Mighty Max Battery Review (2024 Update): Read Before Buy

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Last Updated on April 16, 2024 by John Patterson

Mighty Max Battery Review

Mighty Max, as a brand, has gained much traction over the last few years.

It undoubtedly produces high-quality, heavy-duty SLA deep-cycle AGM batteries of different amp hours.

One of the core characteristics that a brand should have is prompt customer support.

Mighty max genuinely excels in standing behind the customers.

With that said, it’s quite a daunting task for anyone to pick the right battery for the correct application. It’s because you have several options out there to choose from.

On top of that, using or charging the batteries incorrectly can lead to bad experiences for you.

Keeping those in mind, I’ve prepared this Mighty Max battery review article, where I will review 8 AGM deep-cycle batteries produced by Mighty Max.

I will also guide you with charging instructions and answer frequently asked questions.

Let’s get our buts off.

Mighty Max Battery Review of Different Capacities

#1. ML35-12 12Volt 35AH Battery Review

What We Liked
    • It’s pretty straightforward to install.
    • A lightweight 12-volt 35-ah battery, I must say.
    • This battery makes devices start right up.
    • It seems to be a compelling and sturdy option.
    • It’s one of the best batteries for trolling motors.
    • The size is relatively compact for most applications, including working on the boat. It’s easy to mount too.
    • It charges so fast and holds the charge for a long time. (carrying the charge varies depending on the volts and amp of the object you are running with this battery).
    • An onboard handle helps to transport the battery effortlessly.
    • This one is a maintenance-free and spill-proof battery.
    • It performs well in both high and low temperatures.
    • It’s a shock and vibration-resistant unit.
    • You can recharge the battery with sunlight too.
    • This unit comes well-packed. It’s almost impossible to cause damage during transit.
    • It’s reasonably priced.
    • Excellent customer service.

What We Didn't Like
  • Although I don’t have a complaint about the pricing, some real users think the price could have been better.
  • Wire harness or mounting accessories with the package would have been a useful addition at this price range. (a set of nuts and bolts are included, though)

Bottom Line
ML35-12 – 12Volt 35AH is an AGM battery to handle medium-duty jobs.

With that said, you can use it for many devices and motors, including pitching machines, fishing reels, solar systems, RVs, golf carts, electric motors, consumer electronics, toys, lawn tractors, and so on forth.

It’s a bit early for me to conclude on its durability. But like always, I took the opinion of other real users who have been using this battery for a long time without any issues.

Battery Dimension: 7.68”x 5.16”x7.13”.

Battery Type: Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) AGM.

Pro Tip: This is not a car battery. So, don’t use it for cars. Don’t short the battery terminals, don’t charge in a sealed container. Don’t forget to check the customer reviews.

#2. Mighty Max Battery ML18-12 12V 18AH 

What We Liked
    • Easy to install and comes with terminal nuts and bolts that you need for the installation.
    • It holds the charge well and takes less time to charge up fully.
    • This one fits in most cases as it’s compact.
    • It’s easy to transport.
    • The terminals seemed solid and robust, and I liked the rubber cover.
    • It comes fully charged, so you can install it and use it immediately.
    • It offers a spill-proof case, shock and vibration resistance, and high performance in low and high temperatures.
    • A maintenance-free battery.
    • This 12-volt battery features a high discharge rate and deep discharge recovery.
    • The price is quite reasonable.
    • A durable battery.

What We Didn't Like
  • The battery connection post could be more prominent.
  • The bladed terminal might bother you if you use alligator clips.
  • No charging cord and plug come with the package.

Bottom Line
You can use this 12-volt battery with several devices, including a mobility scooter, trolling motor, clay pigeon machine, generator, solar light system, kids power wheel, DR power mower, electronic devices, electric vehicles, air compressors, wheelchair, and many more.

Battery Dimension: 7.13”x3.01”x6.57”.

Battery Type: Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) AGM.

Pro Tip: Don’t use this battery for a sump pump. Don’t short the battery terminals, don’t charge in a sealed container. Read the customer reviews before buying.

#3. ML9-12 12V 9AH Battery 

What We Liked
    • You have multiple packs to choose from, like 1 pack, 2 pack, 4 pack, 6 pack, 8 pack, 10 pack.
    • It’s one of the best batteries for toys.
    • Easy to install and get things going instantly.
    • The battery comes fully charged, and it’s readily usable.
    • It’s compact enough to fit the purpose.
    • Easy to carry along.
    • Like other batteries, this one is also maintenance-free, leak-proof, shock, and vibration-resistant.
    • It works perfectly in both low and high temperatures.
    • This battery holds the charge for a long time and takes a minimum to get fully charged.
    • It’s quite affordable.

What We Didn't Like
  • You can use this battery for only light use.
  • It doesn’t come with a charger.

Bottom Line
This ML9-12 12-volt battery is a perfect option for Toys, UPS, Speaker, LED lights, cooler stereo, block rocker, garden tools, medical mobility, block rocker, outdoor fan, fish finder, tennis ball machine, home security system, etc.

All in all, this model is a good battery, both electrically and mechanically, for light-duty jobs.

Battery Dimension: 5. 94”x 2. 56”x3. 94”.

Battery Type: Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) AGM battery.

Pro Tip:  It works as a great replacement battery for your UPS at an affordable price. Instead of buying other batteries for UPS, better try this one. This battery can be charged by a 12V solar system. Read the customer reviews is highly recommended. 

Remember, this 12-volt battery is not water-proof but water-resistance. It would help if you did not submerge it for long.

Don’t short the battery terminals, and don’t charge in a sealed container. Don’t forget to check the customer reviews.

#4. Mighty Max Battery ML12-12 12V 12AH Battery 

What We Liked
    • No question about the reliability of this battery.
    • Like other batteries, this one also comes fully charged. Therefore, you can use it right out of the box.
    • It’s quite a powerful 12-volt battery.
    • This battery can hold the charge for a relatively long time.
    • It seems to provide an excess capacity of 12AH.
    • A compact battery that can be mounted effortlessly.
    • Installing it is a piece of cake.
    • It is shock and vibration resistant, spill-proof, and maintenance-free.
    • Like other batteries, this one also works well in low and high temperatures.
    • This one also features a high discharge rate and deep discharge recovery.
    • It’s lightweight and easy to transport.
    • It offers value for the money.
    • I must admire the packaging of the unit.

What We Didn't Like
  • Some users have complained about battery life. It’s too early for me to judge that, though.
  • A bit larger than the original version of this battery.

Bottom Line
You can use this 12-volt battery for several applications, including but not limited to the internet router, LED, toy, UPS, electric wheelchair, power riding toy, tennis ball machine, etc.

Regarding the longevity of the battery, I had to take the opinion of other real users. Most of them are satisfied with the battery life. On the other hand, a few users are dissatisfied too.

Battery Dimension: 5.94”x3.88”x4.00”.

Battery Type: Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) AGM battery.

Pro Tip: Don’t short the battery terminals, don’t charge in a sealed container.

#5. Mighty Max Battery 6V 4.5Ah Exit Sign Battery- 10 Pack

What We Liked
    • An excellent battery for light-duty jobs.
    • It’s a maintenance-free battery too.
    • This one is spill-proof, too; hence no doubt about safety.
    • It works well in both high and low temperatures.
    • This one is a super-compact battery, super lightweight too. That’s why you can mount it at any suitable place without any hassle.
    • It holds the charge for a long as well.
    • These batteries come with appropriate packaging.
    • The price is quite affordable, considering it’s a ten packs kit.

What We Didn't Like
  • Nothing significant.

Bottom Line
This battery from Mighty Max is a perfect suit for exit signs. Besides that, you can use it for several other devices and tools like an off-grid solar panel,

Battery Dimension: 2.76”x1.85”x4.17”.

Battery Type: Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) AGM battery.

Pro Tip: Don’t short the battery terminals, don’t charge in a sealed container.

#6. Mighty Max 12V 55Ah Power Boat Pontoon Electric Trolling Motor Battery

What We Liked
    • One of the best batteries for a motorized fishing kayak
    • It lasts up to more than 6 hours of trolling and cruising
    • Easy to install
    • It comes fully charged so that you can use it right away
    • It fits perfectly under the front hatch of boats
    • It comes with a battery that is maintenance-free, spill-proof, shock & vibration-resistant, and rechargeable
    • It takes only half a day to recharge fully
    • Compatible with solar, vehicles, and toys
    • It can be used in enclosed and indoor environments
    • Uses state of the art, heavy-duty, calcium-alloy grid that delivers power when you need it

What We Didn't Like
  • Might be too heavy for small boats

Bottom Line
This battery is perfect for you if you are looking for an affordable heavy-duty battery that will provide you with a premium service. Its compatibility makes it an item of various uses.

Battery Dimension:  9.02’’x5.43’’x9.13’’

Battery Type: Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) AGM battery

Pro Tip: Make sure this heavy battery does not weigh down your boat to the point of submersion. If you own a small boat, it is better to opt for lightweight batteries.

Also, check the terminals once the battery has been shipped to your doorstep. If it somehow got damaged while being transported, contact the company for a refund.

#7. Mighty Max 12V 75Ah SLA Battery for Wayne ESP25 Back-Up Pump

What We Liked
    • Very easy to install and set up
    • No need to add water or fluids like flooded wet cell batteries
    • Compatible with solar applications, electric vehicles, and toys
    • Pumps water up to over 24 hours
    • It comes fully charged, so you can use it straight from the box
    • A high discharge rate, spill-proof, rechargeable, shock-resistant battery
    • Provides exceptional performance in both float and cyclic applications
    • A good value for money
    • The built-in handles make carrying it easier

What We Didn't Like
  • Not designed for the initial current draw

Bottom Line
If you want something that provides a long-lasting charge in your motors or solar system power backup, this product will be a lifesaver. The advanced design that requires no liquids will help you save both time and money.

Battery Dimension: 10.24”x6.61”x8.27”

Battery Type:  Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) AGM battery

Pro Tip: Though it is highly recommended for motors or solar purposes, it also functions as a brilliant trolling motor for kayaks. You can easily fit this battery in the back hatch due to the compact size.

 #8. Mighty Max ML100-12 12V 100AH SLA Battery

What We Liked
    • It comes with a non-spill design that resists shocks and vibrations
    • High discharge rate
    • It contains electrolytes suspended between fiberglass mats which provide exceptional safety.
    • Works perfectly in both low and high temperatures
    • It comes in high-quality, durable containers that add to the safety it offers
    • Provides long service
    • A breeze for portability, a rare feature in heavy-duty batteries
    • Easy to install
    • Compatible with sumps pumps, golf carts, off-grid solar panels, and trolling motors

What We Didn't Like
  • It cannot be installed upside-down
  • Supplied bolts might be too short
  • Wire harness and mounting accessories are not included

Bottom Line
An easily portable battery is an excellent option for electric vehicles and solar purposes. You will have an excellent battery on hand for the value.

Battery Dimension: 12.17”x6.61×8.30”

Battery Type:  Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) AGM battery

Pro Tip: It might be better to invest in separate bolts and mounting accessories if you are purchasing this battery.

Mighty Max Battery Alternatives

#1. Universal Power Group 12V 100Ah Solar Wind AGM SLA VRLA Battery

What We Liked
    • Commonly used for solar purposes
    • This rechargeable battery holds charge very well
    • A maintenance-free battery that resists shock, vibrations, and spills
    • Allows effortless installation
    • It has a powerful 12-volt battery designed for deep-cycle applications
    • Works well even in extreme temperature
    • Quite durable and reliable
    • Great for handling deep discharge
    • Charged by both solar panels and wall outlets
    • Excellent customer service

What We Didn't Like
  • Not built for an initial high current draw

Bottom Line
This heavy-duty deep-cycle battery is more suited for solar and backup power supply purposes. So, if you are looking for batteries for automotive purposes, it might be better to skip this option.

Battery Dimension:12.17’’x6.61”x9.16”

Battery Type:  Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) AGM battery

Pro Tip: It is better to cycle down this battery to 40% deep discharge. Avoid total deep discharging.

#2. Renogy Deep Cycle AGM 12 Volt 100Ah Battery

What We Liked
    • Specifically designed for solar energy storage applications
    • Provides outstanding performance for both daily use and backup
    • Less than 3% self-discharge rate
    • Optimum performance even at freezing temperatures
    • Included in the list of Amazon’s Choice, which ensures high-rated, well-priced items that you can get shipped immediately
    • Great as backup power supplies when you are off the grid
    • It has a long shelf life compared to most batteries due to its high-purity materials
    • Excellent customer service

What We Didn't Like
  • Some customers found the battery swelling up a little after only a day of light cycling, which can be extremely dangerous

Bottom Line
It will be wiser if you use this product only as a backup power supply instead of for solar purposes due to the majority of customers complaining about its functions while utilizing this item for solar applications.

 Battery Dimension: 13.1”x6.9”x8.6”

Battery Type: Lead Acid, Deep Cycle AGM

Pro Tip: We highly recommend installing the battery upright. It is allowed to install the battery on its side only if there are special reasons for doing so. DO NOT install the battery upside down.

Now, let me answer some of the frequently asked questions.

Who makes the Mighty Max batteries?

Answer: Well, Mighty Max itself is a brand that makes these batteries. Mighty Max is quite famous for manufacturing AGM batteries and battery accessories.

This same brand also excels in making quality products that include solar panels and battery chargers.

Mighty Max is an expert company with all the capabilities to stand behind its customers efficiently. The company backs the warranty without any questions asked.

Regarding price, I must say all of its batteries are quite reasonable and offer value for the money.

More importantly, its batteries are compatible with major brands in automobile, solar, and electric fields.

Who Sells Mighty Max Batteries?

Answer: So, who sells Mighty Max Batteries? Well, Mighty Max itself sells the batteries. However, you can get the batteries from several e-commerce sites.

Amazon, Home Depot, eBay, Walmart, Kmart, Lowes, etc., retailers sell the Batteries. However, we believe it’d be best to buy the batteries from Amazon.

Where are Mighty Max Batteries Made\Manufactured?

Answer: Mighty Max is an American brand in Brooklyn, New York.

Mighty Max batteries any good?

Answer: Yes, of course. The batteries I’ve listed here are AGM deep-cycle batteries that you use for various devices and tools.

All of them hold the common characteristics of any AGM battery, like they are maintenance-free, spill-proof, shock and vibration resistance, valve-regulated, corrosion-free, durable, holds the charge for a long, require less time to charge, safe, and reliable fully.

All these deep-cycle batteries offer value for the price, and they are affordable too.

Mighty Max Battery Charging Instructions

The batteries are deep-cycle batteries. That’s why you better know how to charge a deep-cycle battery. These are not car batteries, marine batteries, or other standard batteries. So, you must know some vital points about charging the battery.

Using a portable charger or a fixed charging source, you can charge these batteries. Nonetheless, I prefer using a portable charger to a fixed charging source.

First and foremost, you have to use the correct charger, which is fast. Unfortunately, the batteries don’t come with a charger in the package, though. You have to buy a charger separately.

Not charging in a sealed container is vital, as the company instructs this for each battery.

Although the batteries come fully charged, and you can use them immediately, equalization charging is necessary at least once a month or every ten discharge cycles.

If you don’t know what equalization charging is, it’s the process of charging a 12V battery with at least 14.4 volts for at least one hour.

Final Words

In this Mighty Max battery reviews article, I’ve reviewed the eight batteries mentioning their highs and lows elaborately.

I also mentioned some of the core applications of each of them.

I hope you haven’t missed out on the FAQ section and the battery charging instructions.

What I like most about these batteries is their reliability and performance without hurting the pocket.

These are lightweight and compact, providing secure mounting and transportation facilities.

Despite minor hiccups, I bet you won’t regret buying from this brand.

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