UB121000 Battery Review of 2024: Universal 12v AGM Battery

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Last Updated on April 26, 2024 by John Patterson

Not all AGM deep cycle batteries are good. Not all of them are bad either.

While having so many batteries to choose from is freedom, at the same time, you have to make sure you are buying the perfect battery based on the application.

This is when you do get puzzled.


To solve the puzzle for you and let you know about its application, I’ve prepared this UB12100 battery review. Here I’ve reviewed this 12V 100AH deep cycle AGM battery of universal power group mentioning all the highs and lows of it.

Eventually, you will get to know its application and different cool features as well.

So, let’s dive right in.

UB121000 Battery Review of 2024

UB121000 Battery Review

UB121000 Universal 12v 100AH Deep Cycle AGM Battery Review

What We Liked
    • It’s relatively easy to mount and set up in a quick time.
    • This battery is maintenance-free and leak-proof.
    • It’s shock and vibration resistance; hence it lasts long.
    • You can use it with several vehicles and appliances.
    • This battery can absorb the energy from solar panels unbelievably fast.
    • It holds the charge for an ample amount of time.
    • This battery has an acid-proof body.
    • It provides high power and low internal resistance.
    • The self-discharge rate is reasonably acceptable (it varies depending on the storage temperature, though).
    • No matter what the temperature is (cold or hot), this battery will perform well in both cases.
    • The company stands behind the warranty and provides excellent customer service.
    • This UB121000 battery is reasonably priced.

What We Didn't Like
  • Had it been a bit more lightweight, it would have been an effortless job to move the battery.
  • This universal power group battery is not the best of the best in terms of deep cycling. However, it’s way better than other flooded batteries of the same size.


Easy Mounting Option

You can mount this battery with ease, spending less amount of time and effort. As the body is made from individual stainless cells, that’s why you get the flexibility of either mounting or reinforcing the unit.

Requires Less Time for Charging

AGM batteries don’t take too long to get charged up fully. This UB121000 battery does the same.

Hold the Charge for Long

Holding up the charge for a long is another benefit of AGM batteries. The UB121000 battery does that too. It can hold the charge for an ample amount of time, to be honest.


Unlike regular batteries, this UB121000 battery is a maintenance-free battery.


One of the reasons is the glass matt absorbs the sulfuric acid as this one is an AGM battery.

This makes it maintenance-free. So, you don’t have to keep yourself busy with maintenance tasks.


An AGM battery like this one is leak-proof too because for the same reason it is maintenance-free. Meaning as the glass matt absorbs the sulfuric acid, so it prevents leaking or spilling.

Vibration and Shock Resistant

Vibration and shock resistance features increase the lifetime of a battery for sure. This battery is made in a way so that it withstands any vibration and shock. Therefore, it lasts long.

Limited Amount of Acid

Compared to any flooded battery, an AGM battery comes with less amount of sulfuric acid. This battery features the same too.

So Many Things Run By this Battery

You can use this battery to run a hell of a lot of things like a fridge, vent fan, interior fan, lights including LED, laptops, stereo system. It’s one of the best solutions for your solar system, campervan, sump pump, boat, trolling vehicles, golf cart, so and so forth.


So, on the whole, it’s quite a handy cyclic battery to offset your electric bill. Had the size been a bit smaller, it would have been more fun to use two parallel batteries at a time. Nonetheless, this is not a major drawback because still, you can use two batteries in parallel in your campervan.

UB121000 Battery Alternatives

#1. VMAX SLR125 Review

What We Liked
    • A heavy-duty AGM battery.
    • Value for the money.
    • Lasts 8 to 10 years.
    • For calculating the AC/DC power, it has a smart battery calculator.
    • Battery Cables Made in the USA.

What We Didn't Like
  • Weight is 75lb, a bit tough to carry and maintain.

This sealed lead military-grade battery is designed for a wide variety of applications including Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), Emergency Lighting, Medical Equipment, Communication Systems, Security Systems, Transportation, and much more!

This deep cycle AGM battery offers excellent value for your money with its high-quality construction and ability to deliver reliable power over long periods of time.

The VMAX SLR series is designed for superior performance and long life in both cyclic and float service. It is an ideal battery for renewable energy, telecom/datacom, UPS, solar and other applications requiring reliable power.

This battery can be mounted on its side or upright which makes it perfect for use in RVs, boats, cars, and trucks.

The VMAX SLR1250 is a high-power, deep cycle battery that uses Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology to ensure excellent performance in extreme weather conditions.

This 12-volt, 125 amp/hour battery offers long life and exceptional durability. The VMAX SLR1250 is perfect for use as an engine starting and deep cycle marine, RV, or backup power system battery.

These sealed lead-acid batteries are spillproof and maintenance-free – just add water!

The VMAX SLR125 AGM Sealed Deep Cycle 12V 125Ah batteries are specifically designed for applications that require a lot of power, such as electric golf carts.

The VMAX SLR125 AGM is perfect for high current applications because it can deliver up to 8 times more current than flooded lead-acid batteries.

These deep cycle sealed lead-acid batteries from VMAX are the ideal choice when you need a reliable battery with an extended life span and exceptional performance.

These batteries are designed to last up to 10 years and they will not leak acid if they’re damaged or broken. You can easily install them yourself with the included installation kit and instructions.

The batteries have a low self-discharge rate so that when you store them for long periods of time, they’ll still be ready to use when you need them.

#2. VMAX V6-225 Review

What We Liked
    • Long-lasting, lasts 8-10 years.
    • Maintenance Free.
    • Heavy Duty.
    • Comes with a battery calculator.

What We Didn't Like
  • After a certain period, you will need an expert for testing the discharge meter.

The VMAXTANKS 225-amp hour (Ah) is a high-quality deep cycle battery that can be used in many different applications and environments.

The VMAX 225 Ah is great for off-grid solar systems as well as backup power supplies. This battery features a 12-volt nominal output with an open-circuit voltage of 13.5 volts and a closed-circuit voltage of 10.5 volts. It has an Amp Hour rating of 225 Ah.

The VMAXTANKS V6-225 is a state-of-the-art deep cycle battery ideal for off-grid solar power systems. It features a powerful and efficient 225 Amp Hour capacity that will provide you with enough energy to run your appliances throughout the day.

The V6-225 is also perfect for emergency backup applications in case of power outages or natural disasters.

This is a high-quality solar battery backup power system from VMAXTANKS.

VMAXTANKS 6.2kWh 24V AGM Battery Bank is a high-quality solar battery bank that can be used with a large variety.

#3. NPP HR12200W Review

What We Liked
    • Advanced technology. NPP High-Rate Battery uses the latest technology in its manufacturing process to deliver high performance and long life for your toughest applications.
    • Superior quality materials. The plates are made from pure virgin lead, with no recycled content or additives that can cause corrosion or other problems. The separators are made from a special material designed to prevent any leakage of electrolyte onto the plates, while still allowing free flow of electrons between them.

What We Didn't Like
  • A bit heavy (37.49 Pounds).

NPP High-Rate Rechargeable UPS Battery 12V 200Ah FR12200W is a high-quality rechargeable battery. It has many applications, such as security systems, firefighting equipment, and telecommunication systems.

NPP’s AGM batteries are made with high-quality materials to ensure the maximum performance of your device.

NPP High-Rate Series Batteries are made to handle higher outputs and tougher working environments than regular batteries.

These batteries are ideal for powering alarm systems, emergency lighting systems, firefighting equipment, standby power supplies, and telephone switching systems.

NPP AGM lead-acid batteries provide an ideal solution for uninterruptible power supply (UPS) applications such as data centers or telecom facilities that require extended run times during short circuit conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. What is the best RV battery?

Answer: For the RVs, you have to go for either the 12V deep cycle AGM battery or two 6V golf cart batteries wired together to make it 12V.

A 12V deep cycle AGM battery is easy to get and inexpensive. That’s why I believe it should be the first choice for you.

This UB121000 12V deep cycle AGM battery is one of the best choices for RVs, in my opinion.

#2. What is the best deep cycle battery?

Answer: You have different types of deep cycle batteries like AGM batteries, gel cell batteries, and flooded lead-acid batteries.

In most cases, you will want to go for the AGM deep cycle batteries, and this UB121000 12V 100Ah battery is one of the best AGM deep cycle batteries out there.

#3. How many years do deep cycle batteries last?

Answer: It highly depends on the type of battery. That means the lifespan varies among AGM battery, gel cell battery, and flooded lead-acid battery.

You can expect an AGM deep cycle battery to last long for about four to seven years. On the other hand, the gel cell battery should live up to two to five years, and the life expectancy for flooded lead-acid batteries should be four to eight years.

#4. Can you overcharge a deep cycle battery?

Answer: No, it would be best if you did not overcharge a deep cycle battery. If you overcharge frequently, it will start to heat up progressively. The hotter it gets, the more it will accept current. Eventually, the battery will be heated even more and destroy it in a quick time.

On top of that, overcharging will cause the acid to boil and allow the battery to explode or at least break.

#5. What is the best deep cycle battery for a trolling motor?

Answer: Regarding the battery types, I recommend you use either AGM type or Lead Acid wet cell type of 12V batteries for a trolling motor.

On the other hand, regarding the amp hour rating, it’s better to go for at least a 100 Ah battery.

This UB121000 is exactly what you might have been looking for in a trolling motor. It’s because this one is a 12V 100Ah AGM deep cycle battery for you.

#6. Why won’t my car start in the cold?

Answer: As we know the car won’t start in the cold is a common problem, We have described everything in this article.

Final Verdict

Let’s recap!

In this UB121000 battery review article, I’ve mentioned all the benefits and pitfalls of this battery, and also elaborated on some of its cool features.

If you have not heard of this brand before, very likely, you were a bit skeptical before you read this review.

I’m sure you will be able to judge the battery at this point after reading my review.

In a nutshell, you can go for this unit to get a high-quality battery spending a reasonable price. What I like most about this unit is its ability to charge fast and hold the charge for a long.

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