5 Best Dump Pouch Review in 2024: A Buyer’s Guide

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Best Dump Pouch Review

Any adventurer or hunter knows the importance of the best dump pouches.

Primarily created for military purposes, their uses have extended to general people.

Having one around gives you extra space to store or “dump” items.

It’s super easy to carry stuff in a dump pouch.

So, the next time you set out on an adventure or hunting, make sure to bring one of these dump pouches, and you’d appreciate the convenience it offers.

Our best dump pouch review presents several quality dump pouches to our readers.

Read ahead to find out precisely the kind of dump pouches that offer the best value for the price!

Best Dump Pouch Review 

Without further ado, let’s dive right into our review of the best dump pouches.

We made sure our list only contains the ones that offer the most features as well as durability.

#1. Maxpedition Folding Dump Pouch

What We Liked
    • Military standard build provides extraordinary durability
    • Conveniently lightweight
    • Decent amount of carrying space
    • Can be folded into a smaller object when not in use

What We Didn't Like
  • Molle weave has no strap

Maxpedition is known for making the best backpack products, so you’re guaranteed top-notch quality, which is almost incomparable. That’s precisely what you will get, as it is built with ballistic nylon fabric coated with Teflon and has mil-spec webbing and binding. Therefore, its durability is extraordinarily remarkable.

It is water and abrasion-resistant, thanks to the high-quality build. As a result, you can freely use it in any weather or situation.  Feel free to use it under extreme conditions without worrying about damaging it. It can take a lot of damage before being unusable.

Perhaps, the best feature of this carrier is that it can be folded into a small package when it’s not in use. So, you’d face no trouble in carrying it around. It is a neat feature as it takes up no extra space when there is no use. Besides, its opening hole remains conveniently opened when you’re dumping stuff into it.

Now, it has a decent carrying space. You can easily store seven 30-RND 5.56 magazines either vertically or horizontally or any similar stuff. But don’t be put off by this description if you aren’t a military person. It’s a multipurpose kit, so you can store just about anything in it.

This one comes with a nice little, easy-to-hold velcro flap placed on the top, which is utilized to fold the bag. It also works as a cover that keeps the items in the container secured. So, even if you’re moving fast, things won’t fall out!

Each side of this pouch is equipped with a shock cord and cord locks to allow easy adjustment of the opening hole. Consequently, you’ll be allowed to adjust it to your needs pretty easily.

Another incredible feature is the grommet at the bottom, which drains unwanted dirt, water, or sand, so your bag always remains clean.

This kit is the complete package. You have excellent durability, versatility, and unique features. You’ll be set for years if you get one of these dump pouches! People often consider this to be the best dump pouch on the market right now. You cannot possibly go wrong with this one.

#2. FUNANASUN Utility Pouch Bags

What We Liked
    • Built with sturdy materials
    • It’s waterproof, meaning your items are even more secured
    • Double pouches for extra space
    • Pretty lightweight
    • Metal grommet hole allows easy drainage
    • Comes in many different colors

What We Didn't Like
  • The quality of nylon could be better

We’ve got another outstanding product for you. It’s amazingly versatile and convenient. This one has quite a reputation on the market. You’d find it equally helpful whether you’re a tactical user or a general one.

You can rely on it confidently, as it will provide exactly what you’re looking for in a drop pouch and more!

Built with 600D nylon materials, it’d provide services to you for a long time. The proper stitching adds to its durability. Besides, it’s neatly made to be waterproof, so your items would be secured from water. The small steel hole ensures anything unwanted is drained away.

This instrument allows you to use it as a waist bag that you can wear on your belt or be attached to a backpack using Molle-compatible straps on the back. These straps are pretty firm and secure. So you don’t risk them falling off while walking or running. They’ll remain strapped tightly!

You’d be amazed by its carrying capacity increased by an extra pouch that comes with it.  It will smoothly store everything from cellphones, keychains, GPS devices, and digital cameras to ammo, and medical supplies.

It boasts dual zippers with silent cords that can be easily pulled for easy reachability. They open up pretty quickly, so dropping items into the bag itself is no trouble at all. The zippers confirm that the items remain as secure as possible. They have no way of falling off.

These zippers are made to endure a lot of zips. You can rest assured; they won’t fail you and will remain functional for a long time. The metal snaps allow you to strap it onto utility belts easily.

It’s pretty lightweight for a product that offers so much. You’d barely feel its weight when it’s empty, so you’re free to carry more stuff.

You’d not regret having one of these around during your journeys. Instead, you’d be thankful to yourself for picking this one up!

Funanasun’s utility pouch allows you to store a lot of stuff while offering easy-to-carry features. It has everything you’d ever want in the best dump pouch. Many users have praised this one over at Amazon and other online retailers. Satisfaction is almost guaranteed.

#3. Maxpedition Mini Folding Dump Pouch

What We Liked
    • Incredibly durable thanks to the military-grade build
    • Designed to be extremely lightweight
    • Easily foldable when not in use
    • Small design for smaller needs

What We Didn't Like
  • Cannot hold more than 3 mag dumps

If you prefer smaller dump pouches, Maxpedition has another excellent carrying equipment. Made with similar military-standard materials as its bigger brother, you can expect it to be equally durable. As a result, it will offer you a longer lifespan!

Being downright abrasive resistant, it won’t get scratched easily. Water cannot damage the product, so you won’t have to worry about sheltering it when rain breaks out. Feel free to let it soak. It would take years before you find it to be no longer helpful.

It’s only 3.5 inches long and 1.5 inches wide when folded. Offering storage of 100 cubic inches, it will be able to hold a standard 32 oz. or bottles of water of 1L Nalgene. This smaller design makes it a popular choice for people who don’t need the extra space provided by other models.

Like other Maxpedition dump pouches, it has the unique feature of being foldable. Thanks to this fantastic feature, you can place it in any small place when it’s not in use. As a result, it does not take up any additional space when it has no use. So you can store it in your backpack.

This utility tool boasts all the features of its other versions. Therefore, it has a neat little flap, which helps the pouch to stay folded, but it also performs the role of a lid that keeps the stored items secured. Whether you run or walk, your items will stay inside.

It can be easily attached to your backpack using Maxpedition Tac Ties or the Silpclip. So, you’d find it extremely easy to carry around. Of course, you can’t deny its functional drainage system placed on the bottom that conveniently removes dirt, water, and sand automatically.

Even though it might be smaller, it does not deviate from Maxpedition’s usual quality. It’s just as strong, just as effective. You’re guaranteed the same quality that you’d find in other models.

There is no question about this drop pouch’s functionality. With the features and durability you get for such an affordable price, it’s a bang for the buck! Rely on this for your storing needs, and you won’t have to switch to other carrying kits for a long time.

#4. AMYIPO Multi-purpose Utility Pouch

What We Liked
    • Impressively compact in design
    • It weighs only 100g
    • Made with solid materials
    • Features extra pockets for added convenience
    • Extremely affordable

What We Didn't Like
  • No internal padding

This one is on our list because of its multi-purpose design, durability, and first-rate features. However, it’s pretty cheap, so that it won’t hurt your wallet. Constructed with sturdy nylon materials, you can place it under extreme abuse, and it will remain almost unscratched!

Besides, it’s also made to be wear-resistant, which makes it extra durable. You can feel free to zip and unzip as much as you want, and the zipper will still function effectively. The double fasteners are equally durable, so they’ll ensure safety in carrying it around and prevent falling off.

This utensil is relatively compact, weighing only 100g, but it still allows you to carry many items. As a result, you can use it on camping trips, traveling, hiking, bicycling, hunting, and more! Reaching into the bag and taking stuff out is also pretty easy.

It features extra pockets for storing items like cards, pens, money, or other minor stuff. These pockets help you distinguish between items, so you always know where you’ve placed a specific item.

Another impressive feature is the inclusion of the Molle system. Therefore, you can attach it to backpacks, vests, belts, etc., with zero trouble. This is a surprising feature to be included in a product with this little price tag.

It comes in various colors, so fashion enthusiasts can choose whichever fits them best. This does not affect its functionality in any way, but it’s an excellent option to have. There is an additional US flag morale patch, which is a nice bonus.

Most of the users who have used this tool ended up praising it as they were delighted with it. Let this assist you in your journeys, and you will no longer have to overfill your backpacks or end up poking holes in your pockets.

You’d be surprised by the features and functionality it offers compared to its incredibly low price. Such durability and functionality in a product that costs this little almost feel like a steal. It’s sure to exceed your expectations in providing its services to you. Feel free to go with this one.

#5. Maxpedition Mega Rollypolly Folding Dump Pouch

What We Liked
    • Mega size for people who want extra space
    • Undoubtedly amazing durability
    • Easily fits a whole gas mask
    • Conveniently placed grommet
    • Easily folds into a smaller object

What We Didn't Like
  • No MOLLE attachments

You’ve seen the casual version of Maxpedition’s rollypolly model. And you’ve come across the smaller one as well. Now, it’s time to check out their bigger brother, the mega edition. This kit is specially made for those who love the extra space and aren’t content with the spaces provided by normal ones.

Being super-sized, this will store a lot more items. Equipped with this, you’ll be able to carry dirty laundry beside the usual stuff. It’s big enough to store gas masks!

Due to the length of the bag that goes all the way down to thigh level, it additionally comes with a leg strap for extra security. As a result, you’re free from worrying about it falling off.

It has unquestionable durability because of its military-grade build. The top-notch ballistic nylons provide an incomparable lifespan. No matter how abusively you use it, you’d still find it as effective as before. Therefore, you’re free to put this under as much pressure as you want.

Just like the other models, you’d appreciate its foldable features. When folded, this mega-sized product turns into a tiny one that you can store anywhere.

The hook and look flap allows it to remain folded and doubles as a cover that keeps the items safe. They won’t fall off easily, thanks to this system. The grommet is conveniently placed on the bottom to keep the dirt particles from gathering inside the pouch, which is a nice feature.

The quality offered by Maxpedition is almost incomparable. You’re getting a military-grade build for a cheap price with extraordinary features and convenience. You would have no reason to switch to a different product after getting attached to one of these. Pick one up, and you’re secured for a long time!

What Is a Dump Pouch Used For? Dump Pouch Uses

Dump pouches were initially created for dumping empty magazines, hence the name. People in the military use them to store their used magazines, shells, and ammo and to improve their lives.

It can be a nuisance to kneel to collect mags during emergencies and sometimes impossible! Dump pouches eliminate that inconvenience.

However, people soon found non-military uses for these pouches. They provide a lot of advantages for outdoor activities. Also, they are very trendy among hunters as they can store their extra hunting equipment and ammo.

These convenient containers provide much-needed space for adventurers going on long trips. You can easily stow extra stuff in these pouches, which are pretty trouble-free. Also, if you like something on your journey, you can quickly pick it up and put it into your pouch.

You can use a dump pouch for storing and carrying purposes. They allow you to keep your items handy, so whenever you need something, you can reach into it and bring it out in no time.

As you can see, they provide a lot of conveniences and have a rather versatile use.

What to Look for Before Buying?

You’d find heaps of the best dump pouches available in the market with different sizes, shapes, and quality. So, knowing precisely what you’re looking for is essential before buying one. Otherwise, you’d end up making a regretful choice. That’s why we’ve outlined some tips to help you choose.


You want your item to last. If you don’t buy a decently constructed product, you will end up with one that gets torn after a couple of uses. So, always look out for the ones built with the best materials.

Drain Hole

Many pouches offer small drain holes underneath to allow dust particles, water, etc., to fall out. It’s a neat feature to keep your bag nice and clean.


Since you’d be storing stuff in it, pick a lightweight one, so it doesn’t get too heavy.


Always pick one that offers the most storage space. Some dump pouches are rather tight-spaced, so you’d be wise to avoid them.


As you’d be using it for outdoor activities, your pouch will likely get wet. You don’t want yours to get ruined by water. So, make sure that the building material is water-resistant.


Question #1. Where can I use a dump pouch?

Answer: As we’ve mentioned before, dump pouches have versatile uses, not just in the military. You can use them during hunting sessions, camping trips, construction jobs, metal detecting, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Question #2. How big should my dump pouch be?

Answer: It entirely depends on your needs. If you think you’d need to carry a lot of items, you’d surely need the bigger ones. Settle for the smaller ones otherwise.

Question #3. What can I store in a dump pouch?

Answer: You can store just about anything that fits into yours, starting from empty mags, ammo, screwdrivers, etc., to the piece of biscuit you want to finish later.

Question #4. How to use it properly?

Answer: It’s pretty helpful to store stuff in one. Just unstrap it, throw your items into it, and strap it back again. You can similarly retrieve them.

Question #5. What are the best construction materials for dump pouches?

Answer: Military standard materials like ballistic nylons and Cordura fabrics are some of the best building materials for dump pouches.  They offer the most durability and will likely make your bag carrier last a while.

Final Words

Hopefully, our best dump pouch review guide offers adequate knowledge of these pouches.

We understand how hard it can be to find the best one, but our guide should provide enough assistance to make the task far more accessible than it was.

Take our reviewed dump pouches into consideration and match them with your requirements.

This way, you’d surely be able to find your preferred one. Good luck!

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