10+ Best Wood Axe Brands of 2024: List of Best Axe Makers

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Best Wood Axe Brands: List of Axe Makers

You are looking for high-quality wood axe brands to buy for your own. You might face difficulties having ideas about all the best brands in the axe industry.

Like you, I faced the same difficulty when I was searching for the best brand for me.

From that, I decided to write an article about best axe companies for my readers. It will dentally help you decide whether to have an idea with world-recognized brands.

In this article, I have tried to discuss every perspective of the brand. Moreover, I have an emphasis on their previous background that how they come up and establish their business from the time being, and how they create their position to lead the axe industry globally.

I believe you will get a complete idea about the global brands of best axes. I have collected all the valid information from reliable and authentic sources.

Let’s jump to the main topic.

Best Wood Axe Brands List of 2024| Best Axe Makers

Here I have discussed the list of axe brands (13 Total). These brands are globally recognized in the wood axe industry.



FISKARS is a well-reputed and worldwide recognized brand for both professionals and homeowners in the sector of garden tools.

FISKARS has an outstanding product range providing innovative and durable tools, quality performance, and services with exclusive features and values. For that reason, FISKARS is an excellent choice among all users and consumers.

FISKARS was established in the year 1649. FISKARS originated in Finland, and its headquarters is located in Helsinki, Finland.

FISKARS has a wide range of products to solve problems to improve and easier in our day-to-day life by designing innovative and superior products for homes, gardens, and outdoors. They have a variety of product line-ups starting from children’s tools to building and construction tools.

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FISKARS creates a leading position as a global supplier in more than 60 countries for delivering products to their desired customers.

Along with their official online stores, FISKARS products are also available on Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.



Many people have heard the name HUSQVARNA in the sector of advanced instrumental tools like lawnmowers or even modern tractors. But most people do not have any idea that this brand manufactures incredible wooden handle axes.

HUSQVARNA is the global leader in producing forest and garden tools and provides service.

HUSQVARNA started its journey in the year 1689 by establishing a State-owned rifle factory in the southern part of Sweden.

From the very beginning, HUSQVARNA outsources and produces its axe from international brands like Wetterlings and Hultafors Burks.

HUSQVARNA is selling its products around the globe through 25,000+ independent dealers. Not only that they also take orders from various e-stores like Amazon.



ESTWING is a prestigious and reliable brand among professionals. This is because of designing innovative products with the highest value and maintaining the standards.

ESTWING is specialized and renowned for striking and struck tools like hammers or axes. Every tradesman and craftsman is comfortable using their products because of their longevity and attractiveness.

The brand ESTWING Is founded by Ernest Estwing in the year of 1923, and the manufacturing plant had set up in the northern Illinois city of Rockford.

From the very beginning, ESTWING is focused on innovative product design. As a successful result, they have launched a new shock reduction grip. This innovative grip system is comfortable to use and helps to reduce and decrease the vibration caused by impact. In this way, the brand creates value for its customers.

ESTWING is producing different types of products, including Hammer, Axe, Bricklayer, Geological, Drywall, Roofing, Pry Bars, Dead blow, Sure Strike, etc.

This brand has stored in e-Commerce like Amazon.



Another famous and renowned brand GRANSFORS BRUKS originated in Sweden in the year of 1902. This organization is situated in the village of Gransfors in northern Halsingland.

GRANSFORS BRUKS is famous for manufacturing hand-forged best axes for over 100 years. During manufacture, this brand is focused on three major prospective for which it creates uniqueness and differentiates from others. I want to sum up three points:

GRANSFORS BRUKS is the potential to produce the best axe to increase its functionality and serve high quality according to the area of application

The best utilization of its natural resources without or less impacting the environment as much as possible.

GRANSFORS BRUKS provides value and respect to the individual people working for manufacturing the products for their tremendous effort. GRANSFORS BRUKS classified their axes into four different categories according to the specific areas of application.

  • Forest Axe
  • Splitting Axe
  • Log-building and Carpentry Tools
  • Double Bit Axe

This brand is capable to produce 80 % of its product for global export, and they export their product in 30 countries.



HELKO WERK has a historical background in manufacturing the best axes and in this way, they are serving their customers year after years.

The HELKO Enterprise started the journey in Cronenberg, Germany, in the year 1844 by a family member is Helsper. In this way, the family achieved a reputation for manufacturing high-quality tools for woodworking in European countries.

After originating in Germany, an American-based company KOTTHAUS come up and joined as a partner with the “Helsper Tool Company”. Then the name changed to Helko in the year 1930.

HELKO WERK offered and introduced “Vario 2000,” an innovatively designed product for the customers in the market.

HELKO WERK has an exclusive collection including traditional and classical designed axes, hatchets, and splitting mauls.

HELKO WERK is more concerned about the safety of its products.

Not only that, they offer a privileged warranty for their customers. They have a dedicated customer service unit where you share anything before or after purchasing their product.

Besides their official website, they have stored in Amazon.

#6. GERBER: 


GERBER is one of the renowned brands for hunting tools and outdoor gadgets. The most popular gadget is knives because they design problem-solving products for saving a human’s life.

Gerber is an American brand. It was founded in Portland, Oregon, USA, in the year of 1939.

They design their product by a specialized team, including engineers. Most of the products are supplied to the soldiers of the armed forces.

GERBER has a manufacturing unit for producing the best axes in the United States. Their axes are stylish with an outstanding look.

GERBER also has a dedicated team for customer service. You can get support from customer service.

This brand has stored in e-Commerce like Amazon.

#7. SOG:


SOG is another top brand in the axe industry. But this brand is Similar to GERBER. Because both brands started their journey with a knife, and both of them are pioneer.

SOG started its journey in Vietnam. Spencer Frazer inspires me to recreate the setup and found SOG Knives after 1986. His mission was to recreate the SOG Bowie Knife. Now SOG knife is worldwide recognized and reliable all around the world.

SOG is famous for manufacturing hunting tools and outside gadgets. As a part of their mission, SOG focused on producing axe for camps to solve the problem of human life.

This brand has stored in e-Commerce like Amazon.



HULTS BRUK is a Swedish Brand manufacturing the best axes since 1697. This brand focused on perfection to design and manufacture axes artistically over the last three centuries.

HULTS BRUK plant is established just north of the Swedish city of Norrkoping because of its manufacturing facilities and advantages.

It started a journey from shipbuilding and making iron bars. Wealthy nobles enjoy ownership from the year 1697 to 1870. Ekulands family took the lead and charge over 100 years. After 1870 the owner started making axes per the state-of-the-art American Production method. In this way, they started the journey.

In 1988 all the facilities are owned by Tors Hammer. Near about 100,000 axes heads are hand forged every year by 20 people.

HULTS BRUK produces a wide range of axes according to the application. They are ranging from lightweight hatchets to heavyweight axes.

A skilled professional with care manufactures the axes. Because they ensure perfection in every aspect of their creation, another feature of this brand is durability.

This brand has a diversified collection of axes, hatchets, splitting, and felling. This brand has a wide range of distribution throughout America.

You can order from their online store on Amazon.

#9. Hultafors:


Hultafors is a worldwide recognized brand for producing hand tools. This brand is designing and serving innovative handmade tools for craftsmen around the globe for over 130 years.

The journey began in 1883. Karl-Hilmer Johansson Kollén was the designer of the world-renowned folding ruler.

This brand is reliable among all professionals for its incredible design and innovation for every purpose.

This brand has a wide range of collections of hand tools. They develop their product according to various applications. Furthermore, they provide value for their customers through their products.

Their product ranges from measuring to leveling products and is functional with better precision.

This brand has a motto to offer other professionals functionality, safety, protection, and efficiency at work

They mainly produce the following items:

  • Saws
  • Axes
  • Folding Rules
  • Spirit Levels
  • Wrecking Bars
  • Hammers
  • Chisels

You may collect your product from Amazon.



WETTERLINGS were evoked at the end of the nineteenth century. This brand is owned by the GRANSFORS BRUKS in 2006. Both brands are Swedish and make the best quality axes for forestry.

Svan Axel Wetterling initiated a journey in 1880. His brother Otto planned to study industrial axe manufacturing in America. At that time, the forest industry was rising. After coming back from the USA, Otto moved their forge to Storvik. At that time, their annual production of axes was 20,000.

With the flow of time, they have changed their strategies and introduced innovation in their production. As a part of that, they started other products like a hammer. In this way, they added value to their customers.

WETTERLINGS is growing higher and faster. There is a considerable possibility of the forge will stop production for the WETTERLINGS brand.

Wetterling is the brand that manufactures classical and traditional axes in Sweden

Their product lineup includes as follows.

  • Hatchets
  • Axes
  • Splitting Mauls
  • Wedges

They also have a web store on Amazon. You can also purchase from that store based on availability.



COLD STEEL INC. was established in the year 1980. Like Gerber, SOG this brand started its journey by producing quality knives around the world. Cold steel has dominated the market share over the last thirty years. This brand took the pioneer position for innovation in the knife industry. The main feature of this brand is manufacturing the strongest and sharpest knives in the world.

They have a wide range of product categories:

  • Knives
  • Folding Knives
  • Fixed Knives
  • Swords
  • Throwing knives
  • Machetes
  • Axes & Tomahawks
  • Spears

They have a showroom located in California and all-around America

You can order online either from their official website or the e-commerce store of Amazon.



GARDENA originated in Germany, becoming the most reliable brand for home and garden care among its worldwide customers. Gardena has been a member of the Husqvarna Group since 2007.

For that reason, UNICEF makes a partnership with GARDENA to support water and sanitation all around the world as part of sustainable development.

Another interesting fact is that Gardena and UNICEF signed a particular project, “Every Drop Counts,” on March 22, 2018, and this day is remarkable for World Water Day. Under this project, there is a motto to ensure clean and healthy drinking water for more than 100,000 people for the next three years not only that they will also provide sanitation for hygiene in case of emergency facilities.

They started their venture 50 years back in 1961, and Eberhard Kastner and Werner Kress is the founder of Gardener in Ulm. They successfully introduced the Original Gardena System in 1968 by launching accessories products for watering, such as tap connectors and hose connectors.

In 1973, they focused on innovative product design and introduced different types of easy and powerful gardening products into the market, for their problem-solving tools and applications bring comfort and a better user experience among their customers.

Gardena is the best choice for professionals because they provide every aspect of home and garden improvement solutions. The product categories are Given below:

  • Watering
  • Lawn Care
  • Tree & Shrub Care
  • Soil & Ground
  • Smart System
  • City Gardening

Under the Lawn Tree and Shrub care category, Axe is Gardena’s product.

The Gardena axe is designed for felling, splitting, and hewing purposes. The axe is sharp, strong, robust, and durable, with lifelong safety and precious outcomes.

This brand manufacture universal Hatchets, a small, one-handed form of axe to take outside activities and ideals for tracking and camping.

This brand has stored in e-Commerce like Amazon.



The most ancient and historical brand ever is OCHSENKOPF. This company started the operation as an axe forge and is still renowned as the oldest axe forges in the world.

The Fahlefeld Bros started the operation in 1781. From the beginning, this company has had a mission to establish OCHSENKOPF as a top-tier brand in every aspect.

Manufacturing quality and standard products with excellent service is the top priority of this brand. This brand also tends to set up a benchmark in precision and perfection.

However, this motive is responsible for accelerating craftsmanship at the level of excellence. So, based on experience and technical progress, they are growing with innovation and creating value for the brands.

GEDORE is another Group of companies with vast expertise in the engineering sector. GEDORE Werkzeugfabrik GmbH & Co. KG has already established a manufacturing unit for forestry tools and equipment. As part of the business, OCHSENKOPF merged with the GEDORE Group in 2004.

This brand also ensures safety and warranty for the user. In this way, they create a competitive advantage and add value to the customers.

The products under this brand are specialized in splitting and felling. They have a variety of model under the same item.

The most selling item is the ILTS High-Performance Axe. They also have Universal Gold Axes, Splitting Axes, and splitting Hammers.

This brand has stored in e-Commerce like Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question #1. What type of AXE should I buy?

Answer: Before the purchase of an axe, first of all, you have to consider your purpose. We can classify the axe into three categories according to their functions. They are:

  1. Cutting;
  2. Splitting;
  3. Shaping

There is a little bit of misconception about the axe. However, the axe is a broad spectrum to categorize, including felling axes, tomahawks, and hatchets.

Cutting vs Splitting Axe:

Mainly profile of an axe is the crucial component to differentiate the cutting axe from the splitting axe.

In the case of the cutting axe case, profiles will be thinner than the profiles of splitting axes. Because in cutting axes, all the energy goes to the first minor contact point. Meanwhile, the shape of the splitting axe is more comprehensive, and the wedge-shaped profile will split the wood into two pieces.

Handle Length: 

The length of the axe is another consideration before purchasing an axe. It will depend upon your purpose.

There are three different sizes of axes, such as

  1. Pocket axe: usually 30 cm handle length
  2. Hatchets: up to 45 cm
  3. Felling axe: 60 cm

Though the size is not a significant issue. You can purchase any length of the axe, whatever you want, and according to your wish.

Handle Material: 

Handle material is an essential issue before buying an axe.

You will find either wood or metal in the market. But in a few cases, you will discover FRN or G10.

Wood-made handle axe is concerned as simple and effective. It also gives a classical and traditional look. You can easily replace it according to your wish.

The handle of hatchets and minor axes is made of metal. Metal is solid and durable. It is cheaper than any other axes.

You should also consider the handle material before purchasing an axe.

Question #2. Is a maul or AXE better for splitting wood?

Answer: From these both, which one is best for you? That entirely depends upon your purpose.

If you want to split the wood for any occasional purpose, then you have to decide to buy a splitting axe.

Otherwise, if you are professional and need a considerable amount of wood to keep your house warm, then you must prefer maul.

Question #3. Should you split the wood before seasoning it?

Answer: This is better to split the wood before the season.

Question #4. How heavy should an AXE be?

Answer: You must choose an axe based on head weight and handle length. You might not choose the axes heavier than you.

The weight might vary according to your needs. It also needs to be suitable and comfortable for you. The suitable weight might be an average of 2-3 pounds. But in the case of splitting, it can be higher than the average weight.

Question #5. What’s the best AXE for chopping wood?

Answer: Here, I have mentioned a few models for the best chopping wood axe according to the brand. From that, you may choose your preferred product.

  1. Fiskars: X7 Hatchet, X 27 Super Splitting Axe, 28” Chopping Axe
  2. Husqvarna: 26” Wood Cutters Axe, H-900 Composite
  3. Estwing: 14” Sportsman’s Axe, 26” All-Steel Axe
  4. Gerber: 23.5” Axe, Bear Grylls Survival Hatchets
  5. Hults Bruk: Kelix Fell Axe,
  6. Hultafors: Classic Hunting Axe,
  7. Granfors Bruk: Small Forest Axe

In Conclusion

Here is a glimpse or an overview of the wood axe brands.

I hope it will be more informative and helpful for you if you want to get an idea about the global brand of axe wood.

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