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Professional home cleaning with Lemon: Expert Tips

Professional home cleaning with Lemon

In our Professional home cleaning with Lemon article, we will discuss few essential and exciting tips to clean your house. As we know and use Lemon to increase the taste of various foods. Not only that, but lemon is also used in hair/facial care. But do you know, lemon is quite useful for cleaning the house? There is acid in lemon, which is very easy to remove any hard stains. You can wash your kitchen dishes and as well as your bathrooms tiles.

Cleaning the house with a chemical product purchased from the market is somewhat risky. Because there is a possibility of various diseases. It is good if you can clean the house by natural products like lemon, what do you think? Let’s know some ways to clean the house with lemon.

Professional home cleaning with Lemon: few tips:

Clean the floor

Clean the wooden furniture with dry fabric

Lemon is also very useful to clean your floor with shine. Mix two lemon juices in semi-bucket water. Then use the mixer to clean the room. After 10 minutes rewash it with water, vinegar, and salt.

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Read how to clean wood furniture.

Use lemon to clean your toilet seat

Use lemon to clean your toilet seat

The white commode seat discolors in a short period. And the lemon is quite useful to whiten the commode seat. Apply lemon juice and keep it for a while. After 10 minutes clean the baking soda and wipe it with a hard cloth. Clean the commode seat in this method twice in a week.
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Clean your dishes

As we see in different television advertisement of washing powder or laundry soap that they have used lemon in those products. In fact, lemon can clean the dirt. Mix a lemon juice with 5 ml vinegar in a bottle. Now apply this liquid for 5 minutes. Then wash it thoroughly with water. You can use a little soap if you want.

Clean your Kitchen sink

The kitchen sink is the most used in every kitchen. Lemon is best to clean it properly. Divide a lemon into two pieces. Then sprinkle lemon juice over the sink and leave it for a few minutes. Then scrape the salt with a brush. Finally, wash it with hot water.
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We hope you got some interesting ideas on professional home cleaning. Clean home, sweet home and happy family.

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