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Best Barn Door Hardware Kit Reviews 2019 with Buying Guide

best barn door hardware kit reviews

No matter whether your house is a tip-top modern one, or it has a vintage touch, the barn door is quite an essential part for you. To save up some space of creating a regular door, or to connect between two rooms, there is nothing better than these doors.

No matter you are installing a single or double barn door; you should get the best quality barn door hardware kit for it. It’s more of a lifetime investment rather than items that you would like to buy every year.

To help you find the quality cheap door hardware kit on Amazon, we’ve done extensive research, and picked up the best 5 of them from today’s market. And this article is the best barn door hardware kit reviews that we’ve crafted for you.

Let’s hop on the wagon, and get going-

Best Barn Door Hardware Kit Reviews 2019

#1. INDUSTRIAL BY DESIGN Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit

INDUSTRIAL BY DESIGN Sliding Barn Door Hardware KitIndustrial By Design Barn Door Hardware Kit
Our crown winner model for this roundup list is- the INDUSTRIAL BY DESIGN Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit. It’s a top-notch kit for occupying with any size and weight of sliding barn door. In case you’re worried about placing a bard door that is heavier than usual, this kit set can be your go-to solution.

What We Liked
    • Can support 225lbs of door weights easily.
    • One-piece rail design for smooth design.
    • A couple of hangers made of premium nylon wheels.
    • A complete set of everything you need to set up the barn door.
    • A T-shaped floor guide with anchors.
    • 8 ft rail for housing any size of barn doors.
    • Details measurement and installation guide provided.

What We Didn't Like
  • Not more than 13 feet of rail size.

We will break down each of its features and benefits below. Let’s check out-

Features and Benefits

225lbs Capacity

The first thing is, we’re highly impressed with the capacity of this barn door kit set. It can equip a maximum weight of 225 lbs, where maximum kits of similar price are able till 220 lbs. So, if the material of your barn door is quite heavy, INDUSTRIAL BY DESIGN Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit is your best pick.

One Piece 96″ Rail
It’s not good at all when you have several parts in the sliding barn door rail. To give you relief from that, there is a 96 inches long rail made of one piece of metal. The rail connector is precisely designed. And the result will be a seamless, smooth transition of the door.

A Complete Rail Hardware
This set is everything you need to set up your next barn door at your home or garage. As an example, the inclusions of this set is five pieces of lag bolts, washers, five pieces of rail spacers, two hangers, two door stoppers, and a floor guide. If you think about the whole process of setting up the door, you need nothing else.

Easy to cut according to the door length
For obvious reasons, you want to adjust the length of the rails according to the length of your sliding barn door. This size of the rails is made precisely for that. You can find the right length by cutting it with a circular saw, maybe.

For heavyweight barn door installation/hanging, we would look up for the best kind of hardware and setup kits. As per our observation, this rail from Industrial by Design meets all requirements so far. You can give it a try.

#2. SMARTSTANDARD Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit

SMARTSTANDARD Sliding Barn Door Hardware KitSmart Standard Big Wheel Barn Door Hardware Kit
While barn door installation, you want your door to be super stable, easy to control and constant at its place. But very few of the barn door kits can let you do that. Especially, when you are stuck within a specific price range, the task is even harder.

Presenting SMARTSTANDARD Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit as one of those few models that can meet both ends of quality and performance.

What We Liked
    • Two door stoppers with a cushioned silencer.
    • T-shaped floor guide provided.
    • Round discs to work as anti jumpers.
    • Available in 10+ different sizes.
    • Super budget-friendly price.
    • Easy to install for even first-timers.
    • 220lb weight capacity.
    • 36″ to 40 “fit door panel width.

What We Didn't Like
  • Requires a minimum space of 5 inches from the top of the door.

Features and Benefits

Two door stoppers to make your doorstep at the place
You might be having some calculation about where exactly you want your bard door to stop. Along with this barn door kit, there are a couple of door stoppers.

You can set them in the right place where you want the door to be stopped. Rubber pads cushion these stoppers, so you don’t have to worry about the sound as well.

A T-shaped floor guide
In this barn door kit, you’ll also receive a T-shaped floor guide, which will prevent the door from swinging out or up. You can ensure a top-notch movement of the door in the same way.

Little round anti jumpers provided
With many convenient barn doors, there is a good chance that the door will be lifted off rails. And that’s what you never want. To give you a hand, there is a set of little round shaped discs. These are responsible for not letting the door come off the rails unless you turn them manually.

It is compatible with any thickness of doors
One obvious question that may come up in your mind and that is- which size of doors are consistent with this door kit. Well, let us assure you that, almost any size will do. It supports a thickness range of 1 ⅜ inch to 1 ¾ inch.

Once again, it’s tough to find the cheap barn door hardware kit. But as long as you’re okay with the other features of requires a minimum space of 5 inches from the top of the door, we can give you a thumbs up about the price-quality ratio of this barn door kit from Smart Standard.

#3. TMS Modern Interior Sliding Barn Door Hardware Set

TMS Modern Interior Sliding Barn Door Hardware SetTMS Stainless Steel Barn Door Hardware Kit
For barn style wooden doors of considerable lengths, it’s hard to find the right kit set in the market. Especially, when your door is about 15-16 ft in length, the search can be even harder.

On that consequence, we’ve found a perfect kit from the inventory of TMS. It is called TMS Modern Interior Sliding Barn Door Hardware Set, and we loved every bit of its features. Let us take you through the features and benefits of it.

What We Liked
    • Smooth and elegant satin finish.
    • Rails are made of high-quality stainless steel.
    • Can be used for any openings up to 40 inches.
    • Wall hangers (5) included.
    • Rollers, door stops and floor guided are in the set.
    • Comes with hex tools and installation screws as well.
    • A perfect door kit for small sized barn doors.

What We Didn't Like
  • Not able to house doors more massive than 150 lbs.

Features and Benefits

Made of 304 Stainless Steel
Although we all expect our barn door holder rails to be strong, we often don’t have any previous idea about what the material should be. To get your confusions away, let us tell you that- it is stainless steel. And this barn door kit comes with precisely that material. To manufacture this kit and rail set, stainless steel 304 had been used.

A Couple of Satin Finished Rollers
When the barn door is installed on your house, the door kit and rails are going to be a noticeable part of your home interior. To give you relief, this kit comes with satin finished. Take a couple of rollers as an example. The way it’s finished, will enhance the beauty of your home.

5 Wall Hangers for Optimal Support
Wall hangers are the part of the installation kit which will hold the pressure. As there are five rugged and robust wall hangers in this kit, you don’t have to worry about its stable standing anymore.

A couple of Smooth Door Stoppers
To stop your barn door at the right place, there are a couple of door stoppers provided. They will be able to stop your door without any clicky sound if your door is made of wood. But in most cases, wood is the most convenient material.

79 Inches Long Rail
This product from TMS is mainly made for doors which are not longer than 40-50 inches. Therefore, the rail length is kept within 79 inches. If you’re such a small/medium sized wooden door that might be a suitable case for you.

Strong and Thick Door Handle Provided
You can’t expect to receive some good quality barn door handles with every door kit you see in the market. As a beautiful exception, this barn door kit comes with a door handle. And it suits well with any door size smaller than 35 mm of thickness.

If you are about to install a small and light in weight door like a barn door, you can go for TMS Modern Interior Sliding Barn Door Hardware Set. It’s cheap, beautifully finished and perfect within a low budget.

#4. U-MAX 6.6 FT Basic Sliding Track Hardware Kit

U-MAX 6.6 FT Basic Sliding Track Hardware KitU-MAX 6.6 FT Sliding Barn Wood Door Basic Sliding Track Hardware Kit (Basic
Sometimes, you don’t get best out of the barn door kit just because they are not with enough of the equipment. And in the middle of installing your barn door, you never would like to run out of equipment.

At this point of the review, we’ve got a the U-MAX 6.6 FT Basic Sliding Track Hardware Kit, which is perfect for any barn door and contains enough of the essential kits.

What We Liked
    • Made out of high-quality steel. Door weight capacity is 200lbs.
    • Door panel thickness is one ⅜ inch to 1 ¾ inch.
    • Five rail spacers to secure stable housing of the door.
    • Four size variations available.
    • Four variations in size as well.
    • A budget-friendly pick.
    • Good fit for all kind of home interiors.

What We Didn't Like
  • No color variation to offer apart from black.

Let’s go through the whole list of features-

Features and Benefits

36″ Length Acceptability
This door kit can be perfect for any door within a size limit of 36 inches. If you think about the regular barn doors that we use on our houses, the size seems perfect.

A Complete Package for your barn door
The set of barn door hardware we are up to right now is a complete installation set. The package includes 6.6ft rail, five rail spacer, two rollers, two door stoppers, two end caps, one-floor guide, and one hex key. All of the hardware is perfect for any 16 inches stud.

200lb Weight Capacity
The set is built to house any bard door within a limit of 200 pounds. All of the wooden barn doors that we use usually are within this limit. Even if you think about metal doors, this size should be a perfect fit for those as well.

Four Different Sizes Available
The model of this product that we have picked up for review is a basic version of the set. There are three more versions to choose from. And they are- the rhombic one, the Straight one and the T-shape one. Based on what your door type is, you can pick up the right one from the list.

A good price point
The price is the last feature, but it’s not the least. Comparing to the number of accessories and parts it comes with, the price seems pretty much low. If you want to satisfy your desire of quality, and still want to stay within a limited price mode, the U-MAX 6.6 FT Basic Sliding Track Hardware Kit can be your best pick.

Premium grade black finish
The color of this set is all-black. If you think about the variety of sizes or doors, and our home interiors, black should suit every one of them. So, it’s a plus point to enhance the beauty of your home interior, you can say.

This U-MAX 6.6 FT Basic Sliding Track Hardware Kit is an ultimate pick for you if you’re looking for a cheap barn door hardware kit. It’s plenty in some parts, suits almost any kind of door design and able to house heavy doors as well. We think that you won’t mind giving a try to it.

#5. 10ft Heavy Duty Double Door Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit

10ft Heavy Duty Double Door Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit10ft Heavy Duty Double Door Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit
For many of the homeowners, finding a right barn door hardware kit is a hard nut to crack. If your slide barn door is of the dual part, the task becomes even harder.

If you’re stuck in the same problem, we might have got the best pick for you. It’s called the 10ft Heavy Duty Double Door Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit, and it’s our #5 pick. Although, being the last product may let you raise an eyebrow. But let us assure you that, it’s still qualified in every sense.

What We Liked
    • A perfect fit for double barn door units.
    • Super easy to install.
    • A complete set including everything you need.
    • Can hold up to 220 pounds.
    • Seven different size variations.
    • A nickel fit housing hardware kit is available as well.

What We Didn't Like
  • Not for the heavyweight single barn door.

Let’s take you through the features and benefits-

Features and Benefits

10 feet kit for a double door
The product we’re talking about is a double door housing kit, and it’s accepted with the door size of 10 feet. Although 10 ft is a standard size for a typical household, there are options for 12 feet, 16 feet doors as well. If you need the same old kit for smaller doors, there are 6.6 feet and 8 feet version as well.

Simple and super easy to install
Installing this door kit is super easy. To help you out in the way, there are instructions provided along with the box. Also, the manufacturer has a customer service that will do it right at your home if you ask them to. This might cost some extra bucks of yours though.

A Capacity of 150-200 lbs
There are some versions and sizes of this Heavy Duty Double Door Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit. The range of these sizes is 150 pounds to 220 pounds. Based on what weight your barn door comes with, you should pick up the right one.

30 inches wide door panel
The dimension of the door panel that this best barn door hardware kit comes with is 30 inches. For any standard double sized door, we found it as a perfect one. However, if you need an installation kit for a single door, we’ve included the single door version of the same product earlier in this list.

A Space Savers and Room connector
This door installation and housing kit is not only a space saver but also it’s a connector between two rooms of your house. Also, as it can hold two barn doors together, you’re getting ease in use as well.

We’ve loved the way the manufacturer has crafted this double door barn door housing kit. If you’re okay with the features, you may find it a good fit.

How to choose the top-quality cheap barn door hardware kit?

We’re hopeful that you’ve already made the buying shortlist for your next barn door. Now it’s time to hone up the decisions. To give you a hand, here is our extensive buying guide-

The Material

The first and foremost buying factor that you will look for is, of course, the mundane strength. As you’re not going to change it for every year, you might want it to be super supportive.

The best material is stainless steel for sure. As you have seen, we’ve included most of the products of this materialistic properly.

Size of your bard door

In almost every kind of barn door design, there are size variations. If you want to make the best fit, measure the door openings and the size of your door as well. Lengths are starting from 6 feet to even 20 feet.

The Finish

Along with the barn door itself, the barn door hardware is also a visible part of your home. If you fail to choose the right color and finish of the hardware kit, you may ruin a part of your interior design. There are nickel finished, chrome finished or even blacked finished models to chose from.

In Conclusion

So far, we’ve discussed five of the best barn door hardware kit in this reviews guide. We’ve been concerned enough to provide a diverse choice range for you. From both viewpoints of quality and price, you may be able to pick up the right fit.

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