Updated Vulcan Omnipro 220 Welder Review for 2020

Vulcan omnipro 220 welder reviews

Welding was all about mammoth welder machines back in even 20 years ago. But over time, see what technology had provided us with! We’ve compact, portable models of those giant models, which can take care of every form of welding you need.

And one of those compact, multi-functional, and intuitive models is Vulcan Omnipro 220. And this post is going to be all about Vulcan Omnipro 220 Welder Review.

We are a fan of Vulcan, the brand. But this particular model is the shiniest star out of all Vulcan picks we’ve seen so far. So, let’s break down the features and check out it’s worth-

Vulcan Omnipro 220 Welder Review for 2020

Vulcan OmniPro 220 Multiprocess Welder with 120/240 Volt Input
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Vulcan OmniPro 220 Multiprocess Welder with 120/240 Volt Input
  • The Vulcan OmniPro 220 is a true multi-process welder with full color LCD display for professional results in MIG, Flux-core, DC TIG and DC Stick Welding.
  • 132 pre-loaded welding programs for easy setup; Best-in-class 4.3 in. LCD display for process selection and advanced controls; Exclusive memory feature for instant recall of critical welder settings
  • Weighs only 49 lbs. - ideal for shop or field use; Dual voltage technology capable of 120V or 240V input; Spool gun ready - no adapter required
  • Industrial grade cast aluminum drive system; Inverter technology for highest quality output and maximum efficiency
  • Name: OmniPro 220 Multiprocess Welder with 120/240 Volt Input; SKU: 63621; Brand: Vulcan; Input Voltage: 120/240; Wire Feed Speed: 50 to 500 inches per minute; Certification: CSA ; Minimum amperage output (amps)30A Open Circuit Voltage78V Thermal Overload Protection (y/n)Yes; Product Height17 in. Product Length21 in. Product Weight49 lbs. Product Width12 in. Shipping Weight83.10 lb ; Wire Size0.025 in. to 0.035 in. solid; 0.030 in. to 0.045 in. cored; Model: VW220-OP

What We Liked
    • A completely compact, multi-functional welding machine.
    • MIG, TIG, Flux Core and Stick welding- capable of all these.
    • It comes with a convenient LCD display of 4.3 inches.
    • 132 preloaded welding programs.
    • Easy to set up and execute even for the beginner.
    • Selective memory and instant transition for actions.
    • Weighs only 49 pounds, easy to carry.
    • There are both handles for carrying by one person or two.
    • A perfect welding machine for both shop and field use.
    • Compatible with both 110V and 220V.
    • Quite pocket-friendly in terms of price.

What We Didn't Like
  • We’ve seen some welders be unhappy with the not-so-protected outer body of the welding machine.

Features and Benefits

A Perfect Pick for Sheet Metals
If you are a professional welder and would like to weld on your auto parts made of aluminum sheets, the OmniPro 220 is the perfect pick to go for. Apart from Aluminum, it’s also compatible with other heavier metals like steel, mild steel, stainless steel, and so on.

Dual Voltage Capability
This welding machine from Vulcan is compatible with the dual voltage of both 120V and 220V. That means that you can use it both on household and commercial premises. But for obvious reasons, the output won’t’ be the same for both of these cases.

No Splatter or Residue
A good virtue of a welding machine is when it runs smoothly without any spatter or leftovers. This sort of welding residue is hard to clean and recover. Thanks for Vulcan, for making this up for the welders.

Easy to Setup and Use
The interface and all other functions are quite user-friendly of this welding machine. That has made the uses and installation process of this machine quite easy. No matter you are a beginner user or a master, you would have experienced no hardship at all.

An All-in-One Versatile Welding Device
The welding process has many of its variations. But this product that we are talking about is an all in one solution. You can execute Mig welding, Flux Core Welding, DC TIG welding, DC Stick welding, and so on.

132 Preloaded Welding Programs
One of the most significant selling points of this product is, it has 123 preloaded welding programs inside it. There is a 4.3 inches LCD, from which you can access and implement the plans. Also, you will be given options to choose from various welding modes with this display.

Comfortable, Easy To Carry
Although the Vulcan OmniPro is a multi-purpose, dual voltage welding machine, this is not that much bulk at all. The overall weight is just around 50 pounds, which is not much at all. You can carry this welding machine right along with you around your workspace if you want.

To make that sure, there comes a convenient handle as well. In case you want to carry it by two persons, there are handles on both sides as well.

Instant Recall of Critical Welding Settings
As we have said before, there are more than 100 preloaded welding settings and programs in this model. But you might be worried about one fact that how on earth it will take to transit between these actions?

Well, this machine has got a good memory in this regard. It can get into instant welding action right after you set the command from the control panel.

Advanced Manual Control Panel
The LCD panel is not the controlling panel merely. You can take the LCD panel as the display center of what’s going on inside the welding machine; there is an entire control panel where controlling knobs are all located. You can control the welding strength, time and voltage with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question #1: Can it be a professional welder at the site?
Answer: In case you are seeking for a professional welder for remote and constructional/automobile works, this would be a perfect pick.

Question #2: How many programmable functions are there?
Answer: As they claim, there are 132 preloaded commands and welding functions.

Question #3: Is it easy to carry and transport?
Answer: The weight of 49 pounds only had turned it into a super carriable and remote welder model.

Question #4: What about the input voltage?
Answer: There is a dual input voltage for both 110V household uses and 220V commercial and industrial uses.

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In Conclusion

So, that’s the wrap-up guys! Hopefully, we’ve been able to take you through every technical and aesthetical detail of this Vulcan Omnipro 220 welder review.

Now, this is not the most powerful welder in the whole universe. But if a combo pack of both performance and variability is what you’re seeking for, this can be a good shot. It’s multi-functional, it has several preloaded inputs, and it’s compact and light.

Beware of the outdoor hazards or fall of any heavy objects on the welder. Otherwise, we didn’t find any significant drawbacks.

Let us know what you think about this model!