25 Best Weed Eater Brands List You Need to Know in 2023

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Last Updated on January 24, 2023 by Mamunur Rashid

Best Weed Eater Brands List

We have reviewed 25 different brands of weed eaters including the gas weed eater brands list and American-made weed eaters brands.

Weeds have the ultimate capability to destroy a garden. And so, weed cleaning is one of the basic tasks for maintaining gardens. Most of the gardeners get irritated because of this repetitive problem.

Here’s the thing, at present we have loads of solutions for tackling this problem. And one of those solutions is using a weed eater.

Now, there are a lot of weed eaters (best string trimmer) in the market. From battery-powered string trimmer and gas-powered (gas weed eater/gas trimmer) ones, it’s crucial to find the best one.”

We believe that the best brands make the best products. So, here we are with a list of the best weed wacker brands.

Now go through the details of the best string trimmer brands without wasting any more time-

25 Best Weed Eater Brands List of 2023

Here is our recommended best commercial weed eater brand list for you.

1# Stihl string trimmer

Stihl Weed Eaters


Stihl started as a chainsaw producer back in 1926. The founder Andres Stihl believed in ‘Easing peoples’ work with and in nature.’

Today after 90 years of its inception, it’s considered one of the top outdoor power equipment manufacturers. With innovative ideas, thorough craftsmanship, and the house knows how this brand has claimed its position.

In recent years Stihl has diversified its product line. And just like the chainsaws, the Stihl string trimmer is also outstanding. Stihl weed eaters come with some of the most unique features out there.

You can incorporate the comfort features, Easy2Start™ technology, and the loop handle feature in your Stihl string trimmer.

All these features strive for one ultimate goal. That is to save your time and energy.

2# Echo Weed Whacker

Echo Weed Eater


Echo Incorporated has been a leader in manufacturing professional-grade, handheld power equipment for outdoor usage. For 40 years this brand has been outperforming itself by developing in extending its product line.

The echo started with its 2 cycle engine. And even to this day, it’s considered one of the best authorities working with this technology. And when Echo incorporated its knowledge and ability into its best string trimmer, we can say that those are awesome.

Not only that. Echo provided easy-to-use ergonomic control in its string trimmer. Added with the lightweight design and wide range of models it’s said to be one of the best solutions for garden weeds. So, it doesn’t matter whether you need a simple trimming or a long reach, echo string trimmer can deliver all.

That’s not all-

Echo string trimmer comes with a split shaft design. And in that shaft, you can accommodate the Echo Pro Attachment Series ™. You can easily attach the echo weed wacker parts to the main machine without any extra hassle. As a result, you’ll be able to get the kind of cutting comfort you want.

Among all its products, the Echo X series is considered the best.

3# Ryobi Weed Whacker

Ryobi Weed Eater


What is the most long-lasting weed whacker out there? The answer is it depends. But we can say which company has a reputation for lasting long. And in this area comes the name of Ryobi.

One simple indication of the quality of Ryobi products is the warranty period. In general, you might get a warranty of 90 days to a 1-year warranty. Whereas Ryobi’s warranty offerings are truly outstanding.

Ryobi started manufacturing tools in 1968. Since then it has been a name of trust among homeowners.

Now about Ryobi string trimmers. Ryobi claims that its best string trimmers will have a 2 times longer life. Apart from that, the Ryobi string trimmers are extremely versatile. Their Expand-it series allows users to attach different parts for different tasks.

That’s not all-

The Ryobi weed whacker parts also carry the brand image. RYOBI Edger Expand-It™ allows the regular trimmer to become an edger without any extra hassle. If you want to go the extra mile to cut off that thick weed buildup on your yard, then the Expand-It™ brush cutter attachment is the thing.

Long story short, if you’re looking for cordless weed whackers along with weed whacker parts that’ll last long, then this is your brand.

4# Black and Decker Weed Whacker

Black and Decker Weed Eater

This more than a hundred years old company makes it to our list thanks to its amazing product lines. This company patented the half-inch portable electric drill back in 1916.

In 1957 this company started manufacturing electric outdoor tools. This revolutionized lawn and gardening.

Now about the Black and Decker string trimmers. You can find both corded and cordless electric weed whackers in their product offerings. BLACK+DECKER™ string trimmers come in both curved and straight shafts.

In the case of cordless string trimmers, you’ll find several options too. These are available in60V Max*, 40V Max*, and20V Max* brushless motor models. Moreover, these best string trimmers come with AUTOMATIC SPOOL FEED® technology and EASY-FEED™ technology. This means feeding more lines becomes easy and gives you extra control.

#5. Worx Weed Whacker

Worx string trimmers

Worx believes in a simple yet effective motto. Reimagine, Reinvent, Results, Repeat. This is the principle that has been the main motivator behind human advancement.

When a simple yet effective motto like that is incorporated into outdoor tools, we get amazing results. Such an example of that is the Worx weed whacker.

These string trimmers come with variable speed control features. This allows a longer battery run time. Other than that, the command feed spool system allows advance lines as required. Moreover, the gripping comfort of these tools allows them to stand out.

That’s not all-

In these best string trimmers, you can perform additional height and angle adjustments. And the quick-release lever makes this hassle-free.

All of these benefits make Worx string trimmers a great choice for gardeners.

#6. Husqvarna Weed Whacker

Husqvarna String Trimmers

Be it heavy-duty forest machines or lightweight gardening tools Husqvarna has firmly set its foot in all the sectors. Husqvarna is, without doubt, one of the most popular brands of weed eaters out there.

But just what didn’t convince us to Husqvarna into this list. This brand produces string trimmers with some of the most outstanding features.

Husqvarna string trimmers come with the unique Smart Start® tech. Moreover, these string trimmers are designed to work in low noise. The lightweight, easy to use and balanced string trimmers work almost silently.

Moreover, these tools are highly versatile. You can get up to 11 attachments to use with Husqvarna string trimmers. And all of these attachments are professional grade with a touch of the ‘click on’ feature.

All these advantages make this brand one of the best weed eater producers.

#7. Troy Bilt Weed Whacker

Troy Blit String Trimmers

Troy Bilt started back in 1937 and started to change the American farming landscape. They started with the rototiller revolution.

Later on, the brand moved on to making outdoor equipment. As part of that, we now have Troy Bilt string trimmers.

So, what’s so special about these string trimmers?

Troy-Bilt® string trimmers come in several styles and engine types. So, you can get different features with these products. If you want a curved shaft for a long period of cutting comfort then you can have one. On the other hand, if you want to trim in hard-to-reach places, then they offer you straight shaft trimmers.

That’s not all. These string trimmers come with powerful 4 cycle engines. So, you can rely on it for quick and powerful trimming.

Lastly, the wide range of Troy Bilt weed eater parts makes everything even easier. So, you can attach different parts to the machine according to your DIY projects. For example, with the new Click N Trim™ bump, you can refill and advance a new line super easily. Just like this, the brand offers a whole lot of options.

#8. Craftsman String Trimmer

Craftsman string trimmers

Craftsman is already a widely popular brand throughout the whole world. In 1920 they started as a drill-making company. In 1934 Craftsman moved out to general outdoor tools by launching lawnmowers.

In 1953 they launched the very first riding mowers of the company. These mowers were sold at $350 back then. In 1961, they launched the first mower which had a fully enclosed engine.

They hit the 1 millionth sale of the WEEDWACKER® in 1978.

Long story short, the brand achieved so many milestones since its inception, that it has become one of the most liked brands throughout the world.

Now about the WEEDWACKER®-

These weed whackers are lightweight yet super strong. As the company has been making this product for a long time, it knows what to do. As a result, they can give you just the product that you need according to your gardening habits.

From ergonomic telescopic poles to automatic line advance, the weed whackers from this brand delivers just what you need.

#9. Dewalt Weed Whacker

Dewalt string trimmers

Dewalt has been a trustworthy name among tool users throughout the world. Be it construction tools or household tools, it is super common to find a DeWalt power tool inside the toolbox.

Now let’s look at a short company brief-

DeWalt started as a woodworking tool-making company back in 1922. In 1994 DeWalt managed to launch the most powerful cordless power tool of that time. That was a 14.4-volt cordless drill. And while it’s preparing for its 100th anniversary it has managed to launch 60+ factory service centers across the USA.

So, how are the DeWalt whackers?

Well, the question should be how good are the DeWalt whackers? Although the whackers run on electricity, these are super strong. And with the right technique, you’ll be able to cut through the toughest of grasses.

Some whackers are super-light while some give you two-speed options. Moreover, you’ll get ergonomic handle options in some models.

Ultimately, you can trust this brand for your next weed-cutting job with a closed eye.

#10. Homelite String Trimmer

Homelite string trimmers

Homelite started its journey back in 1921. At first, it was focused on making outdoor heavy equipment. Later in the 1970s, it expanded the product line to string trimmers and other gardening tools.

Nowadays it manufactures one of the best whackers out there.

The Homelite whackers have the new generation 2-cycle engines at their cores. Moreover, they provide the option of using whackers on gasoline. So, you won’t have to worry about the electric bill much.

These trimmers have a quick-start design. Moreover, the loop handle design gives the user ultimate comfort while trimming and lining. That’s not all-the auto-feed line advance with an awesome durability and performance ratio brings this brand into this list.

#11. Ego String Trimmer

Ego string trimmers

Ego weed eaters belong to the Ego Power+ system. They started in 2013 as a subsidiary of Chevron group.

Although, this brand is comparatively new in the market still it provides one of the best gardening solutions out there.

So, what makes the ego weed eaters stand out?

At first, we must discuss the battery system of these tools. All the ego batteries have one thing in common. That is the arc shape array of the batteries. Because of this, the Ego tools show a battery performance like the modern-day laptop or mobile phones.

The build quality of the trimmers ensures that the batteries last longer.

Moreover, the option availability of these weed eaters also makes the customers delighted. Some models have a folding shaft while some have reloaded heads.

As a result, this new brand is on this list of ours.

#12. Toro Weed Whacker

Toro String Trimmers

This Scottish company celebrated its 100th birthday in 2014. In these years, Toro has set itself as the leading provider of turf maintenance tools, landscape management tools; irrigation tools, etc. are some of its product lines.

Toro believes in innovation. Hence its products have a wide range of features. Its products run on propane power, hybrid power, and electric power. The advanced battery, electronic fuel injection system, LED technology, GPS support, and agronomic mapping make its products a whole lot more innovative than others.

Toro weed eaters hold up the brand name strongly by delivering superb performance. Most of the weed eaters have the Flex-Force Power System enabled in them. Along with the regular features, these top-notch innovations positioned this brand on this list.

13# Milwaukee String Trimmer

Milwaukee string trimmers

Milwaukee started in 1924. Since then it has been providing innovative solutions to tool users. Throughout the years the brand has specialized itself in providing innovative cordless solutions. So, when this brand makes cordless weed eaters, it’s subject to trust.

So, what are the common features?

Its weed eaters have a record of reaching full throttle in under 1 second. And once you’re done charging this quicksilver, it’ll run one hour nonstop.

The weed eaters have a perfect balance of balance, power, and maneuverability. And the variable speed settings are like the cherry on top. Moreover, most of the trimmers are compatible with the 150+ M18 system solutions.

#14. Poulan Weed Whacker

Poulan String Trimmers

The Poulan Pro Co. came to existence in 1946 at the hands of a veteran lumberjack. In its 70 years of experience, Poulan Pro has understood that there’s no alternative to technological innovation.

Poulan pro weed eaters are built to last. And because of this build quality, the company provides an outstanding warranty period. Moreover, the infused technology in the trimmers allows customers to trim through weed without breaking a sweat.

#15. Murray String Trimmer

Murray String Trimmers

Murray has been in the market for 90 years. In these years it developed a reputation and brand image unlike any other.

Murray weed eaters are powerful and versatile. And with the easy start mechanism, these weed eaters stand out.

#16. Cub Cadet Weed Whacker

Cub Cadet string trimmers

Cub Cadet was established in 1961. Since then the company has been working on one motto. That is ‘unlocking possible’.

Cub cadet weed eaters deliver precise performance.  These trimmers come in two-cycle and four-cycle versions. Thanks to the trimmer design, it works pretty well in hard-to-reach places. Moreover, the efficient line system makes the work of weed removal super easy.

#17. Kobalt Weed Whacker

Kobalt string trimmers

Kobalt was launched in 1998 by Williams. Since then it has been manufacturing top-class products.

Kobalt weed eaters are capable of wielding a high amount of power. Moreover, the brand provides a hefty amount of warranty. After adding up the fast and efficient performance, this is truly one of the best weed eaters out there.

#18. Greenworks Weed Whacker

Greenworks string trimmers

Greenworks tools company was founded in 2007. In 2016 they launched a dedicated line consisting of 82-V lithium-ion products. These products were designed to meet the demand for professional landscapers.

The Greenworks weed eaters have some of the most amazing features out there. Most of the trimmers are capable of trimming at multiple angles. And the Greenworks battery technology takes the trimmers to a whole new level.

#19. Honda Weed Whacker

Honda string trimmers

This company is so renowned that further explanation is unnecessary.

Honda is famous for its engineering supremacy. And it’s the same for its weed eaters. Those are light yet powerful. And these trimmers have a great body balance.

#20. Shindaiwa Weed Whacker

Shindaiwa string trimmers

If you talk about leaders in the power equipment industry then Shindaiwa is one of those leaders.

These weed eaters have both 2 stroke and 4 stroke engine options available with them. Moreover, the weed eaters have ergonomic grips, and a high-speed feed cutting head.

Besides these, weed eaters have a lot many other features that make them stand out.

#21. Makita Weed Whacker

Makita string trimmers

Makita tools company was founded in 1915. And since then it has been manufacturing top-notch products. As a result, this brand has fans all over the world.

Makita weed eaters produce low noise. Moreover, these trimmers need low maintenance.

Because of these reasons we have put Makita trimmers into this list.

#22. Snapper Weed Whacker

Snapper string trimmers 

It all started after the second world war.

William R. Smith, a Georgian national and businessman saw a potential business opportunity. He saw a possible trade opportunity in lawn care.

The ‘snapping turtle’ (which later became known as snapper) came in 1951 in the form of a lawnmower.

After that, until the year 2004, snapper enjoyed a fair number of mergers with different partners. In 2004, Briggs and Stratton bought Snapper and started producing some of the best lawn care items to date.

Customer satisfaction, unique design, and execution are some of the traits that the company holds to this day. As far as their weed maker goes, their growing lineup holds a lot of promises.

Recommended best professional weed eater Snapper weed whacker

#23. Remington Weed Whacker

Remington string trimmers

Arthur Mall and his power tool company wasn’t that big of a deal back in 1921 when it first opened its doors in Milwaukee, Wisconson.

But genuine craftsmanship doesn’t hide for too long.

The company started growing with its innovative tools. In 1954, with the introduction of the first chainsaw, it started booming.

Design innovation and durability are two of the important features in the Remington dictionary. And that’s what allowed the company to move on spread its branches, even in the household product department.

Recommended Remington weed whacker

#24. RedMax Weed Whacker

RedMax string trimmers

Power and Efficiency-these are the two things that lay the foundation of RedMax.

Power tools, with their growing popularity, started demanding better power along with robust accuracy.  That’s the driving force of Redmax, which started its 20+ years of journey in 1910 in the form of Tokyo Gas Kogyo Company.

Since then, there have been a lot of changes to its infrastructure, with the latest development being in 2009, just after the acquisition of the Husqvarna AB-Sweden Group. It now operates from Charlotte, North Carolina.

#25. Tanaka Weed Whacker

Tanaka string trimmers

Takashi Tanaka, the founder of Tanaka Kogyo Co. Ltd. had one thing in mind when he started his journey in 1918. And the word was ‘Reliability’.

Tanaka Kogyo Co. Ltd. started with motorcycle engines. From there, they spread their branches and entered the household consumer space. They have a long history of producing power tools for the masses.

Final Words

Here were our 25 best string trimmer brands.

Go explore some of those products by yourself with the customer reviews. Good luck.

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