7 Useful Tips and Tricks for Air Conditioner Maintenance

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Last Updated on January 26, 2023 by John Patterson

Though it is considered a luxury, air conditioning has become a necessity for many people during the heat of the summer season.

Not only does an air conditioner produce comfortable, cool air free of humidity, but it may prove a vital health product for individuals with breathing or other potentially serious health problems.

The last thing you want or need is a malfunctioning air conditioner in the dead of summer.

Eli’s Air Conditioning, which serves the residents of Rockville, Maryland, and surrounding regions, invites you to read the following brief blog highlighting seven crucial maintenance tips you can employ to decrease your chances of experiencing this uncomfortable and potentially costly pitfall.

7 Useful Tips and Tricks for Air Conditioner Maintenance

 Air Conditioner Maintenance

#1. Change Filters

As their name might indicate, air conditioning units process large quantities of air.

Unfortunately, the air contains countless potentially harmful particles like dirt, dust, and other allergens and pollutants.

Internal components called filters collect these pesky particles and prevent them from circulating through the air the unit expels.

However, over time, filters can become infiltrated with these substances, threatening the unit’s efficiency and the surrounding air quality.

Ergo, you are strongly encouraged to change your unit’s filters every month or two.

#2. Address the Windows

Though sometimes overlooked, your home’s windows significantly affect the structure’s overall temperature.

Uncovered or improperly sealed windows, especially those prone to absorbing increased sunlight, are a magnet for heat and will drastically raise indoor temperatures.

Such circumstances often force your air conditioning unit to work harder or remain on for extended durations.

The result could be a large energy bill.

This problem may be avoided by ensuring your windows are adequately covered by curtains or blinds and are sealed tight so that hot air cannot enter and cold air cannot escape.

#3. Cleanse the Coils

Air conditioning units are equipped with components, including condensers and evaporators, which are covered by-products called coils.

As your unit ages, coils tend to collect excessive amounts of dirt and dust.

This can become especially problematic for central air compressors housed outside the home.

Pollutants reduce the coil’s capacity to absorb heat, which could threaten your unit’s efficiency.

Ergo, these components should be thoroughly cleaned at least once per season.

#4. Unclog Condenser Drains

Aside from providing cool air, an air conditioner eliminates humidity.

This forces the unit to process significant quantities of moisture.

This undertaking is performed by unit components known as condenser drains.

If the drains become clogged, not only might your unit not operate at an optimal level, but water could leak out the said item.

Such occurrences could prove particularly troublesome if you own a window unit, which could drip onto surrounding walls and flooring.

#5. Install A Programmable Thermostat

If a central air conditioning system cools your home, installing a programmable thermostat could help better regulate indoor temperatures, yielding less costly electricity bills.

These items enable you to set specific temperatures at certain times.

In some cases, smart thermostats can even be programmed when you are away from home.

#6. Monitor Coil Fins

Coil fins are the aluminum coverings insulating the condenser and evaporator coils.

These items can easily bend.

Should this occur, proper airflow through the coils will be inhibited, thus threatening your unit’s efficiency.

Fortunately, this issue is readily correctable using a tool known as a fin comb, which can return bent fins close to their appropriate positioning.

Air conditioning sellers typically sell fin combs.

Otherwise, an air conditioning company’s technician could perform said task.

#7. Obtain Professional Examination and Servicing

You should not wait for a problem to arise before contacting a professional air conditioning maintenance establishment.

Even if your unit seems to be operating optimally, burgeoning issues might still be afoot.

Experienced and competent technicians can identify and correct such concerns before said matters morph into costly emergencies necessitating immediate repair.

Contacting Us

If you are in Rockville or nearby areas, Eli’s Air Conditioning encourages you to contact us.

We service all brands, are well-versed in repair and installation, and are available 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

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