Husky Tools Reviews of 2024: Kobalt vs Husky vs Craftsman

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Last Updated on April 16, 2024 by John Patterson

Husky Tools Reviews

Husky had been one of the most talked-about tool manufacturers among people who deal with tools.

The brand was brought up in the market by Sears Tools.

But currently, Home Depot is the owner.

And we have to admit that they’ve put a rock-solid effort to keep the value up.

However, we’ve been a bit versatile while selecting three of the tools for the post.

Instead of regular power and hand tools from Husky, we’ve moved on to one 6-in-1 ratchet set, one 3-in-1 tool bag combo, and a 92-in-1 toolset.

Keep reading our Review with Kobalt vs Husky vs Craftsman, while you can check out whether these tools and the alternative might add some value for you or not-

Husky Tools Reviews of 2024

Here is the recommended and updated list of Tools we reviewed for you.

#1. Husky Wrench Review: 6 pc Ratchet- Action Made in the USA

The first tool from the inventory of Husky is a 6 pc set Ratchet box. In case you are interested in DIY repairing, joining or just typical handymanship, you must have an essence for ratchets of different sizes. This box here will be the go-to choice with a handful of size variations.

What We Liked
    • 6 pieces of ratchets in total.
    • Sizes from ⅝ to 5/16 rated ratchets.
    • Made in the USA, with a promise of quality and durability.
    • Comes with a handy carrying case.
    • Perfect gift for any mechanic or handyman.
    • Extremely pocket-friendly in terms of price.

What We Didn't Like
  • Some models are being made in China, which is not as good as the USA-made ones.

Let’s have a closer look at its features-

Features and Benefits

Quality Wrenches Made in the USA:

Husky has a product line developed based in America. That also works for the 6 pc ratchet set we’re up to right now. Premium grade material comes in stable built quality. Result? Durable and promising performance for years.

A 360 Degree Ratchet Set for Every Mechanic:

No matter you are a mechanic, electrician, plumber, handyman, or even a DIYer from home, the ratchet is something that you need after every alternative work. To provide you with a 360-degree solution, this set contains 6 different sizes of ratchets. The sizes are- 5/8, 9/16, 1/2, 7/16, 3/8, and 5/16.

A Handy Holder:

If you want to carry the whole set of ratchet around, you have got it all. There is a ratchet container box with slots for all 6 ratchets. On top of that, there is a handle to carry the whole set out. Before carrying, you have to make sure that the ratchets are at their place.

From Smallest to Biggest, It Covers All:

The purpose of a ratchet can be just taking a tiny bolt from your kitchen sink off, or it can be as massive as a truck tire removal. No matter how small or big, the task is, you will find the right ratchet from this set of 6.

It’s A Perfect Gift for Any Mechanic:

Looking for an extremely pocket-friendly, but impactful gift for a mechanic? Well, this is a jackpot in that case. No matter he’s professional, semi-professional, or just a hobbyist, he will undoubtedly fall for it.

#2. Husky GP-57101N17 18 in. Rolling Tool Tote

With the product of the moment, carrying a handful of power and hand tools had been taken to the next level. We’re talking about the Husky GP-57101N17 18 in. Rolling Tool Tote. It’s a 3-in-1 tool bag combo with an excellent, comfy carrier and carrying handle.

If you are a handyman who has to deal with a lot of tools, this bag combo can be your faithful companion while traveling. We will break down its features and benefits further. Keep reading.

What We Liked
    • 3 in 1 tool bag combo with 18″, 16″ and 14″ bags.
    • Central pocket for large tools and side pockets for accessories.
    • 3 of the bags are nicely designed symmetrically.
    • Robust and comfy carrier with handle.
    • Dual zipper with pulling chord in every bag.
    • 5 strong rollers to let you carry them without effort.
    • Durable, convenient design to house both power and hand tools.

What We Didn't Like
  • The bags aren’t waterproof.

Features and Benefits

A 3 in 1 Tool Bag Combo:

You might be in search of a perfect tool bag from time to time. But what if you need different sizes of bags in case of different toolsets? Well, that’s what bothered the makers of this bag as well.

In this combo pack of tool bags, you will get an 18 inches tool bag, a 16 inches tool bag, and a 14 inches tool bag as well. No matter how many tools you have of different sizes, these bags will be able to house them all.

Variations in Pocket Sizes and Positions:

If you have a look at the tool collection, there are bulky tools like chainsaws. And there are tiny, delicate tools like knives. To make sure that you can house all of them securely, there is a good variation of pocket sizes. In each of the bags, the sizes of the pockets vary. But the position of the pockets is similar.

A Handy Carrier with Handles:

The set isn’t confined within the bag combo only. It has a flexible, durable carrying case for these three bags as well. The carrier would be a perfect way out when the bags full of tools comes to be heavy to carry with hands.

Especially, when you’re traveling from one place to another, carrying three different bags, can be a real hassle. The carrier would be the rescue in such scenarios.

Dual Zipper with Pull Strings:

Being able to carry a handful of tools in these bags is one thing. Ensuring and safe and secure positioning of the tools is another. We’re lucky that these Tools had taken care of both issues.

With each of these 18″, 16″, and 14″ bags, there are dual zippers provided. To make sure that you can open up the zippers without any extra effort, there are pull strings as well.

Easy to Carry, Anywhere:

There are 5 different rollers on the bottom side of the carrier. This is so smart of Husky- the brand. As the frontal sides of the bags are going to intake more tools, they’ve put three rollers on the front side and two rollers on the backside. As a benefit, you can carry them all without any handy effort.

#3. Mechanic Tools Automotive Professional Set

There is a set of product that can be handy in case of any artistry. And at this point, we have got a pick that contains a set of tools that every mechanic needs. The set is called Mechanic Tools Automotive Professional Set from the inventory of Husky.

It’s an all-in-one tool piece collection, where you will have 92 different pieces of small and handy tools. In the case of professional, semi-professional, and DIYing, they come to be super purposeful.

What We Liked
    • 92 essential and frequently used tool pieces.
    • High built quality with chromium-vanadium steel.
    • Heat-treated for undergoing heavy workload.
    • Chrome finished for protection against environmental odds.
    • It comes in a cool and carriable briefcase.
    • Pretty much budget-friendly.

What We Didn't Like
  • Sometimes, there are pieces that will be of almost no use at all.

Let’s get in and figure out the features and benefits.

Features and Benefits

A Complete Solution of 92 Tool Pieces:

In this set, you will get to have 92 tool pieces at once. There are ratchets, point sockets, and many other drive tools. That is various in terms of size and functionality. For any carpentry, repairing, jointing, adjustment, trimming, shaping jobs, these will come in handy.

Made of High-Quality Chrome Steel:

All of the materials that we have got on the list are made out of high-quality chrome vanadium steel. Especially, when it comes to sockets, such materialistic strength provides a lot of advantages.

Corrosion Resistant and Durable:

Each of the tools that you get to have in this box is with a chrome finish. As you know, chrome finished materials have the ability to protect themselves against rust, water, dust, grease, etc. So, you can use them all for years after years.

Heat Treated for Dealing with Heavy Workloads:

Some tools in the box are heat-treated for providing added strength and protection against wearing. The heat-treated tools are screwdrivers, hex keys, and nut drivers.

Durable and High Quality:

All of these tool pieces in the set are not just meant to be a few days’ show-offs. A serious worker can get to use them for years after years. They are highly durable and can go heavy workload at a stretch.

Who Makes Husky Tools?

Husky is a household name in the American workforce. Being established in 1924 by Sigmund Mandl with the name of Husky Wrench, the company had seen some significant changes in its entity.

In today, they are mostly known as being a sister concern of Home Depot, where Husky products are exclusively sold. The Husky hand tools are manufactured by other brands like Western Forge, Apex Tools, Stanely, and Decker, etc.

In the early years, tools were solely manufactured in the USA only. But over the last few years, the production center had been shifted to China and Taiwan. And this has happened not only with Husky. A lot of other Home Depot product lines and other tool brands have also shifted their production process into China and Taiwan.

Are Husky Tools Good?

Are Husky Tools Good?

So, the question is, Is Husky a good brand?

Well, Husky hand tools are excellent, as a DIY enthusiast, I don’t compromise the quality and usability of the tools, no matter if it’s a woodworking tool or gardening tool, or anything else. I also rely on my power and hand tools to perform on daily basis.

Husky is a reliable and trusted brand on the market right now. You will find a lot of their tools with a lifetime warranty on Amazon and Homedepot. So, if any tools break you will get an instant replacement.

Kobalt vs Husky

Kobalt vs. Husky

Both Kobalt and Husky are two large brands with good historical value as well. , and Kobalt is a sister concern of Lowes, the brand.

Husky has a rich product line of both power and hand tools. The production used to be by some manufacturers that we have mentioned in the earlier section. In the past, they used to manufacture all their tools in the USA. But due to the competitive growth of the tool manufacturing industry in China, they’ve shifted the production process to China and Taiwan.

On the other hand, Kobalt is managed and produced by Lowes from North America. They launched Kobalt in 1998, with an intention to compete with two other significant tools production chains- Home Depot and Sears. Right now, production houses like JS Products, Great Neck, and Chevron, etc. They have hand tools, power tools, wireless power tools, and so on.

Read to find the Top-quality Kobalt Tools on Amazon.

Husky vs Craftsman

Husky vs. Craftsman

Craftsman is another line of tools for home, garden, and work. Sears previously owned the brand. But the current owner is Stanely Black and Decker, which is also a supplier of Husky, tools at Home Depot.

In the comparison of these tool brands, the Husky tool is the elder one, but just by 3 years. Husky was founded in 1924, and Craftsman was first commercialized in 1927 by Sears. And it’s a pretty recent occurrence that Stanely and Decker owned the brand. That contract had been signed in just 2017.

Like Husky, Craftsman is also manufactured by third-party production houses. Since the ownership era of Sears, brands like New Britain, Stanley, Moore Drop Forging, Danaher Corporation, Easco Hand Tools- etc. had been the manufacturer of the products.

On the other hand, Husky has a similar kind of brand reputation and production line. Both of the brands produce hand tools, power tools, tools accessories, mechanics essentials, and so on. In terms of brand value and warranty, both of them are head to head.

Husky vs Craftsman: real users video review: 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question #1: Where are husky tools made?

Answer: Currently, tools and accessories are majorly made in China and Taiwan.

Question #2: Who is the owner of Husky tools?

Answer: At the time of establishment, Husky was owned by Sears Tools. But now, the tool manufacturer supply chain Home Depot owns it.

Question #3: Where are the tools that husky tools make?

Answer: Husky has a rich product line including hand tools, power tools, tools accessories, mechanics wearables, and so on.

In Conclusion

Well, we’ve just listed three of the unique and value-providing tools that are cheap but can add some real value for any workman. No matter you’re buying for yourself or looking forward to gifting them to a mechanic, it will be an out-of-the-box choice.

Our Review intention was to give you a detailed overview of the top-class tool brand in 2021 for your projects.

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