How to Convert a Garage into a Bedroom without Removing the Garage Door?

How to Convert a Garage into a Bedroom without Removing the Garage Door

You are planning to renovate your garage and want to have an additional bedroom.

But there is a problem that you don’t want to remove the garage gate.

Now you are searching for options, how you can overcome the challenge.

That is not a big deal, and you can overcome the challenge efficiently.

In this article, I will share an in-depth procedure about how to convert a garage into a bedroom without removing the garage door.

Before making any decision, you have to know about the detailed insight. Not only that, but you also have to take into consideration which factors matter to you.

This article will help you out to find out the solution in detail and step-by-step procedure to make a plan accordingly.

After reading this article, you will be confident enough to make the decision wisely with confidence.

Let’s start the topic step by step

How to Convert a Garage into a Bedroom without Removing the Garage Door

#1. Set Your Plan First:

Are you sure and finally decided to convert your garage into a usable bedroom?

If YES!!! Then, first of all, make a plan.

How can you execute the entire plan? That is most important for you.

One of the Leading Trainers & Personal Development Consultants, Brian Tracy stated a quote on planning & Execution that,

Every minute you spend in planning saves 10 minutes in execution; This gives you a 1,000 percent return on energy.

So, make a complete layout of the design to ensure how to look at the bedroom. It will help you to give an idea and fix an affordable budget for the entire cost.

 Do you think conversion a garage into a bedroom is easy?

 Do you need legal permission?

YES!!! If you want to proceed inappropriate way, then it might be easier for you. You have to follow all the local codes and regulations.

You can share the design and plan of the project with the local building department.

You may consult with the legal professional and consultant. They might help you to find out the whole process.

If you obtain all the certificates and written consent from regulatory bodies after submitting all the necessary documents, then you feel free to proceed without any hesitation.

These codes and regulations ensure the safety and security. If anyone skips the compliance of these codes and regulations, they may fall in trouble in the future.

#2. Design & Decoration:

bedroom design

The next step of the process is to make a layout of interior design. Though the plan should execute according to the design.

It will be better if you do plan and design simultaneously. Then you can decorate the entire room according to your budget.

You can make the room unique and lucrative if you do creative design for that. It is ultimately your personal choice that how will you decorate your interior. Nobody will feel like a garage.

If you have creativity, you can proceed to meet your desire without any hesitation. On the internet, you will get the idea of how you will decorate your bedroom. If you don’t get an idea, do not worry, please consult with an interior designer.

This design layout, along with the plan, will make you confident to proceed further and help to get permission quickly.

#3. Consider Your Utilities:

You might have an idea to design the entire bedroom within your limited budget. Another issue you have to consider and make a list of the utility.

First of all, you have to identify and assure which utilities are already existing in your garage.

What facilities or utilities you need to add or upgrade furthermore?

During the design of a bedroom, you have to be more careful because you should consider all the facilities to make it much more comfortable.

So, it is the most crucial and vital factor for you if you are designing the room, whether for your personal or any other purpose.

In most of the cases, you will find the electricity just only for lighting and a few outlets in the garage. But it is infrequent to find out other facilities within a garage.

So, you have to make sure and include all the utilities on your list. You have to consider the ventilation system, exhausting gas system, plumbing, and other electronic facilities.

In that case, the contractor will help you to find out the solution. So, it will be very efficient and useful if you will consult with professional experts.

Another confusion may arise in your subconscious mind that, Is there any requirement for getting legal issues or any other formalities? 

Not in every case. It depends upon your area or location. You may have to seek permission according to the code of conduct and regulation from your local authority.

So do not worry about that process and consult with your local community. The people around and your well-wisher will help you out to find out a proper solution.      

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 #4. Add Insulation:

All-time, the weather will not remain the same. So, the room needs to me warm during the winter season.

For keeping the room always warm, you have to add a proper insulation system. As you are not removing the garage door, it should take consideration to add an insulation system to the entire room along with the door.

Many materials for insulation are available in the market. You can add the insulation system as options for your garage door.

Not only that, but you should also take consideration for insulating the ceiling and walls. It will make the bedroom more comfortable during winter.

Before that, you should know how to insulate the garage door, or you may take help from the professionals.

Besides, you must ensure the following considerations:

  • The material should be weatherproof
  • Ensure the protection from rain and snow by adding water sealing to the garage door
  • Think about the outside of the garage gate to keep safe and secured.
  • The white or light color painting will reflect the heat and light off.

If you want, you can purchase various collections of insulation online, especially from Amazon.

#5. Build Your Wall:

build wall

In your garage, there have walls surrounded by the garage door. If you want to build a wall inside the room, it ultimately depends upon you.

But it depends on the actual size and dimension of the entire garage. So, you need to plan according to the design.

It is applicable only for the large size garage. You can consider building a wall from a few feet of the garage door. You can design in such a way to keep the door from the outside by adding insulation and soundproofing system.

This extra space you can use as a storeroom if you add an entry. Though the room will be smaller, it will provide you more comfort.

#6. Water Proofing & Water-Sealing:

Would you allow water dripping in your bedroom?

Not at all.

Water-resistant and waterproof substances prevent the penetration of water under specific conditions.  Damp-proof is resistant to humidity or dampness. That is another primary consideration during the renovation of the garage.

If the garage has already waterproofed, it must upgrade the roof. That will improve your roof condition and prevent water from the damp of your wall and ceiling as well.

In the market there, you may find various types of Waterproofing Sealer. Many renowned and trustworthy brands are available on Amazon.

#7. Furniture Selection & Space Allocation:

 You don’t want your space empty.


You need furniture to decorate the bedroom. If you want to decorate the room simple, you have minimum requirements for the furniture. Some furniture like bed, table, side table, chair, and the couch are mandatory for a regular bedroom.

You can get an idea of modern trends and design over the internet. You can also place an order from Amazon. You will get a massive collection from amazon, and you can choose and make the room stylish within your limited budget.

#8. Floor & Ceiling:

bedroom flooring

Flooring & ceiling should be homey and comfortable. So, you should select and make a decision very carefully.

You may find various types of flooring material in the market. Before selecting any flooring materials, it is necessary to consider the durability, Installation, Cleaning, Soundproofing, and the cost as well.

Few categories of flooring materials are available in the market, such as Hardwood, Bamboo, Laminate, Cork, Ceramic Tiles, Carpet, Stone, Vinyl, Polished Concrete, and so on.

In the case of the ceiling, you have to consider a few factors such as aesthetic exceptions, humidity, flammability, sound absorption, sound isolation, antimicrobial resistance, light resistance, and maintenance.

Ceiling materials are different types and found in the market. Some of them are including Wooden, Plywood, Gypsum Ceiling, Metal Ceiling, PVC Ceiling, Fabric Ceiling, Glass Ceiling, etc.

#9. Lighting & Ventilation:

bedroom lighting

The lighting and ventilation system is the most vital and crucial factor for a room.

If the garage has a window, then it is perfect for passing the sunlight effortlessly and having a proper ventilation system through the window than it is better.

But if there is no window so there should concern about this matter. Not only daylight, but you should also have to worry about the night to illuminate the entire room as well.

#10. Paint Job:

paint job

Which color will you choose to paint the room?

It’s totally up to you.

But it should have recommended that to pick light color such as white or off white.

When picking paint, consider what you will be using the room for, to help you determine the paint sheen.

Flat paint is hard to clean, gloss paint is very reflective and shiny. I would recommend either a satin or semi-gloss finish, both of these paint sheens are easy to clean.

When using satin on the walls use semi-gloss paint on the trim to make it look clean and pop. Painting is cheap and easy but there are plenty of places online to get painting quotes if you don’t want to do it yourself.

#11. Arrangement:

All the materials and equipment should manage according to the design and plan. Before proceeding, it should follow a proper way to avoid awkwardness and hesitation. If you have the right contractor and sourcing all material in the right direction, all the operation will go smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question #1. How much does it cost to convert a garage into a bedroom?

Answer: The overall cost will depend upon you. The average price is ranging from $5,000 to $30,000.

If you just do the necessary conversion without any walls, plumbing, or even extensive interior work, then it will be a low cost.

But if you intend to make a highly decorated and gorgeous look with a unique interior design, then it will cost high.

It’s entirely personal and depends on your budget. But one thing you should remember that your cost highly depends on the space.

So, don’t worry. Make an appropriate plan and design and try to spend the money within your limited budget.

Question #2. What is the best flooring for a garage conversion?

Answer: You have various options to choose your flooring materials, as mentioned above. Which materials will you choose ultimately depends upon you? But in the case of the bedroom, you can prefer the carpet because it is easy to install and comfortable.

Question #3. Do garage conversions add value?

Answer: Garage conversion does not increase or add any value. It may increase up to 10% for adding extra living space. If you have a double garage, then you can convert just only half. The conversion of a garage is significantly cheaper and cost-effective. You don’t need the garden space for the extension of living space.

Question #4. How long does a garage conversion take?

Answer: Though it will depend on your plan. But it will take from one week to one month if everything goes into the right track.

Question #5. Can I put the carpet in my garage?

Answer: Yes! You can use the carpet for your garage. It will increase the aesthetic look of the bedroom. Carpeting is cheaper and easy to install.

How to convert a garage into a room:

In Conclusion

I hope you have got a complete idea of how to convert a garage into a bedroom without removing the garage door? And you can move forward with confidence.

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