6 Craft Ideas to Try During the Lockdown in 2024

6 Craft Ideas to Try During Lockdown

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Last Updated on March 15, 2024 by Mamunur Rashid

Everyone is in lockdown. Being at home all day can get really depressing as there is nothing much to do to keep us busy.

What do you even do after you have already binged all the shows on your Netflix watch list?

If you’ve run out of things to do in this quarantine, this post here is to help you! We have got you covered with six fun and easy productive craft ideas to pass your time in this lockdown. 

6 Craft Ideas to Try During Lockdown

#1. Color Blocking DIY Home Decor

 Regardless of whether you just want to kill time or you really want to do something productive, coloring on elements of your house is a great idea to be creative and keep yourself amused.

Are you into home decor and arts and crafts? Are you always looking for cool and creative home decor styles and projects on the internet?

Sometimes we can’t find exactly the design of home decor products we want in stores. This is the perfect time to get creative with the decor elements you think need a makeover. 

You can paint your clock and make it unique. Your DIY Color block wall clock will go with any room of your home and it will look really adorable!

You can also showcase your creativity by upcycling a piece of furniture with a unique color.

Do you have a bland white tray that you are not quite vibing with?? Then color that up too. And when you’ll be done, you will fall in love with your DIY color block tray. It will also look amazing on any side of your coffee table!

Let your artistic juices flow. This form of art is also a form of meditation that will keep your brain engaged, entertained, and calm.

Our anxieties are naturally high these days, so staying focused on something will really help. So, get your brushes and colors and start coloring. Plus it’s also cheap to make home decor products on your own.

#2. Wood Crafting

Wood is the most common element that can be found in any household. This lockdown is a perfect time to take full advantage of it.

All you need is some wood parts, a drilling machine, sandpapers, paintbrushes, wood colors, some nails, and strong glue.

You can always start by crafting a wooden magazine holder. This will be a nice addition to your home.

You can also give it a makeover, design, and color it up, and voilà it will also be a cute gift for someone.

Your own woodcraft could be a great gift idea for your family members you couldn’t see during the lockdown?

You can also try making wooden trays to indulge in the joys of wood-crafting. It’s also a useful accessory to serve coffee.

 A rustic cake stand will be a cute little project to take up. It will not just serve cakes and muffins but will also stand out at in-home parties.

Have you ever considered making a wooden charcuterie board? Your appetizers will look fabulous on them. Keep the wood board shades dark for the appetizers to stand out.

For more information and ideas you can check out more blogs and YouTube videos on the internet.          

During this uncertain time, working with wood will boost up your creativity and will help you to adapt to this new normal.

#3. Origami

Origami is an ancient Japanese art. Paper folding is not only a creative way to pass your time but it also has numerous therapeutic benefits. As we all have a lot of free time in our hands, doing origami to distract our minds will be great. 

Start with making origami flowers. So, when this lockdown ends you can give a gift of origami flowers to loved ones you haven’t seen for a while.  

Origami stars and butterflies are cute creations. You can also color these up and add them to your homemade decor products.

How about making 3D greeting cards to greet your friends after this quarantine?         

There are several YouTube tutorials and videos on the internet that you can take inspiration from and learn more about origami skills. So, don’t just sit there. Start folding papers and sprinkling glitters!     

#4. Wall Hangings

As we all are staying at our home more now, we can do DIY wall hanging projects to make our homes feel more inviting and cozy.

Decorating bare walls with DIY wall decors is an incredible way to keep ourselves indulged in something while we wait out the lockdown.

Hand-made boho-style wall frames would be a great little chic addition to your walls.  

This extra boost of therapeutic crafting will jazz up our walls and give them a new look. It will be satisfying to see your creative designs adorning your home.      

#5. Label Making

Coronavirus has put everything to a halt. Even our access to grocery stores and essentials is limited. 

We are storing food and other necessary items as much as we can to avoid going out too often.

This is the perfect time to re-organize your storage. Labeling is always at the top of any organizing game. It’s not only fun but also a useful and essential activity for every household.

You can use chalkboard vinyl, or sticky-back plastic to put changeable labels. You can use pen chalk too if normal chalk wipes off easily. For a quick and easy update, you can just label stuff with sticky notes and glue.

Labeling pantry items keep everything organized leaving zero excuses for your housemates not knowing where things belong.

If you have kids in your house, this is the perfect opportunity to label their school stuff.

Your toiletries and laundry detergent jars should be labeled too. You won’t have to open up every jar or bottle to find out what is what every time you use them. Also, a creative label design will make the jars look stylish and unique.

During these days everyone is making their home-made cleaning supplies.

If you are planning on making your own cleaning products, labeling on each supply is mandatory.

You can use the label to highlight the quote “Wash Your Hands” which will also be handy and useful for reminders.

Staying organized is a huge challenge for everyone. But, nobody ever regrets being organized. Labeling products is an easy way to stay organized.

#6. Pottery

You can take up this art form to ease your anxieties about the pandemic. Doing pottery is somewhat expensive and most of us do not have the necessary equipment in our house to do it.

If you do have the proper equipment and if you do not mind getting your hands a bit dirty, then this is a unique way to spend your time.

You can also use clay as an inexpensive alternative to do pottery. You just have to bake it in your oven and start molding.

There is a huge range of products that you can choose to make. Spoons, bowls, pots, vases, wall hangings, frames, and even jewelry.

Try to make cute items for kids such as snowmen, elves, cookies, or little flower pots for a new home for your plants.

Final Thoughts

We all are confined within our homes right now. The lockdown is having its toll on our mental and emotional health, and we need a healthy dose of escapism.

These craft ideas are easy to get into and require very few tools.  Get your partner or your kids involved and enjoy some quality time together.

Happy crafting!

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