Top 3 Hyl Welder Reviews for 2020 with Buying Guide

hyl welder reviews

Long gone are those days when you have to purchase different welding machinery for different weldings (i.e., TIG welding, Arc welding, MIG welding).

But today in 2019, you have got all-in-one welding machines that check every box of the list. Upon many such brands, Hyl is one of the top-rated ones.

In today’s Hyl Welder Reviews, we’ve got to pick up two of the most talked-about welding machines. We’ve broken down the features into bite-size chunks and concluded each of them.

Within spending further time, let’s get going-

Hyl Welder Reviews for 2020

So, here is our recommended list of Best Hyl Welders we reviewed for you today. 


  • 2 Year Warranty
  • USA Service And Parts
  • Friendly and Knowlegeable Support
  • High Duty Cycle
  • Professional Grade Welding Equipment

#2. HYL MIG160 Combo Welder

MIG160 Combo Welder MIG/STICK/TIG 3 in 1
10 Reviews
MIG160 Combo Welder MIG/STICK/TIG 3 in 1
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • USA Service And Parts
  • Friendly and Knowlegeable Support
  • High Duty Cycle
  • Professional Grade Welding Equipment

The second pick of today’s list is the mighty HYL MIG160 Combo Welder. It has been one of the best selling welding machines from the inventory of HYL, and there are strong reasons behind it.

First of all, it’s a 3-in-1 combo welder. You can do all three types of welding such as- MIG welding, TIG welding and arc welding with this machine. It’s compatible with both 110V and 220V power, which makes it a universal welding machine.

What We Liked
    • MIG, TIG and ARC welding combo.
    • Capable of working in both 220V and 110V situation.
    • It can equip any standard welding electrode.
    • Comfortable and safe start with a low amp.
    • Lightweight (29 lbs) and easy to hand-carry.

What We Didn't Like
  • A material thickness of ⅜ inches (max) only.

With a compact structure, 360-degree welding ability, and good aesthetics, we highly recommend you to go through the detailed features below-

Features and Benefits

Runs on both 220V and 110V
By default, the HYL MIG160 Combo Welder comes with a 220V capability. But in case you are running this combo welder with a 110V power source, there is a way as well. It comes with a 220V to 110V adapter, through which you can convert the voltage level.

A Heavy Duty Cycle
In this model, there is both the MIG process and the TIG process, which is one of the most significant selling points of this machine. The MIG process uses a 115V, 25% duty cycle, and the TIG process uses 220V at a 45% duty cycle. In both cases, it’s way more efficient than what you would get from a typical welding machine.

It’s a 3-in-1 Combo Welder
One of the most significant facts that we love about this machine is the 3 in 1 combo operation in it. It can be used as a MIG welder and a TIG welder as well. On the other way, you can use it as a Stick/ARC welding too. Such an all-in-one welding solution for any welder.

Low AMP Safety Start
When you are dealing with a machine like HYL MIG160 Combo Welder, safety should be the priority. By default, this MIG160 welder comes with a low ampere safety start, so that you don’t get a highly influential arc at first place.

Compatible with A Handful of Welding Metals
The next question is- what type of metals this welding machine is compatible with? Well, we have seen it be okay to use with stainless steel, Alloys, Alloy Mig metals and so on.

Good Range of Electrode Compatibility
The minimum requirement of the wire size of this machine is 0.023 inches hardwire or 0.030 Flux core wire. On the other hand, the maximum requirement of wire size is 0.030 inches hard wire, or 0.035 Flux core wire.

Light Weight and Easy to Move
As you can see in the picture of this model, it’s made to be super compact. The total weight is as light as 29 lbs only. Also, there is a carrying handle that will help you to hand-carry this machine without any hassle.


MIG160 Combo Welder MIG/STICK/TIG 3 in 1
10 Reviews
MIG160 Combo Welder MIG/STICK/TIG 3 in 1
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • USA Service And Parts
  • Friendly and Knowlegeable Support
  • High Duty Cycle
  • Professional Grade Welding Equipment

The third Hyl welder that we are going to break down is, the 2-in-1 HYL TIG 160 WELDER. The earlier product has got to do both MIG, TIG and Arc welding. On the other hand, this model has got a 2 in 1 combo, through which you can do TIG and MIG welding at the same time.

What We Liked
    • 10A-120A at 110V and 10A-160A at 220 volt.
    • Built in adapter for 110V to 220V voltage converter.
    • A good duty cycle.
    • Works fine with a good range of metals.
    • 47V of no-load voltage ensures less power consumption.
    • Weighs just 27 lbs, pretty lightweight.
    • Compatible with Argon air compressor.
    • Good range of recommended wire size.

What We Didn't Like
  • No arc welding facility.

Let’s go deep down its features and check up its compatibility-

Features and Benefits

Great Amperage Range
First of all, the amperage is essential for any kind of TIG welder you may talk about. In the case of this HYL TIG 160 WELDER, this range is quite costly. It can work on both 220V and 110V power situations. In the case of 110V, the amperage range comes to be 10A-120A. If you work with a voltage of 220V, the amperage range becomes 10A-160A.

Only 47V of No-Load Voltage
No-load voltage is one of the critical indicators of many of the TIG and MIG welders that a welder works with. In the case of this machine, the no-load voltage comes to be 47V only, which is rather impressive and won’t cause you much electricity consumption.

Weighs only 27 lbs
Although it sounds impossible, this 2-in-1 combo welding machine is ultra-lightweight, and the weight is exactly 27 lbs. With this much weight, you can hand-carry it anywhere around your worksite.

10 Feet Power Chord
Although you have to keep this welding machine powered up with AC power all the time, there is a tiny advantage. This HYL TIG 160 WELDER comes with a 10 feet power cord, and this lets you move around a good area with the welder powered up.

Works with Argon Air Compressor
This welder takes argon gas as the inert gas medium to weld on metal objects. Now, this is not something extraordinary. But yet, using Argon air compressor to power this welding machine up is pretty much convenient.

Suits with Every Standard Metal
The metal type that you are going to weld on is something that cannot be pre-determined. So, the HYL TIG 160 WELDER comes with compatibility to a good range of metals instead. It can intake stuck/steel, stainless steel and other kinds of steel made alloys.

A Good Range of Recommended Wire Size
Why is wire size important? Well, for different kind of metal workpieces, wire type and size varies a lot. And the best thing that can happen to a welder is a good wire size range in the welder machine.

This HYL TIG 160 WELDER will be a good pick in that term. IT can intake a minimum wire size of 1/16 ROD, and a maximum wire size recommendation is 5/32 ROD.

How We Wrote This Hyl Welder Reviews?

While creating the Reviews, we had some specific things in mind. Here is a list-

The Functionalities
Welding is all about how functional you can be with the welding machines and the metal surfaces that you want to weld on. Therefore, we sought for maximum functionalities while working on these machines from Hyl.

Price-quality Ratio
No one loves to pay extra that what a welding machine deserves. Instead of fancy features, we looked for the exact values each of these machines is willing to provide for a certain price.

Brand Value
Of course, the brand value was one of the priorities. But Hyl, as a brand, had already earned quite some good reputations over the customers and users. So, we were rather definite about it.

HYL alternative

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#3. Lincoln Handy Mig Welding Machine
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#9. Forney Welding Machines
#10. Everlast Quality Welders
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#12. Top 2 Chicago Electric Welders

Final Verdict

Hopefully, both of the machines had been discussed enough to decide whether they are a good fit for you or not. Let us know in the comment section about your opinion about the Hyl Welder Reviews.

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