5 Best Eastwood Welder Reviews in 2024: Buyer’s Guide

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Last Updated on April 16, 2024 by John Patterson

Eastwood Welder Reviews

No matter it’s casual MIG welding or professional TIG welding, there is no way to compromise with perfect.

To give you a hand in this, you must not be compromising with the welding machine quality as well.

Talking about welding machine quality, one of the frontier brands is Eastwood.

And today in this post, we’ll analyze some of the most talked-about models.

That being said, let’s start the welder review-

Eastwood Welder Reviews of 2024

So, here is our recommended list of heavy-duty Eastwood Welders we reviewed for you today.

#1. Eastwood TIG 200 AC/DC 20565 Welder Review

Highlighted Features

  • 10-200 amps AC/DC output amperage
  • Delivers 60% AC duty cycle for 120V at 145 amps and 220V at 190 amps
  • Square-wave inverter helps with top-notch aluminum welding
  • Ability to stick-weld rusty materials
  • Standard WP-17 12-foot torch with both variable foot pedal and finger-controlled options
  • Comes with a 240V/120V adapter
  • Suitable for welding up to ¼-inch thick metals

What We Liked
    • Compatible with stainless steel, aluminum, sheet, tube, and bar stock
    • The 240V/120V adapter allows you to switch between DC and AC
    • Easy to set the welding modes, arc, and amperage
    • Straightforward design for welding in tough areas
    • 45lbs lightweight construction for easy transportation
    • Precise arc control
    • Easy to use

What We Didn't Like
  • Doesn’t include a roller switch to adjust amperage other than manual and foot pedal
  • Doesn’t come with the cost-effective TIG IGBT technology

Efficient Starter Unit  

The Eastwood TIG 200 AC/DC 20565 is a practical option for professional and non-professional welders. Since it uses a square-wave inverter, you can get the unit at a reasonable price.

Thanks to its high-frequency starting power, you can now get sufficient arc flow within a few milliseconds. Finally, the WP-17 torch allows you to control the arc with ultimate precision.

Wide Range of Applications

Not all TIG welders will produce neat, high-quality welds every time. But Eastwood sure made it a reality for new welders in the game. This 200-amp TIG welder is a great choice for pipeline welding and repairing automobile parts.

Other than sheet, tube, and bar-stock, this Eastwood classic welds stainless steel and aluminum with enviable efficiency. It welds ¼-inch thick materials of thin to medium gauge.

Generous Duty Cycle

If you’re looking for a welder with an extended duty cycle, you should definitely consider Eastwood 20565. This welder sports a brilliant duty cycle of 60 percent at 190VAC.

In other words, you can comfortably weld for 6 minutes in a 10-minute window and leave 4 minutes for the welder to cool down. And of course, dialing down the amperage allows you to weld for much longer!

#2. Eastwood MIG 135 Review

Highlighted Features

  • Welds up to 3/16-inch metals with a solid core wire
  • Heavy-duty 25-135amp welding range
  • Welds 24-gauge, thin stainless steel with superior precision
  • Doubles up as a flux-core welder
  • Welds up to ¼ inches with a flux core wire
  • Easy-to-navigate control panel
  • Compatible with standard 120V household power
  • 20% duty cycle at 90amps
  • Includes a gas regulator and gauge

What We Liked
    • Easily welds 24-gauge to ¼-inch sheet metal, mild steel, and stainless steel
    • Includes a switchable drive roller to change and feed the wire
    • The Tweco MIG gun ensures less downtime and burn-back
    • A sleek 0.023-inch contact tip for high-quality welding
    • Infinite heat and wire speed settings
    • Comes with an 8-foot ground cable for better maneuverability
    • Easy to use

What We Didn't Like
  • A 120VAC welder might feel underpowered in heavier applications
  • Doesn’t include the flux drive roller along with the MIG drive roller

Two-in-One Welder

Wouldn’t it be amazing if your MIG welder supported flux-core welding too? Eastwood has heard your prayers and recently came up with the one-of-a-kind MIG 135 welders.

If you’ve run out of shielding gas, you can lay flux-core wire beads and get a professional output. While MIG is geared towards welding thick metals, flux-core arc welding works with rusted, scale-ridden metals.

What’s more, it neither blows your utility bills out of proportion nor requires dedicated maintenance after every use.

Quick and Easy Adjustments

Featuring a 25–135-amp range and infinitely variable wire speeds, MIG 135 is officially one of the most versatile MIG welders available right now. You can change its heat settings and feed the welding wire at 39 to 468 inches a minute!

New to MIG welding? No problem! Refer to the Quick Set chart for fine-tuning the welder settings for any material and thickness.

Portable MIG Welder

When was the last time you held back from DIY welding just because the machine was too heavy? Lucky for you, the MIG 135 welder, at only 56lbs, allows you to be on the move!

Besides, you’re going to like the fact that this powerful MIG welder runs on a 120V garage or household current. It offers all necessary welding equipment, such as steel core wires, tips, a regulator with a hose, and a precision-driven motor.

#3. Eastwood Versa Cut 60 Amp Plasma Cutter 

Highlighted Features

  • Efficient, self-starting electrical arc for consistent results
  • Makes neat cuts across ⅞-inch thick steel or aluminum
  • Also suitable for cutting 24-gauge fine metals
  • Requires a 5 to 7cfm air compressor set at 60psi
  • Comes with a durable MOSFET inverter
  • A 20-inch torch cable and a 10-inch ground cable
  • 60-amp output at 220V
  • Weighs only 45lbs

What We Liked
    • High-precision cuts eliminate warping of 24-gauge thin metals
    • Doesn’t produce any dross or oxide slag
    • Can be used on exhaust and floor panels
    • Accurately cuts 0.010″ to 0.875″ stainless steel and aluminum sheets
    • The internal moisture separator increases the arc’s efficiency

What We Didn't Like
  • It’s not advised to use the plasma torch on a CNC plasma table
  • Some users didn’t like the air compressor line probing out at the back of the torch

Self-Starting Pilot Arc

The Eastwood Versa Cut 60 is one of the finest plasma cutters you can get for the price. With high-quality arc and nozzles, this Eastwood plasma torch pushes the boundaries of present-day metal-cutting.

Additionally, its MOSFET inverter offers better speed and efficiency at low-voltage operations. Not only does the Versa Cut 60 consume less power but also puts forward high switching speeds.

High Cutting Speeds

Let’s face it, oxy-fuel torches and circular saws aren’t nearly as powerful as Eastwood plasma cutters. For example, the Versa Cut 60 is a user-friendly model that cuts stacked metals as well as 24-gauge thin steel sheets.

In fact, it offers a terrific performance when it comes to slicing medium thickness stainless steel and aluminum. At 60% duty cycle, the Eastwood plasma cutter requires a 220V outlet to kick out its high-powered arc.

Ease of Use

We like the Versa Cut 60 for its straightforward controls. Thanks to its high-frequency starter, this Eastwood plasma cutter penetrates rusty metal sheets in style!

The internal moisture separator is basically an air filter that directs only clean and dry air to the torch. It helps the Versa Cut 60 kick out an impressive arc quality at all times!

#4. Eastwood 175 Mig Welder Review

Highlighted Features

  • Welds 14-gauge to ¼-inch aluminum
  • Eastwood 175 comes with a regulator and a hose for efficient MIG welding
  • Welds 24-gauge to 5/16-inch mild steel and stainless steel
  • A heavy-duty welding range from 30 amps to 175 amps
  • Eastwood 175 comes with a spool gun and a welding torch
  • Includes a 6-inch spool adapter

What We Liked
    • Easily welds 5/16 steel with the gas
    • Can also be used for flux core arc welding
    • Excellent weld bead quality on aluminum and stainless steel
    • High-frequency start for faster operation
    • Produces solid welds without any wire slipping or skipping

What We Didn't Like
  • A heavy 91lbs construction
  • The 30% duty cycle isn’t efficient for lengthy repairs

High-Capacity Welding  

You can call the Eastwood 175 MIG welder a professional welding machine for aluminum, bronze, and steel. After all, it lays flawless weld beads on 14-gauge to ¼-inch alloys.

That’s not all; this ETL-approved gadget successfully welds 24-gauge to 5/16-inch mild steel materials with the included welding torch!

If you want to make customized fabrications on your car, you’ll love its free spool gun. A point to note- the Eastwood 175 MIG welder only uses 4-inch spools and comes with a complimentary 6-inch spool adapter.

Overall Performance

Honestly, we expected this Eastwood 175-amp machine to kick out more power instead of 130 amps at 30%. The duty cycle, as you can see, is a bit lower compared to the previous Eastwood MIG 135. But, other features such as the dedicated wire drive motor and the high-precision spool gun make up for it big time!

Hassle-Free Controls

The coolest thing about the Eastwood 175 MIG welder is its simple, onboard settings. You can set your desired output voltage and amperage levels by turning the knobs. Adjusting the amps ensures that you’ve powered up the welder just enough for the job.

Moving on, the machine uses a Tweco-style torch. You get a wide variety of Tweco contact tips & nozzles to choose from and ace your welding jobs like never before!

#5. Eastwood 12746 TIG Welder Review

As a professional’s assistant, a TIG welder should be able to deal instantly, work within any power situation, and provide a perfect weld with any metal.

Eastwood had just brought us up one such heavy-duty TIG welder that checks every box we’ve mentioned. It’s called the Eastwood 12746 TIG welder. And here are the broken down features of it-

What We Liked
    • Runs on both 110V and 240V AC power.
    • It can provide any output amperage within 10-200 amps.
    • Remote control amperage with the pedal.
    • Quick sparking and provided workable arc within milliseconds.
    • Standard WP-17 torch to accept electrodes of up to ⅛ inches in size.
    • Finger on/finger off torch control.
    • Weighs only 45 labs.
    • 60% duty cycle is available at a maximum of 190amp output.
    • Carriable within the hands, comes with a sturdy handle.

What We Didn't Like
  • Made in China, and lacks solid durability.
  • Sometimes, it requires several start-up attempts.

Features and Benefits

Deals with Both Thin and Heavy Metals:

As a welder, you don’t want your welding machine to be unable to deal with any regular metal types. The good news is Eastwood 12746 can weld on steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and more. No matter how much thin or heavy the metal is, you’re good to go as long as you’ve Eastwood 12746 in your hands.

Auto Sensitive to Power Source:

One of the most surprising features of this TIG welder is, it can auto-sense power sources within given requirements. If a power source is from 110V to 240V, and if it can deliver current from 10 amp to 200 amp, the welder will accept it as the power source. No matter it’s AC power or DC battery, TIG 200 will keep on working with super high efficiency.

Can-Weld on Metals of Up to ¼ inches of Thickness:

There are many typical TIG welders that claim to work relentlessly on thin metal gauges, but actually cannot. But the TIG 200 is a clean-cut exception. It can intake stainless, aluminum, and any regular metal of up to ¼ inches of thickness.

Foot Pedal for Amperage Control:

Right in Eastwood 12746, there is a food paddle provided for the user. The role of the paddle is to let the user chose the exact amperage. As you know, amperage control is pretty much crucial for welding.

High Frequency Start for Instant Arc:

We know that your time is essential, and you don’t want to keep waiting for your TIG welder to warm up. Keeping that in mind, Eastwood had designed a quick-start feature that can deliver a high-frequency arc of full power right when you start it. There is no tungsten contamination, which means no more waiting for the most comprehensive form of the arc.

Accurate Aluminium welding:

Among many metals used in TIG welding, Aluminium is one of the most common ones. To provide you with the best aluminum welding experience, there is a square wave inverter provided. This will lead you to excellent accuracy when it’s about aluminum welding.

Accepts All Common Types of Electrodes:

We know that this is almost a standard feature in any good quality TIG welder, but we feel like informing you that- the Eastwood 12746 accepts any size of electrodes up to ⅛ inches. The torch is of WP-17 type, and that’s what makes it this capable.

Compact Size and Light Weight:

The last but not least feature of the welder is its compact size and easy-to-carry weight. The size seems to be 486mm x 248mm x 508mm. And the weight is around 45lbs or 20.5 kg. In case you need to move around the workspace with the Eastwood 12746 in hand, it won’t be a painful chore for you.

Eastwood Tig Welder

TIG welding is used rapidly for welding on thinner gauge materials. As a prominent power tool manufacturer, Eastwood had an excellent TIG welder lineup on sale. With all of them, you can power down low or precise welding, and the arc produced won’t let you blow through the metal.

Upon some feature variations, here is a list of commercially available TIG welders from Eastwood-
#1. Eastwood TIG 200 AC/DC Welder
#2. Eastwood TIG 200 Digital AC/DC Welder
#3. Eastwood TIG 200 DC Welder
#4. Eastwood TIG Welder Tungsten Grinder
#5. Eastwood ARC 80 Welder with Tig Torch
#6. Eastwood TIG 200 AC/DC Welder Versa Cut
#7. Eastwood Pro-Fab Kit TIG 200 AC/DC Welder
#8. Eastwood Tungsten Grinder

Based on the size, capacity, welding arc, and portability, the price may range from a few hundred dollars to even a few thousand dollars. But as long as making precise welding on thin gauge surfaces is concerned, they’re all good to go.

Eastwood Mig Welder

MIG welding is quite less complicated than TIG welding, and therefore, it takes way less expertise and effort. The name stands for Metal Inert Gas, and that’s what shows its functionalities.

Eastwood produces Mig welders who work with continuously feeding a spool of welding electrode. The burnt and melted down metal brings the base and parent metals together.

Keeping the mail operation the same, there are some MIG welders from the inventory of Eastwood. Here is a list of the most popular Eastwood MIG welders-
#1. Eastwood MIG Welder 110VAC/ 135A Output
#2. Eastwood 175 Amp MIG Welder w/ spool gun
#3. Eastwood MIG 250 Welder
#4. Eastwood 90 Amp Flux Core Welder w/o Gloves Helmet
#5. Eastwood MIG 135 Welder and Auto Darkening Welding
#6. Eastwood MP200i Multi-Process Welder and Versa Cut 60 Plasma
#7. Eastwood MIG Welder 135 Amp and Cart
#8. Eastwood Sheet Metal Fab Kit MIG 135 Versa Cut 20 and Cart

Who makes Eastwood welders?

Eastwood welders are made by the Eastwood Company. They have their own manufacturer and there is no third-party involvement. From step 1 the company designs and tests the welders and works directly with their own factory. The company offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Are Eastwood welders any good?

Are Eastwood welders any good

Eastwood is undoubtedly one of the best welder brands on the market. As mentioned earlier, they offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. You can read the customer reviews on amazon before making the purchase decision.

Where are Eastwood welders made?

The welder parts are made in China and assembled in the United States.

How We Wrote This Welder Review?

While we were working on this review, we were super serious about staying unbiased and value-driven. At this point of the article, we feel like to let you know about our reviewing process of this tool we’re talking about-

The Functions

What you are getting for what cost- that’s our #1 concern while reviewing power tools like Eastwood welders. As it was from the infamous inventory of Eastwood, we were almost assured of it. But we did not leave any stone unturned.

User’s Reviews

We took more than 60+ user’s real-time reviews into account while preparing our minds about these welding machines. As you know, a mass opinion can hardly go wrong.

Price-quality Ratio

There are tons of other TIG and MIG welders in the market from dozens of brands. But are the Eastwood models worth the money? We got our hands into the details comparison and showcased what we got in the research.

Expert Opinion

Lastly, we verified everything we’ve learned about these products by a group of niche-expert. So, there remains almost no chance that our opinions and recommendations can go wrong.

Eastwood Welders Parts and accessories

If you had been welding for quite a while now, you must be aware of the essence of different parts and accessories for the job. For the sake of safety and operation, Eastwood also produces a handful of such parts and accessories.

Here is a list of the most popular picks-
#1. Welding helmets.
#2. Carts for welding machines.
#3. Welding Tables.
#4. Surface prepping tools.
#5. Clamps and clamping tools.
#6. Stud Welders.
#7. Spot weld cutters.
#8. Safety gloves and wrenches.

And so on.

Final Verdict

There are some TIG and MIG welders that we should be talking about in this review.

But for now, a good quality TIG welder is what we would hand-pick for a professional welder.

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