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Balcony Vegetable Garden: Practical Tips and techniques

How to make a balcony vegetable garden

No matter how big or small it is, you can plan to make a beautiful balcony vegetable garden. Just need the right plan and implementation. That person who has gardening is a hobby can come forward in this regard. It is beneficial from both sides, meeting the needs of vegetables and to achieve mental satisfaction.

Many gardeners have reduced their demand for vegetables as a result of gardening. You can get Organic vegetables from your garden, why eat outdated and non-fresh vegetables with chemicals.

Let’s know how to make a balcony vegetable garden:


Making vegetables garden on the balcony is an excellent and innovative idea. For this, we need first to measure the size of the balcony. If it is tiny, then there will be a small plan.

You can think small-scale plants for this like chilly, cabbage, tomato, etc. In many cases, the amount of budget will determine the size of the garden.

making of balcony vegetable garden

Selection of gardening methods:

At first, you need to select a mode. Select which one will be good, Tub or Tray. Stair or Tray method is best to make a garden on the balcony. In the tray, a lot of smaller trees you can grow. If you have small vegetables, it will be better to use a tray.

If there is a significant size tree, then the soil depth in the tray is very much needed. Using Tub for this will be okay. Therefore, depending on the size of the tree or vegetables, the method of vegetable gardens we can choose.

Vegetable Selection:

Which of the vegetables you are interested in cultivating is a critical issue. There are thousands of veggies in it, each of which we can grow in different ways. In the beginning, there will be some vegetables to choose which can multiply in a little hard work. It is not okay to include something challenging at the beginning.

Keep in mind that this garden is not financial, it is starting as a hobby. But at some time there will be some income from this. So what we can do at the beginning, dessert vegetables, some winter vegetables such as spinach, Malabar spinach. Tomatoes, lemon, radishes, carrots, coriander leaves, onions, garlic, sweet pumpkin, can select. Using lemon you can also clean your home.
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Budget Setting:

The budget needs to be very specific. Don’t buy Seeds more than required. You can do a proper audit to purchase fertilizer, soil/compost, tub, or tray. To make tub or tray, we can use unused plastic, bottles, buckets.

You can also make some tray types using bamboos. Collect composed, mixed soil from your nearest nurseries and start with this.

Preparation of making the garden

After planning and setting everything correctly, now it’s time to start. Take few days before starting. Holidays are the most convenient days. So we have to set the bases at the beginning. Fill the soil in the tub or tray. Try to collect best plant seed from excellent or big nurseries near you. Don’t forget that healthy plant seed, healthy trees.

After transplanting the seedlings, keep them in the right place, so that wind or storm cannot get chance to destroy. Make a walking path in the middle of the tub or tray. There must have enough space to reach the trees. If another tray is arranged on a tray, it is possible to produce a lot more in a small place.

Fresh and organic vegetables

Care and maintenance:

Only making a garden is not the end. Don’t forget to take care daily. Watering, soil or weed cleaning, fertilizing, composting is the best practice to do every day. Try to make a perfect distance from one plant to another. Monitor insects attack and take necessary action as early as possible.

You can make a vegetable garden without using soil. Modern research has developed some such methods. For this, you need some composts and stone pebbles. The most benefits of the technique are, the attack of insect is very less.

Vegetable gardens can make our, as well as family members, mind fresh. This enclosure can be helpful to spend time on the balcony. We have a beautiful balcony vegetable garden in our house, and we take care of it regularly.