might not look like an actual feature, but a design. But for our perspective, it’s super important for especially new users. Along with the edges of the depth adjuster and the metal guard, it creates a visible line through which the blade is cutting.

If you draw the cutting lines that you would go through, following the line will be super comfortable in this way.

Ultimate Control in Cutting Depth
When you’re working vertically on any surface, you don’t want the blade to go too deep. Based on the type of surface, type of blade you’re using, you would like it to lock the cutting depth.

To meet your expectations, there is a cutting depth adjustment. By setting it in the right position, you can make sure to cut precisely how much you want.

Taking a look at the list of tasks that the Ultra Saw can do, it will put a smile on any worker’s face. For working on the toughest and hardest-to-reach areas of the house, it is a perfect tool to go.

Accessories 1: The Rip Cutting Blade

The Rip Cutting BladeDremel 546-01 1-1/4-Inch Diameter Rip/Crosscut Blade
No matter you are working with a long wooden board or a fixed metal surface, cutting and ripping through is entire of a regular job that you have to do. Especially in woodworking, rip cutting has to be across the grain of the wood. So, maintaining an excellent score of precision becomes pretty hard.

For rip cutting or larger scales, there are different kinds of saws like giant saws available. And that’s why they call it the saw-mills, maybe. But when you want not to take the workpiece away, Ultra Saw along with its Rip blade is the go-to choice.

This 4 inches blade is super sharp, and that’s the irony of it. At the same time, it will provide you firm control of the quality of the cut as well. There is a frontal clearance to provide you a clean line of the cutting edge.

On top of that, you can reach as deep as 4 inches in terms of cutting depth. The adjustable depth controller will give you a hand with that. To create rip cutting, it can deal with some material types. The list includes wood, plastic, metal, masonry, tile, and more. Wood and metal are the most frequently done one of them all.

Highlighted Features

  • Can cut up to a depth of 4 inches.
  • Carbide-made high-quality cutting blade.
  • Straight, extended cuts of continuous length at all.
  • Can handle just with one hand.
  • Easy to install and remove based on the situation.

Accessories 2: The Flush Cutting Blade

The Flush Cutting BladeDremel US600-01 Ultra-Saw 4-Inch Wood Flush Cut Wheel
One of the best-known marvels of an oscillating tool is offset flush cuts for sure. As an example, if you have to cut a tramway from a floor, you have to do a flush cutting. The blade we have next is a US600 4 inches flush cutting blade, and it’s too essential for any household DIYer.

When you have to create a space for the newly installed hardwood flooring or tile, you would like to trim the door a little bit. Usual tools that people were used to using before were offset blades. But the US600 blade of Ultra Saw had just turned the hard work easy.

Now, the flush cutting can be on hardwood, softwood, plywood, drywall, plastic, and composites. No matter whichever type it is, the sharp and accurate blade will nicely tackle that. As long as it’s not a metal surface, you can certainly go for a subtle flush cutting.

Highlighted Features

  • Creates flash cuts to trim doors and walls into specific dimensions.
  • Can deal with softwood, plywood, hardwood, and any surface bodies.
  • Tiny in size so can operate within narrow spaces.
  • They are made of hardened stainless steel.

Accessories 3: The Plunge Cutting Blade

The Plunge Cutting BladeDremel MM411 3/8-Inch Multi-Max Wood Blade
If you’ve been into carpeting or handymanship, we’re sure that you know what plunge cutting is. But for clarifying once again- it’s the style of cutting through a mid-point of a workpiece. You don’t need to drill any pilot holes for the blade that you have to do with regular cutting machines.

And that’s where the plunge cutting blade of Ultra Saw will be on the podium.

To create holes or spaces in the middle of any object, this plunge cutting blade will give you a steady hand. Not only on wooden pieces, but you will also need it to create vents on the wall and the floor.

In case of plunge cutting, it’s needed to make sure that you’re cutting at the right depth. In this regard, the adjustable depth control can be a real blessing for you. You can control the bottom of the plunge just be positioning the frontal depth controller.

Highlighted Features

  • Helps to create holes, shapes in midways of workpieces.
  • Cuts on both wooden, metal, concrete, tiles.
  • Adjustable depth control with ease.
  • Safe with the metal guard on.

Accessories 4: The Surface Prepping Blade

The Surface Prepping BladeDremel US410-01 Ultra-Saw 4-Inch Diamond Surface Prep Abrasive Wheel
Once again, when it comes to prepping surfaces, Dremel Ultra-Saw stands out with a clear difference with other models. The surface prepping blade is one of the finest for such power. We’ll tell how more about it below-

When you’re prepping a surface, you’ve to deal with some odd factors. As an example, there are rust, corrosion, dust, and many unwanted surfaces. And there is no way that you can refurbish the surface without cleaning them off.

The surface prepping blade that comes with Ultra-Saw is a master-cleaner of such unwanted layers of paint, rust, or thin-set.

All you have to do is to install it into the saw and turn the tool sideways. It’s smooth, and it used the whole cutting edge of the blade. So, it can operate pretty fast, you can say.

Highlighted Features

  • Works through all around the cutting edge.
  • Removes paints, rust, cement, and thin-set.
  • Using the tool sideways can enhance its efficiency.
  • Using the tool sideways can enhance its efficiency.
  • Small in size, to able to operate on small surfaces too.

What Else Do We Have?

Apart from the machine itself and four of the blades, we have a couple of things more. And they are-

An Auxilary Handle
There is an L-shaped handle that comes with the package. And it might come handy while you are dealing with cutting and grinding operations. As you’re supposed to work with one hand in many cases, holding the handle as support on the other hand will be great!

But make sure that the handle doesn’t come on your way while cutting corners.

A Storage Bag
A kit bag with the brand name printed on it comes as the hold-all. You can put the tools, blades, and all other accessories in it, and carry it around. It’s black and has a couple of comfy handles. Such a cool package indeed!

A Vaccum Adapted
Although it’s not included in the packages, you can buy it separately if you have a plan to vacuum clean the space while working. It’s a vacuum adapter to be attached to any household vacuum cleaner. Holding it in the right area will take the debris and dust of the cut right away.

Dremel Alternative:

Undoubtedly Dremel makes top-rated circular saws. But still, if you are looking for its alternative, we hope our Rotorazer reviews and alternative guide will help you find the right tools for your projects in 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

#1. Question: What is a Dremel saw?
Answer: Dremel saw means to kind of all-in-1 saw packages- the Dremel Ultra-Saw and the earlier Dremel Saw-Max.

#2. Question: What can I do with a Dremel?
Answer: With a Dremel Ultra-Saw, you can cut and prep any surface that you want to. Everything that a portable circular saw can do can be done with it more precisely.

#3. Question: Can you cut tile with a Dremel?
Answer: Yes, definitely you can cut tiles with the Dremel Ultra Saw. You have to put on the flange cutter in this regard.

#4. Question: Can a Dremel cut metal?
Answer: For cutting soft metal sheets, it’s okay to go. But it faces a hard time with hard metals.

In Conclusion

Finally, we think that this Dremel Ultra-Saw reviews had pointed out some of the unique aspects that matter to us as users.

If you’re looking for some next-level assistance to your handymanship, you can give it a try.

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