The 10 Best Hand Cleaner for Mechanics and Grease for 2024

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Best Hand Cleaner for Mechanics and Grease

If you want to enjoy working on your projects, you must find a way to deal with the grease.

Many poor workers have given up on having nicely clean and soft hands.

And if you’ve checked out those low-quality mechanics’ hand cleaners they use, you would know the reason behind such misery.

Now, we were hoping you could keep your hopes high because we will find you the best hand cleaner for mechanics and grease.

You need to check our reviews of the most excellent products to find the perfect cleaner for yourself.

Now, some crucial factors make a cleaner as great as it is.

And that’s why you will find a buying guide in the article, where we will discuss these factors.

So, read on to know what awesome mechanic hand-cleaning formulas are about.

NameBrandWeightScentItem Form
GOJO NATURAL ORANGEGojo36 PoundsCitrus, OrangeLiquid
Tub O' Scrub TS28Tub O' Towels 1 GallonCitrusCream
Fast Orange 25419Permatex8.82 PoundsOrangeLiquid
Grip Clean Hand CleanerGrip Clean64 OuncesLimeLiquid
Permatex 25122Permatex 0.45 KilogramsOrange CitrusLiquid
Tub O' Scrub TS18Tub O' Towels 1.30 poundsNatural CitrusCream
Grip Clean Pumice SoapGrip Clean8 OuncesLimeLiquid
Eagle GritEagle Grit1 GallonOrangeCream
Wonder Scrub M/A1 PoundsCitrusCream
Zolex Non-ToxicZolex2.94 poundsCitrusLiquid

10 Best Hand Cleaner for Mechanics and Grease 

Check out the list of heavy-duty hand cleaners we’ve chosen to review. They have everything you want in your cleanser. You won’t regret buying any of these best soaps for mechanics.

#1. GOJO 0955-04 Natural Orange

  • Brand: Gojo
  • Number of Items: 4 gallons
  • Material Used: Soap
  • Volume: 1 gallon each
  • Weight: 36 pounds
  • The Appearance of the Soap: Liquid

What We Liked
  • Very less abrasive so that the skin doesn’t become coarse
  • Incredibly soft on the skin that leaves moisture behind
  • Non-toxic for being a mineral, and environment-friendly
  • Won’t require a lotion to apply afterward

What We Didn't Like
  • Needs multiple washing when the hands are too dirty

If you want your hand cleaners to be soft on your skin, you should check out the gojo hand cleaners we are reviewing.

Yeah, it won’t be one of those cleaners that do the job alright but leave your hands all coarse and rough.

This is our recommended Best Automotive Hand Cleaner on the market today.

The gojo mechanic hand cleaners will be very gentle on your hands, which you won’t get with too many products.

Isn’t it great that you don’t even have to apply lotion on the skin afterward?

So, immaculate hands that are as smooth as you can imagine are what this nice cleaner has to offer.

Moreover, the gojo hand cleaners will keep the germs away very efficiently.

And your hands will smell nice, making you forget about the hard work you’ve been involved in for the whole day.

Also, the formula is made to do the cleaning fast.

So, it will make an excellent choice for folks who are in a hurry all the time.

I would recommend this best mechanic soap for both commercials and home uses.

For it comes with the ultimate level of comfort for the users.

The fact that you don’t need to use any lotion after cleaning your hands is impressive.

Therefore, we see it as the best hand cleaner for auto mechanics and grease.

#2. Best Waterless Hand Cleaner:  Tub O’ Scrub TS28

  • Brand: Tub O’ Towels
  • Number of Items: 1 bottle
  • Material Used: Hand cleaner wipes
  • Volume: 128 oz.
  • Weight: 1 Gallon
  • The Appearance of the Soap: Liquid

What We Liked
  • It smells nice, making you more comfortable while meeting your family
  • It doesn’t leave the skin dry and produce any crack
  • Perfect scrubber for any cleaning purpose
  • Pumice-free, therefore no coarse hands from now on

What We Didn't Like
  • You might need to use it twice at a time for perfect cleaning

The product we want to talk about next is biodegradable.

This one is our recommended Best Waterless Hand Cleaner on the market and the toughest hand cleaner in the world.

So, if you do not feel okay with soaps that have pumice, this is the one you should buy.

It will remove the grease and won’t tear your skin up.

The formula that it comes with is made to deal with the dirtiest of hands.

I loved the fact that this beautiful product has no petroleum solvent.

And I always see the walnut shell scrubber as the better option for cleaning.

That’s what they’ve used in this excellent formula.

So, if you cannot stand dry hands, you should go for a product that won’t make the hands so.

Also, there won’t be any annoying cracks on the skin, as we see with some other products.

Moreover, the scent of this thing is quite pleasant.

And it does the job fast.

I recommend this product as the best hand soap for construction workers (DIYers, especially).

As a passionate worker, you love your job without any doubt.

But you must admit that it feels unpleasant when you cannot get your hands perfectly clean before leaving your workplace.

Now, if you buy this soap, your hands will not only be clean, but they will also feel as smooth as you can imagine.

#3. Fast Orange 25419 Review

  • Brand Name: Permatex
  • Manufacturer: Permatex
  • Model: 25419
  • Item Weight: 8.82 pounds
  • Volume: 1 gallon

What We Liked
  • A small amount of soap is enough for quick and deep cleaning.
  • It doesn’t make the hands dry after cleaning.
  • An excellent soap to clean the under-nail grease and dirt.
  • I must admire the pump dispenser. It works as expected.
  • No harsh chemical was used to make this mechanic hand-cleaner.
  • It’s a highly cost-effective pack.

What We Didn't Like
  • A bit stinkier than usual.

Permatex is a well-known brand producing useful hand cleaning, particularly for mechanics.

This Fast Orange 25419 Xtreme Fresh is not an exception.

While this one is a one-pack package, at the same time, you can buy the four packs package too. Indeed, you will be able to save a lot of money by purchasing the four-pack version.

You can go for the cherry scent or the original scent as well.

No matter which version you choose, they all perform equally in removing grease, oil, grimes, carbon, paint, etc.

The Microgel technology (infused in this cleaner) helps to distribute the pumice evenly throughout the bottle. This makes the last drop equally effective in cleaning like the very first drop of this soap.

Overall, this mechanic hand cleaner from Permatex can fight efficiently with the grease and oil of a mechanic’s hand.

It would help if you had a small drop of soap to wash both hands, which makes it a long-lasting cleaner.

More importantly, the price is quite low, considering the amount and performance it offers.

The only downside is its smell, which is negligible considering the performance.

Should you buy this or not? – I believe you should give it a try.

#4. Grip Clean | Hand Cleaner

  • Brand: Grip Clean
  • Number of Items: 1 bottle
  • Material Used: Soap and dirt
  • Volume: ½ gallon
  • Weight: 4 pounds

What We Liked
  • Nice container, makes it easy to apply the soap
  • Dirt removes the grease and oil like nothing else
  • Leaves the skin smooth and soft, unlike many products
  • Neither any unpleasant smell nor any crack

What We Didn't Like
  • Might be a bit pricey

Here’s another good hand cleaner for mechanics.

Previously, we discussed the issue with this brand’s bottle for its cleaner.

We weren’t impressed with it. Now, with this product, you will have no problem with the container.

This mechanic hand cleaner comes in a nice large bottle.

So, this is the perfect option if you don’t like to visit the market often.

The formula is one of the best as far as mechanic hand cleaners are concerned.

And you will love the beautiful scent it leaves on your hands, something you won’t find with many products.

The best thing about this formula is that it comes with dirt.

As weird as it might appear, you will be impressed once you find out the wisdom behind using this hand-cleaner material.

You will be astonished at how dirt can deal with oil and grease so efficiently.

This is the product you should go for if you are willing to spend a few extra bucks.

And don’t let the fact that it comes with dirt put you off.

You will be glad that it does, once you’ve seen how it removes the grease.

Also, this hand cleaner will make a great choice for folks who do not want to buy their cleaners frequently.

#5. Permatex 25122 Fast Orange 

  • Brand: Permatex
  • Number of Items: 1 bottle
  • Material Used: Soap with glycerin
  • Volume: 15 fl. oz.
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • The Appearance of the Soap: Liquid

What We Liked
  • Amazingly environment-friendly for being biodegradable
  • A very comfortable container
  • Soap comes with aloe and glycerin for almost a baby-smooth skin
  • The fresh scent ought to impress you

What We Didn't Like
  • Needs multiple applications if it’s a petroleum-based stain

Let’s talk about an extremely versatile product.

I was amazed at how one little cleaner could do so many things.

Yes, it won’t only keep your hands perfectly clean; it will also serve the purpose of getting rid of pet odors.

And the fact that they haven’t used any harsh material makes it a desirable option.

The formula will make your hands very soft.

Yes, you will have to appreciate how nicely it cleans the hands without making them coarse.

It might be due to the use of glycerin and aloe vera that you must be so gentle with the skin.

You will find the formula to have the perfect smoothening effect on your hands.

I loved the fresh scent this formula gives off.

It made me love using the soap every time I had ridiculously dirty hands.

Also, one must be pleased with how fast it does the job.

I highly recommend it for its efficiency in removing grease, oil, etc.

The product is nicely affordable too.

And anyone who takes eco-friendliness seriously will have to love it.

For, it comes biodegradable.

So yeah, it will be worth every penny.

However, you must apply it multiple times when it’s a petroleum-based stain.

But it shouldn’t be a problem since it’s easy to apply, thanks to the impressive design of the bottle.

#6. Tub O Scrub TS18 Review

  • Brand Name: Tub O’ Towels
  • Manufacturer: Federal Process Corporation
  • Model:  TS18
  • Item Weight: 1.3 pounds
  • Size: 18 oz

What We Liked
  • This hand cleaner serves the purpose just fine without producing any foul odor.
  • Multiple bottle sizes are available at a reasonable price.
  • You will get a nice and smooth feeling after using this cleaner.
  • It works just well with or without water.
  • No harmful chemicals like petroleum distillates or pumice were used to make this cleaner.
  • It’s quite affordable for what it offers.

What We Didn't Like
  • Not too suitable for sensitive skins.

Tub O Scrub TS18 is one of the most effective garage companions from ‘Tub O Towel,’ which can remove all those greases, oils, grime, and dirt from a mechanic’s hand.

Besides this 18oz bottle, you can choose from two other bottle sizes – 64oz jug, and 128oz jug. Considering the quantity, the 64oz and 128oz jugs are more cost-effective than this 18oz bottle.

No complaint about the odor; your hands won’t dry out after cleaning.

The biodegradable formula makes it easy to use without clogging the drain.

Altogether, this heavy-duty hand scrub is quite an effective solution for cleaning your hand without breaking the bank.

What attracts me most about this cleaner is its ability to work without water. So, it’s a pretty quick and straightforward solution to get rid of all those dirt and grease.

#7. Grip Clean Hand Cleaner, 8 oz.

  • Brand: Grip Clean
  • Number of Items: 1 tube
  • Materials Used: Soap with dirt
  • Volume: 8 oz
  • Weight: 10 ounces
  • The Appearance of the Soap: Liquid

What We Liked
  • It comes with dirt to offer the ultimate cleaning
  • You can add water to it, and it won’t deteriorate like others
  • No drying effect on the skin like most other cleaners
  • The scent isn’t offensive by any means

What We Didn't Like
  • The bottle could’ve been nicer

Have you had enough of the raw skin every time you use hand cleaners?

You might want to check this product out, making you wonder why every cleaner product isn’t as excellent as this one.

Yes, it’s time you experienced using some incredibly natural stuff.

We are talking about olive oil and coconut oil over here – two of the most beneficial oils for skincare.

Now, what’s quite interesting is that you will have dirt in this formula.

Yes, you’ve read it right – dirt!

Dirt is probably the best natural material that deals with grease most efficiently.

Once you see it in action while using the cleaner, you will thank the manufacturers for creating such an excellent idea.

However, they should’ve come with a more comfortable bottle. But it’s no big deal.

Upon checking out this fantastic product, I cannot recommend it very highly.

You will love having this cleaner in your backpack if you are a biker who has to get his hands dirty from time to time.

Also, if you are a professional tired of those dry hands, you need to try this one out.

#8. Eagle Grit Hand Cleaner Review

  • Brand: Eagle Grit
  • Number of Items: 1 bottle
  • Weight: 1 gallon
  • Fast Acting Hand Cleaners
  • Non-irritating formula
  • Moisturizing Additive

What We Liked
  • It’s quite efficient in removing stubborn greasy dirt.
  • A small amount of cleaner is enough to get the job done, making it a pretty cost-saving cleaner.
  • It doesn’t produce a bad smell.
  • It’s soft on the hands; it doesn’t leave hands feeling cracked after washing.
  • This cleaner can wash out almost everything, like paint, greasy oil, wood stain, permanent marker, carbon residue, etc.
  • The sink doesn’t get clogged with this cleaner.
  • A hand and fingernail brush comes with the package.

What We Didn't Like
  • A bit pricey. Nonetheless, the efficiency and performance in cleaning justify the bill by all means.

One of the most applauded aspects of this Eagle Grit cleaner is you require a small amount of cleaner (almost half of the other brands), but it does the job as intended (in fact, better than other cleaners).

It uses a detergent-based micro-scrubbing silicon-based formula that ensures smoothness during and after washing. It also helps it to drain quickly without clogging.

That means it’s not made of any harsh chemicals. You won’t get many of these benefits from the pumice-based cleaner.

The scrub brush with this cleaner is perfectly designed with a fingernail cleaning section on the back.

Pro Tip: Wet your hands before applying this cleaner to get the best result.

Eagle Grit Industrial Hand cleaner is quite popular and happily accepted by mechanics.

Considering the performance and the amount you require per wash, the price is quite reasonable for a 1-gallon hand pump jug.

It would help if you gave it a shot to clean those nastiest greasy oils and dirt.

#9. Wonder Scrub Hand Cleaner Review

  • Brand Name: M/A
  • Item Volume: 00 milliliters
  • Item Weight: 00 pounds
  • Size: 400ml

What We Liked
  • It’s quite efficient in cleaning obstinate dirt, greasy oil, paint, stain, etc.
  • This scrub doesn’t let the hands dry and cracks after washing.
  • It doesn’t stink.
  • You require a pretty small amount of drop to remove the dirt efficiently.
  • A non-hazardous/non-toxic and biodegradable soap.
  • The walnut shell speeds up the cleaning process.
  • Several variations depending on size and add-ons are readily available.
  • It’s quite easy on the wallet, no matter which version you will get.

What We Didn't Like
  • No major drawback. However, a hand pump jug is more convenient for me than this bottle. I understand it’s quite a subjective issue.

Wonder Scrub hand cleaners boast a super-concentrated formula that lets you get twice the result with half the cleaner.

The walnut shells make the cleaning better in a quick time. As it doesn’t leave the hands cracked after washing, it’s equally valuable for winter and summer.

You can get different variations of this Wonder Scrub hand cleaner, like –

  • 400ml with a brush.
  • 1 gallon in size.
  • Hand and surface cleaning towel (25 counts).
  • Hand and surface cleaning towel (70 counts).

No matter which one you choose, it will undoubtedly be a cost-effective one. Buying the 1-gallon jar will be a money saver.

This Wonder Scrub hand cleaner is quite reasonably priced and performs as intended. Moreover, it offers several variations depending on the size and add-ons.

Altogether, if you are looking for handy-dandy hand cleaners to remove all the stubborn greasy oils, dirt, etc., without costing too much, this one is one of the best bets for you.

#10. Zolex Hand Cleaner Review

  • Brand: Zolex
  • Item Weight: 2.94 pounds
  • Deep Scrubbing Action
  • Water Activated Quality
  • Eco Friendly

What We Liked
  • A little dab is sufficient to remove grease quickly time.
  • It’s smooth and gives a refreshing feel after washing.
  • This cleaner smells pretty good.
  • It doesn’t get clogged in the drain.
  • You can remove many marks, including ink, paint, etc.
  • It’s entirely an environment-friendly soap.
  • Two different sizes are readily available for buying.
  • The price is a bargain.

What We Didn't Like
  • This soap is a tad more inefficient than other soaps on my list when it’s about leaving the hands dry after washing.

Zolex hand cleaner is another environment-friendly soap with no toxic or hazardous ingredients. It’s equally friendly to your hands and the environment.

You can buy either a 1.5 lbs or 3 lbs tub. Both are quite cost-effective.

This soap can remove any dirt and greasy oil. Moreover, it’s equally effective in removing paint, ink, stain, tar, adhesives, or whatever you throw at it.

When it’s about removing grease instantly using a little dab of cleaner, this soap works competently, I should say.

It’s quite reasonably priced too. You can certainly give it a go.

Hand Cleaners for Mechanics: Buying Guide

Mechanics Hand Cleaners Buying Guide


You need to consider some features and brands before making a purchase.

Let’s talk about them.


A common concern about using hand cleaners is that the skin becomes coarse and dry afterward.

And only those who’ve experienced this can tell how annoying it feels.

Trust me; you don’t want to feel the same after spending those bucks.

You must ensure that the soap will make your skin smooth, not rough.

And the way you do that is by checking out the ingredients used in making the soap.

Some ingredients make the formula very gentle on the skin.

For example, the presence of glycerin, aloe, lanolin, etc., in the formula suggests that your skin will have a good time with the cleaner.

So, check if the cleaner you want to buy comes with such ingredients.


best hand soap for mechanics


Some formulas come with an awful smell.

Yes, they might do the cleaning alright, but what good will they be if you scare people away with that horrible smell left by them?

So, it would help if you bought a cleaner that smells nice.

And as we saw in the reviews, there are many great options in this regard.

Type of Formula

I prefer to use a formula that comes with organic materials.

This type of formula tends to be gentler with the skin.

On the other hand, a formula with enzymes is likely to cause some damage to your hands by leaving it all coarse and dry.

So, make sure to check out the materials used in the soap.


Yes, we are looking for an excellent hand care product, but a little versatility wouldn’t harm.

It would be nice if the cleaner could do more than clean the hands.

This way, you don’t have to buy too many cleaners. It will save you both time and money.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question #1. Where to buy Gojo Hand Cleaners?

Answer: You can buy from Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Home Depot, and other trusted online platforms.

Question #2. Where to buy Goop Hand Cleaners?

Answer: The answer will be the same. You can also buy from their website and Lowes as well.

Question #3. What is a Waterless Hand Cleaner?

Answer: These are personal skin cleaning products. People mostly use waterless hand cleaners in garages, machine shops, industrial settings, and construction sites.

Question #4. When is it advisable to use an alcohol-based hand cleaner?

Answer: Our recommendation is when water and soaps are not available, you can use an alcohol-based hand grease cleaner. Make sure that it contains 60% of alcohol. Wash it with water and soap as early as possible. Happy hand cleaning.

Question #5. What do mechanics use to clean their hands?

Answer: They use mechanical soap or hand grease cleaner to clean their hands.

Question #6. What’s the best hand cleaner?

Answer: We have reviewed the top 7 products here. All the products are champions.

Question #7. What is the best hand soap for mechanics?

Answer:  Our recommended soap is Grease Monkey-activated charcoal soap.

Final Words


It’s not impossible to find the perfect product.

Yes, we hope you’ve found the perfect hand cleaner for mechanics and grease to clean the hands and make them smooth.

And you can go for any of these reviewed products.

For, they are the best on the market.

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