Best Hand Cleaner Brands for Mechanics, Plumbers, and Gardeners

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Last Updated on April 16, 2024 by John Patterson

Best Hand Cleaner Brands for Mechanics, Plumbers, and Gardeners

Hands allow us to do everything from communicating with loved ones to creating magnificent works of art.

However, these very wonderful pairs of hands can also be the reason we fall sick if they are not washed properly.

Germs are everywhere, and you can get infected easily if you do not wash your hands properly and effectively.

Sneezing, touching raw meat, using the washroom or changing a diaper, or touching a contaminated object, any one of these can result in catching germs such as salmonella, E. coli, hand-foot-mouth-disease, norovirus (which causes diarrhea), adenovirus, etc.

So, here’s a list of the 10 best hand cleaner brands to keep those hands not only clean but also smooth:

Best Hand Cleaner Brands for Mechanics, Plumbers, and Gardeners 

#1. Gojo Hand Sanitizer

Gojo Hand Cleaner

A brand that is more than 70 years old, GOJO is well known in the industrial, automotive, as well as manufacturing sector.

GOJO Original is a fragrance-free cleaner that can remove everything like industrial-strength tar, heavy grease, or oil.

Just rub it in your hands and wipe it off.

Their GOJO Natural Orange or Cherry Gel Pumice hand sanitizer uses all-natural ingredients such as citrus or cherry and pumice scrubbers.

So, even after working with soil, oil, or dirt and grime, this lotion-like hand sanitizer will not only clean your hands but sanitize as well as moisturize.

#2. Goop Hand Sanitizer

Goop Hand Cleaner

Goop hand sanitizer is known to be the USA’s prime waterless cleaner that can effectively clean dirt and grime not only from your hands but tools as well.

What is goop hand cleaner made of?

Unlike other gel cleaners, Goop is cream-type and contains all-natural ingredients such as lanolin and other lubricants to moisturize and soften your hands.

It doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients such as ammonia, naphtha, kerosene, and other toxic solvents harmful to your skin, so it is safe for children as well.

Among Goop’s variety of hand sanitizers, there are the original non-fragrant formula, orange fragrance, with or without pumice are available in a variety of containers and sizes.

#3. Zep Hand Sanitizer

Zep Hand Cleaner

Established in 1937, Zep has been providing consumers with superior quality cleaning agents ranging from industrial to janitorial work.

Zep provides a plethora of cleaning agents such as hand sanitizers, shower gel, body spa, alcohol hand sanitizer gel, and spray, with or without fragrance and pumice, etc.

Their Easy Scrub Industrial hand sanitizer gets rid of even the worst dirt and grime from hands with tough pumice for a thorough scrub, lanolin, non-solvent, and superior, heavy-duty cleaning ingredients, leaving behind a very pleasant fragrance of lemon and soft, clean hands.

#4. Kresto Hand Sanitizer

Kresto Hand Cleaner

Kresto hand sanitizers is designed to remove even the toughest of soiling, dirt, tar, oil, and lubricants, metallic, as well as graphite dust, without harming your hands or the environment around you.

It leaves your hands free of dirt and grimes with its natural scrubbing ingredient, which washes away easily without blocking any plumbing.

This brand provides an outstanding variety of hand sanitizers for you to choose from; there is the Kresto Classic Heavy-Duty hand sanitizer, Kresto Cherry, Kresto Special Ultra, or Kresto Kolor Ultra.

Free of silicone, these products can be used on surfaces or places where paint or surface coating is done.

So, grab a bottle and try it out yourself.

#5. Joe’s Hand Sanitizer

Joe’s Hand Cleaner

Don’t like that sticky feeling you get after cleaning your hands with ordinary hand sanitizers?

Try Joe’s All-Purpose hand sanitizer that is made with cosmetic and food-grade materials and without sharp alkalis or acids to leave your hand soft, smooth, and clean after use.

Joe’s hand sanitizers can be used with or without water, so it is very convenient as you can use them anyplace at any time.

So choose the one that best suits your needs from the varieties of hand sanitizers provided by Joe like Joe’s Citrus Blue hand sanitizer, Joe’s Aloe Formula, and Joe’s Hand Scrub hand sanitizer, etc.

#6. Worx Hand Sanitizer

Worx Hand Cleaner

If you want to get your hands clean and help save the environment, why not try Worx?

Ever since 1994, Worx has provided consumers with Worx Biodegradable hand sanitizer, a pH-balanced, environment, and skin-friendly hand sanitizer that will keep your hands clean after a hard day’s work.

Nowadays, because of Worx Biodegradable environmental friendliness, it’s used in areas such as agriculture, processing of food, maintenance, government, police, printing industry, and many more.

Worx has committed to providing consumers with a skin-friendly yet green-certified hand sanitizer.

They have also thought about deep cleaning all the dirt from your hands, and so their hand sanitizer consists of microbeads, no harmful chemicals, walnut shells, and it is also non-allergenic.

#7. Stoko Hand Sanitizer

Stoko Hand Cleaner

Deb Stoko Kresto Cherry Hand Cleanser is certainly a mouthful to say, but its chock is full of wonderful features.

It has no artificial pumice but an all-natural walnut shell for a deep clean, and as it is biodegradable, it will not block your sink.

Moreover, it is designed to keep the pH balance of your hands intact even after deep cleansing as it does not contain any disreputable chemicals like halogenated hydrocarbons.

Furthermore, it is not soapy, and it has been dermatologically tested to ensure the safety of the skin.

So, you can rest assure that you will not be harming your hands or the environment.

#8. Permatex Hand Sanitizer

Permatex Hand Cleaner

Parmatex provides a variety of hand sanitizers based on your requirements.

For example, Parmatex Grease Grabber Lemon Lime hand sanitizer is designed for deep cleaning with special ‘poly’ scrubbing materials that will rid your hands of dirt, oil, and grime as well as any nasty odor.

It will also make your hands conditioned and odor-free.

Or if you want a biodegradable, waterless hand sanitizer, go for Parmatex Fast Orange Smooth Lotion hand sanitizer.

Also, it has no toxic chemicals, ammonia, or even any solvents based on petroleum.

Moreover, its combination of aloe, glycerin, and lanolin is sure to leave your hands soft and moisturized even after a hard day of work.

#9. Bear Paw Hand Sanitizer

Bear Paw Hand Cleaner

Not only is the name fierce, but Bear Paw hand sanitizer also cleans fiercely too even though it contains no toxic, petroleum, or hazardous ingredients.

It can clean deeply tar, varnish, dirt and grime, ink, adhesives or paint, anything that dirties your hand after working in a garage, DIY activities, railroad, airline, printing, etc.

Also, it is washed off with water, but don’t worry about your sink or basin as it can help prevent blocking or piling up toxic solvents, grease, or petroleum that are left behind by other cleaners made of solvent or petroleum.

#10. TURBO Hand Sanitizer

TURBO Hand Cleaner

Last but not least on this list is the TURBO hand sanitizer.

TURBO Orange hand sanitizer not only cleans away tar, dirt, oil, resins, printing ink, grease, etc. from your hands, it also acts as an antiseptic and simultaneously conditions your hands as it contains lanolin.

They have replaced harmful chemicals in their hand sanitizers with extracts from Brazilian oranges and for thorough cleaning added crumbly scrubbing materials.

It can be used with or without water, can be washed off using cold water even, so you can use it as it is convenient.

In Conclusion

As your health is literally in your hands, make sure to keep them clean.

I hope our list of best hand sanitizer brands will help you with that.

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